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News:Translation:Bild:Apr. 22, 2010: Inventor Cheats with Wonder-Machine

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Translated by, with clean-up by a German associate.

61 victims fell for it

Inventor committed fraud with miracle machine

Image:Bild Artikel Brady photo cropped 300.jpg

Munich - His "invention" promised the fulfillment of a dream of man. A motor which converts the earth's magnetic field into motion - the perpetuum mobile. A sensation.

The only problem was that the motor, which Michael B, based in Grunwald sold to credulous people, never existed. In Germany alone, B seems to have defrauded 61 customers. They ordered the miraculous motors and paid half of the price (between 20,000 and 40,000 Euro) in advance. But the promised motor was never delivered. The total of the damage is around 1 million Euro.

The company in Grunwald went into bankruptcy in 2010, and Michael B moved to Switzerland and enjoyed life. He rented a house at the beautiful Zurich lake, leased himself a fleet of Maserati and several Range Rovers. On 29 March the fun was at its end. He was arrested by the police. Now he has been extradited to Munich.

Original Bild Article

The above is a translation of an article that appeared on page 3 of the German newspaper, Bild on April 22, 2010. It is about Michael J. Brady, CEO of Perendev and alleged inventor of an all-magnet motor, the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] of which has been seen by millions on YouTube.

Here is an image of the article:

Image:Bild Artikel Brady 600.jpg

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Original Text in German

61 Opfer fielen auf ihn herein. Erfinder betrog mit Wunder-Maschine. München - Seine "Erfindung" versprach die Erfüllung eines Menschheitstraums. Ein Motor, der das Magnetfeld der Erde in Bewegungsenergie umwandelt - das perpetuum mobile. Eine Sensation. Der Schönheitsfehler war nur: Den Motor, den Michael B. (60) zwei Jahre lang aus Grünwald an leichtgläubige Menschen verkaufte, gab es überhaupt nicht. Allein in Deutschland soll B. 61 Kunden geprellt haben. Sie bestellten die wundersamen Motoren, zahlten die Hälfte des Kaufpreises (20 000 bis 40 000 Euro) an. Nur der versprochene Motor wurde nie geliefert. Gesamtschaden: 1 Million Euro. 2010 ging die Grünwalder Firma in Insolvenz, Michael B. zog in die Schweiz und liess es sich gut gehen. Er mietete ein Haus am schönen Zürichsee, leaste einen Fuhrpark aus Maserati und mehreren Range Rovern zusammen. Am 29. März war Schluss mit lustig. Die Polizei nahm ihn fest. Jetzt wurde Michael B. nach München ausgeliefert.

Michael B. und sein Motor: "Wir wollen Mensch und Natur wieder in Einklang bringen"

tz-online Translated

The following was translated by Translated by Google] from

Translation of an article in the tabloid TZ Munich, April 20, 2010, Munich

Mambo-Jumbo swindler arrested!

Image:Michael Brady eyes-blocked tz-oline 300.jpg

'Munich - If this invention would have ever actually worked, its inventor, Michael James B. (60), would have received the Nobel Prize for sure. But it does not work that way. It put him behind bars.

The would-be artist Daniel Duesentrieb (= Gyro Gearloose) sits now in jail - more precisely in Stadelheim, Munich’s jail. Recently extradited from Switzerland. 61 very disappointed, German customers and the public prosecutor in the Munich I court will now have a lot of tough questions - including where are the embezzled millions that Mike B. apparently invested in nice cars rather than in developing his miracle machine.

The technician Mike B. is a cosmopolitan - born in Johannesburg, South Africa, with branch offices in Munich-Gruenwald, Russia, Spain and Holland. The Internet website of his Perendev Power Holding is still active, where in flowery words it is described how the world will be saved by him - such as with his magnetic motor with the function almost like a kind of perpetual motion machine that makes ancient energy sources such as oil and electricity production unnecessary. Mike B. has never shown any evidence of his miracle machine. A widely announced show in a Munich hotel fell quietly flat. And also the motor supply of the 61 alternative-technically interested customers, each of whom had invested up to 20,000 euro,did not happen. Instead, suddenly the inventor along with one million euros vanished.

At beautiful Lake Zurich in Switzerland, he reappeared. He resided in a stunning flat and in the morning he only had to choose between Maseratis and Range Rovers. Meanwhile, his Gruenwalder branch office went into insolvency. The Public Prosecutor of the Munich I court made an extradition request. On 29 March the Swiss police arrested the playboy, and extradited him. How is it just so beautifully written in Mike B. 's Internet curriculum vitae: "The life of an inventor is often marked by hostility and ridicule, because he threatened the vested interests of a few." How true.

Dorita Plange

Other News

Image:Bild Artikel Brady 95x95.jpg
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