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Image:U-Plug welding 95X92.png
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:U-Plug Power Products LLC > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > U-Plug Products LLC Seeking Good Third-Party Testing Entity - It's not easy to find a qualified testing agency that is also willing to sign off on something that appears to defy our existing understanding of the laws of physics. U-Plug has agreed to allow for a group of us scientists, including at least 3 PhDs to go test their unit and publish our report. (PESN February 20, 2016)
Image:Rasa-Viharii ELFE-battery-test 95x94.jpg
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies / Best Exotic Free Energy Technolgies For Sale: Directory:Earth's Magnetic Field as a Free Energy Source > Directory:Lighting > Directory:ADGEX Flashlight Powered by Earth's Magnetic Field > FOR SALE: Stuart Campbell (our Moderator) is doing a test on NiMH Batteries to Determine Bounce-back - So that this is quite clear, this is a test on a Regular Torch. NOT the ELFE flashlight. This is to compare them. 2 x NiMH AA 1.2v Battery's in a Regular Torch with a Halogen Bulb. Load is 2.8v and 0.85amps. (PESN February 17, 2016)
Image:ELFE-flashlight parts 95x77.gif
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies / Best Exotic Free Energy Technolgies For Sale: Directory:Earth's Magnetic Field as a Free Energy Source > Directory:Lighting > Directory:ADGEX Flashlight Powered by Earth's Magnetic Field > FOR SALE: ADGEX posts official ELFE flashlight video explaining function and components - Video explains the scientific principles behind how the ELFE flashlight harnesses endless free energy from the environment (Earth's magnetic field), which works better in some regions than others. It also shows the insides the torch. Uses the word “antennae,” as one of the components. (PESN February 14, 2016)
Image:Rasa-Viharii ELFE-battery-test 95x94.jpg
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies / Best Exotic Free Energy Technolgies For Sale: Directory:Earth's Magnetic Field as a Free Energy Source > Directory:Lighting > Directory:ADGEX Flashlight Powered by Earth's Magnetic Field > FOR SALE: February 26 ADGEX business meeting in Tomsk, Russia - The company that has figured out how to harness the earth's magnetic field to produce usable power and has been selling the ELFE flashlight (two more customer reports), is now developing a 3 kW generator. In two weeks, they are holding a business meeting for international distributors. (PESN February 12, 2016)
Image:BrLP light-demo Daniel-Rodrigues 95x89.png
Latest / Template: 44: Directory:Plasma > Directory:Blacklight Power > Video: Brilliant Light Power SunCell Demonstration, January 28, 2016 - The SunCell® is described as a solid state "Sun in a Box." A 200 kW module would weigh around 250 pounds, with energy production cost being around 1 cent/kwh, so return on investment could be ten days. They are expected to be available commercially by Q1, 2017. (PESN January 6, 2015)
Image:Konstantin hotel 95x95.png
Latest: Directory:Nanotechnology / Directory:Batteries > Directory:Hydrogen > Directory:Hydrogen Production / Directory:Fuel Cells > Directory:KB Consulting, with Constantine Balakirian > Konstantin Balakiryan: Proton-3ND Energy Storage Technology Could Revolutionize Battery Industry - The capacity of the Proton-3ND (Proton -3 Nano Diffusion) battery is projected to be 44 times the capacity of lithium batteries. Electric vehicles with these batteries would have more power and much more mileage at no extra charge. (PESN January 4, 2016)
Image:Steven-e-jones 95.png
Latest: Directory:Batteries / Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Suppression > Directory:U.S. Government Deepthroat Technologies > “We had endless battery technology 50 years ago” – U.S. Govt. anonymous - A former U.S. Government worker describes his effort to bring to public awareness (by highlighting things presently in the public domain) energy and anti-gravity technologies that the government had operational 50 years ago but has kept from the public. (PESN February 2, 2016)


Free Energy Blog:2016:01:18 - My computer is being worked on, and I need that computer to edit, so it will be a few days before I'll be able to resume there. I can edit PESWiki from any computer. (Free Energy Blog January 18, 2016)

Image:160111 David-Puchta sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory: David A. Puchta of Proton Spin Technologies, Inc. / Directory:Searl Effect Generator (SEG) > David Puchta videos Searl Magnetics demonstration - Shows a small, copper cylinder being attracted to a larger rotating copper cylinder, then repelled as it got just next to it. Shows a copper cylinder being turned as it gets closer to that larger rotating cylinder. Other unusual phenomenon. David said he will be helping them get "into production sooner than later." (PESN January 11, 2016)
Image:Rays-Magnetic-Monople SDA-Arra sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Magnetism > Directory:Ray McConnell's Magnetic D Gate > Experiments with Ray McConnell's - I received Ray's set of materials and did some experimentation on the effect he thought indicated that a mild steel rod attached to a neodymium magnet seems to create a magnetic monopole effect. Creating an array of several of these did not seem to produce net propulsion. (PESN January 11, 2016)
Image:121122 Sterling-Allan sq 95x95.gif
Directory:Spirituality > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause > PRESS RELEASE: Free Energy Expert seeks date -- to save the planet - Giving news organizations an overview of my quest to evoke the repentance clause of prophecy, to inspire global repentance, so we don't have to face the destructions and captivity to which we are presently headed. Could this date open the gate? (PESN January 4, 2016)
Image:Beau-Jest sq 95x95.gif
Directory:Spirituality > Directory:Alphabetics > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause > Hail Mary date invitation by Sterling -- to save the planet - I've got tickets for Wednesday night's Beau Jest. Now I just need an amazing lady -- someone who is awake, pretty, loving, spunky, smart, fun, gentle, wise, ambitious, kind, nurturing, and funny and, she needs to appreciate my Alphabetics code that points to fulfilling the Isa. 66:5-8 prophecy about the earth being born in a day. (PESN January 4, 2016)
Image:Sterling-Allan Detlef-Dohman Stuart-Campbell sq 95x95.gif
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies: Directory:Zeitgeist > 2015 Exotic Free Energy technology advancements in review 2016 predictions - In 2015, we created a page featuring EIGHT of the best exotic free energy technologies now available for sale, mostly pre-orders, being in process of manufacturing. My vision for 2016 is that we have a global consciousness shift that makes way for these hitherto overlooked and marginalized modalities to flood the earth. (PESN January 2, 2016)



Image:MAC-Worldwide 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Movies > BBC now casting off-grid pioneers for 1-year documentary project - BBC Worldwide Productions is searching for true visionaries who are prepared to move into the wild and begin their own civilization for a compelling new documentary TV series. "We are casting resourceful, idealistic people who organically have an interest in starting over, on their own terms." (PESN December 25, 2015)
Image:Angelo-Daul MaGrav sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Plasma > Directory:Keshe Foundation > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Angelo Daul reports success with Magrav replication - Romanian replicator has posted a video showing his MaGrav system doing some very unusual things. He shows the watt meter on the wall outlet indicating a LOWER watt level AFTER he turns on a television plugged into the system. His description reads: "Proof of power reduction from ~ 107W to 34 W after 10 days of conditioning!" (PESN December 23, 2015)
Image:Winter-storm-Ferus 300x300 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Weather Control > BUSTED: - Indeed, the climate on the planet has been going haywire. And it is man-caused -- but not by us driving our cars and powering our gadgets, but by weather engineers who think they are god but are not smart enough to do as good a job as nature. They love the "climate change" alarmist who blame the wrong things. (PESN December 22, 2015)
Image:IMG 20150815 134339 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Plasma > PowerPedia:Ball Lightning > Directory:Chukanov Quantum Energy LLC > Quantum free energy generated by artificially created ball lightning under pressure - Experimental work being done in Bulgaria and in China demonstrated that "the output is kinetic energy -- about three times more than the input electrical energy. ...In the thick-walled cylinder of the generator, the piston was moving with speed around 1,000 meters/sec." (PESN December 19, 2015)
Image:Wtc7small anim 95x95.gif
Latest: News:Sources > Directory:Revolution-Green > PES -- When data requires courage to accept - Analogy: Directory:9/11 Conspiracy was obviously an inside job. WTC 7 came down at freefall speed, which would be impossible without cooperation from inside the US. Mark Dansie doesn't believe that. It's not because there isn't data, but because he lacks the courage to accept the ramifications. Ditto for exotic free energy. (PESN December 19, 2015)
Image:RAR diagram ezgif sq.gif
Latest: Directory:Gravity Motors > Directory:RAR Energia Ltda Gravity Motor > David Haack: Why I think the RAR Energia gravity motor works - "If I am wrong about my assessment, at least I was willing to stick my neck out in hopes of stirring up some debate. And for that I will not feel ashamed regardless of the outcome." Additional observations added by Dan Chapman and Sterling. (PESN December 18, 2015)
Image:Repent sq 95x95.jpg
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies: Directory:Spirituality > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause > Support growing for Isaiah 66:5-8 appearance quest to awaken the planet - Six of the nine people now in public support of this quest are key leaders in the exotic free energy world, three of them in our Top 5 Energy listing, another three are runners up. They all agree that something of this magnitude (Isa. 66:5-8 scenario) could be like a light switch to awaken the world's consciousness. (PESN December 15, 2015)
Image:Dec13-2015 demo sq 95x95.gif
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over > Directory:E-MAG Magnetic Propulsion Engine by Platinum Invests Group Corporation S.A. > Platinum Invests demonstrates overunity electromagnetic generator - With a big splash pending soon, one of our favorite free energy technology companies has thrown us a bone to sample some of the work being done in their new R&D facility in Tenerife, Spain. This demo of 4.1 kW input yielding 4.5 kW output is nothing compared to the 5x amplifier they have. (PESN December 15, 2015)
Image:Water-expolosion-as-fuel sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Hydrogen > Directory:Hydrogen Production > Directory:Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc.'s Overunity Hydrogen > Moray King hypothesis: microscopic ball lightning is at the root of prolific hydrogen production by SHT - "Their patent abstract mentioned micro-cavities with plasma -- an ideal environment for making microscopic ball lightning (like Ken Shoulders' EV). Here could be the cause of the element transformation." (PESN December 14, 2015)
Image:RAR-Energia Dec1-2015 sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Gravity Motors > Directory:RAR Energia Ltda Gravity Motor > RAR Energia posts new images of design articulation - "Finally, we would like to affirm that there is no doubt about the existence of energy in the Earth's gravity and we can capture and make use of this energy for any activities we choose, and this does not oppose laws of thermodynamic or any other scientific principle, that I know." (News:Pure Energy Blog December 10, 2015)
Image:YinYang sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Spirituality > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause > What I'm looking for in a wife life business everything partner - I had a phenomenal dream this morning that woke me up to what it is I'm looking for in a partner. Call me a dreamer, but I am hopeful that I can and will find someone who will be this great a match for me and the mission I seek to perform in helping to bring about a global transformation to God and goodness. (PESN December 7, 2015)
Image:Brillouin-HHT sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Fusion > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Brillouin Energy Corporation (BEC) > Brillouin reports independent validation of their LENR HHT™ reactor core system - Brillouin Energy Corp., developer of a technology capable of producing commercially useful amounts of heat based on controlled low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), announced that its Hydrogen Hot Tube™ (HHT™) boiler system reactor core modules were the subject of a recently completed technical validation report. (PESN December 4, 2015)
Image:OCube-model sq 95x95.gif
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies / Best Exotic Free Energy Technolgies For Sale: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > FOR SALE: Steorn's Orbo power cell products available for sale - The Orbo power cell pulls energy from the environment, so it's a small solid state power station that never has to be recharged or plugged in. Two products now available for pre-order are the OPhone and the OCube tablet and phone charger. By summer, they'll have an e-cigarette and computer controller that never have to be plugged in. (PESN December 3, 2015)
Image:Magravs plug sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Plasma > Directory:Keshe Foundation > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Keshe Magravs Power systems being recalled - "Due to the manufacturing process, corrections were needed to improve the efficiency of the systems. We have used knowledge from all our supporters to bring forward the improved product." Update from Magravs replicator whose first unit was a dud. (PESN December 1, 2015)


Image:Magrav Toms-show 20Nov2015 sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Plasma > Directory:Keshe Foundation > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Customer receives Keshe Magrav, initial output is same as input - We're still coming up empty either on finding reports of purchased and received Magrav systems that produce excess energy, or of replications of these systems per the plans, which produce excess energy. How long is the "conditioning" period? (PESN November 26, 2015)
Image:Jail-to-the-Chief sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Spirituality > Clinton documentary illustrates how far gone society is - Though easily in the top 5% of the criminal bell curve, Hillary is leading presidential candidate in the United States and is treated like a hero. As a reflection of where society is at right now it's no wonder we don't have exotic free energy technologies yet. We deserve tyranny, and we're going to be getting a full dose if we don't repent, which is why I've been focused on bringing about that transformation. (PESN November 25, 2015)
Image:SaDaiM prototype 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:SaDaiM Buoyancy Technology by Sayad Abdullaoqli Mammadov > Azerbaijan patent for sale for an estimated 15x overunity buoyancy technology - Desperation over a needed medical procedure is pushing Sayad Mammadov Abdulla to offer to sell the rights to his patent. Problem is, the overunity claim is only mathematical extrapolation, not experimentally achieved and the awarded patent is nearly 19 years old. (PESN November 25, 2015)
Image:ERR-Fluxgenerator crop sq 95x95.gif
Latest / Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies: Directory:Solar > Is there something cleaner and cheaper than Solar? - Within months, hopefully, we will see 5 kW AuKW generators, 5 kW Directory:GDS Technologies' Portable Water Generators generators. And on the utility-scale end, we'll see KPP plants, Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator (E-Cat) cold fusion generators, and Directory:ERR Fluxgenerator by Noah's Ark Research Foundation systems available. Not to mention the wild card Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Overs that come in just about any size. (PESN November 23, 2015)
Image:James-B-Schwartz sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:ERR Fluxgenerator by Noah's Ark Research Foundation / Directory:Spirituality > Quest > Evoking Repentance Clause > Remnant Gathering > James Schwartz of ERR / Noah's Ark Foundation stands in support of initiative - My long-time inventor friend, Ben Schwartz, whose solid state technology that uses dissimilar metals to harvest energy from the Earth's magnetic field, and is featured in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, today informed me that he will be encouraging his 16,000 supporters to pray for our success. (PESN November 18, 2015)
Image:Jim-Murrays Large-3-phase-Synaflux-Motor sq 95x95.gif
Latest / FreeEnergyNow: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:James (Jim) F. Murray III > Interview with James F. Murray III - Jim describes the history of how he got to where he is today, in unraveling some key secrets of Nikola Tesla's work, which has been a life-long quest, and where he plans to go from here. (PESN November 17, 2015)
Image:Joska-Ramelow sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Plasma > Directory:Keshe Foundation > OS:Alekz' Magrav Power System from the Keshe Foundation > Joska from London calling - Joska shares some insights regarding my recent accident, comparing it to another situation he knew of, which led to an amazing project. He also tells us about his "atmospheric climate harmonizer" project, then weighs in with his sentiments regarding Keshe's Magrav system unfolding. (PESN November 16, 2015)
Image:CME-v-Earth sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Emergency Preparedness > Directory:Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) > EMP long-term blackout: effects, preparation, remedies - If a Carrington type solar X-class flare event were to happen today, or the deployment of a weaponized EMP, it would wipe out the grid and unprotected electronics, not just for hours, but for many months or even years. Distributed energy solutions are not immune if they are not properly insulated from such an event. (PESN November 7, 2015)
Image:Car-off-road sq 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Spirituality > I Cheated Death Last Night in California - As I was driving on Interstate 405 last night during rush hour, my blood sugar got so low that I ended up driving into the left guard rail, then bouncing over to the right, where my rental car jumped up on top of the rail, coming to a stop because of a fence. What if it had happened sooner, later, differently? Reflections on OU FE trip. (PESN November 6, 2015)
Image:GDS-manuf edit2 SDA sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Water > Directory:GDS Technologies' Portable Water Generators > GDS Technologies announces manufacturing phase for 5 kW back-up free energy generator - All components of the generator are ESA certified. The 5 kW system sells for $5,000 USD, which is competitive 50% down, with delivery expected mid-2016. On-site visits welcome prior to purchase. Mention PES as having referred you for a little discount. (PESN October 30, 2015)
Image:H2O-molecule 95x95.png
Latest: Directory:Water > Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > The Proton Theory of Brown's Gas: Accounting for the Energies in Water - An overall summary of Michael Rome's "proposed Proton Theory that identifies the true energy within water as well as giving Browns Gas a defined structure and composition, one that accounts for its documented energy and properties." (PESN November 3, 2015)
Image:GDS5000 crop 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Water > Directory:GDS Technologies' Portable Water Generators > 5 kW Generator > In preparation for Sterling's trip to see GDS Technologies' 5 kW generator - I'm posting what I hope to do, so that you can chime in as to the adequacy, inadequacy of that plan. We hope to have this visit be as convincing as possible, to remove the skepticism that: 1) this is a working exotic free energy technology 2) GDS really is moving into manufacturing phase 3) if you make a 50% deposit, you really will get one. (PESN November 2, 2015)
Image:151031 Digest 95x95.gif
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Free Energy Digest™ -- October 31, 2015 - GDS Technologies manufacturing 5 kW back-up generator • Keshe Plasma Energy Unit • LENR-to-Market Digest E-Cat • Orbo O-Cube • Tewari's Generator in India • Keppe Motor wins top award • Lueling Permanent Magnet Motor • QMoGen by Devis & Marios • India company looking for exotic FE technology to manufacture • Activated Charcoal as poisoning antidote • Billions in Change (FreeEnergyNews)


Image:GDS-manuf edit2 SDA sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Water > Directory:GDS Technologies' Portable Water Generators > GDS Technologies announces manufacturing phase for 5 kW back-up free energy generator - All components of the generator are ESA certified. The 5 kW system sells for $5,000 USD, which is competitive 50% down, with delivery expected mid-2016. On-site visits welcome prior to purchase. Mention PES as having referred you for a little discount. (PESN October 30, 2015)
Image:Activated-charcoal sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Health / Directory:Suppression > Activated Charcoal saves free energy inventor from poisoning attempt on his life - There are a lot of good reasons to be sure to have some capsules of activated charcoal on hand, which can be found at any health food store. It is a well-established antidote to poisons and toxins, as well as having properties of whitening teeth, assisting with digestive issues and acne treatment. (PESN October 27, 2015)
Image:Andrea-Rossi trademark sq 95x95.gif
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator (E-Cat) > LENR-to-Market Digest -- October 25, 2015 - 5 months recap includes: Independent confirmation of 1 MW E-Cat Plant, commercialization expected March 2016, focusing on manufacturing preparation customers lining up, $3 billion in pre-orders X Reactor replications new investors, 2.5 years due diligence US patent awarded, international filed, trademark awarded many academic publications. (PESN)
Image:Orgone-Accumulator Router Dorron-Shapir sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Orgone > Orgone Accumulator shields router EMF - Dorron Shapir from Bahia Brazil created a simple orgone accumulator with concentric paper and steel wool inside a can, with an aluminum tube protruding, and shows that when placed on a certain spot on his WiFi router eliminates the EMF that otherwise emits from the router. (PESN October 19, 2015)
Image:151016 Kehse handing-product-to-Nigerian-deligate sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Plasma > Directory:Keshe Foundation > QUESTION: How well does Keshe Magrav plasma energy unit work? - Is it plug-and-play, or does it require a highly-trained electrician to install? Is there a period of "conditioning"? Does it power all appliances? What about the appliances (e.g. CFLs) that it doesn't power? Will these factors be intimidating? Do you know of any reports of successful installations? (PESN October 17, 2015)
Image:HKEIA-Award Grand-Prize-2015 Keppe 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Keppean Scalar Motor > Keppe Motor wins Innovation and Technology Product of the Year Award at the world's largest electronics trade show - The 35th Hong Kong Electronics Fair (HKTDC), the world's largest electronics exhibition, and the Hong Kong Eletronics Industry Association (HKEIA) have awarded the Keppe Motor (scalar) with two top awards at their networking and awards dinner held Oct. 13 in Hong Kong, the world's leading new technology center. (PESN October 16, 2015)
Image:Keshe-product sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Plasma > Directory:Keshe Foundation > GRAIN OF SALT: Keshe Plasma Energy Unit release - The Internet is abuzz with talk about a pending event in Rome, Italy on October 16, when Mehran Keshe plans to give sample plasma reactors to world ambassadors, as if this is the dawn of a new age of peace. Caution is called for, because Keshe exaggerates hugely and is significantly out of touch with reality. (PESN October 14, 2015)
Image:Manoj-Bhargava TieCon2013 95x95.gif
Latest: Tools > Billions in Change -- open to exotic free energy - Billionaire, Manoj Bhargava, founder and CEO of 5 Hour Energy, has a passion for using his wealth to make the world a better place and he see's energy as being crucial for that objective. He and his team are not afraid to think outside the box. (PESN October 9, 2015)
Image:Cnc-machine-job-works-250x250 95x95.gif
Latest: Tools > India company looking for exotic free energy technology to manufacture - The company has several buildings, thousands of employees, and a few hundred engineers, with one building just for Research and Development. They also have good rapport with the Prime Minister of India. They have all the latest simulation software and hardware you might need. (PESN October 5, 2015)
Image:Lueling-magnet-motor labeled-sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Friedrich Lueling Magnet Motor > ARCHIVE: Lueling Permanent Magnet Motor featured on German Cinema News - An historic look at an alleged working all-magnet motor out of 1954 Germany by inventor, Friedrich Lüling, seen in 1966 cinema news footage, which declared that the motor was expected to be installed in a car that year, and would last (no fuel required) 10-20 years. His main method was to momentarily "neutralize" the magnet to get past the cogging point. (PESN October 3, 2015)


Image:150925 TWIFE 95x95.gif
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Free Energy Digest™ -- September 25, 2015 - LLW9 Magnet Motor • US patent granted for Rossi's E-Cat (LENR) • ERR 800 kW Power Station Project Booklet • PES Validation of Rosch's KPP Technology • FOR SALE: KPP (Kinetic Power Plant) • FOR SALE: GAIA's 5 kW AuKW Home Power Generator • Daniel Hicks' QMoGen • FOR SALE: AGH Recycling's Waste-to-Oil and Biomass-to-Coal Pyrolysis Systems ... (FreeEnergyNews)
Image:Geoffrey-Miller QMoGen-progress 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Template: 973 > Well-known inventor builds a working QMoGen - A friend said "x" has built a QMoGen, but doesn't want the information out there yet. My friend has seen a video of it running, and he saw the device in person before it was finished, and he trusts the guy. It's someone who has a lot of respect in the exotic free energy world, and someone who has significant credibility, in my opinion. (Skype down what an EMP would do.) (PESN September 21, 2015)
Image:Leedskalnin-motor-rep-top anim 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Levers / Directory:Anti-Gravity > Coral Castle > Man replicates and explains Ed Leedskanin's Coral Castle phenomena - Someone has replicated Ed Leedskalnin's motor, and explains, with demonstrations, all of the key aspects of Leedskalnin's methods, using components that would have been available to Leedskalnin, to cut the stone, move and position it. (PESN September 20, 2015)
Image:150509-1400GMT frozen-since-at-least-150508-2249GMT sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Directory:Gaia-Energy -- Global Association for Independent Energy & Altruism > GAIA keeping info in-house for a while - Roberto says: "Due to overwhelming international interest, we decided to inform only current order takers by newsletter anymore. This situation was caused due maybe communicating a bit to "public" about this topic in the past. All interested people are invited to wait till the official launch...." (PESN September 19, 2015)
Image:ZED looking up side sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory: Zydro Energy Device (Z.E.D.) by Hydro Energy Revolution LLC > Wayne Travis and Zydro under FBI Investigation - Nearly 1 million dollars was collected from ~240 investors for the promise of a huge return on investment, much of it spent on non-project, personal items, including a $6k cruise and $32,500 for "Philippines relief" for Typhoon Yolanda via Mark Dansie, which Mark said was "a few thousand dollars." (PESN September 18, 2015)
Image:We are-Giants glow sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Spirituality > Directory:Emergency Preparedness > Directory:Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) > Repentance Clause: Destruction of America not inevitable - Yes, there are many prophecies of the destruction of America, but these are based on America not repenting. If America does repent, then these can be turned away. Isaiah 66 describes a scenario of a nation being born in a day and the kingdom of God being born without tribulation first. It's not too late. (PESN September 14, 2015)
Image:KesheFoundation-logo no sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Plasma > Directory:Keshe Foundation > Keshe Foundation being devastated by Logo Copyright retraction by slandered founder, Dirk Laureyssens - "Due to the unacceptable slanderous and insulting behavior of Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe in public, the logos can no longer be used by KF worldwide, starting ... SEPT 21,2015. The logo's will need to be removed from all documents, websites, Facebook groups, YouTubes, ... everywhere." (PESN September 12, 2015)
Image:Home-Depot-unit sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Geoffrey S. Miller's Energybat Labs > Does Geoffrey Miller's - Energybat Labs is nearly done with a generator that uses off-the-shelf parts -- including magnet wire remaining on the spool it comes with. How would this impact society IF you could buy parts for around $300 to build a simple 1 kW home power system? How much of a good ripple effect could be created from the hope this could inspire? (PESN September 9, 2015)

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