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The following is what the hopper page looked like as of May 16, 2012, prior to Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan reinvigorating it for new PESN writers joining the group.


News hopper page for composing and preparing news for PESWiki

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Image:Pyrite solar 95x95.jpg

Directory:Thin Film Solar >The Pyradian solar cell - NLV Solar AG has developed an iron-sulphur composite semiconductor using digital prototyping, with very promising results. The research indicates unique properties which include an average photovoltaic conversion efficiency of 38% and a peak performance of over 50%. As a multilayer thin-film cell the material could be applied to substrates in a transparent or tinted coating. (NLV Solar March 12, 2009)

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Directory: >'''[ story here

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD / Latest:

Top 100

New Energy Congress in the News - Ongoing companies add the Top 20 or Top 100 banner to their pages. And as we make the news ourselves.

PESWiki Citations - Pats on our back from others.

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Directory:Great Social Network Links Regarding Clean Energy

Clickbank: Daniel Bower's Algae white paper.

review of Tesla: Master of Lightning

Review: Solar Energy: Saved by the Sun: NOVA - From Germany's wildly successful renewable energy program to the possibility of "solar pain," NOVA explores the technologies, research, innovation and economics behind the efforts to harness the sun's power. The program delves into research at Colorado's National Renewable Energy Lab, tours solar-paneled homes, visits the world's largest solar thermal plant and examines the potential to capture the sun's energy using nanotechnology. 56 min. 2007.

Kris Kowalsky gravity motor progress

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Directory:Clean Energy Technologies for the Developing World

Image:Antreflective-coating 95x95.gif

Directory:Solar >Solar Power Game-Changer: “Near Perfect” Absorption of Sunlight, From All Angles - By developing a new antireflective coating that boosts the amount of sunlight captured by solar panels and allows those panels to absorb the entire solar spectrum from nearly any angle, the Rensselaer research team has moved academia and industry closer to realizing high-efficiency, cost-effective solar power. 97.6% light captured is claimed. (Resselaer Nov. 3, 2008)

Note: Just a research project at this point in time, nothing more.

Directory:Klimov Nanocrystaline Solar Cells

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Victor Grebennikov was a Russian entymologist who discovered the Cavernous Structures Effect (CSE), which is an alleged anti-gravity effect. Grebennikov claimed he found anti-gravity effects originating from the chitin shell of certain insects. In addition to anti-gravity, the Grebennikov Cavernous Structure Effect is alleged to also affect the flow of time (temporal anomalies) and it was also claimed to emit “force-like” effects and also affect the growth of plants and other living organisms.

Grebennikov claimed that he attached many of these insect chitins inside a wooden box to build a “flying platform”. His flying platform allowed him to be partially invisible and fly at fast speeds.

At the time of his death, it was said that Grebennikov did not wish to reveal the type of insect species that gave the alleged antigravity effects. However, researchers have suggested that these effects can be found throughout nature and can be replicated. For example, paper egg cartons can be used to build an artificial “honeycomb” that replicates some of the properties of the CSE, including its energy field. Also, folded paper can be made into a “paper emanator” that emitted the energy field of the CSE.

I built an artificial honeycomb and also a folded paper emanator but I did not find any energy field effect. Perhaps, the cavernous structures of the CSE must be built on a smaller scale before it can attain true antigravity effects. The CSE seems to draw its anti-gravity affects from the Casimir Effect, which also works on a small size scale.

Features Being Prepared for Sterling to Edit

Directory:NLV Solar - "To meet the dual challenge of harnessing renewable energy sources and renewing the power generation and supply system, a twofold strategy is needed: increasing energy efficiency, and rapid growth in the use of renewable energies. NLV Solar AG is working on both fronts, using digital prototyping to develop improved photovoltaic cells as well as devices that are more energy efficient."

Directory:Sonofusion Reactor - Roger Stringham has continued to work on his Sonofusion Reactor, producing energy, but he needs some protogés to continue his work in Hawaii. (PESWiki March 10, 2009)

Features Ready for Sterling to Edit

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Latest: Directory:Conventional Renewable Energy >Directory: Renewable Energy Incentives by Region - Gives state-by-state parameters as pertaining to issues such as selling power back to the grid.

Image:Kender engine team 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Solar Innovations >Directory: Kender Solar Inc - Kender Solar Inc. has developed a brand new solar technology, able of producing 20 times more energy than a traditional solar panel. This performance is achieved by having the energy of the sun create a spinning motion of helium gas in a closed circuit. (PESWiki March 5, 2009)
Image:Exhaust coupler vacuum cannister 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency >PowerPedia: Jack Talbert's Gasoline Vaporization - The invention, officially gasoline vapor induction, converts the high-octane contained in gasoline into a gaseous state before introducing it into the intake manifold of gasoline burning engines. This system allows gasoline to be stored in the vehicle as liquid gasoline, yet ignited and used similarly to a liquefied petroleum gas like propane. (PESWIki Feb. 25, 2009)

Image:Senergy logo 95x95.gif

Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - The effects of increased equipment life, reduced costs in relation to parts and labour, key operator benefits and more manageable preventative maintenance schedules are significant factors in making the sEnergy Solution attractive for many industrial and commercial customers.

Image:Xp vehicles 95x95.gif

Latest: Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Electric Cars >Directory:XP Vehicles - As a vehicle of "change", the laudable mission is to become the leading provider of the safest, longest range, lowest cost, most durable electric vehicles in the world.

Image:Nikola tesla sitting 95x95.gif

Latest: Directory:Nikola Tesla >Video:Tesla Conspiracy - Hasn't been released as a movie yet, but "The Tesla Conspiracy" is a future film being created by Michael Finley and Mark DeMucha. (PESWiki Jan. 10, 2009)

Image:KeppeMotorVaccuumSpace95x95 byKevn.jpg

Latest: PowerPedia:Radiant Energy >OS:Keppean Scalar Motor - A group of Brazilian scientists going by the acronym "STOP", for stopping the destruction of Earth, have announced the development of the Keppe Motor that captures scalar energy from the "vacuum" of space and may power everything from cars to industrial equipment using a quarter as much electricity to generate power as a normal motor. (PESWiki Oct. 21, 2008)

Image:Apollo alliance small logo 95x95.gif

Latest: Directory:U.S. Government and Energy > Directory:Ten-Year Renewable Energy Plan >Directory: Recovery Act Ramifications for Clean Energy - The New Apollo Program, our comprehensive national strategy for building a clean energy, good jobs economy, Make It In America: the Apollo Green Manufacturing Action Plan (GreenMAP) calls for federal investment in the domestic manufacture of clean energy equipment and components, and in making manufacturing plants more energy efficient overall." (PESWiki April 25, 2009)

Image:Cfl blue 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Lighting > Directory:Compact Fluorescent >Directory:Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) Downsides - Existing design and manufacturing indicate safety issues were not addressed as well as they could have been. This page looks for solutions to recognized problems regarding CFLs. (PESWiki Feb. 7, 2009)

Image:Nasa aerogel 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Conservation >Directory:Insulation - What protects us from heat, cold and other adverse effects. Check out some of the newest types of eco-friendly insulation, such as recycled denim, wool, icynene, and nanogel.

Latest: Directory:Solar >Directory:Solar Thermal - A new directory bound to get us into hot water.

Image:Ef9 energy systems 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Flywheels >Directory:EF9 Energy Systems - EF9 Energy Systems announced its new method for generating ultra high-efficiency clean energy with a revolutionary “artificial wind turbine engine” that runs a flywheel at high speed, using the Bernoulli effect. (EF9 Energy Systems Jan. 21, 2009)

Image:Supa boondee perpetual electron generator 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic >Directory:Boondee Electron Generator - The Perpertual Electron generator has a complex mechanism that produces electricity from 200 volts to 235 volts. It uses a 6 volt AAA battery to operate in the beginning and then autoruns. This is the prototype, not yet produced for distribution from Bangkok, Thailand. From Supa Boondee. (PESWIki Dec. 29, 2008)

Image:PES-logo-animation smaller.gif

Latest: >There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] - Is the owner the PESWiki site and is primarily responsible for its content and oversight. PES promotes the advancement of cutting-edge, clean energy technologies inviting all energy enthusiasts to participate in the effort. (PESWiki Oct. 10, 2008)

Image:WavePartner 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Ocean Wave Energy > Directory:Wave buoys >Directory:WaveReaper - Because of its design, the WaveReaper™ by WavePartner, is always self-adjusting regarding wave height and tidal shifts and higher or lower water levels, due to shifting weather patterns. The Wavereaper™ is always balancing itself out, to optimal level in the ocean. (PESWiki Oct. 10, 2008)

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Thursday, November 26, 2009 (US: Happy Thanksgiving)
Image:Christmas light conservation 95x95.jpg

Directory:Humor / Directory:Conservation > Directory:Conservation - With the likelihood of Christmas being tight for everyone this year, here's a way to cut back, saving time and energy. On a more serious note, there are some practical suggestions about conserving Christmas excess. (PESWiki)

Image:Solar turkeys 091119 95x95.jpg

Directory:Humor / Directory:Health > Wild Turkeys visit vegan's solar home - We had about 15 wild turkeys come visit the guest solar home we are renting while we build our There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3] here in Sanpete Valley, Utah. We figure in this valley full of factory turkey facilities, these wild guys felt safe coming by our place this time of year because we are vegan. (YouTube Nov. 24, 2009)

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