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PESWiki News -- June 2010 Archive

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Image:Newman demo june27 2010 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Joseph Newman Motor > Joseph Newman's 'runs itself' motor demonstration in Denton TX - On Saturday, June 26, 2010, Joseph Newman held a 'historic event' demonstration in Denton, TX in which he showed a 3 ton electric motor plus load, in an arrangement that he claimed "basically runs itself". Travis Norman attended and estimates the motor efficiency at between 95 and 125 percent. (PESN June 30, 2010) (Comment)
Image:Terrafugia Transition 95x95.jpg
Directory:Flight > Directory:Flying Cars > Directory:Terrafugia Transition -- Flying Automobile > Terrafugia Transition 'flying car' gets go-ahead from US air authorities - The Terrafugia Transition, a light aircraft that can convert into a road-legal automobile, is to go into production after being given a special weight exemption by the US Federal Aviation Administration. The weight exemption was required to allow safety features for road driving. (Telegraph UK June 29, 2010)
Image:Plastic bag floating power-line 95x95.jpg
Directory:Waste to Energy / Directory:Plastic and Energy > Plastic Bags Into Power? - In a process that is as simple as throwing bits of plastic in a chamber and heating it up, Vilas Pol of Argonne National Laboratory can turn the plastic into tiny spheres of pure carbon just a few microns across. These spheres, which conduct heat and electricity, could be useful in a long list of applications from tires to batteries to lubricants. (Discovery June 25, 2010)
Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Image:Andreas generator 150in-600out 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - Polish inventor living in Greece, Andrzej Wojcik, who has made a name for himself manufacture low speed permanent magnet generators, now claims to have come up with a generator that consumes 150 Watts while running a 600 Watt load. His "proof" video is not skeptic proof. (PESWiki June 29, 2010) (Comment)
Image:Sonoluminescence techmind 95x95.jpg
Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Sonofusion > Sonoluminescence - Demonstrating elusive energy transference of acoustic stimulation of a liquid to light. Reminiscent of Stubblefields strangely glowing cabin near his end of life. A proof and "how to", demonstrating another intriguing energy form light - extracted from otherwise simple energy source - water. (Techmind May 2007)
Image:Gulf X-prize CNN 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > X Prize's multimillion-dollar challenge for Gulf oil solutions - The X Prize Foundation announced that it is developing a multimillion-dollar “oil spill cleanup X challenge” to come up with solutions to cleaning up shorelines and open water fouled by oil leaking from the BP Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico. (CNN June 28, 2010)
Image:Cybersecurity badge-keyboard 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Conspiracy > Cybersecurity Measures Will Mandate Government “ID Tokens” To Use The Internet - The move in the U.S. to shut down and regulate the Internet under a new government-controlled system has accelerated into high gear with the announcement that the government’s cybersecurity strategy revolves around issuing Internet users with ID “tokens” without which they will not be able to visit. (Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones June 28, 2010)
Monday, June 28, 2010
Image:Beyond Ponzi BP-logo SDA 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > BP = 'Beyond Petroleum' or 'Beyond Ponzi'? - The architects of cap and trade included former BP CEO. The sales of stock on the dawn of the BP Gulf disaster were of the oil portions of the company, not the solar/wind portions. Goldman Sachs and BP stand to make trillions through cap and trade. Obama is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the last 20 years. (PESN June 28, 2010)
Image:Mopozco KapGen 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Kapanadze Free Energy Generator > Directory:Kapanadze Free Energy Generator > Spark-Gap Generator - Mopozco seems to have simplified the Kapanadze Free Energy Generator circuit. He took out several components that would appear to remove objections to the Kapanadze circuit design that relate to inductive coupling. His circuit more closely resembles the work of Donald L Smith, who I am told was credited by Kapanadze for his contribution to the field. (YouTube June 27, 2010) -- Tom Conover
Sunday, June 27, 2010
Image:Lutec July2010 prototype 5kw 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Lutec > Memo: Lutec website in process of being updated - There's not much to be said here, other than take a look at the photo on their home page. It shows a bank of five rows of ten bulbs (at least 5 kW?), with a machine about 1 meter cubed in the middle of the floor. ( June 25, 2010)
Image:Infinite energy 89 95x95.jpg
Directory:Nikola Tesla > Directory:Nikola Tesla > Interview: The Electrical Genius of Nikola Tesla andTesla’s Elecromagnetic Healing Devices - On Jan. 31, 2010, Directory:Thomas Valone, Ph.D., was interviewed on 21st Century Radio, reviewing the then latest issue 89 of Directory:Infinite Energy Magazine magazine, which was devoted to the subject of Nikola Tesla.
Saturday, June 26, 2010
Image:Leroy Fletcher Prouty origin-of-oil 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Abiotic Oil > The Origin of Oil -- Leroy Fletcher Prouty Jr. Colonel, USAF - In 1892, a scientific convention declared oil to be of organic origin because of its C, O, H composition. The resulting scarcity mentality tied into the idea of limited "fossil fuels" has served the industry well to drive up the price even though they routinely harvest oil well below 16,000 feet, which is the deepest that fossils have ever been found. (YouTube Apr. 20, 2010)
Image:Sea-turtle BP-oil 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > WTF? Is BP Burning Endangered Sea Turtles Alive? - According to Mike Ellis, BP has been keeping rescue teams from getting to the turtles and has even been burning them alive, along with other animals. Because Kemp's Ridleys are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act, killing or harming them can bring civil liability and even criminal charges. Is BP trying to "destroy the evidence"? (TreeHugger June 22, 2010) (Also Natural News)
Friday, June 25, 2010
Image:Stiffler SEC Exciter Hydrogen Production via 4Diodes 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electrolysis > OS:Stiffler Cold Electricity Circuit > Directory:Dr. Stiffler's Spatial Energy Coherence (SEC) Exciter Hydrogen Production via Diodes > Stiffler's Spatial Energy Coherence (SEC) Hydrogen Production via Diodes - Dr. Stiffler claims that the anode end of a diode can create electrolysis in distilled water via inductive coupling through a single wire from a 12-volt battery going through an (SEC) exciter attached to a copper tape wrapped around the base of a glass enclosure and that the number of diodes can increase, without increasing in the input power. (PESN June 25, 2010) (Comment)
Image:BP-logo nozzle-to-head 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > States Need To Launch Criminal Investigation Into BP, Federal Government’s Role In Oil Spill - Citing mounting evidence that shows this disaster was deliberately contrived either through conscious negligence or outright sabotage and is being allowed to worsen in order to use this crisis to bring in carbon tax to support the world dictatorship of the New World Order, Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones calls for criminal investigations of key figures at BP, inside the White House administration and elsewhere. (YouTube / TheAlexJonesChannel June 21, 2010)
Image:Oil rain River-Ridge LA 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Raining Oil in Metro New Orleans - Someone posted a video to YouTube showing oil in the rain in the town of River Ridge, up river from New Orleans and near the city's airport. He said you can smell the oil in the air. What does this portend for the Gulf Coast region's human, animal, and marine inhabitants and plants? (Brasscheck June 24, 2010) I would be relocating before it is mandated. -- Sterling
Thursday, June 24, 2010
Image:Story-of-stuff Leonard sq.jpg
Directory:Pollution > Directory:Conservation > Directory:Recycling > Overconsumption is costing us the earth and human happiness - Story of Stuff creator Annie Leonard's new book examines the unsustainable, high price of the western world's obsession with all things material. She points out that our equating personal value with the number and type of things we have has been adopted to fill the void of actual meaningful relationships, which are the remedy to consumerism, which is polluting the Earth. (Guardian UK June 21, 2010)
Image:Ocean wave mi2g 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Gulf Oil Gusher: Danger of Tsunamis From Methane? - By some geologists' estimates, the methane in the subterranean geological formation below the "Macondo" well could be a massive bubble trapped for thousands of years under the Gulf of Mexico sea floor. Catastophic release would sink ships from altered boyancy and spur two tsunamis, the second from water filling the hot void. (mi2g June 21, 2010)
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Image:Joseph Newman 2010 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Joseph Newman Motor > Newman 'historic event' demo Saturday in Texas - Joseph Newman has issued a press release announcing a demonstration this coming Saturday in Denton, TX in which they will show a "3 Ton Electric Motor + Load Basically: 'Runs It Self'." (PRAvenue June 22, 2010) If you can you attend and report for us, let me know -- Sterling.
Image:Carbon nanotube batteries-MIT 95x95.jpg
Directory:Nanotechnology / Directory:Batteries > Carbon Nanotube Batteries Pack More Punch - Carbon nanotubes are attractive materials for battery-making because of their high surface area, which can accept more positive ions and potentially last longer than conventional batteries. Instead of this design, researchers at MIT have introduced something new — using chemically modified carbon nanotubes as the positive ion source themselves. (Science June 20, 2010)
Image:BP barrier-mess 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Methane In Gulf - Texas A&M University oceanography professor John Kessler and his crew, just back from a 10-day research expedition near the BP Plc oil spill in the gulf, said that as much as 1 million times the normal level of methane gas has been found in some regions near the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, enough to potentially deplete oxygen and create a dead zone. (Reuters June 22, 2010)
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Image:Shv earth-tube kitchen shed 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Earth Bag Building Method > Directory:Communities > OS:Utah Safe Haven Village Project > Blog > SHV Earth Tube Shed Construction Progress - The polypropylene tubing serves as a form to hold the dirt in place while it is shaped then tamped, then plaster is placed on the outside and inside to complete the structure, which is essentially an adobe type construction. We're testing terrazyme as a way to get tighter compacting of the soil. (Allan's Sustainable Home June 22, 2010)
Image:Ultimate Energy Showdown 95x95.jpg
Directory:Clean Energy Media Producers > Directory:Exotic Free Energy Technologies for TV > Directory:TV:Ultimate Energy Showdown > Success for FE TV Kickstarter drive - The Ultimate Energy Showdown filmmakers have achieved their $5000 fundraising goal on Summer Solstace thanks especially to Whole Systems Foundation and New Energy Movement. Now they can begin to pitch their television series that demonstrates and proves or disproves new energy devices. (Changing Power June 19, 2010)
Image:ChargePoint recharge 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Electric Vehicle Recharging Stations > Free fast-charging stations for 4,400 Chevrolet Volt owners - With the long-awaited Chevrolet Volt set hit showrooms later this year, GM has announced that early adopters (in certain cities) will be eligible for one of 4,400 free home charging stations. The 240-volt fast-charge station deal is tied to a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) program which aims to assess electric vehicle charging infrastructure requirements. (GizMag June 21, 2010)
Image:1979 Iktok oil disaster 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Similar Gulf Oil Spill 31 Years Ago - On June 13, 1979, an oil rig fire and disaster occured that resulted in dumping 40,000 barrels per day into the Gulf of Mexico. They tried dispersants, booms, cones over the well, junk shot, etc.... The depth was only 200 feet, and the volume of oil was less than the BP disaster. They were finally able to stop it 9 months later using a relief well. (YouTube / MSNBC May 26, 2010)
Monday, June 21, 2010
Image:Chris Hunter Geo Storm 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:ArcticTek:Chris Hunter (Alaska Star)'s Axial Flux Motor > Power Trip: A look at inventor Chris Hunter - Local coverage reviews the several amazing pursuits under way by this eccentric Alaskan inventor, including ways to extend the life of batteries, creating better motors for his electric vehicle conversion project, and ways to draw heat and power from ambient air. (Frintiersman June 19, 2010)
Image:US Northern command 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Gased in the Gulf -- Part II: Toward Full Spectrum Dominance - Regardless of presidential or other statements about holding accountable those responsible for the latest oil assault on humanity, the U.S. military objective in the Gulf for its ultimate goal of Full Spectrum Dominance has been achieved. The military now controls one of the nation's most important ports, its most inland port, Baton Rouge, and the nation's largest river, the Mighty Mississippi. (Examiner June 15 2010)
Sunday, June 20, 2010
Image:Friend-of-owner Realm-Industries 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Electrolysis > Directory:Hydrogen from Water > Fatal blast from compressing hydroxy $7 million indictment for fraud - Thursday's explosion that killed Tyson Larson was likely a result of an attempt to compress hydroxy gas -- never a good idea. Also, it turns out that two associates of the company were indicted in March for "defrauding 300 investors of $7 million with ploys including a process for creating alternative fuel from water." (PESN June 20, 2010) (Comment)
Image:Flamable sink from fracking 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > F&#ing Gas Fracking: How the Oil Industry Poisons Our Ground Water and Air - An HBO documentary, Gasland, coming June 21, addresses fracking, which involves blasting water, sand and chemicals, many of them toxic, into underground rock to extract oil or gas made exempt from environmental laws -- through pressure from Cheney, Halliburton, and other oil and drilling companies -- creating a siege of hydrocarbons spewing from deep below ground, polluting water and air. (LA Times Blog June 18, 2010)

Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Deepwater Oil Spill - A Longer Term Problem - It’s the ultimate nightmare scenario: all of BP’s attempts to stanch the Gulf Oil disaster (including drilling relief wells) fail. Not only do the relief wells fail, but the broken pipe starts leaking in other places and the sea floor starts to collapse from growing instability. The result is a massive rift in the ocean floor that spews upwards of two billion gallons of oil into the Gulf before the reservoir is exhausted. (The Oil Drum June 13, 2010)

Saturday, June 19, 2010
Image:Bio Robot Refrigerator 95x95.jpg
Directory:Refrigeration > Zero-Energy Bio Refrigerator Cools Your Food With Future Gel - Russian designer Yuriy Dmitriev has unveiled the Bio Robot Refrigerator that utilizes a special gel-like substance that suspends and cools food once inserted, with no motor. To use the fridge you basically shove food into it’s biopolymer gel — which has no odor and is not sticky — and it is suspended and cooled until you need it again. (Inhabitat June 15, 2010)
Image:Military c-130 Hercules Corexit Gas Maneuver 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Gassed in the Gulf (Part I) - The petro-chemical-military-industrial complex is gassing Gulf Coast residents with poisonous Benzene and Corexit dispersant at dangerously high levels in the largest U.S. domestic military operation to date. Southerners reporting illnesses with symptoms reflecting Benzene and Corexit poisoning have had to face some leaders suggesting the cause to be mental illness, "stress", while others, such as BP chief Tony Hayward, blamed the illness on rotten food. (Examiner June 15 2010)
Friday, June 18, 2010
Image:100617-NBC Realm-Industries hole-roof 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Electrolysis > Directory:Hydrogen from Water > Explosion at California water fuel research company kills inventor - On Thursday afternoon, 28-year-old inventor, Tyson Larson was killed in an explosion that ripped a hole in the roof and blew out the back doors to a Simi Valley building of the family member's company, Realm Industries, which was seeking to develop his water fuel technology. (PESN June 18, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Potato batteries hebrew U 95x95.jpg
Directory:BioElectricity > Potato Power - Yissum Introduces Potato Batteries for Use in the Developing World - Researchers at the Hebrew University discovered that the enhanced salt bridge capability of treated potato tubers can generate electricity through means readily available in the developing world. This cheap, easy to use green power source could substantially improve the quality of life of 1.6 billion people, currently lacking access to electrical infrastructure. (Business Wire June 17, 2010)
Image:BP CEO Hayward 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > BP Aware Of Cracks In Oil Well Two Months Before Explosion - BP was aware of cracks appearing in the Macondo well as far back as February, right around the time Goldman Sachs and BP Chairman Tony Hayward were busy dumping their stocks in the company on the eve of the explosion that led to the oil spill, according to information uncovered by congressional investigators. (PrisonPlanet June 17, 2010)
Image:Colbert Marshall-Islands 67 nuke tests 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Marshall Islands -- Nuke 'Em - Steven Colbert points out that BP operated under Marshall Island's flag because the safety examination of a rig under a foreign flag rig takes 4-8 hours as opposed to 2-3 weeks. Noting that the US detonated 67 nukes there in 12 years, Cobert points out: "It must be retaliation." (Colbert Report June 15, 2010)
Thursday, June 17, 2010
Image:Horizon Fuel Cell MiniPak 95x95.jpg
Directory:Hydrogen > Directory:Fuel Cells > At last! An affordable, portable, pocket-sized Personal Fuel Cell - Horizon Fuel Cell has released the world's first affordable, pocket-sized fuel cell. Priced at US$99, the Minipak produces electricity from hydrogen at the point of use and offers effectively unlimited run-time for personal electronics. (GizMag June 15, 2010)

Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > BP Was Founding Member of ‘Cap-and-Trade’ Lobby - As BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig was sinking on April 22, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., was on the phone with allies in his push for climate legislation, telling them he would soon roll out the Senate climate bill with the support of the utility industry and three oil companies — including BP, according to the Washington Post. (Prison Planet June 16, 2010)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Image:Barack Obama bp-energy address100615 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:U.S. Government and Energy / Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Obama's hollow urge to accelerate clean energy transition - While Obama urged the country to accelerate the pace toward adopting clean energy technologies that can free us from our addition to oil, which with the BP Gulf disaster has demonstrated to carry such a huge and increasing cost, in practice, his administration has ignored true Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies. (PESN June 16, 2010) (Comment)
Image:IAUS array machine 95x95.jpg
Template: 43: Directory:Solar > Directory:Concentrated Solar Power > Directory:IAS > IAUS Exploring Multi Million Dollar Partnership in Deployment of its New Breakthrough Solar Technology - International Automated Systems, Inc. is looking to expand deployment of its solar technology that they say can be produced at a cost significantly lower than traditional solar power, and at a price point that can replace oil. IAUS currently has the capability of manufacturing approximately 350MW of its solar panels per year with the ability to quickly expand. (Business Wire June 15, 2010)
Image:1000 km Daihatsu 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Electric Cars > Record-Breaking Daihatsu Mira Travels 623 Miles on One Charge - The Japanese Electric Vehicle Club has earned one of the most coveted spots on Earth – a place in the Guinness Book of World Records -- thought traveling at just 23 mph. The custom Mira EV was powered by putting together 8320 cylindrical lithium-ion 18650-type batteries. (Inhabitat May 27, 2010) (Thanks Craig)
Image:Tsunami artist 95x59.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > BP Oil-Apocalypse Getting Worse Likelihood of Eruption - On June 14, Richard C. Hoagland talked with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM about a large bulge that has been detected by GPS forming around the gusher in the Gulf, and what might happen if it were to blow. His inside sources say the pressure of the reservoir is 100,000 psi. (YouTube / ExomatrixTV June 16, 2010)
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Image:WestFab test-unit UC 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Biomass / Directory:Waste to Energy > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - West Fabrication Institute has developed a biomass and/or waste to energy technology using a dual fluid bed pyroxy process with refinements by Donald Gene Taylor. So biomass goes in, and fuel or electricity comes out. Same for municipal solid waste. PES introduces financial opportunity. (PESWiki June 15, 2010) (Comment)
Image:Ecosphere contain and clean nano-bubbles 95x95.jpg
Directory:Nanotechnology / Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Ecosphere Technologies Files Patent to Raise BP Oil to Surface - Ecosphere Technologies, Inc., a diversified water engineering and environmental services company, has filed a new patent based on its patented Ozonix technology to help BP and other energy exploration companies recover oil during a deepwater spill. The Ozonix Deepwater Oil Recovery Process will aid in raising oil to the surface with the help of millions of nano bubbles thus reducing the release of toxic elements to the sea water. (Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. June 14, 2010)
Image:Afghanistan reservoir minerals 95x95.jpg
Directory:Batteries / Directory:Magnets > Directory:Magnets > $1 Trillion Afghan Mineral Deposits Will Affect Green Technologies - It turns out that there's more than the opium trade and Caspian oil line to protect in Afghanistan. The New York Times reported that the country has $1 trillion in untouched mineral deposits, including an abundance of rare earth elements utilized in many green technologies and lithium, which is the key ingredient in batteries for computers and electric vehicles. (PrisonPlanet June 14, 2010) (Also Inhabitat)
Monday, June 14, 2010
Image:Fuel Change your Fuel Change Your World 95x95.jpg
Directory:Fuel Efficiency / Directory:Movies > Ready To Wean Off Oil Yet? DIY Fuel for $1 Per Gallon - If the BP disaster isn't enough to motivate you off oil, then take a peek at the many alternatives in Josh Tickell's documentary "Fuel: Change your Fuel ... Change Your World", which is out on DVD 22 June 10. But if fryer oil waste isn't your vehicles' cup of tea, Tickell also has energy-efficient suggestions. (TreeHugger June 4, 2010)
Image:Doug Pelmear 110mpg car 95x95.jpg
Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Efficiency Retrofits / Directory:Engines > Dearth of financing stalls inventor of 110-mpg engine - A year ago, hundreds of people flocked to a 100,000-square-foot former factory building in Wauseon's industrial area where a Napoleon, Ohio, inventor promised to begin building engines that would travel more than 110 miles on a gallon of E85 gasoline. But time and the economy have not been kind to Doug Pelmear's plan to revolutionize the American automobile. (Toledo Blade May 28, 2010)

Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Evidence Points to BP Oil Spill False Flag - Troubling evidence surrounding the Deepwater Horizon explosion on April 20th suggests that the incident could have been manufactured. - Sales of shares and stocks in days and weeks beforehand - BP report cites undocumented tampering with well sealing equipment - Government uses disaster to push for Carbon Tax, Nationalization talk. (Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones June 8, 2010)

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Image:Focus-fusion-1 neutron-yild-in-DFPs 95x95.jpg
Template: 43: Directory:Nuclear > Directory:Fusion > Directory:Focus Fusion > New Calibration Confirms FF-1’s High Fusion Yields – "Tests in early June have confirmed that Focus-Fusion-1 is producing higher fusion yields than have been achieved with any other dense plasma focus (DPF) at the same peak current." With this data, they say they "have traveled a bit less than half way to our goal of demonstrating scientific feasibility which would involve a yield of 10,000 to 100,000 joules," expecting to achieve that landmark by year end. (Lawrenceville Plasma Physics June 9, 2010)
Image:Copenhagen green roofs 95x95.jpg
Directory:Building > Copenhagen Adopts a Mandatory Green Roof Policy - As part of its overall strategy to become a carbon neutral city by 2025, Copenhagen has become the first Scandanavian city to adopt a policy that requires green roofs for all new buildings with roof slopes of less than 30 degrees. Copenhagen presently has 20,000 square meters (over 215,000 square feet) of flat roofs. (Inhabitat June 9, 2010)
Saturday, June 12, 2010
Image:Turxotor demo 95x95.jpg
Latest / Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Electric Motors / Directory:Solid State Generators / Directory:Electromagnetic > NEW: Directory:TurXotor and TurXator by the Alperen Group > Free energy TurXator ready for license from Alperen Group - A Turkish inventor, Attila Alperen, and his group who have been developing an overunity motor/generator technology for over a decade, having built some 100 prototypes, are now saying they are ready to license the technology for production. Electric output ranges from several watts to megawatts. Motor output targeted for EV market. (PESN June 12, 2010) (Comment)
Image:Coblert on BP PRmageddon 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > B.P.'s Word - P.R.-mageddon - Colbert points out that as long as Tony Hayward stays the public face of BP, he'll draw the stink off the rest of the company. He also points out that given the recent developments, the BP logo more closely resembles a green and yellow sphinkter. (PESN May 13, 2010)
Friday, June 11, 2010
Image:Irrigation pump engineer data 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Irrigation pump numbers illustrate under-reporting by BP and U.S. govt. – A 4-inch pipe on a tractor PTO-powered pump can crank out around 35,000 barrel-equivalents per day. Considering the length of the Gulf oil gusher pipe, and the viscosity of the oil, an expert shows that the Coast Guard's number for the reservoir pressure of 8-9,000 psi is far too low. (PESN June 11, 2010) (Comment)
Image:Kinetic Energy and Over Unity.jpg
Directory:Gravity Motors > Directory:Secondary Oscillations > Directory:Milkovic Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator > New Breakthrough in Over Unity Pendulum Theory (pdf) - Jovan Marjanovic and Veljko Milkovic are presenting the new theory which says that acting force against moving body will not only accelerate the mass of the body, but also its initial kinetic energy too. The product of initial velocity and additional velocity times the mass would be measurement of extra energy or over-unity energy. ( June 11, 2010)
Image:Cagianno Angular Force Generator matt and cable 95x95.jpg
Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies: Directory:Gravity Motors > Directory:OBM-Global's Angular Force Generator > Angular Force Generator July 4 release date postponed - Matthew Smith-Caggiano informs us that OBM-Global will be postponing the scheduled release date of their AFG until further notice. "We have not finished our testing phase and want to explore all of our options for the best possible model available. I apologize for the inconvenience." (PESN June 10, 2010)
Image:BP Bullshit 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Massive Flow Of Bullshit Continues To Gush From BP Headquarters - Though no one knows exactly how much of the dangerous bullshit is currently gushing from BP headquarters, estimates put the number at somewhere between 25,000 and 70,000 words a day. Congressional hearings aimed at stopping the bullshit have thus far failed to do so, with officials from BP and its contractors Halliburton and Transocean only adding to the powerful torrents. (The Onion June 7, 2010)
Thursday, June 10, 2010
Image:Counter ElectroMotive Force Steorn-module 95x95.jpg
There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn's free SKDB Lite collaboratory for engineers - SKDB Lite uses Clearspace by Jive Software, a very capable professional tool for online collaboration and sharing of documents. The Modules in the e-Learning section covers 27 topics pertinent to understanding the logic behind Steorn’s claims. These elegantly produced Flash modules are broken down into topical categories covering basic physics, rotary systems, magnetism, rotating electromagnetic systems, tools for data analysis and tools for testing. (OhmyNews International June 10, 2010)
Image:Gas can 95x95.jpg
Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Miles-Per-Gallon Is Just Stupid - Author argues that the U.S. should adopt the efficiency gauge of 'gallons per 100 miles' as a more accurate and helpful indicator of what car is the best choice, like they do in Europe, Canada, and elsewhere. (Green Car Reports March 13, 2009)
Image:Bird-oil-BP gulf charlie Riedel AP 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Oil's gruesome toll on wildlife slowly emerging - Images and reports of oil-drenched wildlife that's dead or slowly dying are starting to emerge. At least one cleanup worker alleges that BP is trying to keep such disturbing pictures out of the public eye. (USA Today June 3, 2010)
Image:Shahram Amiri 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Nuclear > Shahram Amiri, Missing Iranian Nuclear Scientist, 'Appears' In Contradictory Clips - A man purporting to be Shahram Amiri, is shown giving contradictory statements in videos posted to YouTube a couple of hours apart. In the first video he said he was kidnapped by the CIA and taken to Tucson. In the other video he says he's fine. (Huffington Post June 8, 2010) [Comment: sounds like a set-up to serve the purpose of saber rattling for the warmongers.]
Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Image:5gyres trash heaps 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Environment > Directory:Pollution > Directory:Plastic and Energy > Directory:Ocean Trash Vortexes (Gyres) - The five oceanic trash vortexes are said to cover as much as 40% of the ocean surface. The North Pacific gyre is split into two smaller gyres, each the size of Texas. With all the attention that the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] is getting, don't forget that these ocean trash vortexes pose perhaps the largest ecological blight that consumerism-bent mankind has imposed on the planet. (PESWiki June 9, 2010)
Image:Algae-power Latro-Lamp 95x95.jpg
Directory:Lighting / Directory:Algae > Algae-Powered Latro Lamp Transforms CO2 Into Light - Based on a recent discovery by researchers at the universities of Yansei and Stanford who found that a tiny electrical current can be extracted from algae during photosynthesis, the Latro Lamp features a battery that stores energy generated by the algae throughout the day and a light sensor that controls the lamp’s intensity. (Inhabitat June 8, 2010)
Image:Colbert handling BP-CEO Hayward 95x95.jpg
Directory:Humor / Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Colbert Report - Oil's Well That Never Ends - Stephen shows President Obama how to appear angry over the oil spill by ripping off his sleeves and beating up Tony Hayward. (PESN May 13, 2010)
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Image:Magnetron Apr2010 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Magnetron Fuelless Generator by PowerStream - PowerStream claims to have a self-generating power system called the Magnetron, which they say is "first of its kind to market", advertising output capabilities between 5KW and 2 MW. They say the load-following device could be the primary and sole source of energy for a myriad of applications, from home to business to transportation power. (PESWiki June 8, 2010) (Comment)
Image:Caterpillar heavy-duty diesel engine 95x95.jpg
Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Engines > Reinventing the Gasoline Engine - A new engine concept developed by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison could cut fuel consumption by about 30 percent in cars and by almost 20 percent in heavy trucks. The concept, which has been demonstrated in test engines, involves precisely mixing two different fuels in the combustion chamber, which gives greater control over both the timing and duration of combustion. (MIT Technology Review June 2, 2010)
Image:Jack Lee solar condo window 95x95.jpg
Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar PhotoVoltaics > Harnessing Solar Power in a Condo - To get around the homeowners' association, Jack Lee merely places a solar panel in the window of his condo, and gets enough sunlight to power all the devices in his bachelor's pad. And he can pull from the battery of his hybrid car if he needs to so he never hooks up to the grid power available in his sockets. (CBS News Oct. 3, 2007)

Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:BP's Gulf Oil Volcano > Gulf oil spill is public health risk, environmental scientists warn - Prolonged exposure to crude oil and chemical dispersants is a public health danger. "Every time the wind blows from the south-east to the shore, people are being made sick. It causes severe headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, burning eyes and sore throats." Long-term health effects include neurological disorders and cancer. (The Guardian UK May 28, 2010)

Monday, June 7, 2010
Image:Sean McCarthy Jan20 2010 overunity demo 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > ‘Free energy' firm, Steorn, to make over €2m this year - Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, said he expected at least 5,000 people to pay a license fee of €419 to use the so called Orbo technology this year. The income from Steorn’s ‘developer forum’ would help it to break even this year, he said. He said that the company would publish details of the technology behind the Orbo system on its website this week. (Sunday Business Post Ireland June 6, 2010)
Image:Rickshaw with VAWT propulsion 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines / Directory:Human-Powered > Directory:Pedal-Power > Wind-Human Hybrid Rickshaw Speeding Down the Streets of Nepal - The wind-human hybrid rickshaw work using windmills made from drum which will rotate when the pedicab began to walk. The windmill is connected to the rear wheels with a side-mounted gear, so when the drum began to rotate its will helps in acceleration, making it easier for the pedicab driver to pedal. (EarthAlternate June 7, 2010)
Image:Lagos pipeline fire 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill -- ignored by the US and Europe - With 606 oilfields, the Niger delta supplies 40% of all the crude the United States imports and is the world capital of oil pollution. More oil is spilled from the delta's network of terminals, pipes, pumping stations and oil platforms every year than has been lost in the Gulf of Mexico. (Guardian UK May 30, 2010)
Sunday, June 6, 2010
Image:Dmitriev heated thermal insulator 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Grand Unified Theories > Directory:Grand Unified Theories > Review:Magnetic Universe Theory Of Science - Yaniv Stern, Ph.D. from the University of Leeds in England, proposes a grand unified field theory consisting of two elementary particles, positive and negative, and one magnetic force, in three dimensional volume. ( May 27, 2010)
Image:Monolith 95x95.jpg
Directory:Ley Lines > 2012 Event Horizon: (2) Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age, by David Wilcock (video) - Wilcock presents information on the global network of ley lines and how various key spiritual structures on the plane fall into these grids. Some inventors have said their devices are effected by ley lines. (YouTube May 02, 2010) (Thanks Travis)
Saturday, June 5, 2010
Image:Kapagen Kapanadze-replicat by Naudin 95x95.jpg
Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies > Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Kapanadze Free Energy Generator > Directory:Kapanadze Free Energy Generator > Kapanadze generator replication by Jean-Louis Naudin - Jean-Louis Naudin has posted a page reporting on his progress in replicating the Kapanadze electromagnetic generator that produces 420 Watts. (JNaudin June 4, 2010) See also the extensive replication work and documentation by Gruz. (Thanks Nuri)
Image:Rick Cavallaro wind-powered car 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Directly Downwind Faster than the Wind > Wind-powered car goes down wind faster than the wind - A wind-powered car has been clocked in the US traveling downwind 2.85 times faster than the 13.5 mph wind. The definitive research by Rick Cavallaro of is being funded by Google and Joby Energy. ('PhysOrg June 4, 2010) (See Slashdot comments)
Image:Yildiz BSMH gocart2 95x95.jpg
Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor > Yildiz magnet motor allegedly implemented into gocart (Video) - Note that the duration of running is not long enough to rule out a hidden battery. Be leery because according to several sources this inventor has a history of scamming. (YouTube / Overunitydocom June 1, 2010)

Directory:Humor / Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Colbert Report - Crude & Unusual - The nuclear option isn't guaranteed to work and would violate international treaties, but it would turn the ocean floor into glass so you could see how much oil is down there. (June 3, 2010)

Friday, June 4, 2010
Image:ArcAttack Americas got talent 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Nikola Tesla > Directory:Tesla coil > Tesla coils entertain on America’s Got Talent - Watch ArcAttack, a wild musical/technological performance art group from Austin, Texas, with two macho Tesla coils onstage and a hooded performer in protective mesh outfit resembling Darth Vader between the coils, dancing amidst the lightning in sync to the Star Wars music. Next stop: Vegas. (Changing Power June 3, 2010)
Image:AltEnergyMagazine june 95x95.jpg
Directory:Magazines > Alt Energy Magazine releases newest issue - Their June / July issue contains several articles including State of the States: Fuel Cells in America, EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge, Turning A Poisonous Weed Into The Next Viable Biofuel and more. (AltEnergyMag June 3, 2010)
Thursday, June 3, 2010

Directory:Waste to Energy > Directory:Energy from Sewage / Directory:Microorganisms in Energy Production > Sustainable Sewage Treatment Plants with New Bacteria - Researchers at Delft University of Technology have discovered a type of bacteria called Anammox that can directly destroy the ammonium into nitrogen in sewage treatment processes. The process can also generate up to 24Wh to serve sustainable sewage treatment plants. (EarthAlternate May 14, 2010)

Image:Urine-diverting insert 95x95.jpg
Directory:Composting Toilets / Directory:Growing > DIY Composting Toilets and Humanure: The Pee & Poop Show (Video) - Video interview with Laura Allen of illustrates how to collect urine separate from feces to use the urine directly in fertilizing, and then put the feces mixed with sawdust into 1-year composters (1 year of warm temps) all in a urban setting. (TreeHugger June 2, 2010)
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Image:SHV entrance sign 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Communities > OS:Utah Safe Haven Village Project > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Blog > Safe Haven update: Master plan, water progress, work parties, RVs & tents - It's been nearly two months since I've updated this blog, but that's not been because nothing has been going on -- quite the opposite. Though work on our family home is on hold due to bureaucracy, we have plenty to do for the Safe Haven Villages community project on the 90 acres. (Allan's Sustainable Home June 2, 2010)
Image:Compost heat 95x95.jpg
Directory:Heat / Directory:Growing > Composting to create hot water - See how nature can supply you with 130-150 degree warmwater from a composting in the process of keeping the pile at a low enough temperature to produce and store methane generated from the compost pile. (Hackaday May 23, 2010)
Image:STAIR air battery 95x95.jpg
Directory:Storage > Directory:Batteries > Air-fuelled STAIR battery could last ten times longer than traditional cells - The revolutionary 'STAIR' (St Andrews Air) battery cells are charged in a traditional way but as they are discharged, an open mesh section of battery draws in oxygen from the surrounding air which reacts with a porous carbon component inside the battery, which creates more energy and helps to continually 'charge' the cell as it is being discharged. (Telegraph UK May 20, 2010)
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Image:Cardboard bales 95x95.jpg
Directory:Waste to Energy > Directory:Ethanol > Companies Transform Scrap Cardboard Into Ethanol Fuel - A new partnership between a paperboard mill and a biofuel producer is now producing ethanol fuel from scrap cardboard fiber, including the 5% portion that usually enters the waste stream. The cardboard ethanol is expected to emit 80% less carbon emissions than regular gasoline. (Inhabitat May 31, 2010)
Image:Microbes eat oil spillfighters 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Directory:Ecological Impact of Oil > Microbe Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks - The Texas Land Office and Texas Water Commission successfully used 'oil eating' microbes to clean up large oil spills in just weeks. Microbes hunt down and eat the toxic oil and leave only a biodegradable waste that is non-toxic to humans and marine life. Marshland and beaches were pristine again in just weeks. (YouTube May 17, 2010) (Thanks Sepp}


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