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News:121021:Defkalion Posts Independent Data Showing 3x Overunity; NASA Blushes

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

October 22, 2012

Last March, about a week or two after my visit, News:Defkalion Hyperion had several independent groups come to test their Hydrogen-Nickel nuclear heat apparatus. For months, they've teased us that their data would be released "soon".

Finally, a few days ago (October 18), they published one such report, which has a high degree of credibility, both in its method of delivery, as well as in the identity of the party taking the data and preparing the report. Thanks to David of for bringing it to my attention, so that I could send it out to the E-Cat Newsletter and a list of ECatReporters I have, which includes Mark Gibbs of Forbes, who wrote an excellent article on October 20. We at PESN don't have time to be thorough on all the LENR news and developments that generate some 30-40 stories a week around the web, so I like to feed all the reporters (as many as provide contact info) key information as it comes along so I can draw from that in our LENR Weekly compilations.

The two-document release from Defkalion has an executive summary as well as an extensive report.

They also posted two videos (see There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1]) to accompany the report.

The conclusions of the independent report are given as follows: (emphasis mine)

# Defkalion was able to demonstrate an excess of energy.

# They were able to demonstrate that they can fully control the reaction: starting it, stopping it, increasing and decreasing it.

# They were able to demonstrate that the reaction is dependent on hydrogen gas.

# The contents of the reactor were removed and weighed to be 59 grams of mass, most of which was a ceramic encasement. Therefore, the reaction appears to produce more energy than a chemical reaction from a known amount with an equivalent mass implying a nuclear reaction is involved.

# There were error bands associated with all data obtained which have not yet been completely established. These will need to be addressed in a detailed analysis of this data.

# It is my opinion that Defkalion is sincerely attempting to accurately measure and demonstrate the performance of their technology with confidence that they can achieve a COP >1 for a long enough period to exclude any possibility of a chemical reaction.

# Upon a preliminary look at the data, the reactor was operating well in excess of a COP of 3.

Excuse my NASA Rant

While the name of the author is visibly blacked out, merely copying and pasting the text reveals it to be Michael A. Nelson, who happens to be an employee of NASA, for some thirty years.

However, he made it very clear that this work was not done on behalf of NASA, but that he was doing it independent from them -- actually for the New Energy Foundation, which publishes Directory:Infinite Energy Magazine, who paid for his trip and expenses.

I can't help but think that NASA is probably at least peeking with curiosity, but obviously they have a reputation to keep, and can't get into the fray until conditions are right. Perhaps Mike is to NASA what Directory:Ron Paul is to Congress. While he is seen as rogue, he is shaping the national discussion nonetheless, both with the rises of the Tea Party and even in the presidential race earlier on.

A video was posted last February of an LENR PowerPoint presentation Mike gave at the NASA Glenn Research Center on September 22, 2011. So hopefully, things will continue to warm in the cold fusion arena.

Along with NASA jumping aboard the LENR bandwagon, wouldn't it also be nice if they divulged the secrets they've been keeping from us about the unusual craft that are sighted daily around the planet, both from our ET neighbors, as well as from our own black budget projects.

Their warming up to cold fusion (actually, it probably isn't even fusion but transmutation, which is also nuclear, but much safer), could help redeem them. When the lay public finally wakes up to the extent to which NASA has done the opposite of their mission -- covering-up rather than pushing frontiers for mankind -- they're going to be royally pissed. Supporting the emergence of Cold Fusion could help fix some of the Karma they have coming their way, and may even help keep them around, whereas, without such a turnabout, it will be: "Get rid of them", along with all the other mainstream corruption that is on its way out to the trash heap of the history of huge mistakes.

If NASA doesn't get aboard the LENR bandwagon soon, it won't take long for the alternative science community of the world to make them obsolete and no more needed than a used piece of toilet paper. The longer they wait, the harder it will be for them to stay relevant in this day of division as an awakened population forges ahead in this revolutionary metamorphosis to launch an enlightened world. If they don't transform, and show a changed heart, they will be left behind.

Top 5 Status

With this development (publishing their data, and the data being good), I've moved Defkalion back into the Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies in position #5, bumping Brillouin down to #6 because they're not as far along in their prototype development.

Official Links

Forum Announcement on Forum

executive summary

extensive report.


Defkalion GT-Calorimetry Setup


(YouTube / karibugr October 19, 2012)

Triggering the Reaction


(YouTube / karibugr October 19, 2012)

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Image:Oct19 2012 Defkalion Triggering sq 95x95.jpg
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