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A chronological posting of stories posted relating to free energy Directory:Humor.


Free Energy Blog:2016:02:01 – has posted a fun spoof on our skeptics. (Free Energy Blog February 1, 2016)


Image:150401 sterling-flying piano sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Humor > Directory:Humor > Flying Through Grandma and Grandpa Allan's House - Putting some no-budget muscle into childhood dreams of flying around the house. Took a bit longer than expected to produce this short video and the ad lib music that accompanies it. (PES Video April 1, 2015)
Image:No-outlet electric-ave sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Humor > Directory:Humor - We've had a lot of fun on April 1 in the past. Review our index while I work on today's special. (PESWiki April 1, 2015)


Image:Where-the-sidewalk-bends sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Humor > Graphics:Display of Images by Kevn Lambson for PESWiki > Free Energy Blog:2014:09:17 - Kevn Lambson, who designed our logo, is doing a crowdfunder for a Shel Silverstein like book he and his brother are working on. It's very much worthy of support, from the light-hearted end of the spectrum. (Free Energy Blog September 17, 2014)
Image:No-outlet electric-ave sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Humor > Directory:Humor > Free Energy April Fools Photos 2014 - Here are a few photos I accumulated over the year in preparation for posting today mostly with the Anti-Gravity theme. (News:Pure Energy Blog April 1, 2014)


Free Energy Blog:2013:12:13 - This family knows how to have fun making viral Christmas videos. I bet some of you could come up with pretty creative stuff too! (Free Energy Blog December 13, 2013)

Image:BoredShortsTV hydroxy-black-face sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor > Directory:Electrolysis > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > BoredShortsTV does Kid Snippet on Hydroxy - Yahoo! I get to introduce you to one of my favorite entertainment / down-time YouTube channels by a group here in Utah, BoredShortsTV, who have been cranking out some hilarious videos in which kids voices tell a story line, and the adults act out the story line, lip-syncing with the kids’ audio. In this one, they run an electrolysis system. (News:Pure Energy Blog April 28, 2013)


Image:Kube X-15 MiniNuke sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor > Directory:Humor > Directory:Nuclear > Tiger Direct Announces World's First Home Mini-Nuclear Generator - "If you've been reading the online alternative press on the web, you've heard that this device actually exists. Designed by Rektor Siegle, the KUBE nuclear reactor can generate 1000KHGz of power, endlessly!" (TigerDirect April 1, 2012)
Image:CF nucleus graphic sq 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Humor > Directory:Humor > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator (E-Cat) > Electrochemists Sight Morons - Electrochemists from three major research institutions – NASA, MIT, and SRI – have announced the discovery of a remarkable new subatomic particle, dubbed by scientists the "Beta Decay Moron," or "BDM" for short. It has relevance in many of the "overunity" phenomenon being reported by free energy researchers. (PESN April 1, 2012)
Image:OK-Go piano line 2 sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Humor > OK Go launches new music genre: Autio Power - These guys perform their latest composition via strategically-placed instruments along the road which are struck/played while their accelerating in a Chevy Sonic, all for a Super Bowl commercial. Totally off-subject. But we gotta have fun sometimes, right? My chance to share some clips from one of my favorite singing/performing groups. Be sure to see their Rube Goldberg music video too. (PESN February 6, 2012)
Image:Earth Hour panda-anger 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor > Directory:Environment > Directory:Environmental Impact > Directory:Conservation > Earth Hour a Superficial, Cheap Conscience Salve (Video) [Caution: crude language and humor] - In a recap of 2011, comedian, Deek Jackson, provides a hilarious and insightful overview of all the hypocrisy and shallowness of "Earth Hour". He later also addresses the rising oil prices. "The ultimate environmental indulgence: ...In exchange for just one hour spent in the dark, you can be absolved of all consumerist sins accrued over the rest of the year." (YouTube / FKN Newz January 24, 2012)


Image:James Rodney Brazilian Bellows sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor > Fahrtwind Award > Fahrtwind Award Second Prize: Brazilian Bellows - Finally, after 8 years, we have found another worthy contestant for the Fahrtwind award. This one proposes to use the rotation of the tires to compress air which can then be used to push the car from behind, gathering sufficient energy from motion down the road. (FreeEnergyNews December 23, 2011)
Image:Terminal Gust Onion sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor > Directory:Wind > Coal Lobby Warns Wind Farms May Blow Earth Off Orbit - Over-the-top-hilarious. Panelists debate whether the U.S. is doing enough to heed the warnings of coal industry scientists who say turbines could blow the Earth right into the sun. See the latest ads run by the wind and solar industries. (Onion October, 2011)
Image:Rossi savings moral cartoon sq 95x95.gif
Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator (E-Cat) > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] - FreeEnergyTruth has posted a hilarious cartoon showing the dialogue between an E-Cat customer saving money, and a skeptic moralistic holding out because of his adherence to "peer-reviewed" dogma. (PESWiki September 28, 2011)
Image:Oil Subsidy Mark-Fiore sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor / Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Oil > Directory:Oil > SolyndraGatePocalypse - Animated cartoonist, Mark Fiore has created a hilarious spoof on renewable energy subsidies compared to the subsidies paid to the oil companies and other rackets they have going for them. (Mark Fiore September 21, 2011)
Image:Stop cats peeing on car 95x95.jpg
There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > How to stop cats pissing on your car - Australian comedian and do-it-yourselfer, Craig Turner, shows how you can rig your car's auto-lock feature onto your garden hose, triggered by your motion detector, to give the neighborhood felines second thoughts about hanging around your car. Complete with camera array. Before trying this yourself, read the opening warning. (YouTube May 1, 2011)
Image:Dust-Devil vacuum sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Vacuum > Directory:Humor > Energy from the Vacuum - Hilarious commercial illustrates the power of energy from the vacuum. (Vimeo June 1, 2011)
Image:Hitler cold-fusion 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Humor > Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator (E-Cat) >Hitler Panics Over Rossi's Energy Catalyzer - A parody compiled by Hank Mills has Hitler bemoaning: "If cold fusion technology hits the market place the oil industry will lose BILLIONS of dollars in profits! Hot fusion research will come to an end too! All the funding will be lost! How can we convince people to keep using fossil fuels if cheap, clean, and abundant energy from cold fusion is available?" (PESN and BeforeItsNews July 5, 2011)
Image:Vertical-wind-tunnel-acrobatics 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor > Directory:Wind > Human Wind Tunnel - Have you ever wished you could jump in a vertical wind tunnel to try out your skydiving acrobatic skills and coordination with other jumpers? This is better than coordinated swimming routines because it's 3-D. These guys are phenomenal. At first, it looks like they're in some kind of spinning glass ball. (Wimp June 1, 2011)
Image:110609 Oreo driving 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor > - As a Father's Day break, here is some fluff stuff. Our cat is featured driving in a Sprint 4G commercial has some tension with some local birds. Watch my parents' dog almost say "Hello" on camera while dragging its hind legs along and a picnic table refurbishment clip for our intentional community project. (Allans Sustainable Home June 19, 2011)
Image:Gas-powered-microwave Nissan ad 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor > Directory:Oil / Directory:Engines / Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Electric Cars > What if Everything Ran on Gas? (video) - A silly advertisement by Nissan about their electric Leaf depicts a world in which everything is powered by polluting, petrol engines: microwave, food processor, blow dryer, cell phone, computer, copy machines, dental drill. (YouTube / Nissan May 26, 2011)
Image:Karla Konniption Hutchison electret 95x95.jpg
Article:The Electret Effect > Directory:John Hutchison > Directory:Humor > John Hutchison tells Karla Konniption about self-charging electrets - In this silly video, costumed in drag as a reporter, "Karla" interviews John Hutchison about his demonstration -- a self-charging capacitor. He tells "Karla" that an electret is a self-reactive material that's used in capacitors. Apply high voltage and watch the sparks fly? (News:Changing Power June 7, 2011)
Image:Treadmill vehicle 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor > Directory:Human-Powered > SpeedFit treadmill vehicle - You can now purchase a treadmill-powered walking/jogging machine. Instead of just walking or jogging, you could also get some metrics input and get some middle men involved to help the economy by spreading around your excess money that really should go to the buffoons who brought this to market. Great gift for politicians. (Huffington Post July 27, 2010)
April 1, 2011
Image:Robot-army gralinnaea 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Humor > Robot Federation awaits free energy power for domination - A malfunctioning droid more than 12 floors below the Denver airport divulged that an infinite power source would free them from the need to plug in and recharge, so they could amass their forces anywhere, and continue without stopping until they have achieved their ultimate objective of dominance over the planet. (PESN and BeforeItsNews April 1, 2011)
Image:Motor-less motorcycle 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Humor > Motor-less Motorcycle and More - Here's a collection of images I've compiled and prepared especially for our April 1, 2011 coverage, including Solar Powered Tai Chi Zero Point Energy Defined Run-of-the-Stairs Hydro GEET Grocery Cart Human-Powered School Bus Hydroelectric Dam Springs a Goat Leak Self-Looped Power Outlet Political Promises Could Provide Power Source Biomass-Powered Bird Plastic-Bottle-Powered Car. (Free Energy News and BeforeItsNews April 1, 2011)
Image:Smoothie 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Humor > Directory:Health / Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator > Low Energy Nutritious Reactions (LENR) at the University of Salami - Inventor and researcher William Flark has announced a stunning breakthrough in the production of safe and abundant energy at low temperatures. His new method involves the combination of commonly available substances and an undisclosed catalyst. (PESN April 1, 2011)
Image:Survivalist 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor > Directory:Emergency Preparedness > You Might Be a Survivalist If... - You consider your extra large ham radio antenna as “broadband”. You know how to cook leather. You’ve ever been on a Soviet “Potential Threat” list. SWAT has ever asked to borrow a few of your guns. None of your vehicles have electronic ignition or pollution control.... (The Survival Mom September 15, 2009)

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