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News:140727:Prayed Rain to Douse Levan Forest Fire

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by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

July 27, 2014

On the afternoon of July 24 -- a holiday in Utah, celebrating the arrival of the first Mormons into the Salt Lake valley, with Brigham Young saying: "This is the place" -- a forest ire errupted southeast of Levan, Utah, about five miles from Fountain Green, where I'm presently hanging out. My parents, David W. Allan and Edna Allan left around 3 pm on a 4-wheeler. Their plan was to go up pole canyon, then toward Levan, then down Maple canyon -- right where this fire had errupted. The winds were blowing the smoke right toward Fountain Green. Ash was falling around us, so there were ashes about every 1/4 inch on the ground.

My parents saw the smoke when the fire started, and changed their course to go around it. They estimated the fire to be about 1-2 miles away from where they were at. Even thought the fire was probably 5-10 miles away from my parent's house, I was concerned about what would happen if it wasn't put out and made it this far. The field behind my parent's house, between them and the fire, is extremely dry. I called dispatch asking about fire burn restrictions and whether we might be allowed to do a controlled burn. They said: "No! People are already panicked enough."

By the time my parents arrived back at their house, the smoke billowing was considerably less than it had been earlier, probably because the fire had reached a ridge.

Howewever, by late the next afternoon, the smoke was billowing dark and high. I wondered to myself if the particles from the smoke up in the atmosphere might work as a cloud seeding effect, though it would be down-stream from the fire, but at least it would dampen the ground of where the fire is headed. Apparently there is something to this, and even in war scenarios, coulds will form from the smoke from weapons.

After I shot a few photos at around 6:15 and sent them to, I heard some thunder about five miles north of the fire.

Seeing that the environmental conditions were in place, I stepped outside my parent's door, where I had view of the scene, thought to myself that the desire in my heart was consistent with nature, closed my eyes, and offered up a short prayer, in faith, to this effect: "Heavenly Father, please direct clouds to rain over the forest fire to put it out. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

I once again looked at the scene, with faith, and felt confident that my petition was in harmony with nature then went inside to resume working on my Free Energy News material.

About half an hour later, when I went outside to change the water sprinkler, I noticed that the ground had been made wet by rain. And after changing the water, I went to the west side of my parent's house, where I could get a good view of the smoke and the storm, and I was delighted to see that there were very dark clouds over the place of the fire, with lighting shooting back and forth. It looked like a downpour was under way -- exactly over the place of the fire, maybe half a mile wide. I could hear the thunder.

I felt intuitively that though people could consider this a coincidence, that my prayer had been a factor. Then I heard the neighbor's dog bark. As I looked back at the clouds after having looked in the direction of the dog, I got a grin on my face as I saw a cloud in the shape of a dog -- very prounounced. I took this as a little confirmation that all of this was divinely appointed. I tried taking a photo, but the flash was on and washed out the clouds in the resulting image.

The next day, there was no smoke emerging from that area, even though the wind was in our direction. And by the end of the day, as I surveyed the mountain range while driving up from Ephraim to Fountain Green, I couldn't see smoke anywhere. It would seem that the fire was completely doused.

We've all been taught that with faith we can do great and marvelous things.

I don't share this to brag, but with the intent of sharing a neat thing that happened, which I think was a result of faith. I can't say for sure that the deluge was a function of my prayer alone. Certainly I wasn't the only one offering up such a prayer. Nor can I say that the deluge was a function of prayer in general. It may have happened completely independent of any human intention or wishes.

Along the lines of the "electric universe" thinking, maybe there are electrical properties in forest fires that serve as a magnet for cloud and storm formation as a natural fire suppression mechanism. The weather conditions certainly were conducive to such formation the other night, and the result was the extinguishing of the fire. There is no doubt clouds have an electrical component to them, as seen in the many weather control methodologies.

That said, I do think that the prayer was a contributing factor here. I do think that the divine will intercede for us, not just for things like this, but for matters pertaining to us fulfilling out missions in life. Inventors are likely conduits of divine wisdom coming to the planet to improve things, enabling the blind to see, the lame to walk, curing all manner of diseases, and empowering humanity.

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