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PESN 2009

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PESN 2008

December 2008

Image:Lesley stahl oil kingdom 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Oil > Saudi Oil Kingdom Resisting Renewables - A review of a recent documentary by 60 Minutes about the Saudi Oil industry, showing their world-preeminent infrastructure, new projects, and projections but, more significantly, their denial of and resistance to any clean alternatives. (PESN Dec. 21, 2008)
Image:TheSeaofEnergy-DVD 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Galactic Sea of Energy / Directory:Radiant Energy > Directory:Thomas Henry Moray > Son of T. Henry Moray Releases DVD (Interview) - John Moray's new DVD, "The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats", reviews the work of his father, T. Henry Moray, who purportedly built a device that harnessed "radiant energy" from the cosmos witnessed by hundreds, but never successfully commercialized. (PESN December 16, 2008) (Buy)
Image:Gas prices drop 95x95.gif
Directory:Investment Resources / Directory:Fuelwatch Worldwide > Energy Message for Investors - With oil prices headed for a $1.00/gallon on gasoline and possibly below, investors might think that alternative energy investments are a sucker bet. Rest assured nothing could be farther from the truth. (PESN Dec. 11, 2008)
Image:DelugeThemalElecGens95x95 byKevn.jpg
Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD / Latest: Directory:Engines > Directory:External Combustion Engines > Directory:Deluge Inc:Thermal Hydraulic Engine > Deluge's first uber generator ready to go online - Two 250 kW engine/generators being installed in Hawaii by Deluge introduce a new method of harnessing solar heat efficiently and cost effectively. Solar thermal collectors built by Sopogy, Inc. (PESN Dec. 9, 2008)
Image:Pete setting motor controller 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Pete's "Zero Amp" Electronics > Zero Amp Tech demonstration video - Video footage from a demonstration by Peter Sumaruck of his "Zero Amp" technology which allegedly puts out far more energy than it consumes. The video also shows Pete flipping through his photo album of the self-looped 36 kW set-up he allegedly built for the Army. (PESN Dec. 2, 2008) (See also There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1])

November 2008

Image:Petes Controller wire-connects 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Pete's "Zero Amp" Electronics > Zero Amp Tech demonstration reflections - Peter Sumaruck has captured the imagination of many with his demonstration alleging 0.05 Watts input from a genset powering five motors (4000 Watts) output through his modified variable AC motor controller. However, a New Energy Congress assessment gives reason for skepticism. (PESN Nov. 30, 2008)
Image:Environmental Hall of Fame stage 95x95.jpg
Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD / Latest: Current events > Directory:Environmental Hall of Fame > Environmental Hall of Fame, Chicago '08 -- Awesome - Thirty-six movers and shakers from the environmental movement receive awards, including two individuals from the NEC's Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies listing. (PESN Nov. 26, 2008)
Image:InterviewBediniRcharge95x95 byKevn.gif
Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD / Latest / Radio:Free Energy Now: Directory:Batteries > Directory:Battery Chargers > Directory:Renaissance Charge Device by Energenx >Interview with John Bedini about his Renaissance Charger that Rejuvenates Batteries Using Tesla Technology - Bedini talks about what Tesla's radiant energy is, and how he is using some of those principles in a device that he's had available for limited distribution for 1.5 years but is now marketing more widely. (PESN Nov. 20, 2008)
Image:NECatHallofFame95x95 byKevn.jpg
Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD / Latest: Current events > Directory:Environmental Hall of Fame > NEC to Feature Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies at 2nd Environmental Hall of Fame - Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) and his wife will be receiving two of the 36+ awards being given, along with two of the clean energy technology companies in the Top 100 listing by the New Energy Congress. The NEC will have three displays featuring a dozen or so of the Top 100. (PESN Nov. 19, 2008)
Image:PiratesOilTanker95x95 byKevn.gif
Latest: Directory:Oil > Supertanker Takeovers by - Oil industry specialist, Paul Noel, argues that these "hijackings" could not happen without insider complicity, but that they are likely a ploy by oil interests to generate anxiety and get oil prices moving back up again. (PESN Nov. 18, 2008)
Image:Raser ribbon-cutting 95x95.jpg
Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD / Latest: Directory:Geothermal > Directory:Raser Technologies - Geothermal and Waste Heat Harvesting > Raser Plant Ribbon-Cutting Ushers New Geothermal Clean Energy Era - This wasn't just a ribbon cutting for the first operating geothermal plant by Raser it was a worldwide inauguration of a new breed of energy that is clean, renewable, reliable, and competitive. (PESN Nov. 7, 2008)
Image:LenHartkemeier 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Investment Resources > Hope for Renewable Energy During Market Turmoil - Maverick technologies financing expert, Len Hartkemeier, has a positive outlook for renewable energy, despite the present market turmoil. Fueled by the oil-backlash-assisted green momentum, the sector has reached escape velocity. (PESN Nov. 5, 2008)
Image:KFNXFreeEnergyRadio95x95 byKevn.gif
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] >Free Energy Now show expanding to KFNX in Phoenix - Our weekly, one-hour, cutting-edge, clean energy technology program is growing into a new venue, providing broader reach for our message and sponsors. (PESN Nov. 1, 2008)

October 2008

Image:KangenWater95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Template: 1630 > Directory:Water > Kangen Water™ Fosters Medical Independence in Hard Times - A Japanese water ionizer technology by Enagic may be just the thing to help you to take responsibility for your own health and not be so dependent on the medical establishment, in the same spirit as getting off foreign oil. (PESN Oct. 27, 2008)
Image:MPKLitroenergyPowercell95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Directory:BetaVoltaics / Directory:Batteries > Directory:MPK Co's Litroenergy LitroEnergy Power Cells Produce Continuous Output - By combining a non-stop luminescing technology that has a 20-year duration (12-year half-life), with thin film photovoltaics in a layered arrangement, MPK Co. has devised a portable, continuous generator that could change the planet. (PESN Oct. 22, 2008)
Image:BlackLightPowerRowan95x95 byKevn.jpg
Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Directory:Hydrogen / Directory:Plasma > Directory:Blacklight Power > Rowan University Replicates BlackLight Power's Novel Energy Source - Rowan University has confirmed BlackLight's new energy source based on the hydrino technology which is capable of providing a primary, clean energy source. The university validated both the 1 kW and 50 kW sizes. (PESN Oct. 20, 2008)

September 2008

Image:OilSexScandal95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Directory:Oil / Directory:Conspiracy > Sex, Drugs, and Rockin' Oil - Are we surprised to find out that the U.S. government employees who oversee offshore oil drilling turn out to be literally and figuratively 'in bed' with the oil industry? A compilation of news stories about this scandal. (PESN Sept. 11, 2008)
Image:RaserTechGeothermalPump95x95 byKevn.jpg

Latest / Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: &nbspDirectory:Geothermal > Directory:Raser Technologies - Geothermal and Waste Heat Harvesting >Raser is Rapidly Deploying Cost-Effective Geothermal Power - Instead of using electricity to turn a heat pump to cool a liquid, Raser runs a warmed liquid through a heat pump to generate electricity. With their rapid, low-cost deployment capability, they could maximize the U.S. geothermal capacity within ten years. (PESN Sept. 4, 2008)

August 2008

Image:BubbleFusionVindicated95x95 byKevn.jpg

Latest: Directory:Fusion > Directory:Sonofusion > Bubble Fusion Vindicated in Flagship Nuclear Journal - Bubble fusion, also known as sonofusion, which in the last couple of years has come to be viewed with a jaundiced eye, has now been cleared by a peer-reviewed report that exposes the faulty basis for the negative assessment. (PESN Aug. 27, 2008)

Image:IntergalacticHydrogenXprize95x95 byKevn.jpg

Directory:X Prize:Automotive / Directory:Fuel Efficiency Alternative Fuels > Intergalactic Hydrogen Expects to Win Auto X-Prize - Using off-the-shelf components and technology they have mastered, Tai and Fred Robinson say they can surpass 100 mpg-equivalent using a high-efficiency stock vehicle modified to run on hydrogen. (PESN Aug. 9, 2008)

July 2008

Image:Hydrogen Implementation Conference 2008 95x95.jpg

Directory:Hydrogen / Current events > 2008 Hydrogen Implementation Conference - Michael Riverson reports on the conference held July 22 - 24 in Laramie, Wyoming, covered a wide range of hydrogen generation sources, storage mechanisms, transport infrastructure, and application considerations. (PESN July 25, 2008)

Image:Sierra Pacific Industries truck 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Efficiency Additives > Directory:H2Oil's Nanotech Fuel -- eeFuel and eeLube (4ourfuture) > EeFuel additive gets flatline results on heavy-duty rigs test - A fleet in California that has multiple trucks taking the same route every day hauling lumber out and wood chips back, ran three of their trucks for a week using the eeFuel additive, but saw no improvement in mileage. (PESN July 19, 2008)

Image:SHEC receiver aperture 95x95.jpg

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Directory:Solar > Directory:Concentrated Solar Power > Directory:Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC) Labs > SHEC Labs Claims to Have World's Most Efficient Solar Thermal Tech (Interview) - By focusing the concentrated rays into the aperture of a highly-reflective, elongated tube, by the time the light bounces back out, it has gradually dumped 95% of its heat into the tube, which can then be put to work. (PESN July 14, 2008)

Image:TurtleVision 95x95.jpg

Current events / Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection > Alternative Energy Partnership Conference Report - Outside-the-box energy technology enthusiasts converged in Maryland to share and inspect various inventions from hydrogen booster systems to a lawn mower converted to run on GEET reactor. (PESN July 2, 2008)

June 2008

Image:Laurel White 95x95.jpg

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Directory:Communities > Clean Energy Road Show Launch Imminent - Laurel White's year-long road show will educate people about easy-to-implement clean energy solutions available now, many of which can actually save money and to give hope about the future by reviewing some of the most promising clean emerging technologies. (PESN June 23, 2008)

Image:Environmental Hall of Fame stage 95x95.jpg

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD:Environmental Hall of Fame Honors Several Top 100 Energy Technologies - First biannual ceremony christens event toward becoming the 'Golden Globes' of the Environmental movement. (PESN June 8, 2008)

Image:Joel Garbon bio photo 95x95.jpg

PAC > U.S. Senator Takes Second Look at Breakthrough New Energy Legislation - Roundtable addresses why the United States government is so slow to facilitate extreme leading edge technologies, and how that tendency could be changed for the better through visionary leadership. (PESN June 4, 2008)

Image:Algae-as-gas 95x95.jpg

Directory:Biofuels > Rethinking Biofuel - Robert Pritchett presses a few biofuel hot-buttons regarding the current status of biofuel and unintended consequences - along with some solutions. (PESN June 2, 2008)

May 2008

Image:Blacklight chamber text 95x95.jpg

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD:Directory:Hydrogen / Directory:Plasma > Directory:Blacklight Power > BlackLight's Hydrino Going Commercial - The BlackLight Process is said to generate enormous amounts of cheap, non-polluting heat that will replace the thermal power in coal, oil, gas and nuclear power plants that is then converted to electricity. (PESN May 29, 2008)

Image:EnvironmentalHallofFame 95x95.jpg

Directory:Global Warming > Five Ways to Reduce Global Warming - New Energy Congress founder and director, Sterling Allan gives a statement in preparation for the first Environmental Hall of Fame ceremony to be held in Los Angeles in June 5-6, 2008. (PESN May 18, 2008)

Image:MIB 95x95.jpg

Directory:Suppression > Premature Greed Syndrome as Detrimental as Men in Black - The problem with some inventors is not only are they years ahead in their visioning of the technology, but they are also years ahead in expectation of rewards for their efforts. (PESN May 12, 2008)

April 2008

Image:Toyota-Prius-PHEV 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles -- PHEV > Directory:Hybrid Vehicles > Plug In Your Prius - Jonathan Sawyer spent $30,000--and voided the warranty--to add a plug to his Prius hybrid, which can now travel more than 1000 miles on a single 12-gallon tank of gasoline. (PESN Apr. 30, 2008)

Image:Teresa Audesirk headset microwave 95x95.jpg

Directory:Microwave-Based Energy Technologies / Directory:Hydrogen > Directory:Hydrogen from Water > Wireless Headset Causes Fire from Water in Microwave - Retired university professor, Teresa Audesirk, reports seeing flames shoot out of the salt water of the green beans in her microwave as she walked by it wearing her wireless headset, which also operates via microwave frequency. (PESN April 4, 2008)

February 2008

Image:GMC Holdings Corp prototype close-up 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:GMC Holdings Corp. > SEC Files Action On Fuelless Motor Fraud - The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed an action against GMC Holding Corporation (GMC) and its CEO, Richard Brace, for defrauding investors by issuing false press releases touting the company's development of a motor technology device capable of generating unlimited energy. (PESN Feb. 27, 2008)

Image:UFO How-To 95x95.jpg

Directory:Propulsion / Directory:UFOs > New Books Expose Patented UFO Technology, Exotic Propulsion Systems - New technology discovered in the patent office details amazing UFO type vehicles and exotic propulsion systems. Use of this technology will revolutionize industry, travel and more. (PESN Feb. 24, 2008)

Image:Gravia w person cutout bw 95x95.jpg

Directory:Human-Powered / Directory:Gravity Motors > Lamp Lit by Gravity Wins Greener Gadget Award - A Virginia Tech student has created a floor LED lamp that is powered by gravity, using a weight slide similar to the concept of a grandfather clock. The lamp was originally calcualted to put out the equivalent of a 40-Watt bulb, and lasts four hours per cycle and the mechanism was expected to last 200 years however, these calculations were in error. (PESN Feb. 18, 2008)

Image:UofU Marriott library 95x95.jpg

Directory:Cold Fusion > Cold Fusion Oral History to be Housed at the U of U - The University of Utah's J. Willard Marriott Library will be the repository for New Energy Foundation's Cold Fusion Oral History Collection upon its completion. This important oral record of the major researchers, theorists, journalists and administrators will complement other collections that the Library has related to cold fusion history. (PESN Feb. 16, 2008)

Image:AEC demo H2-production unit 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection > AEC's New Initiative Produces Hydrogen-on-Demand for Air Intake - Differing from the various electrolysis-based hydrogen-injection approaches being pursued, Alternate Energy Corp. has a proprietary hydrogen-on-demand system that is metallurgical based. (PESN Feb. 1, 2008)

January 2008

Image:Hydristor see-through diagram 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electrical Grid / Directory:Hydraulics > Directory:Hydristor Corporation > Transmission of Grid Power Using Pressurized Air - Instead of transmitting electricity over high-voltage cables, Kasmer suggests transmitting power via high-pressure air, which would be pressurized and depressurized via his infinitely variable pneumatic conversion technology, which would serve as the transformers in the system. (PESN Jan. 23, 2008)

Image:NewEnergyCongress 95x95.jpg

Directory:Jobs > New Energy Congress > New Energy Congress Scouting for Key Leadership - In expanding from a volunteer organization to a due diligence corporation supporting the financing and business development of the most promising clean energy technologies, the NEC is looking for individuals to fill the primary leadership rolls. (PESN Jan. 3, 2008)

PESN 2007

News:PESN:Archive:2007 - archive going backward

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