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PESWiki News -- January 2010 Archive

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Sunday, January 31, 2010
Image:JoseEConcepcion-Mylow-at Howard-Johnson-gravesite 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Buyer Beware / Directory:Magnet Motors > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > OS:Mylow -- After the Hoax Exposed - A summary of various observations and developments that have occurred or are occurring following Mylow having been shown in May, 2009 to be running a hoax -- alleging that he had a working Howard Johnson all-magnet motor design that worked, when in reality he employed methods of deception, but not as a malicious person but as a Don Quixote. (PESWiki Jan. 31, 2010)
Image:Mikes bedinicolewindow aparatus 95x95.jpg
Latest: OS > OS:Open Source Your Free Energy Technology > OS:Open Source Your Free Energy Technology - There are a wide range of variables upon which the success of the open source project depends. Here is a list of the determining factors in sequence of importance, as I see it. Revenue will likewise depend on how well the project meets these ideals. The ideal free energy technology will need to be in harmony with a higher level of enlightenment. (PESWiki Jan. 31, 2010)
Image:Vancouver Gadgeteers scooter CTV Sara Trout 95x95.jpg
Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > CTV Vancouver news report on Tap Water Scooter - Featuring one of the Vancouver Gadgeteers hydroxy units that he installed on his girlfriend's scooter, resulting in better mileage, more horsepower, and lower emissions. (MySpace Apr 19, 2009)
Saturday, January 30, 2010
Image:Sean McCarthy Jan20 2010 overunity demo 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn overunity demonstration completed - Today's demonstration summarized the findings of 1) no back EMF, 2) no component degradation (e.g. Gauss diminishing) to produce the effect, and 3) inductance gain (energy being harvested from somewhere). With this final demonstration, the technology is now being released to developers to prepare the technology for market. (PESN Jan. 30, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Ubozkurt1 Perendev anim 95x95.gif
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd) > Directory:Replications of the Perendev Magnet Motor > OS:Ubozkurt1 Replica of the Perendev Magnet Motor - In a YouTube video, user ubozkurt1 gives the rotor on his Perendev replica a push by hand to get close to what appears to be a resonant speed which then appears to be maintained by the magnetic interactions alone. Visual and audio analysis conclude "constant speed". (PESWiki Jan. 30, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Tobacco leaves 95x95.jpg
Directory:Mimicking Living Organisms > Directory:Solar:Photosynthesis Imitation / Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar Energy Research and Development > Scientists grow solar cell components in tobacco plants - Over billions of years, plants have evolved very efficient sunlight-collecting systems. Now, scientists are trying to harness the finely tuned systems in tobacco plants in order to use them as the building blocks of solar cells, leading to the production of inexpensive, biodegradable solar cells. (PhysOrg Jan. 29, 2010)
Image:GM electric motor 95x95.jpg
Directory:Electric Motors > GM to make its own electric motors - The company is developing an electric motor that will be 25 percent smaller, 25 percent lighter and have 20 percent more power. GM has been quietly developing a new electric motor since 2003, and will be the first U.S.-based automaker to manufacture its own. (Yahoo News Jan. 26, 2010) (Thanks Tedd)
Friday, January 29, 2010
Image:Tilley DeLorean Nashville 2002. 95x95jpg.jpg
Latest: Directory:Buyer Beware > Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Tilley Foundation, Inc. > Investors win $26M award against Tilleys - A Nashville jury found Carl Tilley and his wife guilty on several counts and levied both compensatory and punitive damages against them jointly, individually and the two companies. Tilley made a splash in 2002 with the claim he could run a DeLorean he had converted to electric, powered by his device that could keep the car running indefinitely. (PESN Jan. 29, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Serasota Herald Tribune bldg 95x95.jpg
Current events: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > Directory:HHO Games > First annual all-day Hydrogen Builders Conference - Running from 9 AM to 5 PM on Jan. 30, 2010 in Sarasota, Fla., the objective of this event is to join funders with developers of hydroxy technologies for its myriad of applications including mileage improvement, toxic waste disposal, welding, home cooking, steam boilers, home heating.
Image:Engineering a better world 95x95.jpg
Directory:Environment / Directory:Building / Directory:Conventional Renewable Energy > 50 Must-Read Green Engineering Blogs - A list of blogs that wonderfully illustrate how creative, innovative engineers – including technology, architecture, civil, construction, materials science, transportation, energy, computers, and product design engineers – are synthesizing their studies with the environmentalist awareness as a means of bettering Earth for current and future inhabitants. (TopOnlineEngineeringDegree)
Thursday, January 28, 2010
Image:Tommy Reed Rotary Piston Engine 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Engines > Directory:External Combustion Engines > Directory:Tommey Reed External Combustion Engine > Directory:Tommey Reed External Combustion Engine - Last week, Tommy Reed did a live demonstration on the Directory:SmartScarecrow Broadcast show, using compressed air. The engine allegedly could be 85% efficiency compared to 35% for the best conventional internal combustion engines. (PESWiki Jan. 28, 2010)
Image:NXP Semiconductors heat engine 95x95.jpg
Directory:Piezoelectric / Directory:Thermal Electric > Physicists Shrink Heat Engines by Seven Orders of Magnitude - A 0.5 cubic micrometer heat engine being developed by NXP Semiconductors in the Netherlands is essentially a bar of piezoelectric material which expands and contracts when an alternating current is applied, which changes the resistance of the bar, so passing a DC current through the bar at the same time causes the bar to heat up and cool down... (MIT Technology Review Jan. 22, 2010) (Template: 2617)
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Image:Huge spheres by sun 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:UFOs > Earth-sized spheres in vicinity of Sun? - A YouTuber has posted a video showing some images he pulled from NASA's website from their recent SOHO images that show several Earth-sized spheres near the Sun's corona. What are they? Why are the images now gone from NASA's website? (Examiner Jan. 27, 2010)
Image:Free Energy Conference 2010 Russia 95x95.jpg
Current events > Directory:Annual Free Energy Conferences > Free Energy Conference - International congress to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, March 16 and 17, 2010. "We invite ... investors and inventors. Our conference is [the] last step to start operations of new financial tool: Free Energy Foundation, ... to support venture scientific projects in free energy area." Suggestions are still being taken for speakers. ( Jan. 27, 2010)
Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Image:Che Guevara T-shirts 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Review:Glenn Beck:Live Free or Die - A warning about present trend to iconize the brutal dictators of the past such as Che Guevera, as modern fashion has been doing and Mao Tse Tong, as people in the Obama administration have been doing. Relevance to free energy technology rollout, as its very nature is liberating and counters trends to oppression. (PESWiki Jan. 26, 2010)
Image:Steorn proving overunity announcement 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn announces final demo: - The demo this Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010 16:00 GMT, at the Waterways Visitor Centre in Dublin, Ireland, with live streaming at, "will be less dramatic - if they can hit 120 percent, or 1.2 watts out for 1 watt in, it'll be a success" (ZDNet Jan. 25, 2010) (See also Nolan Charts Engadget)
Image:2009 excellence RE NA awards 95x95.jpg
Directory:Zeitgeist / Directory:Prizes > 2009 Excellence in Renewable Energy North America Awards -- Reader's Choice - Renewable Energy World has a poll open to its readers to select their favorites from among the finalists in four categories including some that are featured in our Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Directory:Micro-Inverter System by Enphase Energy Microinverters and Directory:Cool Earth Solar's concentrators. Votes accepted until January 31, 2010. (Renewable Energy World)
Image:Dreieck simulation error 95x95.jpg
There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > OS:Dreieck Magnet Motor > OS:Dreieck Magnet Motor - "Hohl's and many other's mistake is to take a limited 'snapshot' of a complete cycle. This limited zone or region of force, integrated (averaged) over the incomplete cycle path, then shows an apparent 'gain' or non-zero result!" 3D simulations suggest net zero gain. (PESWiki Jan. 26, 2010)
Monday, January 25, 2010
Image:Open-source-ideas 95x95.jpg
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > OS:Open Source Your Free Energy Technology - Do you have a breakthrough clean energy technology that could break the world's addiction to oil? Thinking about open sourcing it? Consider the attributes of the ideal project, likely sources of revenue, determining a fair ratio for revenue sharing, and other tips and links. (PESWiki Jan. 23, 2010)

Directory:Oil / Directory:Haiti > Haiti is full of oil (translated) - Haiti's oil reserves are larger than those of Venezuela, which is one of the world's largest producers of oil. The Haitian deposits are declared strategic reserves of the United States of America. (Metropole Haiti January 28, 2008)

Image:Richard Gage 911 towers demolition presentation 95x95.jpg

Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Conspiracy >AE911TRUTH - at the Commonwealth Club - This 6-part YouTube video of a presentation by Richard Gage, of American Institute of Architects, to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, Sept. 8, 2009, presenting scientific evidence of controlled demolition in the collapse of WTC towers 1, 2 and 7, would be a good one to watch for those who still don't believe 911 was an inside job. (AE911Truth Jan. 21, 2010)

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Image:Global warming protest 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Global Warming > Directory:Conspiracy > News:Global Warming - While we used to go along with the general notion, the politicizing of the science and the cooking of the books to create a rallying point for global dictatorship has soured us from participating in the cry -- a trend apparent in the new archive page of our coverage. (PESWiki Jan. 21, 2010)
Image:Lifesaver water purification.jpg
Directory:Nanotechnology / Directory:Water > Directory:Water Purification / Directory:Water Filtration > Michael Pritchard's water filter turns filthy water drinkable - With cutting-edge nanotech, Michael Pritchard's Lifesaver water-purification bottle, which can make the most revolting water drinkable in seconds, could revolutionize water-delivery systems in disaster-stricken areas around the globe. (TED Talks July 2009) [Available from]
Saturday, January 23, 2010
Image:US Capital 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Suppression / Directory:Legal > Directory:Patent Resources > Directory:35 U.S.C. 181:Secrecy of certain inventions and withholding of patent - The U.S. Patent office has a provision that allows them to slap a "national security" gag order on a patent application. Many free energy technologies have been held back through this means. We present a copy of the law, and a list of some breakthrough clean energy technologies thus held back. (PESWiki Jan. 23, 2010)

Directory:Geothermal > Does Geothermal Drilling Cause Earthquakes? - Although geothermal drilling does not cause earthquakes, there has recently been heightened concern about induced seismicity because of the development of Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) technology, which can (but does not always) involve the deliberate fracturing of deep reservoir rock... (Renewable Energy World January 20, 2010)

Image:Patents 95x95.jpg

Directory:Legal > Directory:Patent Resources > USPTO Announces Program to Accelerate Review of Green Technology - In December, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced a pilot program to accelerate the examination of certain “green” technology patent applications, which will be eligible for special status and given expedited examination, reducing the amount of time required to patent these technologies by an average of one year. (Mintz Levin December 10, 2009)

Friday, January 22, 2010
Image:Nikola Tesla radiant energy 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Radiant Energy / Directory:Nikola Tesla > Radiant Energy System a century in waiting - An article reprint that has been making the rounds through email, and posted around the web, points out that Nikola Tesla had a clean energy system in 1901 which could have taken the world in a completely different direction than the fossil-fuel-based path they chose instead. (PESN Jan. 22, 2010)
Image:Eolic Foldable Portable Wind Turbine 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Eolic: A Foldable, Portable Wind Turbine - The carbon fiber and aluminum turbine is still in the concept stages, but we imagine that the Eolic could be useful in developing countries or in disaster situations where on-the-grid power isn’t available. If it’s quiet enough, the Eolic might also be popular among energy-conscious homeowners. (Inhabitat Jan. 21, 2010)
Thursday, January 21, 2010
Image:Dreieck magnet motor 95x95.jpg
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > OS:Dreieck Magnet Motor - No prototypes have been built yet for this design developed in Austria, which they are open sourcing. Their 2D computer modeling predicts a three-fold gain. They're hoping for help with 3D modeling. (PESWiki Jan. 21, 2010)
Image:HAARP array text 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:HAARP -- High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program / Directory:Weather Control / Directory:Bio-Energetics > HAARP: Secret weapon for weather modification, electromagnetic warfare? - Fred Burks reports that a 14-minute documentary by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) takes on the subject of Directory:Nikola Tesla-inspired HAARP as a weapon, weather modifier, mind manipulator. It starts out interviewing There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1]. (Examiner Jan. 21, 2010)
Image:Himalayas 95x95.jpg
Directory:Global Warming > Directory:Global Warming > Climate Change Authority Admits Mistake - The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a widely respected organization established by the United Nations, has issued an apology for "poorly substantiated estimates" in arriving at one of its most alarming conclusions that glaciers in the Himalayas could be gone 25 years from now, eliminating a primary source of water for hundreds of millions of people. (MIT Technology Review January 21, 2010)
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Image:Solar flare anim by SDA 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Electrical Grid / Directory:Nature / Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Series > Review:Jesse Ventura:2012 Apocalypse Conspiracy Theory - Future solar flares could wipe out the electrical grid as well as bring major physical catastrophes to the planet. Ventura's team uncovers evidence that the U.S. government is preparing for a major disaster, planning to save only the elite, keeping their plans from the public because they don't have enough time or resources to prepare for everyone. (PESWiki Jan. 20, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Z-machine capacitors Sandia 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fusion > Directory:Fusion > Incredible scenes inside a fusion plant - The Z Machine at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico could be the answer to the world's energy shortage, a device that once sparked with a relatively small electrical input can produce 290 terawatts of power. (Daily Mail UK Jan. 16 2010)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Image:Walipini 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar Applications / Directory:Building > Directory:Walipini Underground Greenhouses - On Jan. 15, 2010, Sterling Allan was interviewed by Joyce Riley on her nationally syndicated show, The Power Hour, about the cheap, effective, year-round greenhouse method. Locating the growing area 6’- 8’ underground and capturing and storing daytime solar radiation in the soil and water barrels are the most important principles. (PESWiki)
Image:Spiralairfoil Wind Turbine 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:High-Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines > Directory:Parker's Spiral Air Foil Wind Turbine > Spiralairfoil Wind Turbine - Inventor Dan Parker has come up with a wind turbine design that resembles an oversized drill bit, which he says could revolutionize the wind energy market because the turbine can deliver three to five times more power than a three-blade windmill and can begin harvesting at much lower speeds. (Concord Monitor Jan 18, 2010) (See videos)
Monday, January 18, 2010
Image:Geoair Citrus-in-the-snow 95x95.jpg

Directory:Geothermal > Directory:Home Generation:Ground Source Heat Pump > Citrus in the Snow -- Geo-Air energy systems - Russ Finch has been testing various geothermal heating/cooling systems in his home for 35 years. He has documented that air is 50% cheaper than liquid is highly efficient, and has virtually no maintenance costs. His report "will allow anyone to easily build a "geo air" system, either professionally or as a DIY consumer." (CitrusintheSnow)

Image:Jesse Ventura Duncan OFinioan manchurian candidate 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Suppression / Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Series > Review:Jesse Ventura:Manchurian Candidate Conspiracy Theory - Jesse explores the Manchurian Candidate phenomenon – a government (MKUltra/CIA/NSA, etc) program to turn ordinary citizens into programmed killers: "Plucked from the crowd, subjected to mind control, tortured, and turned into ticking time bombs to kill on command." (PESWiki Jan. 18, 2010)
Sunday, January 17, 2010
Image:Fhermal waste heat bulb illustration Top10 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: PowerPedia:Free energy > Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies > Talk:Event:2010:Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies for Earth Transformation Conference > Top 10 Clean Energy Lists by Others - When I proposed my short list for top 10 consideration last month, several other free energy industry experts, including Jim Dunn, David Yurth, Joel Garbon, and Ken Rauen, chimed in with their own lists of favorites. What about you? Do you know of one that should be listed? (Examiner Jan. 16, 2010)
Image:Gentill Abdulla time travel concept 95x95.jpg
Directory:Magnetism > 13 Year old boy Has Time Machine plan that works - A brilliant boy named Gentill Abdulla has put forth a design for a time machine using magnets, laser, and black holes, that he says will work. John Hutchison says he's on the right track. (CNN iReport December 11, 2009) See his diagrams on Coast to Coast AM who interviewed him briefly Friday night.
Saturday, January 16, 2010
Image:Skybuilt emergency response equipment 95x94.jpg
Latest: Directory:Free energy > Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies / Directory:Haiti > Haiti provides opportunity for free energy roll-out - The calamity in Haiti and other disasters like this provide an opportunity for new, emerging free energy technologies to step forward in coming to the rescue. Matt Imber gives a short list of technologies he would like to see make their debut where the need is great and hearts are softened. (PESN Jan. 16, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Anand Aadhar replication of George Delk magnetic-pendulum 95x95.jpg
Directory:Pendulums > Directory:Magnet Motors > OS:Perpetual Magnetic Pendulum by George Delk > OS:Perpetual Magnetic Pendulum by George Delk - Anand Aadhar has done a fairly close replication of George Delk's magnetic pendulum that Delk claims has been running continuously for three years. Aadhar shows how the video could have been faked. But is his replication close enough to conclude that the device doesn't actually work? (PESWiki Jan. 16, 2010)
Friday, January 15, 2010
Image:Large Bedini 10 Pole Monopole accent 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > PowerPedia:John Bedini / Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Is Steorn's e-Orbo a copy of Bedini's monopole? - Bedini associate, Rick Friedrich, says he wishes people would give due credit when they consult and then copy John Bedini's technology. "Steorn not only copied my 3 pole monopole kit, ...with a few different unessential parts configurations, but they even had the nerve to call it the classic!" Says Steorn's demonstrations are not very convincing. (PESN Jan. 13, 2010)
Image:US military humvee dish 95x95.jpg
Directory:Environment / Directory:Weather Control / Directory:Nikola Tesla / Directory:Haiti > US Quake Test Goes “Horribly Wrong”, Leaves 500,000 Dead In Haiti - A report prepared by the Russian Northern Fleet for Prime Minister Putin states that the catastrophic Haitian earthquake was the ‘clear result’ of a United States Navy test of one of its ‘earthquake weapons’ planned to be used on Iran. The Tesla-based weapon allegedly uses resonance to set up massive vibrations. (WhatDoesItMean Jan. 14, 2010)

Directory:Zero Point Energy / Directory:Water as Fuel > ZPE mentioned in Science article about proton-coupled water activation - A Google news alert showed the following phrase in a Science article: "The table below ... shows the calculated ... energies, with zero point energy (ZPE) corrections included in ...". The article is titled, How the Shape of an H-Bonded Network Controls Proton-Coupled Water Activation in HONO Formation. (Science Jan. 15, 2010)

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Image:SmartScarecrow crow 95x95.jpg
Latest: Radio > Directory:SmartScarecrow Broadcast / Event:2010:Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies for Earth Transformation Conference > Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies on SmartScarecrow - Sterling D. Allan was interviewed live online on Jan. 14, 2010 7:00 - 8:00 pm Mountain time on Gary Hendershot's Directory:SmartScarecrow Broadcast show, which provides a live visual powerpoint along with the ability to interact in real time via a chat interface. ( Jan. 14, 2009)
Image:Walipini 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar Applications / Directory:Building > Directory:Walipini Underground Greenhouses - The Walipini utilizes nature’s resources to provide a warm, stable, well-lit environment for year-round vegetable production. Locating the growing area 6’- 8’ underground and capturing and storing daytime solar radiation in the soil and water barrels are the most important principles in building a successful Walipini. (PESWiki Jan. 14, 2010)

Directory:Zero Point Energy > Directory:Blacklight Power > Will 2010 be the Year of Zero Point Energy? - For decades researchers have reported anomalous excess heat when atomic hydrogen and catalysts are involved. The mechanisms and therefore the ability to scale the effect have eluded scientists. Author Fran Roarty proposes a model based on two opposing forces inside a Casimir cavity that can be manipulated into oscillating to produce heat. (OpEdNews Jan. 10, 2010)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Image:Sean McCarthy Orbo Demo Jan13 2010 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Steorn gives - On Jan. 12, Steorn gave a public demonstration in Dublin, Ireland comparing a typical pulse motor to their Orbo motor that they say is generating more energy than is required to run it (coefficient of performance greater than one). (PESN Jan. 13, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Whitelee Windfarm Glasgow UK 95x95.jpg
Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind Farms > Directory:Wind Farms > Wind farms produced 'practically no electricity' during Britain's cold snap - The cold weather has been accompanied by high pressure and a lack of wind -- something that could turn into a crisis when the UK is reliant on 6,400 turbines accounting for a quarter of all UK electricity demand over the next 10 years. (Telegraph UK Jan. 11, 2010)
Image:Winter 10 global cooling 95x95.jpg

Directory:Global Warming > Directory:Global Cooling > Global Cooling Cartoons - Daryl Cagle's collection of syndicated cartoons lampooning "global warming" during the very cold winter of '09-'10. ( compilation)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Image:Magnetic Motion machine by George Delk 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Pendulums > Directory:Magnet Motors > OS:Perpetual Magnetic Pendulum by George Delk - American inventor, George Delk, has contrived a pendulum mechanism that he calls "Magnetic Motion" that appears to be kept in action by the movement of magnets into position to repel the pendulum swing at proper times. He claims the machine has been running continuously for three years. (PESWiki Jan. 12, 2010)
Image:Rare-earth mine Baiyun Obo China 95x95.jpg
Directory:Environment / Directory:Magnets > Directory:Magnets > Inside China's secret toxic unobtainium mine - Raising questions about the world's source of Neodymium ... "I was the first Western journalist to set foot inside the mine. What I saw at Baiyun Obo and the poisoned refineries it feeds raises disturbing questions about the future we are buying into - and who will control it." (Daily Mail UK Jan. 10, 2010)
Monday, January 11, 2010
Image:Solar hearing aids 95x95.jpg
Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar Applications > SOLAR EAR: Affordable Sun-Powered Hearing Aids - Solar Ear, a Brazilian company, creates low-cost hearing aids that get their juice from solar-powered batteries, seriously cut back on battery waste, while being more affordable than traditional hearing aids. Two AA batteries are recharged by solar power and the AA batteries recharge the hearing aid batteries. (Inhabitat Jan. 6, 2009)
Sunday, January 10, 2010
Image:Sterling Allan Top10ExoticFE EarthTransformation 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: PowerPedia:Free energy > Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies > Event:2010:Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies for Earth Transformation Conference - A 9-part video set has been posted of the presentation Template: 4 gave on Jan. 8, 2010 at the Earth Transformation conference in Kona Hawaii, featuring some of the most promising technologies outside the realm of conventional renewables. (PESWiki Jan. 9, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Braco gazing Kona HI Jan2010 95x95.jpg
Directory:Health > Braco Gazing Session, Kona Hawaii - One of the highlights of the Earth Transformation conference presently under way in Kona Hawaii has been the 30-minute gazing sessions by Croatia energy worker (healer). As he stands quietly before the group, gazing, he conveys an amazing gift that is reciprocated by the group. Healings, transformations, visions, and other spiritual phenomena are reported. (YouTube)
Saturday, January 9, 2010
Image:Enviromission AZ 95x95.jpg
Template: 43: Directory:Solar > Directory:Enviro Mission Ltd. Solar Tower > EnviroMission Plans Massive Solar Updraft Towers for Arizona - Australia-based EnviroMission Ltd plans to build two solar updraft towers in La Paz County, Arizona. Each plant would consist of a 2,400 foot chimney over a greenhouse measuring four square miles in this $750 million, 200 megawatt project." (Inhabitat Jan. 6, 2009)
Friday, January 8, 2010
Image:TeslaTech2009 e-toy 95x95.jpg
Latest / Current events: Events:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference > Events:2010:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - A highlight event of the year for the field of exotic free energy, with emphasis on working devices. Addresses topics such as overunity electromagnetic systems, toroids, aether physics, hydroxy gas, GEET, etc. (PESWiki Jan. 6, 2010)
Image:Michal Martinu magnetic motor field anim half 95x95.gif
Directory:Wireless Transmission of Electricity / Directory:Magnet Motors > Michal Martinu's Free Energy Page - Some fascinating ideas, animations, links including building huge solar plants in the equatorial deserts or oceans an transmitting the power via Tesla transmitters. Also has a fascinating proposal for a magnet motor, showing field animations compared to an electric version. (
Thursday, January 7, 2010
Image:091218 Allan-Home sketch by SDA sharp 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Building > Directory:Earth Bag Building Method > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Blog > Budgeting the renewable energy component of our home - I'm looking for estimates of how much each component will cost on our off-grid Renewable Energy system for the home we're planning. Also, any recommendations for vendors would be appreciated as well. (Allan's Sustainable Home Jan. 6, 2009)
Image:Cornell Piezo-tree 95x95.jpg

Directory:Piezoelectric > Energy Harvesting ‘Piezo-tree’ Concept - Researchers at Cornell University are developing what they call a Piezo-tree fitted with flexible plates that oscillate just as a flag or leaf might flap in the wind. They recently found that power increases 100-fold if they attach a plastic film to the end of the plates. (Alt Energy News Jan. 6, 2010)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Image:McNutt magnet motor design by SDA 95x95.jpg
Latest / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > OS:McNutt Magnet Motor - This design built by David McNutt and witnessed by two friends nearly a decade ago and now being made public has to be the simplest iteration one could conceive: Styrofoam, pencil, and a few magnets. An invitation is extended to replicators to give it a whirl. It's the ideal open source design if it works. (PESWiki Jan. 6, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Neodymium magnet rare-earth 95x95.jpg

Directory:Magnets > Directory:Magnets > Concern as China clamps down on rare earth exports - Neodymium, used in permanent magnets, is one of 17 metals crucial to green technology. There’s only one snag – China produces 97% of the world’s supply. And they’re not selling. During the past seven years it has reduced by 40 per cent the amount of rare earths available for export. (Independent, UK Jan. 2, 2009)

Directory:Recycling / Directory:Plastic and Energy > Plastics Recycling Industry 'Starving For Materials' - Consumers have unknowingly put the plastics recycling industry in the United States on a starvation diet by failing to recycle sufficient quantities of soft drink bottles and other waste. (Science Daily Oct. 16, 2007)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Image:JLN replica steorn1 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Steorn Free Energy > Naudin replica > Steorn engineers give thumbs down on Naudin replication Next demo announced - "We have to advise that this is in no way a valid replication of Orbo. It is very clear to us that the arrangement that he has set up has a significant amount of [Counter]EMF in the system. While not quite a normal pulse motor, it certainly is not Orbo and is almost certainly not [overunity]." (PESN Jan. 4, 2009)

Directory:Flight / Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Flying Cars > Directory:Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine > DARPA kick-starts flying car program - US Military scientists have announced the Transofermer (TX) initiative to ramp up research and development of a flying military vehicle that will hold up to 4 people and have the ability to launch vertically and soar when necessary and support range and speed efficiencies that will allow for missions to be performed on a single tank of fuel. (NetworkWorld Jan. 4, 2009)

Monday, January 4, 2010
Image:Jess ventura 911 conspiracy theory 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:9/11 Conspiracy > Directory:Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Series > Review:Jesse Ventura:9/11 Conspiracy Theory - This episode shows evidence that flight recorders were found in the wreckage, though the 911 Commission Report said no black boxes were found. Talks to witnesses of explosions. Reviews evidence that superthermite could have been safely painted on the beams by workers not knowing what they were doing. (PESWiki Dec. 26, 2009)
Image:Uppsala wave energy diagram 95x95.jpg

Directory:Hydro > Directory:Ocean Wave Energy > Directory:Wave buoys > Uppsala's unique wave energy ready for commercial deployment - Swedish Uppsala University researchers have developed an entirely unique energy technology that is adapted to the slow movements of waves. It is driven by a linear generator, to which a buoy is attached with a line. Now this technology is to be deployed in the world’s first commercial wave power array.

Sunday, January 3, 2010
Image:Magnetic Motor witnessed by TUV labeled photo 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Zeitgeist / Event:2010:Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies for Earth Transformation Conference > Top 10 Free Energy Stories of 2009 and Beyond - In 2009 we encountered plenty of amazing free energy claims, some of which still look very promising for bringing practical devices to market soon while others turned out to be bogus, or worse yet, fraudulent. New info and insights reflecting on the past year. (PESN Jan. 3, 2010) (Comment)
Image:Large Chinese shipping vessel 95x95.jpg

Directory:Environment / Directory:Pollution > Just 16 Ships Expel as Much Pollution as All the Cars in the World - The large shipping vessels don't have the same restrictions on emissions as land-based vehicles. They use the bottom-of-the-barrel oil products high in sulfur and belch out a brown haze that lasts for days. [Sounds like an opportunity for Directory:GEET Reactor by Paul Pantone] (Natural News December 26, 2009)

Saturday, January 2, 2010
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Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Global Warming > Directory:Global Warming > Review:Alex Jones:Fall of the Republic - A review of this must-see documentary by Directory:Infowars and Prison Planet by Alex Jones, now available in one HQ YouTube video. The last third of the film addresses how the global warming frenzy has been used to accelerate the push toward world tyranny by those who have no actual love of the planet. (PESWiki Jan. 2, 2010) (Comment)
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Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Aerodynamic long tail improves fuel efficiency 15 percent -’s Darin Cosgrove added a tapered tailpiece to his Pontiac Firefly to improve its drag coefficient from 0.34 to 0.23 and its fuel efficiency by 15.1 percent at 90kmh (56mph) with/without measured from multiple bi-directional averaged runs at exactly 90kmh on a straight and level road, with no other traffic. (GizMag December 29, 2009)

Friday, January 1, 2010
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Directory:Anti-Gravity > Directory:Nazi Bell > Directory:Nazi Bell - Excerpt from MIT Student Radio WMBR Cambridge/Boston featuring AlienScientist on Anti-Gravity and suppressed technologies, with visual supplementation to the audio file. Continuing the quest for scientific disclosure of these technologies that could transform society. (PESWiki Jan. 1, 2010)
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Directory:Zeitgeist / Event:2010:Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Technologies for Earth Transformation Conference > Free energy: first commercial production in 2010 (Translated from Italian) - Sterling D. Allan on its information portal PESWiki (Pure Energy System), which aggregates information from around the world on energy "clean" systems and exotic, have produced an interesting top 10 most promising technologies exotic. (Tern in rete January 1, 2010)



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