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News/2004/09/14/6900043 Cosmic Inventor Assaults Researcher

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Cosmic Inventor Assaults Researcher

Pure Energy Systems News

Sept. 14, 2004


Sonne Ward, purported inventor of free energy technologies, physically assaulted researcher Sterling D. Allan Saturday when Allan was questioning him about the source of the cosmic energy he was describing.

Allan met Ward at the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Salt Lake City, July 31, 2004. He called Ward two days before stopping by on September 10 to get permission to visit. Allan had composed features of Ward's battery charger technology, recommending it as one possibly worth pursuing on the Free Energy News and the PESN websites. He wanted to get a closer look at that as well as other technologies Ward claims. Allan was accompanied by his PES Network Inc associate, Susan Carter.

Ward has built an all-solar home with no grid connection in Hamer Idaho. The modest home resembles a half-roof shack sunk in the ground up to the bottom of the only eave on the North end. In giving driving directions, Ward described his home as resembling a pyramid.

The yard and home are strewn with clutter, though not grimy. His workmanship in building his own cabinets and rustic furniture is notable. Ward greeted Allan and Carter with an offer of a glass of water, which good-tasting water, he said, was the reason he moved there. The water is pumped from the solar panel energy.

The temperature in the kitchen, where they met, was a comfortable 70-75 degrees F. while the outside temperature was probably around 85, with full sunlight. Ward said the inside temperature was about the same all year round. He gave no data to support his statement. When approached with questions about how he cools the home in the summer and reduces solar heat gain, he became rather defensive, but did explain that the windows had a special tinting, and that the vortex shape of his V-shaped home (V tilted on its side) created cool on one end while the other was exposed to the sun.

Ward invited Allan and Carter to see his "cosmic cooler" -- an insulated root cellar in a half basement at the narrow of the V of his home. As to be expected, with the insulated room set mainly below ground level, the temperature was relatively cool.

The cellar shelves were about 1/3 full, mostly with canned and bottled goods. He had us sample an onion and potato that he said had been there since April. They were in about as good of shape as one might expect food kept in a root cellar. An orange and lemon sitting on the shelf were brown with hardened shells -- the only other produce to be found in the "cosmic cooler" that day.

Ward then said he wanted to illustrate the effect he

had told them about: the cosmic-energy light effects

shining on the walls and ceiling of this root cellar.

He switched the lights off, saying that after their

eyes adjusted they would begin to see the lights.

Allan pointed out that the lights on the walls seemed to be a result of the light from under the door reflecting on the shiny surface of the insulation, and that the rows of lights on the ceiling corresponded to the cracks between the slates of wood, from light leakage from outside.

Ward, expressing his disapproval of Allan's skepticism, partially blocked the light coming from under the door, which diminished the brightness of the reflections on the walls, and made the lights coming from between the slats more pronounced.

When Allan persisted in his explanation for the effect, Ward became angry and requested that the two guests leave his cellar. He kept insisting that such light leakage was impossible because he had covered the roof with insulation and metal sheeting, and had caulked around the perimeter.

Allan asked if he could go outside and inspect for himself.

Thought the roof was covered with a metal sheeting, there was no caulking on the East side, and ambient light could easily penetrate the 1/16 inch gaps between the 8" x 3/4" slats of wood, like light penetrating the opening of a mining shaft.

Allan returned to the kitchen where Ward and Carter were talking and said, "It seems painfully obvious where the source of the light is coming from."

At that, Ward began to call Allan names, saying he was "stupid", and that there is absolutely no way the sun's rays could penetrate the metal and the insulation (which is not where Allan said the light was coming from).

As Ward slung his words of angry defense at Allan, he walked behind Allan and grabbed him by the shoulder with around 40 pounds of pressure, shaking his shoulder, nearly tipping Allan backward in his chair.

Allan sprung to his feet and said, "Don't get violent with me!"

Ward said, "I'm not getting violent."

Allan said, "We're leaving."

Allan and Carter did not get to see any demonstrations of the battery charger system, which was the main thing they had come to see.

Ward has lived there for around 10 years, and said he is routinely showing people his home and his cosmic cooler with the cosmic lights.

"If Sonne Ward has a working technology, he doesn't know what it is, and thus gets defensive when asked to explain how it works. It will be nigh unto impossible for anyone to strike up a fruitful business relationship with him because he is so cantankerous," said Allan.

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Sonne Ward Speaks on Implosion Technology and Battery Superchargers - Addressed the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Salt Lake City on Saturday, July 31, 2004, 11:00 am. Battery charger systems extend life of battery, rejuvenate old batteries, and produces virtually no gassing, heating, and charging takes much less time.

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