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Directory:Electromagnetic (Overunity) in the News, 2006 - 2008

News relating to Electromagnetic overunity systems which apparently or allegedly put out more electrical charge than when is put in, somehow harness energy from the environment in the process.

(We didn't start collecting Electromagnetic news bullets until Jan. 2010, so there aren't many items prior to that, even though we had a lot of relevant items that we covered in our regular News.)


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2006 - 2008

Image:Keppe motor 95x95.jpg

Keppe Motor Draws Energy from the “Vacuum” of Space - The Keppe Motor allegedly requires 75% less electricity to generate power than a normal motor -- by capturing energy from the so-called "vacuum" of space. The motor is named for Brazilian scientist Dr. Norberto Keppe, whose book "The New Physics" proposes an ambitious new direction in our planet's technological philosophy. (Next Energy News Sept. 22, 2008)

Image:Zhaan Jordaan energy efficient drive 95x95.jpg

Energy efficient drive may produce 120% more electricity - Prototype developer, Zhaan Jordaan, speculates about possible combinations that might equate to a drive unit that is 300% more efficient then a conventional drive. (EcoFuss May 26, 2008) (Thanks JQP)

Energy efficient drive may produce 120% more electricity - An electric motor that produces about 120% more kinetic watts than a conventional motor of the same value has been developed. If a big enough machine is coupled to a 12 V battery and an alternator, it may be possible to produce more electrical watts than is used by the device and have surplus amperage to recharge the battery. (Engineering News Online May 23, 2008)

PBIP Electric Motors Halve Cost and Double Output - Researchers have developed magnetic components in electric motors made from plastic bonded iron powder (PBIP) that can cut production cost in half and nearly double the output of the motor. The technique is suitable for fans, pumps, household appliances, and electric cars. (Green Car Congress Oct. 11, 2007)

Image:Willie Gallacher 95x95.jpg

Pensioner Invents Car of the Future - Willie Gallacher created an electro-magnetic drive motor which he believes could replace the combustion engine. With the UK patent now confirmed, Willie has been in touch with engineers and car companies across the globe in the hope one will be able to help finance the creation of a full working model. (Dumbarton Reporter Sep. 26, 2007)

New motor for hybrid electric vehicles - D&H Global Enterprise is claiming to have created a new motor\generator which weighs in at 72 pounds with a 5.7" depth which can generate 415 lb.ft. of torque, that is neither an induction motor or any current motor type in the market. It would enable a small hybrid vehicle to achieve over 100 MPG, or 50 MPG for a large SUV. (AutoblogGreen Mar. 10, 2007)

Image:Wang Shum Ho 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wang Shum Ho Generator - The Wang Shum Ho Prototype Electricity Generator was reportedly demonstrated to five Chinese Officials on Jan 15, 2007. Four 5kW working units are planned for academic validation, then 200 more will be produced. Mass production may begin in 2008. “The World Energy Crisis is effectively over." (ZPEnergy January 24, 2007)

Image:SuperMag patent drawing 95x95.jpg

Directory:SuperMag by Enigma - Supervision Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Enigma G.C. of the UK to acquire the marketing rights for the Company's "SuperMag" electrical generation system in the United Kingdom. It uses manipulated magnetic fields to generate electricity sufficient to power the needs of a home or office building and provides clean electrical power for free to the consumer after the initial cost of the purchase and installation of the system. (Market Wire December 12, 2006)

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