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Directory:Wind energy technology stories in the news.

News:Wind - current listing




Image:KiteGen sling 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:High Altitude Wind Power > The Kite Wind Generator - An Italian company is installing Kite Wind Generators, or KiteGens that are mounted on giant movable poles. When wind blows these kites come out of funnels on a pair of high-resistance cables to control direction and angle. As the kites blow left then right, they pole movement generates electricity. (Alt Energy News Dec. 21, 2009)

Image:GE 2-5-MW turbines 95x95.jpg
Template: 43: Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind Farms > Directory:Wind:Largest > GE Receives $1.4 Billion Contract to Supply Turbines for Largest Wind Farm Ever Built in the US - GE has received a private contract to supply wind turbines for the 845-megawatt (MW) Shepherds Flat wind farm project to be located in Oregon. Covering 30 square miles, with 338 2.5-MW GE turbines to be installed in 2011 and 2021, makes it larger than any wind farm currently in operation around the globe. (GE press release Dec. 10, 2009)
Image:Barros-pereira cross-wind bridge 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Barros & Pereira's cross-wind_bridge - As vehicles cruise down the road, they kick up a wind that designers Barros & Pereira propose to harness via a from a network of 2,188 light-weight rotating panels on a pedestrian bridge to power the bridge lights at night -- a sort of wind tax on the passing vehicles. (Design Boom Oct. 26, 2009 thanks Alt Energy News)

Image:HelixWind cell-tower 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines > Helix looking to use mobile phone towers for wind energy generation - Later this month, Helix Wind Corporation will deliver its first test wind turbines to Eltek Network Solutions Group for installation at two test sites in Nigeria. The turbines will provide a clean energy solution for mobile phone towers and if tests prove successful, could see wind power being rolled out to hundreds of sites over the next few years. (Gizmag October 3, 2009)

Image:E ON Climate Renewables wind 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Largest > World's Largest Wind Farm (781.5 MW) Completed in Texas - Living up to its bigger is better (for better and worse) reputation, Texas can now boast having the world's current largest wind farm. E.ON Climate & Renewables has announced the completion of the 781.5 MW Roscoe wind complex, which is expected to generate enough power for more than 230,000 average homes. (TreeHugger Oct. 1, 2009)

Image:William Kamkwamba turbine 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind:Plans > Malawi windmill boy with big fans - The extraordinary true story of a Malawian teenager who transformed his village by building electric windmills out of junk is the subject of a new book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. (BBC Oct. 1, 2009)

Image:Kite ship towing 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Wind > Directory:High Altitude Wind Power > Airplane almost hits ship kite - Now that more and more ships are using skysail kites which sometimes fly as high as 300 meters (~1000 feet) to help tow them along to conserve on fuel, a dangerous situation is posed to airplanes by both the kites and the tether. (Examiner/PESN Sept. 18, 2009)
Image:Danish off-shore wind turbine assembly 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Offshore \ Directory:Wind:Largest > Denmark Brings World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Online - Denmark is launching the world's biggest offshore wind farm this week. Using 91 turbines scattered across 35 square kilometers, the Horns Rev 2 farm, built by Danish utility company Dong Energy, will be able to produce 209 megawatts of power – enough for a staggering 200,000 homes. (Inhabitat Sept. 16, 2009)

Image:Infrasonic Vadimir Gavreau 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind / Directory:Environment > Wind power may have its own environmental problems - Wind power generation is expected to be a clean and environmentally friendly natural energy source, but a new kind of environmental problem has surfaced as infrasonic waves (20 Hz sound waves) caused by windmills are suspected of causing health problems for some people. (PhysOrg July 5, 2009)

Image:Moog slip-ring 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind Slip Rings for Wind Power (video) - Slip Rings by Moog Components Group, utilize fiber brush sliding contact technology, making them a “no maintenance” rotary devices for transferring electrical power and signals and eliminates the need for common slip ring maintenance procedures such as vacuuming of brush debris, lubrication, regular inspection for wear, and brush replacement. (Engineering TV June 22, 2009)

Image:Wind-globe 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Wind Could Provide 5X World Energy Needs - A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science estimates the earth's capacity for wind power if plausible areas were put to use with 2.5-MW wind turbines, and 3.6-MW off-shore turbines (within 50 nautical miles in ocean depths less than 200 meters) showed that wind energy could provide over forty times the world's current electrical consumption and over five times the global use of total energy needs. (Mongabay June 22, 2009)

Image:Earthtronics760 Honeywell wind turbine 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Wind > Directory:High-Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines > Directory:Honeywell Wind Turbine by EarthTronics - EarthTronics, of Michigan, USA, says they have developed a wind turbine for residential and business customers that produces the highest output while having the lowest cost per kWh installed, at 1/3 the cost of any other wind generator on the market, and will be available through Ace Hardware stores in the Fall. Skeptics say this is hype not supported by actual deployment. (PESWiki June 18, 2009)
Image:Magennmachine 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:High Altitude Wind Power > Results from High-Altitude Wind Study Promising - In the future, will wind power tapped by high-flying kites light up New York? A new study by scientists at the Carnegie Institution and California State University identifies New York as a prime location for exploiting high-altitude winds, which globally contain enough energy to meet world demand 100 times over. (Wired June 15, 2009)

Image:Hywind floating turbine Siemens Norway 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Floating > First floating wind turbine buoyed off NorwayFirst floating wind turbine buoyed off Norway - Siemens and energy company StatoilHydro installed the first large-scale floating turbine. The testing is expected to last for two years. The Hywind turbine will still have a ballast that is tied to the sea floor with cables. Wires will transfer the electricity produced to the mainland grid starting in July. (CNet June 12, 2009)

Image:LadderMill demo Aug2007 b 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:High Altitude Wind Power > Harnessing High Winds With Giant Kites - On overview of various companies and groups seeking to develop viable, reliable methods of harnessing energy from high altitude winds, which carry hundreds of times more energy and are more constant than those near the ground. A look at Delft University of Technology's Laddermill Google-supported Makani University of Sussex and Kitegen of Italy. (Alternative Energy News May 20, 2009)

Image:Leviathan wind-skirt 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind Augmentation Donut-Shaped Plastic Improves Turbine Output By 30% - Leviathan Energy has come up with a way to improve wind turbine efficiency that has nothing to do with the size or angle of the blades. The company's Wind Energizer is instead a donut-shaped structure made of plastic and steel that wraps around the base of the turbine to maximize wind velocity aimed at the blades. (EcoGeek May 1, 2009)

Image:Tooksook wind 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind Farms >Alaska: the Clean Energy Frontier? - Wind turbines are popping up all over Alaska. The Alaska Energy Authority charged with reducing energy costs in Alaska, is recommending grants for 72 renewable energy projects, and all but a few of the projects are expected to save money over the project life. (GreenInc Feb 18, 2009)

Image:SkyBuilt Mountaintop solar-wind 95x95.jpg
Template: 43 / Latest: Directory:Solar / Directory:Wind > Directory:SkyBuilt Power > SkyBuilt Providing Plug-n-Play Renewable Power (Interview) - Company that specializes in portable, modular, rapidly-deployable renewable energy systems, especially for the military and for cell tower installations now has the world's first hybrid power station in an airline-checkable suitcase. (PESN Feb. 12, 2009)
Image:Xcel energy harness 95x95.gif

Directory:Wind >NCAR Forecasts Will Help Xcel Energy Harness Wind - National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has reached an agreement with Xcel Energy to provide highly detailed, localized weather forecasts to enable the utility to use more wind energy. The forecasts will help utility operators make critical decisions about powering down traditional coal- and natural gas-fired plants when sufficient winds are predicted. (NewsWise Feb. 4, 2009)

Image:Wind-installations-continue-to-break-records-across-the-globe 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind >Wind Installations Continue to Break Records Across The Globe - According to the Global Wind Energy Council more than 27 gigawatts of new wind capacity was commissioned in 2008, a 36% increase on 2007. The three main markets of Europe, North America and Asia dominated. (Renewable Energy World Feb. 4, 2009)

Image:Jellyfish windturbine 95x95.jpg

Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines >Rooftop Wind Turbine Invention Seeks Support In Google Contest - Clarian's Jellyfish Plug-In Wind Turbine by Seattle inventor, Chad Maglaque, has submitted the design to Directory:Google's 10 to the 100th Project"contest. (BTW, they've delayed voting to March 17). (YouTube) (PhysOrg Jan. 29, 2009)

Image:Energy island 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Storage / Directory:Wind:Offshore / Directory:Energy Islands >Directory:KEMA's Inverse Offshore Pump Accumulation Stations - A new concept is being explored that would use excess renewable energy to pump water out of a lower reservoir into the surrounding sea as a storage mechanism. This artificial inverse island is being considered for off shore deployment in the North Sea. (PESWIki Jan. 28, 2009)
Image:Wind turbine health problems 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind / Directory:Health >World Renowned Expert Issues Dire Warnings To Residents Of Ontario - One of the world’s leading research experts in the areas of electromagnetic pollution, radio frequency radiation, ground current and dirty electricity delivered alarming warnings about the dangers to human and animal health, posed by Industrial Wind Turbines. (Videos) (No Sydenham Windfarm Jan. 15, 2009)

Image:La ventosa windfar 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Largest >Mexico turns toward alternative energy - Spanish energy company Acciona Energia says the 2,500-hectare (6,180-acre) farm at La Ventosa, Mexico, should generate 250 megawatts of electricity with 167 turbines, 25 of which are already operating. The rest should be on line by the end of 2009, making the project the largest of its kind in Latin America. (Associated Press Jan. 22, 2009)

Image:Enviro energies mvawt 95x95.jpg
Template: 43 / Latest: Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines >Directory:Enviro Energies - Affordable wind turbine design by this North American company reduces friction, noise, vibration and energy losses, and generates power in low wind environments is now going into production. (PESWiki Jan. 23, 2009)
Image:Blake offshore 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Offshore >Wind, Waves, and Watts - A new wrinkle in an offshore wind proposal by Grays Harbor Ocean Energy Company of Washington state, is that the supports anchoring each wind turbine platform to the ocean floor would be designed in a way to turn wave action into electricity as well. (TruthOut Jan. 4, 2009)

Image:Swift wind turbine 95x95.gif

Directory:Wind >SWIFT Wind Turbines - Renewable Devices Swift Turbines Ltd. has developed the SWIFT Wind Turbine, a quiet, building-mountable wind turbine, capable of providing a cost-effective renewable energy source for domestic, community and industrial use. Developed in Scotland and manufactured and distributed in the US by Cascade Engineering.

Image:Twind 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:High Altitude Wind Power >Twind High-Altitude Wind Technology - TWIND technology intends to propose an innovative method in order to exploit the Eolic energy with low costs, higher continuity and a minor environmental impact. (Comment: Their site talks about the power:windspeed ratio as a squared function. It is actually a cubed function.)



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