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Thursday, Oct. 21, 2004

Solid State > 1997 Demo Video Shows Solid State Energy Coils (Not Bedini) - (ZPEnergy Oct. 19)

Thursday, Oct. 7, 2004

Glenn Castillo's water-powered engine in the works - Philippino inventor recently demonstrated his hydrogen from water technology capable of powering an automobile. (FuelCellsWorks Oct. 6, 2004)

Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2004

Micro & Mini Hydroelectric in Japan - small-scale hydroelectric power generation is quietly becoming a big thing, with small output generators being established near mountain streams or on public water supplies. Micro 100 kw or less mini = 1000 kw or less. (Alt-Eng-News Sept. 30)

Saturday, Oct. 2, 2004

Directory:Solar Hydrogen > Photocatalyst boost - Researcher shares his reasons why he thinks it will be possible to obtaining hydrogen from water using a non-solar light source within a cell. (enki's tblog Oct. 2, 2004)

Friday, Oct. 1, 2004

Directory:Solar Hydrogen > Solar Hydrogen Truck - Arizona high school project believed to be first ever solar-hydrogen truck in the world. The $10,000 prototype is not yet practical for continuous running, but proves a concept. (Arizona Republic Oct. 1, 2004)


Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004
Image:Tilley electric 1911Geo 121.jpg

Tilley Foundation Electrifies 1991 Geo Storm - Claim successful demonstration of the Tilley charger technology verified by engineers from interested concerns. One 107-mile run, the rest 10-30 miles. (Sept. 10) [rock soup?]

Tractors Work on Waste at Hong Kong's Largest Landfill

Heading Toward the Hydrogen Economy - Hydrogen holds fantastic promise as a plentiful, clean-burning fuel and an eventual replacement for gasoline. Why Environmentalists, Engineers and cynics like it. (Fuel Cell Today Sept. 27)

Bank of America aspires to build world's most environmentally friendly skyscraper - Tower will include onsite 5.1 megawatt co-generation power plant gray-water system that captures and reuses all rainwater and wastewater and recyclable and renewable building materials. (Charlotte Business Journal Sept. 24)

Hurricanes Pack a Trillion Watts - Equivalent of 1 kiloton of TNT every second (Hiroshima was 15 kilotons). (MIT Technology Review Blog Sept. 15)

Monday, Sept. 27, 2004

Solar Spinach a Hot Story - picked up by AP

Retrofitting for Energy Conservation - Buildings can recoup upgrade costs through energy savings. (ZPEnergy Sept. 26)

Halogen Filamentous Bulb - Twice the life, twice the light, by Seimens. Comes with a standard screw base and can therefore be fitted in any lamp or light socket. (PhysOrg Sept. 26, 2004)

Fuel cell technology energizing real estate - Hotels, universities, townhouses around the world powering up with 5 to 250 kilowatt fuel cells. ( Canada Sept. 23)

Comment : Recently the conventional solar cell maker, Sharp, has incorporated a dome fresnel lens above their solar cells to cut costs in half for their 150 watt unit. The dome focuses the solar energy of a large area to a single point thus reducing the amount of solar cell needed per foot of solar irridation. The lens also increases efficency of the collector. If this fresnel technology were to be incorporated with hydrogen solar, it would put the cell over the 10% mark and save all the research costs of further refining their nanocrystaline film. The hydrogen solar's tandem cell with fresnel modification could then be put in development immediately. Hydrogen from the sun.

Saturday, Sept. 25, 2004

Directory:Solar Hydrogen >Nanotechnology to Create Green Hydrogen - Converts light and water directly into hydrogen fuel. (PhysOrg Sept. 24)

Thursday, Sept. 23, 2004

Directory:Fuel Cells > Fuel cell converts waste to power - Gold nanotubes used to catalyze a chemical reaction that extracts energy from fuel cell waste product carbon monoxide. The method could eventually be used in portable systems that use renewable fuel produced from plant matter. (Technology Research News Sept. 22/29)

Directory:Hydrogen > GWE > Genesis World Energy Status - Several months ago GWE told their approved license applicants that their secure message board for approved applicants would be shut down, citing security breaches as the reason. No news has been issued to the applicants since then and attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful.. In the past, GWE has reported negative pressure being applied and hostile actions taken against them to thwart their efforts. It is assumed that these obstacles precipitated the present information blackout. (Sept. 22)

Photo Molecules Flip Current - Many labs are working to make electronic components from molecules. Such small electronics would be faster and more powerful than today's versions. Now, researchers have made an electronic light detector from peptide molecules. (MIT Technology Review Sept. 21, 2004)

: [Comment: Could be integral in solid state ZPE, which has been proven to be manifest on the nano level.]

Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2004

Battery-Powered-Gadgets-Galore Drives Need for New Energy Technology - It's not just a matter of environment saving or war preventing. The drive for new energy has a market preference motive of smaller and more powerful. (Forbes Sept. 21)

Looking to the hydrogen horizon - Mainstream trends and reasons of pushing toward hydrogen. Includes graph of world oil reserves in 2002. (BBC Sept. 21)

Nanowire Makes Standup Transistor - A transistor made by surrounding a vertical nanowire with layers of insulators and metals promises densely packed circuits. Practical in 3-5 years. (MIT Technology Review Sept. 20)

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2004

Chukanov Energy LLC Accepting Orders to Build Quantum Energy Generators - Angelina V generator by Kiril Chukanov ideal for research on quantum energy and ball lightning. Website revamped and updated. (Directory:Chukanov Quantum Energy LLC)

Directory:Hydrogen >

Chinese Cars to be Fueled by Water - "In TongJi University in China, a team of 38 scientists are completing a prototype of a passenger automobile designed to require no gasoline -- just water in the fuel tank. The United States had a fuel cell battery powered by hydrogen on our Apollo space craft in the 1960s. We had a 40-year lead, and blew it." (Paul Harvey News and Comment Sept. 20, 2004)

Hydrogen to fuel China's automobiles in the future - China's Communist Party and multinational auto giants are gearing up to fill the nation's roads with hydrogen-fuelled vehicles, but experts say the shift away from fossil fuels will take decades. (Fuel Cell Today Sept. 16, 2004)

Monday, Sept. 20, 2004

Spacecrafts powered by thunder - Thunderous sound waves could one day propel spacecraft to the edge of the solar system, say engineers who have developed a new type of acoustic engine (New Scientist UK Sept. 20)

New Website > - Under construction. Looking great, with high entertainment value, but lacks in scientific rigor, providing no scientific explanations, no theories, no data, no experimental protocol (at least not yet). Articles, forums, interviews, videos, photo gallery, research (empty). (Thanks American AntiGravity)

Site Expired > (Google cache) ( - Harlan Sanders' website was intended as a watchdog for free energy claims. Registrar renewal expired Sept. 9, 2004.

Directory:Cold Fusion > Igniting a burning plasma - "A recent article in the Boston Globe on 'cold fusion', a controversial and entirely unproved concept, omitted any reference to 'hot fusion' and burning plasma whatsoever." (Metro West Daily Boston Sept. 19)

: [Comment: Perhaps an email to [ the author] is in order regarding his assertion that cold fusion is "entirely unproven."]

Canada to use PetroCan money for green technology - $1C billion from $2C billion liquefied stake in Petro Canada will go "to help develop new technologies to address environmental challenges" including clean vehicles & energy. (Reuters Sept. 20)

Saturday, Sept. 18,2004

Siemens gearless generator boosts efficiency - Gearless synchronous generator has achieved an efficiency rating of 98 percent. Installed in world's largest wind power plant in Norway, producing 3 megawatts. (EETimes UK Sept. 17)

Insatiable Appetite for Energy - Forget the threat of terrorism. China is about to flick the switch on a global energy crisis and a time bomb that will bring massive destruction worldwide. (Sunday Herald July 25) (Thanks ZPEnergy)

Nuclear Solutions Lost In Ambiguity - Two solutions for nuclear waste that give us alternative viable energy a portable nuclear weapons detection system since 1999 blackmail and extortion another dead scientist and the closing of the National Lab in Los Alamos. (The Blanket Aug. 26)

Graphite magnets get ready for applications - Having the advantage of remaining magnetic at room temperature, magnetic carbon could be used to make inexpensive, metal-free magnets for applications in medicine and biology, nanotechnology and telecommunications. (, July 26)

Landfill gas will help fuel soybean plant - Three Michigan companies have joined forces to create a methane gas generation plant to turn the byproduct of landfill decomposition into a renewable energy source. (The Grand Rapids Press Sept. 10)

Friday, Sept. 17,2004


: EmergingTec Inventors to Speak Online Fri. Sept. 17 6:00 pm Pacific, U.S. (Directory:Emerging Technologies Development Corporation)

Directory:Solar > Popeye the Solar Man - MIT researchers say they have successfully combined tiny proteins found in spinach with solid state electronics, potentially producing a solar power source that one day might power mobile devices. (Boston Business Journal Sept. 16)

Spinach powered notebook? - For the first time, MIT researchers have incorporated a plant's ability to convert sunlight to energy into a solid-state electronic “spinach sandwich? device that may one day power laptops and cell phones.

Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2004

Wind Power Falls Under $0.01/kwh

: "Colorado State University's Rocky Mountain Collegian reports that, "as of June [the price of wind power dropped to 1 cent per kwh.]"

Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2004

Directory:Solar > Solar-Cell Rollout - Breakthroughs in nanotech are making it possible to churn out cheap, flexible solar cells by the meter in a process resembling a printing press. (MIT Technology Review July/Aug. 2004)

Why does Wall Street continue to look down on renewable energy? - Over the past two years, the worldwide stock-market value of companies developing renewable energy fell from $13 billion to $10.7 billion, while the value of fossil-fuel companies surged to record highs. (Newsweek Sept. 20)

Power Factor > EnergyWise1000 Folds - New company in competition and litigation with 14-year-old KVAR Energy voluntarily dissolved July 27, 2004. KVAR Energy has UL listing on all products sold. (Reference)

Sunday, Sept. 12, 2004

Extreme Weather Will Kill Millions - Climate change from global warming a massive threat to life on earth says a British scientist. (ZPEnergy Sept. 9, 2004)

Saturday, Sept. 11, 2004

Directory:Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd) - "The first motor is nearly complete, we had customs stop our shipment of magnets and shields. They must have thought they were some kind of destruction device. Was with the engineers in Austria and I must say these guys know what they are doing. Will keep you posted." (Sept. 8)

Directory:Cold Fusion > Explaining high density cold fusion - The process of cold fusion is very different from fusion processes in plasmas which are less dense by many factors of ten. (PRWeb, Ferndale, WA Sept. 8)

Directory:Chomp Chomp >Scientists develop robot that eats flies for fuel - The idea is to produce electricity by attracting and catching flies and digesting them in special fuel cells. Called EcoBot II, the robot is part of a drive to make "release and forget" robots that can be sent into dangerous or inhospitable areas. (Yahoo News, Sept. 8)

Directory:Waste to Energy > Japan facility powers homes and melts snow with kitchen garbage - Garbage-processing center in Japan gets the electricity it needs from kitchen waste can process 10 tons of refuse per day. The heat produced can also melt the snow on the city's streets during winter. (Japan Times, Sept. 10)

Directory:Solar > Solar Powered Jackets Set To Shine - Designed to carry, connect and charge portable devices. (, Sept. 10)

Earth's magnetic field is fading - About 10 percent weaker today than it was when German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss started keeping tabs on it in 1845, scientists say. If the trend continues, the field may collapse altogether and then reverse. (National Geographic, Sept. 9)

Directory:Ocean Wave Energy > New wave energy project for Rhode Island - Energetech America LLC plans to build the first wave energy project in the United States more than a mile off the southern coast of Rhode Island. (Energy Info Source, Sept. 7)

Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2004

Next Stop: Biodiesel - Toronto Transit Commission intends to run about 180 buses on fuel mixed with biodiesel, derived from animal fats, old grease and the recycled oils of soybean, canola, and corn. (Toronto Star, Canada Sept. 6) (Thanks Odysen)

Media Mention > We are all hostages - Mainstream news article includes mention: "7). Our energy use – hostages to Oil Company profiteers energy profiteers with no hope for free energy or renewable energy." (Media Monitors Sept. 7)

Monday, Sept. 6, 2004

Directory:Zero Point Energy > Does ZPE Extraction Endanger the World? - "If people go forth and build such devices without taking other factors into account, they could bleed off local gravity effects, and tear the space fabric." (ZPEnergy Sept. 5)

: Comment: This anti-ZPE sentiment is suspicious. Much like the "green activists" opposed to the cape cod wind farm. It was later found the "activists" were funded by a PR firm that held the accounts of many massachusetts coal fired plants...hmmmmm? I wonder. is this anti-zpe fear in fact originateing with exxonmobil?

Directory:Hydrogen > Salad oil may fuel hydrogen car of future - Hydrogen generator uses only sunflower oil, air and water vapour. The secret lies in two catalysts, one based on nickel, the other on carbon. Benchtop prototype stage. ( Aug. 26)

New world record in magnet development - The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory has successfully tested a 21.1 Tesla, superconducting, 40 megajoule NMR magnet. (Space Daily July 27)

Sunday, Sept. 5, 2004
Image:Supernova Sept4 04.jpg

(OT) Hubble Captures Brightest Supernova in 10 Years - The massive stellar explosion blazed with the light of 200 million suns from a distance of 11 million light-years from Earth in the outskirts of a galaxy called NGC 2403. (SpaceFlight Now Sept. 4)

Saturday, Sept. 4, 2004

World's Smallest Direct Methanol Fuel Cell - Toshiba says its DMFC can power an MP3 player for 20 hours on 2 cc's of methanol (you'd carry around a small recharging bottle, something similar to a cigarette lighter refill). (PC World, Japan - Sept. 2)

Friday, Sept. 3, 2004

Directory:Hydrogen > Hydrogen Fuel Closer to Fruition - Overview of recent "solar hydrogen" systems being developed in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. (Wired News Sept. 2)

Spintronics Breakthrough: Negative Resistance of a Single Magnetic Domain Wall - Physicists for several years have been predicting a new age of semiconductor devices that operate by subtle changes in the orientation of electron spins. (ZPEnergy Sept. 2)

Salt Lake City Retail Biodiesel Pump Opens - Even though there are more than 300 pumps nationwide selling biodiesel, this is the first time in the United States that a biodiesel blend has been offered at regular diesel prices. (Solar Access Sept. 2)

UPS Hits the Hydrogen Highway - United Parcel Service (UPS) road testing three Dodge Sprinters, a medium-duty fuel cell vehicle manufactured by DaimlerChrysler. (Solar Access Sept. 2)

Renewable Energy Center in Wyoming, USA - The Center for Sustainable Energy and Education (CSEE) will produce electricity for a hospital and serve as a real life-learning lab for students in the Sustainable Business Program. (Solar Access Aug. 30)

Thursday, Sept. 2, 2004

Seeking Answers From Cold Fusion Review - "As a physics teacher who is uncertain how to answer students' questions about cold fusion, I welcome the upcoming US Department of Energy investigation of recent claims in this controversial area." (Physics Today Letters Sept. 2004)

'Dark Energy' bomb more powerful than thermonuke! - Ken Shoulders reports that A new and previously unknown force appears to be binding the electrons at short range into clusters of electron charge. (ZPEnergy Sept. 1)

Photosynthesis Drives Solar Cell - Researchers have harnessed the light harvesting molecules of spinach and bacteria to make solar cells that could one day be sprayed on many surfaces. (MIT Technology Review Aug. 31)

ZAP Unveils Hydrogen Fuel Cell Breakthrough - Electric propulsion system out of Florida, USA, uses a new hydrogen fuel cell and lead-cobalt battery design developed by Apollo Energy Systems. Inventors propose ammonia as the hydrogen source. (Fuel Cell Works Aug. 31)

MIT: Algae Appetites May Transform Waste into Energy - Could simple algae offer the next solution to both decreasing industrial pollution and providing a form of renewable energy? (Solar Access Sept. 1)

Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2004

Cold Fusion Back From the Dead - Later this month, the U.S. Department of Energy will receive a report from a panel of experts on the prospects for cold fusion—the supposed generation of thermonuclear energy using tabletop apparatus (IEEE Spectrum Aug. 31) - Gary Magratten posts a website for his Gray motor and circuit variant. Posted Aug. 31, 2004. (See also PES Open Source index for Gary's project)

Green Power for Republicans - Those providing transportation and accommodations are showcasing green technologies, including GM who has provided a fleet of eight electric-hybrid buses, full-size hybrid pickup trucks and more than 200 cars from the company's vehicle line. (Solar Access Aug. 31)

Active Power's Flywheel Achieves 10-kW-for-2-Hours Milestone - Back-up power company ready to tackle telecom market. (Business Wire Aug. 31)



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