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Image:Steorn concept characterization demo 300.jpg
Aug. 30, 2007)]]

A compilation of news stories regarding the Dublin, Ireland company, Directory:Steorn Free Energy.

Commenced here as a separate index page Feb. 1, 2010.

In the News

PES Network Coverage

Free Energy Blog:2016:02:13 – "The OPhone contains a capacitor that directly powers our phone. During extensive use this capacitor may become discharged, however this capacitor is being constantly trickle charged by Orbo. So after a period of time the capacitor will be recharged and the phone will be functional again. In essence the phone is charging itself." (Free Energy Blog February 13, 2016)

Image:OPhone 95.png
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies / Best Exotic Free Energy Technolgies For Sale: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > FOR SALE: Article: Steorn's OPhones Arriving and Being Put to the Test - The phone battery indicator stays near full even with heavy usage throughout the day. (The battery is charged by the internal OCube that pulls energy from the wheelwork of nature, solid state). (PESWiki February 5, 2016)

Free Energy Blog:2016:02:01 – “OK, so a lot of people are asking what's the difference between an Orbo power cell and traditional batteries.” Batteries store energy, Orbo generates energy, then trickle charges a lithium ion battery.] (Free Energy Blog February 1, 2016)

Image:Sterling clearing-snow-from-panels sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Solar > My dad's solar home > Solar Panel Snow Maintenance -- Not Needed for Exotic Free Energy Technologies - Conventional free energy technologies have varying degrees of maintenance required, such as keeping panels clear of snow, bird droppings -- least common denominator effects entire panel. Most of the exotic FE technologies emerging will be much easier to maintain. Solid state ones, such as Orbo, will be trouble-free for their decades duration. (PESN December 16, 2015)

Free Energy Blog:2015:12:09 - Article in Dublin Inquirer and BoingBoing are mystified at what seems to them like perpetual motion, not realizing there are 50 plugs into the wheelwork of nature. (Free Energy Blog December 8, 2015)

Image:OCube-model sq 95x95.gif
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies / Best Exotic Free Energy Technolgies For Sale: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > FOR SALE: Steorn's Orbo power cell products available for sale - The Orbo power cell pulls energy from the environment, so it's a small solid state power station that never has to be recharged or plugged in. Two products now available for pre-order are the OPhone and the OCube tablet and phone charger. By summer, they'll have an e-cigarette and computer controller that never have to be plugged in. (PESN December 3, 2015)
Image:OPhone sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Free Energy Blog:2015:11:30 - Their Orbo cell phone will never have to be plugged in because it's solid state inner workings pulls from the wheelwork of nature using a principle of magnetism. (Free Energy Blog November 30, 2015)

Free Energy Blog:2015:11:20 - It’s hard to believe that we may soon be able to purchase a portable charging device that never has to be recharged and doesn’t use batteries. (Free Energy Blog November 20, 2015)

Image:ORBO-PACKAGING-LID sq 95x95.gif
Latest / Best Exotic Free Energy Technolgies For Sale: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > FOR SALE: Free Energy Blog:2015:10:28 - Full recording, includes Q&A where they took the O-Cube apart for full view of what is inside. Also includes English transcript by Esa Ruoho. Also links to other news coverage on this. If you get one (only 1200 Euros -- ouch), mention PES referred you. (Free Energy Blog October 28, 2015)

Free Energy Blog:2015:09:30 - (Free Energy Blog September 30, 2015)

Image:150521 twife Sterling Rosch 95x95.gif
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Blog:GAIA's AuKW Demo > TWIFE™ Featuring Rosch Kinetic Generator - Also covering: LENR-to-Market Digest • Yildiz preparing for magnet motor sales launch • Steorn's Orbo 'Power Cube' • Self-Sustaining Motorbike by Victor Garcia • Hail Cannon Vortex Cloud Buster Using HHO Gas • The Book of GEET coming • Keppe Motor Kit 4.1 3D-Printed (FreeEnergyNews May 21, 2015)
Image:Orbo Power-Cube-box 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Magnetism > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Directory:Steorn's Orbo 'Power Cube' USB Charger - This evening, at Slattery's Pub in Dublin, Steorn will be demonstrating for the first time a system that they say will provide endless power for portable devices. "Witness this Black Beauty charge ppl phones or laptops without ever needing a recharge or external power source." [Pub demo discontinued May 12] (PESWiki May 8, 2015)

Free Energy Blog:2014:06:30 - Shaun McCarthy posted a video. (Free Energy Blog June 30, 2014)

Free Energy Blog:2014:03:07 - Shaun McCarthy posted a video of what looks like a magnet motor at Facebook, saying: "Some birthdays are better than others, even when you are just playing with bluetac!" (Free Energy Blog March 7, 2014)

Free Energy Blog:2014:03:06 - Shaun McCarthy posted some comments on Facebook which seem to indicate that we might not be too far away from some news from Steorn. “It’s going to be a LOT of fun in the next few weeks, a lot . . . Better suited to this time and this place – going to enjoy every minute of what 2007 should have been – I am a purist OU man, no wires.” (Free Energy Blog March 6, 2014)

Free Energy Blog:2013:12:18 - Q. When do you expect HephaHeat to reach market? A. First half of next year. (Free Energy Blog December 18, 2013)

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies: Directory:Trends > Directory:Zeitgeist > News:2012 Highlights > 2012 in Review--2013 Free Energy Predictions - Though the year didn't bring several technologies to market as I had predicted last year (due to "you don't deserve it yet" lack of adequate awakening), great progress was made. We highlight some of the leading trends, both upward, as well as some of those that are fading, gratefully. (PESN January 2, 2013)

Image:Sentinel drone Iran captured sq 95x95.jpg
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies: Directory:Coast to Coast AM / Directory:Keshe Foundation / Directory:Cold Fusion > Show Notes for Coast to Coast AM Interview (listen) - On the night of December 6, in my interview with host George Noory, I will be analyzing a video of a saucer-like craft intercepting what looks like a U.S. drone as an illustration of a technology alleged to be developed by the Keshe Foundation. We will also address updates on the cold fusion and free energy fronts. (PESN December 6, 2012)
Image:SmartScarecrow Sterling-Gary 95x95.jpg
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > This Week in Free Energy™ > Sterling's Weekly Free Energy Review on SmartScarecrow Show: September 27, 2012 - Steorn Definitely Not Dead • New #1 • Interviews with Keshe and Myel • Coral Castle Busted -- Not Anti-Gravity • Europe Trip Update • My First Free-Energy-TV Interview • LENR-to-Market Weekly • Seeking Best Method to Harness Short Stroke Linear Power • John Hutchison updates • 4th Annual Hydrogen Fuel Rally Oct. 12-13. (FreeEnergyNews)
Image:Steorn logo hot-water sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Thermal Electric > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn Definitely Not Dead -- Free Energy Technology Coming - Steorn is under contract with the two largest corporations in the electric hot water heating market worldwide. One HephaHeat product will cost about as much as the electric water heater it's replacing, but will consume 1/5 as much electricity. With this marketplace vindication in as little as 18 months from now, they will then open the technology to other applications. (PESN September 22, 2012)
Image:2011 Top5 FE sq 95x95.jpg
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies: Directory:Trends > Directory:Zeitgeist > Free Energy in 2011 Prepping to Take Off in 2012 - Though the year didn't bring as many technologies to market as I had predicted last year (due to "you're not ready yet, world citizens"?), great progress was made. We highlight the Top 5 of the year and mention a few stragglers from last year, as well as mentioning the "Hall of Shame". (PESN and BeforeItsNews December 31, 2011)
Image:Hepha-heat-low-frequency-induction-heating 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Thermal Electric > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn Announces HephaHeat Overunity Technology - Steorn, the Dublin, Ireland based free energy company, has announced their latest overunity technology that they have named "HephaHeat." The technology produces excess energy in the form of heat, by utilizing a low frequency induction heating effect. (PESN and BeforeItsNews November 8, 2011)
Image:Sept16 2011 Steorn heater sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Thermal Electric > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn's CEO Posts Overunity Heater Video - The CEO of Steorn, Sean McCarthy, has posted two videos to Facebook that show a test of an Orbo heater that is designed to produce sixty degree water for a shower. In the test, the device consumes one kilowatt of power, with an output in the form of steam. (PESN and BeforeItsNews October 5, 2011)
Image:Steorn Orbo testing sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn Drops Four Bombshell Documents Validating Orbo - The Dublin based, Irish free energy company Steorn, has allowed PESN to view and report on four documents written by third party scientists and engineers that appear to validate the Orbo overunity technology. (PESN and BeforeItsNews September 14, 2011)
Image:CLaNZeR replication Steorn PM-Orbo Asymmetric Non-linear MH 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Solid State Generators > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn's Orbo -- From Permanent Magnets to Solid State Systems - Steorn is a small company based in Dublin, Ireland. For most of the past decade they have been working on ways of producing energy via the interaction of magnetic fields. They have been ridiculed and attacked, but it seems Steorn is moving forward with their Orbo technology. (PESN and BeforeItsNews February 12, 2011)
Image:110101 Gerald Celente on FoxNews 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Trends > Gerald Celente looks to 2011 free energy breakthroughs as the beginning of a new revolution - World-revered trends research expert says: "We're going to see ... an energy revolution. ...We're going to be releasing more information in Trends Journal about breakthroughs in new energy that could shift the whole game. It may be as big as the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel". They will cite PESWiki as a recommended resource. (PESN January 8, 2011)
Image:Top Free-Energy stories 2010 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Zeitgeist > Directory:Trends > Top free energy stories of 2010 and beyond - My prediction that 2010 would be known as "the year of crowning", to use a childbirth analogy, has proven true. Several free energy technologies began popping out, getting ready for market. Join us as we take a look at some of the most exciting developments. (PESN January 6, 2011)
Image:JL-Naudin replica of Steorn Orbo 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Toroidal Power > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Orbo and magnetic flux-gating - While the author (Kavee) doesn't know of any bona fide "free energy" proof springing from the Orbo technology, he does think there are several fascinating effects that are worth exploring, which could lead to greater efficiency. Preface rebuttal by Steorn CEO. (PESN May 12, 2010)
Image:Solid-state Orbo 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Solid State Generators > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn opens development base with emphasis on new solid state design - Irish company says they have a solid state (no moving parts) version of their "overunity" electromagnetic technology that is showing great promise and which is in process of being optimized by the Steorn Knowledge Development Base (SKDB), now open for general membership as of the beginning of April. (PESN April 12, 2010) (Comment)
Image:Sean McCarthy Jan30 2010 overunity demo b 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn posts video of Over-Unity demonstration - Two-part YouTube video presents CEO, Sean McCarthy's historic Jan. 30 "Proving Over-Unity" live presentation at the Waterways Centre in Dublin, Ireland. The presentation is professionally edited and rendered, with several camera angles. It's sure to become a classic, as the technology now goes into the hands of developers. (PESN Feb. 1, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Sean McCarthy Jan20 2010 overunity demo 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn overunity demonstration completed - Today's demonstration summarized the findings of 1) no back EMF, 2) no component degradation (e.g. Gauss diminishing) to produce the effect, and 3) inductance gain (energy being harvested from somewhere). With this final demonstration, the technology is now being released to developers to prepare the technology for market. (PESN Jan. 30, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Large Bedini 10 Pole Monopole accent 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > PowerPedia:John Bedini / Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Is Steorn's e-Orbo a copy of Bedini's monopole? - Bedini associate, Rick Friedrich, says he wishes people would give due credit when they consult and then copy John Bedini's technology. "Steorn not only copied my 3 pole monopole kit, ...with a few different unessential parts configurations, but they even had the nerve to call it the classic!" Says Steorn's demonstrations are not very convincing. (PESN Jan. 13, 2010)
Image:Sean McCarthy Orbo Demo Jan13 2010 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn gives - On Jan. 12, Steorn gave a public demonstration in Dublin, Ireland comparing a typical pulse motor to their Orbo motor that they say is generating more energy than is required to run it (coefficient of performance greater than one). (PESN Jan. 13, 2010) (Comments)
Image:JLN replica steorn1 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Naudin replica > Steorn engineers give thumbs down on Naudin replication Next demo announced - "We have to advise that this is in no way a valid replication of Orbo. It is very clear to us that the arrangement that he has set up has a significant amount of [Counter]EMF in the system. While not quite a normal pulse motor, it certainly is not Orbo and is almost certainly not [overunity]." (PESN Jan. 4, 2009)
Image:CLaNZeR Orbo duplication os2rp5 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > What goes on in the Steorn SKDB views from Dublin demo - One of the foremost replicators, Sean CLaNZeR, has posted four videos and a few photos from his work with the Steorn Knowledge Database (SKDB) group. Also, Esa Ruoho took a bunch of photos and videos from his visit to the Orbo demonstration in Dublin. (PESN Dec. 31, 2009) (Comments)
Image:JLN replica steorn1 95x95.jpg
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > JLN Labs replicates Steorn's free energy motor - French replicator, Jean-Louis Naudin, says he has confirmed that there is no counter electromotive force (back EMF) in the toroidal coils -- a key to converting magnetic power into kinetic (motion) power. Provides clear instructions and report of data. (PESN Dec. 28, 2009) (Comments)
Image:Steorn e-Orbo demo live anim 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn's e-Orbo self-looped electromagnetic motor demonstration underway - The long-awaited, public demo of electromagnetic overunity that is self-looped to keep itself running continuously, is now under way, with Steorn's e-Orbo being shown at Dublin's Waterways Centre. A D-cell battery powers the motor and is supposedly recharged by it continuously. (PESN Dec. 15, 2009) (Comment)
Image:Sean-mccarthy-top proto 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies > Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn free energy storm brewing? - An insider from the "Steorn 300" speculates that the secretive company is preparing for a major disclosure this month -- the long awaited, jaw-dropping, irrefutable demonstration with plenty of witnesses. But that is speculation. (PESN Nov. 29, 2009)
Image:Sean-mccarthy-and-orbo-demo-model 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors / Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn plans Orbo free energy demo in 2009 - Having solved a problem with bearings, coming up with a magnetic bearing system that can handle the stresses that would destroy regular bearings, Steorn is nearing readiness to give a public display of various Orbo systems via a live video-stream from location. (PESN Sept. 27, 2009) (Comment)
Image:Steorn jury 09 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn Jury issues verdict: no excess energy - After nearly three years of review, the jury selected by Steorn to validate their claim to a free energy device has issued a verdict: Steorn's process does not produce energy. Despite the negative results of this jury, Steorn continues to hope that they will have such a product available to go into production by the end of this year. (PESN June 28, 2009) (Comment at
Image:SeanMcCarthy 090203 video 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn Raises the Curtains - The company that stirred the planet in 2003 with their claim of a magnet motor technology, today posted two videos, announcing that are soliciting teams of engineers and commercial interests to become part of a developer group of 300 to prepare the technology for market rollout. (PESN Feb. 4, 2009)
Image:OC MPMM magnet motor 95x95.jpg

Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:OC MPMM Magnet Motor - A couple of forum members have been kicking around ideas for how to build an all-magnet motor with no other motive force. One of them shot a video showing acceleration of the device, but he doesn't seem to realize what he's accomplished. (PESWiki Jan. 5, 2008)

Image:Orbo play 95x95.jpg

Orbo Free Energy Demo Has Botched Start - Widely publicized pending demo of Steorn's free energy prototype at the Kinetica Museum in London, promised to be streamed live around the world, opens with the device not working and a no-show on the Orbo demo site for the first 24+ hours. (PESN July 5, 2007)

Steorn announces plans for widespread deployment of its free energy technology post-validation - Following the scientific validation of the technology presently under way by the academic jury, Steorn will be making its intellectual property available concurrently via the Internet to facilitate rapid development. (PESN Jan. 12, 2007)

Image:Steorn blasphemies 95x95.jpg

Steorn Finalizes Contracts with Validation Jury - Twelve qualified scientists have signed contracts to design a test procedure to properly analyze the free energy technology of Steorn, then report the results, laying to rest the controversy. (PESN Dec. 2, 2006)

Image:Crank visits Steorn 95x95.gif

Nominated Forum Member Visits Steorn CEO - Describes a viable company facility with lots of space and lots of money. Inspected two jury member files and later confirmed their existence and credentials. Saw info on manufacturer. (PESN Nov. 20, 2006)

Image:Steorn splash 95x95.jpg

Steorn completes jury selection to test magnet motor - Steorn announces that they have selected twelve jury members composed of scientists and academics to test its free energy technology. More than 5000 people applied, and 492 were determined to be "qualified scientists/engineers." (PESN Nov. 11, 2006)

Image:Steorn applications 95x95.gif

Steorn scientific jury selection progressing - Company rocked the world in August with its announcement of a free energy device using permanent magnets, calling for a jury of skeptical, qualified scientists to confirm their results. Following an overwhelming response, Steorn will now begin contacting applicants on its shortlist to establish their availability. (PESN Oct. 5, 2006)

Image:Sean McCarthy diagram 95x95.jpg

Steorn calls time on application process for scientists to test free energy technology - Company will stop taking applications on Sept. 8, to serve on 12-member jury to review magnet motor free energy device, which science has hitherto said is impossible. Expects jury-designed testing to begin by end of the year. (PESN Aug. 25, 2006)

Image:Sean McCarthy with machine 95x95.jpg

Steorn to Push Tipping Point for Magnet Motor Technology - Company to select jury of 12 hard-core skeptics with high academic qualifications to review existing data, then design testing procedure, test, and publish the results to solidify the credentials of a radical, new energy approach. (PESN Interview Aug. 21, 2006)

Steorn Press Releases

Steorn Press Releases

Image:Orbo solid-state sept2010 testing 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Solid State Generators > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Test Results of the Orbo Solid State Development Unit - On Sept. 25, two electronics engineers and a physicist tested Steorn's solid state (no moving parts) electromagnetic devices, and attest to observing over 200% efficiency. "Orbo uses time-variant magnetic interactions to produce non-conservative energy results." (YouTube / SteornOfficial Sept. 29, 2010)
Image:Steorn Engineering aparatus close 95x95.jpg
Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Directory:Steorn Free Energy - Steorn produced this professional segment ten months ago (Feb. '09), featuring three independent engineers who have become convinced of the overunity aspects of the Steorn magnetic motor concept and the challenge hence presented to engineers to develop a practical embodiment. (YouTube by Steornofficial Dec. 10, 2009)
Steorn Blogs

Other Press Coverage

Google News > Steorn 24 stories as of Aug. 18, 2006.

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Image:Hepha-Heat test-lab sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Thermal Electric > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn In €50 Million A Year HephaHeat Bonanza - Sunday Times Ireland’s business section contained a surprising article on Steorn. Their HephaHeat hot water boiling technology looks certain to reinvigorate the company's finances with two multinational companies seeking to incorporate HephaHeat into consumer and commercial products netting Steorn royalties of around €50 Million per annum by 2017. (TruthFall and FreeEnergyTruth August 3, 2012)
Image:Steorn demo Dublin-Waterways 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn: behind the scenes of free energy dreams [Home page feature] - YouTube subscriber Eltimple has uploaded a set of videos apparently culled from behind the scenes of Steorn during those heady times. The best one by far is a Queen-flavoured musical extravaganza that stitches together a lot of before, during and after shots of the Orbo demo from the Dublin Waterways centre of just over two years ago. ( February 24, 2012)
Image:Steorn Orbo kit 95x95.jpg
Directory:Newsletters > Panacea Newsletter 11 (pdf) - Ashtweth Palise has posted his most recent 31-page newsletter, addressing a wide range of issues, including what he considers to be three presently-available free energy devices, and his recent test results from e-Orbo, and his results from testing the Gadgetman Groove. He also comments regarding political threats to freedom. (Panacea-Bocaf December 3, 2010)
Image:Sean McCarthy Jan20 2010 overunity demo 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Solid State Generators > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Solid State Orbo Demonstration this Weekend - On Nov. 13, 2010 at Steorn's office in Dublin, Ireland, CEO Sean McCarthy will give a short presentation on Orbo, followed by a demonstration of the Solid State configuration, showing how more energy is measured coming out of their device than is required to run it, implying that free environmental energy has been harvested somehow. (Innovation Dublin)
Image:Counter ElectroMotive Force Steorn-module 95x95.jpg
There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn's free SKDB Lite collaboratory for engineers - SKDB Lite uses Clearspace by Jive Software, a very capable professional tool for online collaboration and sharing of documents. The Modules in the e-Learning section covers 27 topics pertinent to understanding the logic behind Steorn’s claims. These elegantly produced Flash modules are broken down into topical categories covering basic physics, rotary systems, magnetism, rotating electromagnetic systems, tools for data analysis and tools for testing. (OhmyNews International June 10, 2010)
Image:Sean McCarthy Jan20 2010 overunity demo 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > ‘Free energy' firm, Steorn, to make over €2m this year - Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, said he expected at least 5,000 people to pay a license fee of €419 to use the so called Orbo technology this year. The income from Steorn’s ‘developer forum’ would help it to break even this year, he said. He said that the company would publish details of the technology behind the Orbo system on its website this week. (Sunday Business Post Ireland June 6, 2010)
Image:Orbo Jan30 2010 overunity demo 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Orbo Testing Extended Due To Demand - The Waterways will remain open for a further three weeks, until Friday 19th March, due to additional applications from third parties interested in testing Orbo technology. Much of the testing is being carried out by 3rd party companies who have an interest in commercial development of Orbo. (FreeEnergyTruth March 3, 2010)
Image:Steorn proving overunity announcement 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn announces final demo: - The demo this Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010 16:00 GMT, at the Waterways Visitor Centre in Dublin, Ireland, with live streaming at, "will be less dramatic - if they can hit 120 percent, or 1.2 watts out for 1 watt in, it'll be a success" (ZDNet Jan. 25, 2010) (See also Nolan Charts Engadget)

Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn sets up for second bite at perpetual cherry - "Perpetual motion is back. Or it will be when Steorn, the Emerald Isle's leading proponents of the art, shows off working machines and opens the tech up to anyone who wants a licence. This exciting event is due to happen sometime in the next week at the Waterways Building in Dublin." (ZDNet Dec. 14 2009)

Directory:Magnet Motors / Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn renews perpetual promise to show free energy machine - A skeptical commentary by a major tech news source, covering the development we covered two weeks ago. (ZDNet Oct. 12, 2009)

Image:Sean McCarthy Stoern 95x95.jpg

'Free energy' firm generated €8m in funding - Steorn, the controversial Irish company which claims to have defied the basic laws of physics by developing "free energy" technology, secured over €8m in funding from a range of investors to continue its research in 2006, the Sunday Tribune has learned. (Sunday tribune Aug. 10, 2008)

Steorn Listed in Wired's Top 10 Vaporware 2007 Awards - "Accolades (and raspberries) to the most-prized products that were promised but never delivered". (Wired Dec. 20, 2007)

Image:Orbo demo July2007 95x95.jpg

10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets - Orbo is second on the list. Steorn, the Irish company behind Orbo, is only the latest in a long line of deluded, incompetent or fraudulent firms to claim the scalp of the laws of thermodynamics. (Wired Nov. 17, 2007) (See Slashdot discussion)

The perpetual myth of free energy (BBC News July 9, 2007)

News List of news stories surrounding the July 4-8, 2007 Botched Demo

Steorn's Orbo - (EnGadget July 4, 2007)

Dublin company to unveil 'free energy' device (RTE News 4 July 2007)

Perpetual Energy Machine Getting Lots of Attention (Slashdot July 4, 2007)

Irish technology claims energy breakthrough (Silicon Republic Ireland July 4, 2007)

Steorn reveal date: Friday, April 13th - Steorn promises to be "releasing the update on the Jury process and so on" of its seemingly first-law-of-thermodynamics-denying Orbo "free energy" product on April 13th. Steorn has been promising technical information about the invention and jury results for a while now, originally saying "first quarter" 2007. (Engadget Apr. 10, 2007)

AP: Steorn: Engineers Claim Machine Makes Free Energy (video) - (posted at YouTube Sept. 12, 2006)

Free Energy? - (FirstScientist Sept. 14 2006)

Free Energy from Magnets? (Free Market News Network, FL Sep 13, 2006)

Image:Steorn video SKY 95X95.jpg

Race On to Prove Free Energy (video) - Irish engineers say they have built a device that creates free and clean energy. Until now most scientists have dismissed their claims, saying that they break the most basic laws of physics. So the inventors have come up with a unique challenge. (Sky News UK Sept. 9, 2006)

YouTube (posted Sept. 8, 2006)

How Free Energy Works (video) - Steorn has developed all-magnet motor technology which produces free energy. The company's CEO, Sean McCarthy, has explained his theory and how it works. (Sky News UK Sept. 9, 2006)

FOX Discussion about Free Energy - Sean says here that the scientists who have reviewed this technology thus far have not been able to identify the source of the energy. (YouTube Aug. 28, 2006)

Inventor keeps his perpetual motion machine under a cloak of invisibility - It is some form of an all-magnet motor and the only clue that he will give is that it looks like “a grandfather clock, without its pendulum?. (Times UK Aug. 28, 2006)

Steorn Challenges the First Law of Thermodynamics - Cold Fusion champion, Steve Krivit, interviews Sean McCarthy. "My conclusion at the end of our talk is that I have no idea what to make of all this." (ZPEnergy August 25, 2006)

Introduction to the interview and two sound clips (2:47 minutes)

Full interview - (51 minutes, includes introduction)

The scientists who claim they can create free energy - On-site visit. "There is a test rig with wheels and cogs and four magnets meticulously aligned so as to create the maximum tension between their fields and one other magnet fixed to a point opposite. A motor rotates the wheel bearing the magnets and a computer takes 28,000 measurements a second. The magnets, naturally, act upon one another. And when it is all over, the computer tells us that almost three times the amount of energy has come out of the system as went in." (The Guardian Unlimited UK Aug. 25, 2006)

These men think they're about to change the world - Mirror at (The Guardian August 25, 2006)

Mirrored at The Hindu

LIMITLESS CLEAN, FREE ENERGY Refers to Guardian story. ( August 28, 2006)

BBC4 Radio Interview(audio) - Sean McCarthy interviewed August 28, 2006

Steorn: A Game or Not A Game, That Is The Question - The social, economic, and political ramifications are huge. Not to mention the scientific ones. (Alternate Reality Gaming Network (ARGN) August 24, 2006)

Free, Clean, Unlimited Energy for All? - A company in Dublin, Ireland claims to have developed a machine that, if true, would be one of the most significant innovations in human history, changing the lives of every person on the planet. Top scientists are not buying it. (ABC News Aug. 23) [Cites PESN story]

Steorn's free energy seems curiously expensive - Rupert Goodwins - Amazing claims require amazing proof. A good Web site, top-notch PR and costly adverts don't quite measure up. (ZDNet UK Aug. 22, 2006)

Get Your Free Energy Here! - A firm in Dublin claims to have invented a technology that extracts "free energy" from magnetic fields... (Scientific American Aug. 22, 2006)

Perpetual Motion Claim Probed - Sean McCarthy believes his small Irish high-tech company has overturned one of physics' most fundamental laws. (Wired Aug. 21, 2006)

Scientists flock to test 'free energy' discovery - A man who claims to have developed a free energy technology which could power everything from mobile phones to cars has received more than 400 applications from scientists to test it. (The Observer UK Aug. 20, 2006)

Irish energy miracle 'a joke' - "It violates a very fundamental principle of physics, and flies in the face of 2000-years-plus of physics. It's an incredibly big claim." (The Age Australia Aug. 20, 2006)

Irish company challenges scientists to test 'free energy' technology - An Irish company has thrown down the gauntlet to the worldwide scientific community to test a technology it has developed that it claims produces free energy. (Yahoo News Aug. 18, 2006)

Irish company challenges scientists to test 'free energy' technology - An Irish company threw down the gauntlet on Friday to the worldwide scientific community to test a technology it has developed that it claims produces free energy. (PhysOrg Aug. 18, 2006)

Fox New interview with Steorn CEO - About 3 minute interview with Niel Cavuto on Fox News