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PESWiki News -- July 2008 Archive

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Thursday, July 31, 2008
Image:EpochEnergyOxyHydrogen95x95 byKevn.jpg

Latest: Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Brown's Gas >Directory:Epoch Energy Technology Corp - Epoch Energy Technology Corp is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of Oxy-hydrogen gas generators and solar water heaters. They have developed a method by which ordinary soft water can be instantly transformed into oxygen-hydrogen fuel. (PESWiki July 23, 2008)

Image:Eestor cell b 95x95.jpg

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Directory:Batteries > Directory:EEStor >EEStor: The Story So Far - EEStor announced Tuesday that they third party validation of the equipment, procedures and techniques has been completed. The company says its technology can provide 10 times the energy of lead-acid batteries at one tenth the weight and half the price. (Earth2Tech July 30, 2008)

Image:Grass biofuel keowg 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Efficiency Alternative Fuels > Directory:Ethanol / Directory:Biomass >New biomass technology dramatically increases ethanol yield from grasses and yard waste - A fast, mild, acid-free pretreatment process increases by 10x+ the amount of simple sugars released from inexpensive biomass for conversion to ethanol, eliminating the use of expensive and environmentally unsafe chemicals currently used to pretreat biomass. (PhysOrg July 28, 2008)

Image:Fisher Coachworks hybridbus 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Efficiency Vehicles > Directory:Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles -- PHEV >Revolutionary green technology bus - The Fisher Coachworks 40-foot bus features a hybrid power system that drives the bus primarily with stored electrical energy, rather than using electric energy only to supplement the acceleration and torque requirements of a diesel engine. (PhysOrg July 28, 2008)

Image:Interstate-transmission-superhighways 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electrical Grid / Directory:Wind >Interstate Transmission Superhighways: Paving the Way to a Low-carbon Future - An outdated grid presents an obstacle to wind energy implementation -- a problem being addressed by American Electric Power and American Wind Energy Association. (RenewableEnergyWorld July 30, 2008)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Image:Sri Lanka Water Fueled Car95x95 byKevn.jpg

Latest: Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:Electrolysis > Directory:Water Fueled Car - Sri Lanka - A Sri Lankan inventor has come up with a super-efficient electrolysis method that allegedly enables a small vehicle to travel 80 kilometres on just one litre of water, without any danger to life or any impact on the environment. (PESWiki July 23, 2008)

Image:Ethanolstove 95x95.jpg

Directory:Ethanol / Directory:Water as Fuel >Low-concentration ethanol stove for rural areas in India (pdf) - An efficient stove running on a 50:50 ethanol-water mixture with output similar to the conventionally-used LPG and kerosene stoves -- a first of its kind -- has been successfully developed at the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute. (Energy for Sustainable Development March, 2007)

Image:Samarium Cobalt 95x95.jpg

Directory:Magnets >Scientists find quick method to make magnets - Northeastern University researchers have broken new ground with an innovative invention of a rapid, high-volume and cost-effective one-step method for producing pure Samarium Cobalt rare earth permanent magnet materials. (PhysOrg July 29, 2008)

Image:Chhandak Basu 95x95.jpg

Directory:Biofuels > Directory:Biodiesel >Colorado researches study biodiesel-producing tree - Researchers at the University of Northern Colorado are cloning the genes responsible for the production of oleoresin, a diesel-like fuel, produced in the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] or "diesel tree". The genes will then be transferred into plants and algae to determine which plants are compatible and can produce the most biodiesel. (Biodiesel Magazine July 29, 2008)

Image:Solar prius 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar:Vehicles >Does Car-Mounted Solar Make Sense? - Most onboard solar systems to date have cost several thousand dollars while generating less than 100 watts of energy, improving a vehicle's fuel efficiency by just a few percent while it takes kilowatts to drive the car. (Technology review July 14, 2008)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Image:McQueen Machine 95x95 byKevn.jpg

Latest: Directory:Atmospheric Electrostatic Energy > Directory:McQueen Machine - The patented McQueen Machine is a new "Internal Energy Generating Power Source" that uses positive electrical charges from the atmosphere to generate power. It is claimed to generate more energy than is required to operate the machine. (''PESWiki' July 24, 2008')

Image:Alan josephs magnetic motor 95x95 byKevn.jpg

Latest: Directory:Spoofs / Directory:Magnet Motors > OS:Alan D. Joseph's Magnet Motor - On July 27, 2008, Alan D. Joseph posted a video to YouTube showing a motor that appears to spin with no batteries or other electrical input. Is it real, or was he putting his video skills to use? (PESWiki July 24, 2008)

Image:Sonofusion University Illinois 95x95.jpg

Directory:Cold Fusion > Sonofusion >Welcome to Bubblegate - In Defense of nuclear engineer and Purdue professor Rusi Taleyarkhan, who is being accused of scientific fraud, cold fusion expert, Steven Krivit, points out that the failure to replicate the Bubble/Sonofusion effect doesn't mean it didn't happen in the first place. (New Energy Times July 28, 2008)

Image:Cellulosic biomass 95x95.jpg

Directory:Biofuels / Directory:Biomass >Boosting Cellulosic Biofuels - A molybdenum sulphate catalyst developed by Dow in the 1980s improves the syngas-conversion process, and could theoretically achieve production rates of 130 gallons of alcohol per ton of biomass, compared to the 60-to-80-gallon yields produced by existing biochemical fermentation plants. (MIT Technology Review July 28, 2008)


Directory:Thermal Electric >New Technology Can Turn Heat Waste Into Electricity - Researchers at Ohio State University and at Caltech think they can recycle otherwise lost energy with a new highly toxic thermoelectric material (sodium-doped lead telluride with thallium) that is twice as effective as current materials within 5-10 years. (Clean Technica July 25, 2008)

Image:Dabancheng 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind Farms >How China is backing the power of wind - Dabancheng, 'The Three Gorges of the sky' is a spectacular sight: fields of spinning blades harvesting energy and transforming it into electricity for the nearby city of Urumqi. Since 2005, the country's wind generation capacity has increased by more than 100% a year. (Khaleej Times July 27, 2008) (Thanks Congress:Member:Adrian Akau)

Monday, July 28, 2008
Image:LafonteMagMotor95x95 byKevn.jpg

Latest: OS / Directory:Electromagnetic / Directory:Magnet Motors >OS:LaFonte Perpendicular Magnetics Motor - Directory:LaFonte Free Energy Research Group now offers to open source what he and his associates have come up with, being far enough along to begin some serious building and testing and possibly start coming up with some useful output designs. (PESWiki July 24, 2008)

Image:Titanium dioxide 95x95.jpg

Directory:Hydrogen > Directory:Hydrogen Production >Hydrogen generation without the carbon footprint - Grimes' process splits water into its two components, hydrogen and oxygen, and collects the products separately using commonly available titanium and copper. Grimes and his team produce hydrogen from solar energy, using two different groups of nanotubes in a photoelectrochemical diode. (Nano Letters July PhysOrg July 15, 2008)

Image:Co-op America logo 95x95.gif

Directory:Conservation / Directory:Energy Efficiency >22 Steps Toward Energy Efficiency - Energy "radical" Amory Lovins, points out that the US could save up to 75 percent of the energy we use by using efficiency techniques that are cheaper than the electricity itself. (Co-Op America July 8, 2008)

Image:EV fuel cost stats 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electric Vehicles > Real-World Electric Vehicle Fuel Cost - The Japan EV Club drove a Mitsubishi i MiEV and a Subaru R1e 533.57 miles from Tokyo to Hokkaido in the week before the G8 summit. The electricity fuel cost was $16.94, compared to $121.34 for a comparable gasoline car. (AutoblogGreen July 19, 2008)

Sunday, July 27, 2008
Image:HamelNRGDevice 95x95.gif

Latest: Directory:Free energy / OS >Directory:Steve Windisch - In this series of articles, Steve Windisch examines several “Free Energy?? devices, explains their workings in a simplified way, while discussing the proposed theories behind them. Interviews look at new inventors and researchers working within the Open Source Energy movement today. (PESWiki July 20, 2008)

Image:SPIN farm 95x95.jpg

Directory:Home Generation > Directory:Home Generation:Private Food Production System >SPIN-FARMING Joins Lineup at the PA Renewable Energy Festival - According to Roxanne Christensen, Co-author of SPIN-Farming, more and more people are taking food production into their own hands. It is happening without significant policy changes or government supports. (MarketWatch July 22, 2008)


Directory:Water as Fuel / Directory:Oil >Alberta Oil & Gas Collateral Damage: She Can Light Her Water on Fire - Jessica Ernst lives east of Calgary. EnCana, a big oil & gas company, is operating close to her house and "fraced" the underground aquifer where area landowners get their water. Tests on her water revealed high levels of methane, ethane and several other fossil fuels. It also showed signs of heavy hydrocarbons, like the ones used in drilling fluids. (TreeHugger July 15, 2008)

Image:Wind Currents 95x95.jpg

Directory:Global Warming >Changes In Winds Could Have Been Cause Of Abrupt Glacial Climatic Change - Spanish and German researchers have carried out a collaborative study that shows how during the last glacial period, small variations in the surface winds could have induced significant changes in the oceanic currents of the North Atlantic, and could even have played a role in the abrupt climate change that occurred at the time. (Science Daily July 21, 2008)

Image:Ecoball 95x95.jpg

Directory:Communities > Retreat to an Ewok Eco Sphere in the Trees - Our Planet Retreats, an innovative UK-based company, is building eco-resorts in gorgeous pristine locations like the Phillipines, Vanatu, and Papua New Guinea. Visiting guests stay in simple floating spheres in the trees, reached by spiral stairs. (Inhabitat July 25, 2008)

Saturday, July 26, 2008
Image:Anaconda95x95 byKevn.gif

Latest: Directory:Ocean Wave Energy >Directory:Bulge Wave Anaconda by Checkmate Sea Energy - Tom Roach, Director of Checkmate SeaEnergy's Anaconda project discusses the concept and progress of the bulge wave system that harnesses sea wave energy in a manner similar to the peristaltic action of a snake digesting its prey. (FreeEnergyNow July 21, 2008)

Image:Tired Tires 95x95.jpg

Directory:Buyer Beware >Aged Tires: A Driving Hazard? (Video) - Did you know vehicle tires have a shelf life? Check the inside rim of the tire and look at the last digit of the 3 or 4-digit sequence. If it is over 6 years old, the chance of tire separation is much greater. "New" tires need to be checked for manufacturing date. (ABC News July 18, 2008)

Image:Fuel-cell boat 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Cells >Solar and hydrogen fuel cell boat prepares for voyage - The Pangea Expedition sailboat, though it will rely on its sails for most of its propulsion, uses a hydrogen fuel cell for power when it cuts through icy Arctic waters. Solar panels on the surface of the cockpit power the process of electrolysis, which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. The split hydrogen is transferred into a storing device, which can then be used to run the fuel cell. (Plenty July, 2008)

Image:Clyde Windfarm 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind:Largest >Green light for massive wind farm - Plans to build Europe's largest onshore wind farm in South Lanarkshire have been approved. The under-construction wind farm will have a total capacity of 322MW. Currently the biggest operational wind farm in Europe is the Maranchon wind farm in Guadalajara, Spain, which has a generating capacity of 208MW. (BBC Newss July 21, 2008)

Image:Die Moto 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Efficiency Vehicles > Crucible BMW Biodiesel Motorcycle - Introducing Die Moto, a custom-built performance diesel motorcycle capable of running on diesel, biodiesel, or straight vegetable oil (SVO) fuels. (The New Cafe (Racer) Society July 14, 2008)

Friday, July 25, 2008
Image:Al Gore July 14 2008-10-Year Plan 95x95.jpg

Latest / Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Directory:Ten-Year Renewable Energy Plan >Article:Gore's Ten-Year Renewable Energy Plan is Achievable - The New Energy Congress is taking up the challenge to show how it will be possible to achieve the goal of 100% of U.S. energy coming from renewable energy sources within ten years, (PESWiki July 25, 2008)

Image:Hydrogen Implementation Conference 2008 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Hydrogen / Current events > 2008 Hydrogen Implementation Conference - Michael Riverson reports on the conference held July 22 - 24 in Laramie, Wyoming, covered a wide range of hydrogen generation sources, storage mechanisms, transport infrastructure, and application considerations. (PESN July 25, 2008)

Image:Ring Power Multiplier 95x95.jpg

Directory:Storage / Directory:Wind > Power Storage for the Smart Grid - The Ring Power Multiplier (RPM) could provide an effective solution to the grid security versus wind power bottleneck. RPM is the only known energy storage system that stores real AC power at 60 Hz, which is instantaneously and continuously available, and can be deployed across an entire network, acting as an elastic reservoir.

Image:CarbonDivision reactor 95x95.jpg

Directory:Waste to Energy > Carbon Division converts waste materials into carbon and electricity in Hawaii - Flash Carbonization was developed by researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and is used to reduce landfill waste by as much as 30%. Carbon Diversion has an exclusive license to the technology for the state and a large part of the Pacific. (Carbon Division Blogspot July 18, 2008)

Image:Puhagan geothermal plant-95x95.jpg

Directory:Geothermal >Geothermal project seen to bring huge profits to Biliran - A proposed geothermal project in Biliran province in Eastern Visayas is expected to greatly benefit the island’s economy and hopefully make the Philippines the biggest producer of geothermal energy. Biliran Geothermal, Inc. (BGI) expects to spend an initial $1 million for surface exploration, $15 million for drilling and $150-$450 million for the geothermal plant. ( July 18, 2008)

Image:Guernsey Smart EV 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electric Cars >Motorists check out penny-a-mile Smarts - Electric motoring for less than 1p a mile sparked interest last weekend. The Electric Vehicle Company was inundated with visitors wanting to find out more about the Guernsey Smart EV. (This is Guernsey July 14, 2008)

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Image:Hydrogen assist problem95X95 byKevn jp70.jpg

Latest: Directory:Buyer Beware / Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection > Directory:HAFC Hydro Assist Fuel Cell >Article:Hydrogen-Assist Fuel Cell Warning from Former Installer - Richard Coyle said the units sometimes work at first, but then the improvements go away, and in their place some serious problems arise such as stuck idle motors, boiling water and gunk in the motors, plugged air filters. (PESWiki July 22, 2008)

Image:Veljko Milkovic Cart with a pendulum.jpg

Directory:Gravity Motors / Directory:Milkovic Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator >Cart With a Pendulum - Vehicles With Internal and Inertial Drive (7 min, YouTube) – New video presentation of Serbian inventor, Veljko Milkovic, demonstrating his perennial research work on the idea of moving vehicle without indirect mechanism (transmission). Milkovic explains a new power and how the isolated powers can perform one-way moving of model using tensile forces of physical pendulum. ( July 23, 2008) (Thanks Bobsy)

Image:First solar logo 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar >First Solar: Quest for the $1 Watt - The secret involves not the photovoltaic cell itself but the way in which it is manufactured. Instead of the familiar silicon, the design uses a compound of cadmium and tellurium. Previously limited to cell sizes not much larger than a postage stamp, First Solar has now refined the manufacturing procedure to blow up the cells to poster size. (PhysOrg July 23, 2008)

Image:Andy Grove.jpg

Directory:Electric Cars >Grove Invokes Paranoia to Prove Only Electric Vehicles Survive - Grove, 71, who revolutionized production of devices at the heart of computers, is exploiting his name and ties to investors and politicians to jump-start a similar advance in battery-run vehicles. His idea is to refit millions of gas-guzzling autos to run on electricity part-time and convince carmakers to adopt so- called open source rules on advanced technology so that Americans can convert their cars. (Bloomberg July 21, 2008)

Image:Energycredits 95x95.jpg

Directory:Investment Resources >Tax Credits Available to Energy Investors (8-page PDF) - Energy tax credits could provide the necessary incentive for investors to invest in preferred energy. These credits, however, are not freely granted to every type of project or even every type of investor.. (PennNet July 15, 2008)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Image:Acetone collage 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Efficiency Additives > Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive > Article:Truth About Acetone and Ethanol - Steve D. Gage gives the logic and data behind his conclusion that vehicle fuel efficiency can be improved 50% by adding 1 oz acetone per gallon and tricking the car's computer into detecting an excess of oxygen so it richens up the mixture. (PESWiki July 19, 2008)

Image:Infinite energy cover issue80 95x95.jpg

Directory:Cold Fusion / Directory:Magazines > Directory:Infinite Energy Magazine >Infinite Energy: Issue 80: Exciting New Science Conducted Globally - The Arata Demonstration • The ICCF Conference Series: A Proven Solution to Scientific Communication of Controversial Research • Historic Perspective on ICCF1 • Past and Future of the International Conferences on Cold Fusion • Cold Fusion Oral History Project Selections • Deflation Fusion: Speculations Regarding the Nature of Cold Fusion • Determination of Total Average Number of dd Fusion in StauCycle • The Homopolar Motor: Burial of Grassmann’s Force • The Structural Basis for Particle Function. (July/August 2008)

Image:Thor Power electric motor 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electromagnetic >Electric Motor Design Cuts Energy Use in Half - Thor Power is commercializing a new electric motor design that generates twice the power at half the weight and double the efficiency of existing electric motors. This cuts the consumers' operating costs by 50%, for applications like refrigerators and air conditioners. (Ben Franklin Technology Partners)

Image:EeStor barium titanate 95x95.jpg

Directory:Batteries > Directory:EEStor >EEStor Beyond Permitivity- On one end of the facility, there are raw chemicals and the other end is a printing facility that prints capacitors 24 inches round and then cuts them to spec as at an Integrated Circuit Fabrication Plant. What Weir is building is a blueprint of a fully integrated, fully automated production line. This is a "no touch" production line from start to finish. (BariumTitanate Blog July 18, 2008)

Image:Stanley R. Ovshinsky 95x95.jpg

Directory:Hydrogen / Directory:Environmental Hall of Fame >Closing the hydrogen economic loop - In a paper published in the current issue of the International Journal of Nuclear Hydrogen Production and Applications, Stanford Ovshinsky, Chairman and CEO of Ovshinsky Innovation LLC, based in Michigan, explains that we already have the means for making the hydrogen economy realistic. (PhysOrg July 21, 2008)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Image:Telsa Bulge 95x95.gif

Latest: Directory:Ocean Wave Energy / PowerPedia:Nikola Tesla > OS:Using Tesla's Valvular Conduit to Harness Water Waves - Proposal to combine (1) Nicola Tesla's "Valvular Conduit", patented in 1920, which is essentially a one-way fluidic valve, and (2) the Anaconda Bulge Wave concept of having rubber tubing move up and down with ocean waves, in order to provide a simple and cost-effective mechanism for harnessing sea wave energy. (PESWiki July 18, 2008)

Image:Sands LEDs 95x95.jpg

Directory:Lighting > Directory:Light Emitting Diodes >Advance brings low-cost, bright LED lighting closer to reality - LED lights now on the market are prohibitively expensive, in part because they are created on a substrate, or first layer, of sapphire. Purdue researchers have solved this problem by developing a technique to create LEDs on low-cost, metal-coated silicon wafers. (Purdue University July 17, 2008)

Image:MammothLakes CA 95x95.jpg

Directory:Geothermal >In the Push for Alternative Energy, What Happened to Geothermal? - Today, geothermal provides about 5 percent of the country's energy, compared with about 3 percent for wind and 1 percent for solar. And there is some reason to be optimistic. Private investment is up, domestic use is steadily growing, and soaring energy prices have made previously prohibitive start-up costs economical. (US News July 21, 2008)

Image:Julie Jastrow grasses 95x95.jpg

Directory:Biofuels >Argonne, UChicago researchers pursue grasses as Earth-friendly biofuel - The Argonne ecologists are working with several cultivars of switchgrass and other species that differ in geographic origin and genetic attributes. The objective is to determine which grasses produce high yields of harvestable biomass while also pumping the most carbon underground through root growth. (WebWire July 21, 2008)

Image:Al Gore planet 95x95.jpg

Directory:Conventional Renewable Energy >Al Gore's Inconvenient Plan - "Al Gore said that the United States should produce all of its electricity from carbon-free, renewable energy within 10 years. Although he didn't lay out specifics, he seems to want to do it with wind, solar, and geothermal, although it's not clear from his speech whether nuclear would be acceptable. Can it be done? It isn't likely." (MIT Technology Review July 18, 2008)

Monday, July 21, 2008
Image:GUS wind turbine 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind TurbinesDirectory:Tangarie Alternative Power - The Greenpower Utility System line of vertical axis wind turbines produces up to 50% more electricity on an annual basis, generates electricity in winds as low as 4 mph (1.5 m/s), and continues to generate power in wind speeds up to 130 mph (60m/s). It withstands extreme weather such as frost, ice, sand, humidity and is low-noise. (PESWiki)

Image:Methanol fuel cell 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Cells > Directory:Methanol >Mobion Fuel Cell Feeds Your Phone for Over 2,700 Hours - MTI Micro’s Mobion fuel cells have broken a new record – the power pack has hit over 2,700 hours of continuous use on a cell phone. They’ve been testing out the fuel cells with intent to demonstrate just how much energy their battery can get over Li-Ion power packs.(EcoGeek July 15, 2008)

Image:Millungera Basin 95x95.jpg

Directory:Geothermal >Massive clean energy reserves found - Queensland, Australia has struck yet another bonanza with the discovery of an enormous reservoir Millungera Basin of zero-emission coal seam gas in hot fractured rock ( HFR), 100km east of the outback town of Cloncurry. (The Australian July 21, 2008)

Image:Fueling-up 95x95.jpg

Directory:Biodiesel >LTD to stop using biodiesel, citing price, performance - There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] said Friday that it will stop running biodiesel, calling the alternative fuel expensive and questionable in performance during a yearlong test in 10 buses. (The Register Guard July 19, 2008)

Image:Fp gw 95x95.jpg

Directory:Global Warming >Myth of Consensus Explodes: APS Opens Global Warming Debate - The American Physical Society, an organization representing nearly 50,000 physicists, has reversed its "incontrovertible" stance on climate change and is now proclaiming that many of its members disbelieve in human-induced global warming. (DailyTech July 16, 2008)

Sunday, July 20, 2008
Image:Sierra Pacific Industries truck 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Efficiency Additives > Directory:H2Oil's Nanotech Fuel -- eeFuel and eeLube (4ourfuture) > EeFuel additive gets flatline results on heavy-duty rigs test - A fleet in California that has multiple trucks taking the same route every day hauling lumber out and wood chips back, ran three of their trucks for a week using the eeFuel additive, but saw no improvement in mileage. (PESN July 19, 2008)

Image:John Searl 95x95.jpg

Directory:Anti-Gravity / Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Searl Effect Generator (SEG) >Bill Alek Interviews John Searl - The Searl effect is based on magnetic fields that generates a continual motion of magnetized rollers around magnetized rings (also called plates) producing electric energy and, under certain conditions, an anti-gravity effect that can be used for propulsion. Side-effects include negative ionization of surrounding air and a cooling of temperature around the device when in operation. (Vortex Network July 19, 2008)

Image:Zero emission house nippon 95x95.jpg

Directory:Building > Zero Emission House on Display at the Hokkaido Toyako Summit - This house of the near future, will be equipped with a photovoltaic power generation system, fuel cells, advanced robots, and other cutting-edge technologies. The house is part of the Environmental Showcase hosted by the Japanese government. (METI Press Release June 2008)

Image:AbundanceVillage 95x95.jpg

Directory:Communities >Renew Iowa: Abundance Ecovillage - At a unique community nestled atop 15 acres in the Iowa countryside you won't see cars driving up and down any main street, but you will see several small homes surrounded by solar panels and a wind turbine on the horizon. The entire village is off the power grid. All the homes use solar and wind energy. (WhoTV Feb. 2, 2008)

Image:Green-building-vertical eco-farming 95x95.jpg

Directory:Home Generation:Private Food Production System >Green reaching out to the blues: Farming on Skyscrapers! - Vertical Farming has taken radical new shapes in the last few years as modern designers have dared to dream beyond the convention to address the food shortage in today’s world. (EcoFriend July 16, 2008)

Image:Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut 95x95.jpg

Directory:CO2 Sequestration / Directory:Global Warming > Higher CO2 levels may be good for plants: German scientists - Increasing exposure to carbon dioxide appears to boost crop yields, said Hans-Joachim Weigel of the Johann Heinrich von Thuenen Institute. (PhysOrg July 8, 2008)

Saturday, July 19, 2008
Image:Jeep Odometer 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Hypermiling -- Driving Tips for Better Mileage >Article:Slowing Down Doesn't Always Save Money - Vehicles are designed to achieve optimal efficiency at certain engine rpms and speeds. Going slower can actually use more fuel over the same distance, especially at much lower speeds. The Nissan Quest minivan does 35 mpg at 75 mph, wherease it only gets 30 mpg at 55 mph. (PESWiki July 19, 2008)

Image:Blacklight 95x95.jpg

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Directory:Blacklight Power >BlackLight's physics-defying promise: Cheap power from water - While his business has been working on the "BlackLight Process" since its inception almost two decades ago, Dr. Randall Mills developed the patented cocktail that enables the reaction - a solid fuel made of hydrogen and a sodium hydride catalyst - only a year ago. Now the device is allegedly ready for commercialization. (Next Big Future July 9, 2008) (CNN Money'' July 2)

Image:Axon carbon-composite car 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Efficiency Vehicles >The affordable, 100mpg, carbon-composite car - Axon claims that its mass-production techniques will make carbon composite car frames and bodywork cheaper than metal and only 40% as heavy. The company plans to release a highly affordable 500cc passenger car making at least 100mpg from a basic petrol engine in 2010. (GizMag July 17, 2008)

Image:Sonnenschiff 95x95.jpg

Directory:Communities >Green Energy Projects Making a Splash in Germany May Soon Be Coming to U.S.' - Tucked away in Germany's southwest corner lies the country's throughly modern environmental capital of Freiburg, where residents are embracing a number of green energy projects that may soon be running in the United States. (Fox News July 14, 2008

Image:Al Gore planet 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electrical Grid >'Gore wants U.S. electricity grid to run on renewable energy by 2018 - Military-intelligence studies warning of "dangerous national security implications" tied to climate change, including the possibility of "hundreds of millions of climate refugees" causing instability around the world, and Al Gore said the United States is dangerously vulnerable because of its reliance on foreign oil. (International Herald Tribune July 17, 2008)

Friday, July 18, 2008
Image:Hypermiling-by push start 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency >Directory:Hypermiling -- Driving Tips for Better Mileage - Hypermilers are drivers who exceed the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated fuel efficiency on their vehicles by modifying their driving habits. (PESWiki July 15. 2008)

Image:Bojan Petkovic mathematical model2.jpg

Directory:Gravity Motors / Directory:Milkovic Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator > Modeling and Simulation of a Double Pendulum With Pad (pdf) - An independent mathematical analysis by Bojan Petkovic considers the Veljko Milkovic's two-stage mechanical oscillator in a form of double pendulum with a pad that presents a mechanical system which is not analyzed in the literature. ( July 16, 2008) (Thanks Bobsy)

Image:Isaac-berzin-greenfuel 95x95.jpg

Directory:Algae for Oil >Isaac Berzin - The Algae-for-Biofuel Pioneer - This year Time Magazine voted Berzin as one of the world’s most influential for 2008 for his ability to turn a dream of an oil-free future into a reality through GreenFuel, the company he founded in Boston in 2001. (Carbon Catablog July 17, 2008)

Image:Multi-junction solar-cell 37percent efficiency 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar >37.6% – European Record Efficiency for Solar Cells from Fraunhofer ISE - Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems have set the European record for converting sunlight into electrical energy using multi-junction solar cells made out of III-V semiconductors. (Fraunhofer ISE July 3, 2008)

Thursday, July 17, 2008
Image:Tesnic wind turbine 95x95.jpg

Latest / Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines >Directory:TESNIC - The TESNIC, invented by Horia Nica, is based on the principles of the Tesla turbine, extracting the wind power via adhesion, in addition to the classic drag and lift extraction, enabling it to achieve a very high efficiency. ( July 14, 2008)

Image:Current EV 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electric Cars >Electric City Motors - The Current is a zero emission, electric vehicle designed for urban passenger car usage. Highway Legal, Government Crash Test Rated, 4 Door/4 Passenger Hatchback, A/C, Heater, Power Windows. Distance Per Charge: 65-200 miles, Highway Speed: 65-70 mph. Starting at $28,995. Available from Colorado Auto Connection.

Image:Hawaiian Algae biofuel 95x95.jpg

Directory:Biodiesel / Directory:Algae for Oil >Maui to Get Algae Facility for Biodiesel - Recognizing the potential for algae as an energy crop, a Hawaiian conglomerate has come together to pursue the joint development of a commercial-scale microalgae facility on Maui to produce lipid oil for conversion to biodiesel and other products, such as animal feed. (CleanTechnica July 15, 2008)

Image:Absorption solar AC 95x95.jpg

Directory:Home Generation:Air Conditioning / Directory:Water > A New Solar Air-conditioning System - A research team at UC3M has built an absorption chiller capable of using solar and residual heat as an energy source to drive the cooling system. The machine can also produce cold water. (Science Daily July 14, 2008)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Image:James D Hardy Self looped water pump and elec gen diagram byKevn 95x95.jpg

Latest: PowerPedia:Hydroelectric / Directory:Electromagnetic >Directory:James D. Hardy's Self-Looped Water Pump and Electricity Generator - Massachusetts inventor demonstrates a patent pending technology in which a 165 gallon/minute water pump powers a water wheel, which is connected through belts to a one horse power generator, which powers the water pump as well as an incandescent bulb. (PESWiki July 16, 2008)

Image:Kilbirnie windfarm-95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Wind Power in the United Kingdom >New plan to get power from turbines even when the wind does not blow - A planning application has been lodged for the UK's first commercial hydrogen balancing plant - the latest innovation in renewable energy, described as “a potential holy grail?? when combined with wind energy. (The Times July 14, 2008)

Image:QuantumSphere Nano NiFe Coated Hydrogen Generation Elecgtrode 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electrolysis > Nanoelectrodes boost electrolysis to cut hydrogen fuel cost - QuantumSphere's nanoparticle-coated electrodes can be used today to retrofit existing electrolyzers for higher efficiency. The company plans to also offer retrofit nanoparticle-coated membranes for fuel cells and catalytic converters. (EETimes July 14, 2008)

Image:Ze-O electric MPV 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electric Cars > Preview of the Ze-O Electric MPV - NICE Car Company presented the Ze-O electric MPV, which is coming to the UK this Autumn and to the rest of Europe during 2009. It will have a range of up to 65 miles (105 km) in city driving and top speed of 55 mph (89 kph). (Green Car Congress July 14, 2008)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Image:Algae collage Biodiesel txt 95x95.jpg

Directory:Biodiesel from Algae Oil > Hawaiian Marine Algae - Cellana, a joint venture of HR Biopetroleum and Royal Dutch Shell is doing a pilot project to grow and refine algae for biofuels. The company is already producing transport fuels and is building a bigger, demonstration plant. First commercial operation: 3 years. (NewEnergyNews June 27, 2008)

Image:Mercedes.benz.e.class 95x95.gif

Directory:Fuel Efficiency Vehicles > Edmunds Data Proves Diesel - With a new crop of diesel vehicles poised to come to the U.S., has discovered that diesels present an even better choice for fuel-economy-minded consumers than hybrids. (Comparison Chart) ( July 8, 2008)

Image:CoalTek 95x95.jpg

Directory:Clean Coal > CoalTek's Clean Coal - Converts low-grade, raw coal into high-grade "clean coal" at, or below the cost of high-quality raw coal by applying highly-controlled electromagnetic energy. The process increases the burn efficiency and BTU content while simultaneously improving the overall environmental quality of the processed product.

Monday, July 14, 2008
Image:SHEC receiver aperture 95x95.jpg

Latest / Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD (Interview): Directory:Solar > Directory:Concentrated Solar Power > Directory:Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC) Labs > SHEC Labs Claims to Have World's Most Efficient Solar Thermal Tech - By focusing the concentrated rays into the aperture of a highly-reflective, elongated tube, by the time the light bounces back out, it has gradually dumped 95% of its heat into the tube, which can then be put to work. (PESN July 14, 2008)

Image:HSWAC 95x95.jpg

Directory:Home Generation:Air Conditioning >Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning - HSWAC will reduce Hawaii's dependence on imported oil used to generate electricity and dramatically reduce operating costs for downtown building owners. Deep seawater will be drawn at a temperature of about 45°F and pumped to a cooling station onshore. (RenewableEnergyWorld July 9, 2008)

Image:SwiftFuel 95x95.jpg

Directory:Fuel Cells / Directory:Electric Vehicles > Swift Enterprises' Cheaper Fuel Cell - The Swift Direct Proton Fuel Cell developed at Purdue University is based on simple and easy-to-produce materials. It runs on ethanol to extend an electric vehicle’s range to over 100 miles per gallon, at a cost of about $2,000.

Image:MINI QED 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electric Cars >500 electric Minis coming to California - Five-hundred Minis will come off the line in Oxford, England sans drivetrain. The powerless shells will be sent to Germany painted silver with contrasting yellow roofs. Workers in Munich will convert the vehicles into battery electrics, and the cars will then be shipped to California where they will be offered for sale. (AutoblogGreen July 9, 2008)

Sunday, July 13, 2008
Image:Patent illustration 95x95.jpg

Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3] - Sterling Allan describes how an ideal open source energy technology might roll out from beginning -- even before it is publicly posted -- through the time of early replications, to end when it spreads throughout the earth to bless mankind. (PESWiki July 13, 2008)

Image:Solar taxi 95x95.jpg

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[4] > Electric ride powering a transportation revolution - At the wheel of the Solar Taxi was Swiss adventurer Louis Palmer, who set off from Lucerne almost a year ago in his quest to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe in an electric car. (Globe and Mail July 7, 2008)


Directory:Flight > Why Fly When You Can Float? - As the cost of fuel soars and the pressure mounts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, several schemes for a new generation of airship are being considered by governments and private companies. Cloud is a flying hotel proposed by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud. (New York Times July 5, 2008)

Image:Evo Networks dce 95x95.gif

Directory:Conservation > Virtualization Servers: The New Green Platform for IT - Virtualization makes it possible to consolidate multiple applications onto a single server. That is, apps that currently run on dedicated systems can be moved en masse to a single server that consumes less power -- generally, far less power -- than that required by the dedicated servers. (Greener Computing July 9, 2008)

Saturday, July 12, 2008
Image:Mindset Solar Hybrid 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar > Directory:Solar:Vehicles > Hot New Solar Hybrid by Mindset AG - The Swiss company Mindset AG has announced that it is planning to produce an ultra-lightweight hybrid vehicle with roof-mounted solar panels. The hybrid coupe, dubbed Six50, is the work of former VW head of design Murat Günak. (Inhabitat July 8, 2008)

Image:T Boone Pickens 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind / Directory:Natural Gas > Billionaire Texas oilman spend $58m on alternative energy campaign - The Pickens Plan, as the 80-year old has dubbed his effort, would involve an estimated $1 trillion government investment to substitute wind for the 22% of US electricity now derived from natural gas. (The Guardian July 9, 2008)

Image:Serpentine rock 95x95.jpg

Directory:CO2 Sequestration > School Girl Capturing Carbon - An eighth-grader's science fair project prompts her scientist father to develop a new way to pull excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Geophysicist Klaus Lackner from Columbia University answers questions on carbon capture and storage. (NOVA ScienceNOW July 2, 2008)

Image:NASA Data windmap-95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind / Tools > Ocean Wind Power Maps Reveal Possible Wind Energy Sources - Scientists have been creating maps using nearly a decade of data from NASA's QuikSCAT satellite that reveal ocean areas where winds could produce wind energy. (Happy News July 9, 2008)

Friday, July 11, 2008
Image:PowerUp MarynInt 95x95.jpg

Latest: (Interview) Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Lubricants >Directory:Maryn International - Maryn is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance industrial additives which significantly improve lubricity and which also improve mileage. While the product is aimed at the trucking industry, it also works well in any car. (PESWiki July 7, 2008)

Image:Colorful solar concentrators 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar > Directory:Concentrated Solar Power > A Better Solar Collector - MIT researchers have created sheets of glass coated with advanced organic dyes that more efficiently concentrate sunlight. Covalent Solar plans to commercialize the coated glass sheets that could eventually make solar power as cheap as electricity from fossil fuels. (MIT Technology Review Jul. 10, 2008)

Image:SDE Wave Power 95x95.jpg

Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Directory:Ocean Wave Energy > Directory:S.D.E. Energy Ltd. > Israeli company to build sea wave power plants in China - S.D.E. Energy has signed an agreement for selling sea wave electricity power plants in China. The first commercial, full-scale model of the system, capable of generating 40 electrical kilowatts (eKW) has been working successfully for a year and is located at the Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv-Yafo.(ISRAEL21c July 10, 2008)

Image:Hyundai elantra 95x95.jpg

Directory:Hybrid Vehicles / Directory:Electric Cars > Hyundai’s pioneering LPG-hybrid Elantra in contention for Australia - Hyundai is preparing to launch the world’s first hybrid vehicle powered by advanced lithium-polymer batteries and capable of running on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). (Car Central July 9, 2008)

Image:New 5 dollar bill 300.jpg

Directory:Oil / Directory:Humor > Security features of new US five-dollar bill are on the money - "The redesigned five-dollar bill's enhanced security features help ensure we stay ahead of counterfeiters and protect your hard-earned money," Federal Reserve Board official Michael Lambert said at a ceremony to launch the new bill. (AFP March 13, 2008)

Thursday, July 10, 2008
Image:Beijing 2008 environmnet 95x95.jpg

Latest: Directory:Communities / Directory:Building / Directory:Electric Vehicles >Article:Beijing 2008 Green Olympics - We take a look at the environmental theme around the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing August 8-24, such as air and water quality, green buildings and modes of transportation, and health impacts on Olympic athletes. (PESWiki July 7, 2008)

Image:ITM Power hydrogen elecrolysis generator 95x95.jpg

Directory:Hydrogen > Unveiling of Home-Brewed Hydrogen-Fuel Unit - A British company, ITM Power thinks it has the answer that could kick-start a hydrogen-based economy: A home based refuelling system. The station overcomes one of the fundamental stumbling blocks to a hydrogen economy – the lack of hydrogen refueling infrastructure and utility supply network. (Red Herring July 9, 2008)

Image:Mahindra Scorpio SUV 95x95.jpg

Directory:Hybrid Vehicles > FEV Hybrid Technology (Part 2) - Mahindra & Mahindra, one of the leading auto manufacturers in the Indian market, and FEV, a leading developer of advanced powertrain and vehicle technologies, developed a diesel-electric hybrid version of the Scorpio SUV, the first of its kind to be marketed in the Asian market. (Engineering TV July 7, 2008)

Image:Colombian SugarCane 95x95.jpg

Directory:Biofuels > Colombia finds biofuels bonanza in sugar cane - Colombia is a technological leader in the field and is experimenting with biofuel production using everything from sugar beets and palm oil to yucca. Colombian experts are helping companies in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador set up ethanol plants.( July 4, 2008)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Image:G24i dye solar 95x95.jpg

Latest / Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Directory:Solar > Directory:Thin Film Solar > Directory:Thin Film Solar > Directory:G24 Innovations Limited - Automated "roll-to-roll" manufacturing process transforms a lightweight roll of metal foil into a 100-pound half-mile of G24i’s Dye Sensitized Thin Film in less than three hours. This material is rugged, flexible, lightweight and generates electricity even indoors and in low light conditions. (PESWiki)

Image:Symetron P-50 motor 95x95.jpg

Directory:Hybrid Vehicles > '''[http://en