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New Energy Congress: Validation Service

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New Energy Congress

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On Sept. 7, 2010, the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] technologies. This grant would help finance the NEC's validation of technologies of indigent inventors, who can't afford to pay the costs of validation.

An exotic 'Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies technology that is validated gets distinguished from the myriad of claimants who typically end up being bogus or fraudulent. In a field where such conclusions are the default assumption, receiving a solid validation can make all the difference in attracting the financial, legal, business, engineering, and other professional services required to move the technology forward toward the market place.

The NEC also does validations for a fee, for those inventor groups that can afford it. If some of these prices are a too difficult for you, we may be willing to negotiate something inasmuch as we all want to see some great free energy technologies move forward.


What is it we are "validating"? A working free energy device prototype that can be tested. It needs to have the potential of being a practical renewable energy device. Feel free to review our Congress:Technology Criteria for what constitutes a great breakthrough clean energy technology.

Inasmuch as there are plenty of agencies that will validate conventional free energy technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, tide, wave for the NEC to get involved, the technology needs to be of the "exotic" variety, such as magnet motor, cold fusion, zero point energy, water fuel, HHO, gravity motor, etc – something that appears to violate known laws of physics. We will also consider validating game-changing conventional free energy technologies, if their extent of being on the cutting edge has made it difficult to get usual testing agencies to get involved.

We recommend that you have at least two working prototypes, inasmuch as the replication itself is strong evidence of a reproducible effect, and that you know how you got working results. If you only have one working prototype, you will need to sign a waiver that holds the tester(s) and the NEC harmless if something should accidentally happen to the prototype during testing and inspection.

Fee Schedule (Overview)

Time-based amounts can be prorated within reason. Fees for each step should be paid in advance. Review can be done under NDA if requested.

# Rough pre-screen by a small committee, to ascertain possible interest. $50

# Review of the evidence by the NEC, including: written claims, photos, videos, witness/testimonial statements. $500.

# Have someone from the NEC network go see the technology as a preliminary inspection to roughly confirm. $500/day (time) + travel + lodging + measuring equipment. (It's rare that the inventor and/or inspector won't already have needed measuring equipment). Alternatively, the claimant can go see the NEC associate willing to review @ $400 / day.

# Determine the tools, personnel and resources required to achieve a strong validation. $500/day. NEC reaches agreement w/ claimant on test procedures.

# Carry out strong validation procedure. Claimant pays direct costs for equipment rental, any special experts who must be hired, travel, lodging, expenses, and $500/day for NEC time.

# Report preparation, whether private under NDA or for publication. $1500 + $500/day for reports that take longer than three days to prepare.

# Press Release preparation. Fee: $200.

# Extra: Independent replication, if plausible. Fee: materials cost, expenses, and labor, by a recommended replicator, whose charges may vary widely.

# Replication Report. Fee: $1000

Thus, for a cost of around $10,000 to $15,000 your technology that could be worth billions can be vetted. The total amount of money can be minimized by claimants who are cooperative, and/or do homework. Those who stall, are uninformed, and/or obstinate will take more time and pay higher fees as a result. A credible report would do much to open doors and set you apart from the thousands of claimants.

Definition of

The NEC members and advisors are listed at

We also work closely with Chava Energy, who has many qualified validators. Ditto for the New Energy Movement, and The Orion Project.

Additionally, we are networked with a wide range of people from around the planet who can assist in the technology screening and proving process.

If you know someone who is qualified, please feel free to recommend them to us, and if we are satisfied with their credentials and reputation, then we may utilize them as an "associate."

Apply for Validation / Steps

Fees can be remitted via PayPal, check, wire transfer, or cash in person.

You can pay as you go, with the objective of going the distance. You can discontinue the process at any point.

We would be glad to list the progress of the validation process on our site, as it proceeds, if you don't mind.


For the first screening test, we don't need very much information – just enough to be able to know what is claimed. We actually prefer brevity for this step.

Proposals can be sent to info {at}

Fee: $50.

Can be sent by PayPal to orders {at}

or by check to

New Energy Congress

PO Box 429

Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647

Review of Evidence

If pre-screening is passed, we'll need more information to more fully assess the technology.

The purpose of this step is to see if your technology is worth taking a trip to go see in person. Remember, that while your technology might be exciting to you, doesn't necessarily mean it will be exciting to others. (My baby is the most beautiful baby syndrome.)

From the following list, please provide as much information as you can. If you don't know the answer to an item, or it is too complicated or overwhelming, or irrelevant, go ahead and skip it. Just bear in mind that the more information we have, the better job we will be able to do in reviewing and assessing your technology's viability.

Device Description

General field (electromagnetic, magnet motor, water fuel, etc)

Size and weight

Description of operation

Input (how measured)

Output (how measured)

Self-looping with energy left over?

If the device application involves a "with vs. without" scenario, then please describe the "control" conditions (the "without" application).

Duration of longest continuous run

Optimal speed, maximum speed ran

Stability of prototype

Approximate cost of prototype materials

Version of prototype

Previous version status (cannibalized to make later versions?) and performance

How much development effort, time and money do you believe it would take to make a good proof of concept device?

Validations to date

Replication(s) by others?

Third party validation? By whom?

Data, including identity of person taking data and their credentials

Witness statements and contact information


Photos, from different angles

Inventor/Company information


YouTube channel or other social network sites

Brief bio

Portfolio of other successes

Are you self taught or do you have a mainstream education?

Contact information

Do you believe there is a conspiracy to suppress such inventions? If yes, would you be willing to allow the design (if it works) to be leaked in order to circumvent the conspiracy?

Is "OS" an option you are considering?

Other helpful info

Status of Intellectual Property

NDA required?

Patent filed?

Where did you get the idea?

If you believe it original, have you done searching to see if anyone has already tried it?

Fee to review: $500

First Validation Visit

If your technology passes the more thorough review, then we will want to arrange to have one of our associates see your technology in operation. The purpose of this visit will be to confirm that the device exists and appears to operate as claimed. That can be accomplished either by you traveling to where an NEC associate is located, or for a nearby, qualified and available NEC associate to travel to where you are located.

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Determine What is Needed for a Strong Validation

With that information, we can then make a determination as to what a more complete validation review should entail, including what kind of equipment should be used, and what credentialed professional should be called upon to witness and attest, signing an affidavit as to its performance.

Possible professionals might include:

An NEC associate that has the necessary credentials.

A professor from a local university in a related field.

An energy professional, such as a Power Supervisor at a local utility or municipality.

There should be at least two credentialed witnesses, both willing to sign an affidavit if the technology performs as claimed.

The objective will be to propose a test protocol that the claimant will be in agreement with, and which will qualify as a "validation event," which will be taken seriously by financiers, business interests, engineers, and other professionals that will be needed to advance the technology into the marketplace.

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Strong Validation

This is the primary objective of this whole process – to get credentialed person(s) to witness your technology in operation, with the proper tools to measure it and sign an affidavit that it does perform as claimed.

This procedure should be documented by video, with an NEC associate present to witness and assist in the event.

We strongly recommend against doing this with a crowd present, inasmuch as the testers might be distracted by the crowd and not think clearly to rule out all possible alternative explanations for the performance of the device. A crowd also tends to introduce a time element – not wanting to waste people's time. The investigators need to take the time required to run the tests needed.

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Report Preparation

After doing the validation sequence, whatever the outcome, we can prepare a report giving the particulars and summary of the process and conclusions.

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Press Release

We would also be glad to prepare a press release. Inasmuch as PES Network is largely a free energy news organization, you can count on a story appearing at, if you don't mind, free of charge. That can be adapted into press release format.

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Extra: Independent Replication

One of the best validations of a technology is for someone else to be able to reproduce the effect. We are networked with some very talented replicators who are likely to be glad to assist in this process. A report can be prepared with that as well.

You can go straight to this step following the first two screening steps, if you prefer, prior to the "strong validation" step.

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Awards Available

There have been a number of awards offered for someone who can produce a working exotic free energy device. See our Directory:Awards.

As of Sept. 2010, the present kitty includes:

Over $15,000 from the contest.

$10,000 from Eric Krieg

Just with those two awards, you could recoup your cost of validation with money left over.

In the News

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