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News:TWM Technology:February 2010 Correspondence

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Page posted February 13, 2010

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The following is some correspondence received from Todd Thorpe, President of Directory:Electro Magnetic Energy (EME) by TWM Technology


February 07, 2010 8:33 PM Mountain

I just wanted to fill you in on a couple of things.

The reason I was back peddling about the overunity thing was because of the pressure of the business professionals being on one side of the issue and the other side being the facts. Our device is remarkable and we are going into refinement for commercial use.

We will integrate a programmable controller and utilize the multi-input capabilities the device offers.

This machine will set the standards for others to follow due to the usable torque and power. The power side of the device has been completely figured out between the group, and we have already started the prototype for a low rpm, amp-producing monster that will not need a gearbox. The wind at 5 mph will have the wind turbine guys in envy.

Our device allows the magnetic fluxes to sweep through the system tapping free space electrons. That is the dimension of the Vacuum.

I did not mean to upset you about the whole over-unity thing. I just was upset because three different groups, one of which withdrew his capital for development due to that issue and "thermodynamics". That ping pong claim has set us back from the real goal, and that's to have a device of this nature finally get to market. And then don't claim it because they don't believe its possible.

I've felt torn between both sides of the issue, trying to please everyone. The truth is the truth. This device is for real, and No one even recognizes it. No one can prove us wrong in any way shape or form.

'The problem that has stopped the large beta version is the fact that we have to use separate matching PNP and NPN transistors. We have the NPNs in a 400-amp, 600-volt Darlington module, and they don't make a matching PNP in that same size. We've tried everything, and what it comes down to is we need this PNP transistor in a 400-amp, 600-volt transistor module that can handle an inverse kickback voltage of 2000 volts. That is what we need to get this device and corp, proving out our device.'

The utilization of the power is key -- how it is input and the sweeping fluxes working together to provide the effect. It's simplistic, and that is what makes it the most likely device to be taken to market.

If you have anyone who could possibly help us test and figure out the PNP issue, that would take our device where it needs to be. Thanks Sterling.

The reason we get diff, results from the motor everywhere is because electrons are different everywhere. Our device amplifies electrons and we capture them with the second system. They are essentially free.

The production of electrons could be easily equitable to the way they make Neutrons during Nuclear power production. They dip fuel rods in H2O and that neutron is released: 2 make 4, 4 make 8, and so on. Our device does generally the same, only producing electrons on a controllable scale.

The configuration, the colliding and collapsing fields, the polarity flips, are all a part of the success of the device. But most important is the way we input the power. The separate Neg, Pos, input is essential.

We've learned a great deal more about our tech, as well as grown as a company. We are negotiating contracts with groups looking for development partners that really want to make a change in this world and see a (EMPT) device finally penetrate the market aggressively and break our reliance on oil and solve the energy needs of our dissolving oil reserves and struggling economy. Controlling interests will have a whole new game to tax. They ought to be happy about this.

Tesla said it best when he said: "When man can attach their machines to the WHEELWORK OF NATURE, this will be the salvation for humankind and energy forever inexhaustible." That is what we have done.

Maybe someone could take us for real some day. The sad thing is that when the real deal does come along, no one really recognized it. We just kind of blended in with the rest of them, and that was not my goal.

I want someone to take us seriously. Because we are for real!!

We have developed the most cost efficient, light weight, torque and power producing device that has more versatility than anything ever developed. The aspect of energy production has great value to the energy industry. The motor has no limits, really, on how it can be scaled up or down. The motor can be custom made to any specification, or application. And the efficiency can be dialed in as well due to the on time.

[Re:] the energy machine of Joseph Newman, he describes his commutator and he uses the blank short fire method. We use only live neg, pos feeds to the commutator, with the specialized input. We've improved his design as well as simplified the use of commutation as a rotary switch. There is more to our device than anyone recognizes. And if you want to see the real deal, or have someone take this seriously, I am still interested.


February 10, 2010 8:49 AM

Yes , you can publish that if you would like…. Seriously, I don't mind, because it is what it is. And that issue can be proved out with our device.

We've basically combined all the greats: Perendev, Morey, Bearden, Bedini. We've been successful in spinning a device that uses the vacuum to our benefit, but we've also combined the torque from a mechanical shaft as well. This is an improvement, A significant improvement that offers the best of both sides: mechanical torque, and Free Space Electrons.

The potential is still yet to be revealed.

Last week a group told us that the money would be in providing a low RPM generator. So we (Timmy and group), combined our efforts and designed and started producing our motor as a generator – just a generator – and we accomplished that. The generator could be spun a very low rpms (e.g. 5 rpms) producing DC current. The same generator could be spun at high rpms to produce massive AC current. The design and details have been completed, and we will have this generator ready within the next 2 months.

All that was accomplished by our group in one week. (Just imagine what we could do with the proper backing!!).

Also, the generator will be ten times lighter than conventional wind turbine generators. Our device will not need a gear-box, and will have great worth to the wind / energy industries.

Thanks for always being there for groups like us. If you don't mind the comment, I would like point out that it's great that you do what you do. I was just telling a friend yesterday how cool it is that you are the medium or the middle-man so to speak when It comes to helping companies like ours that have great ideas that could potentially change the world for the better. It's cool that you get people excited about this type of tech.

However, it would be even better if we could organize a group of VC's or maybe our government could implement a program that lays down a foundation in each state. That would provide small businesses the needed helping hand to generate interest or capital, they would decide what is worth the effort. But we as small corps, struggle to get somewhere. And that is why a lot of groups either give up, or don't make their dreams a reality.

I found that there are a lot against groups like ours. We have the professionals telling us that overunity is impossible. STRIKE ONE. That is why I was trying to back peddle because the ones I thought I needed to convince were the big VC guys. They are clueless. They give you two minutes to describe everything in a room of other struggling entrepreneurs. Then they critique you like it's an episode of shark tank. Then they say "I talked with someone [who says that the laws of] thermodynamics say that, "that is impossible". End of story, They don't even give us the time of day after an engineer or some respected professional says It cant be done.

Then STRIKE TWO would be the controlling interests that don't want a device like this to cut into there profits (e.g. oil industry, political corrupts, etc.). I don't like to dwell on the negative. however it's part of our struggle.

We as private individuals have dropped over $250,000 into this development over a five year period, and that is just the beginning. We knew that we might never make it, and that our efforts may be in vain, but we kept on because of the belief in what were doing. When doing something new or when pioneering new technology, there is a sense of unknown, and that is scary to us as well as to investors. And that somewhat prohibits the advancement. On the other hand, sometimes that's what sets you apart from the rest.