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Latest:Archive:2006 Sep-Dec

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"Latest" Archive: September - December 2006

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December 30, 2006
Image:Innovative technologies IP development process 95x95.jpg

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - In 2001, Primary Technologies (now Nova Institute of Technology, LLC of Salt Lake City, Utah) invested $185,000 hiring three MBA accounting firms, who spent a year to come up with an IP development pipeline, which is a gateway process for taking disruptive technologies from concept stage to market.

December 28, 2006

Directory:Zeitgeist - Index of annual energy technology reviews and other energy trend reports.

December 27, 2006
Image:Aura to Aether 95x95.jpg

Directory:Aether - index of Aether companies, applications, theories

PowerPedia:Aether - includes review of Netwonian aether, Luminiferous aether, gravitational aether, Einstein-aether and general relativity.

December 26, 2006
Image:Cents per kW-h PESWiki 95x95.jpg

Tools > Directory:Cents Per Kilowatt-Hour - Energy modality comparison based on projected "cents per kilowatt-hour". Ranging from Gas, Coal and Nuclar, to Solar, Wind, Tide, OTEC and other renewables.

December 25, 2006
Image:Citizenre solar home 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solar > Citizenre Corporation presents solar to residential customers at grid pricing - New company, scheduled to begin installing in Sept. 2007, manufactures, permits, owns, maintains, and operates the residential solar photovoltaic system. Homeowners pay for the electricity generated from these panels at a fixed rate that is at or below their current electricity price, for up to 25 years.

December 24, 2006
Image:Van der Togt Magnetic and Kinetic Energy 95x95.gif

Review:Paper:The Equivalence of Magnetic and Kinetic Energy - Article by Carel van der Togt "proves that QM/QED/QCD/. ... assumes, unjustified, that the electromagnetic field is (also) conservative." Subject: Cold Fusion and Omissions in Physics.

December 23, 2006
Image:Zsolooo Joe Cell components 95x95.jpg

OS:Bill Williams' Joe Cell > OS:Joe Cell:Replications:Zsolooo - Joe Cell list member, Zsolooo announced yesterday that he was able to get his 1985 Mazda 626 engine to run on nothing but the Joe Cell input for an hour after disconnected his fuel line.

December 22, 2006
Image:Hybrid adapter image 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Hybrid Vehicles > PowerPedia:Hybrid Adapter - A hybrid adapter, or HYBRAD, is a device which turns any passenger class vehicle into a multi-fuel / hybrid vehicle. One example is a hybrid adapter that simply plugs into the back of your vehicle and pushes it. Hybrid adapters run simultaneously, or in parallel, with your existing drivetrain.

December 17, 2006

Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:SuperMag by Enigma - Enigma G.C.'s "SuperMag", being marketed by Supervision Entertainment, allegedly uses manipulated magnetic fields to generate electricity sufficient to power the needs of a home or office building and provides clean electrical power for free to the consumer after the initial cost of the purchase and installation of the system.

Review:Book:Desborough:Blueprint For A Better World - Review of book by Desborough

December 16, 2006
Image:Ambient RF energy collection device 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solid State Generators > OS:Ambient Energy Collection Device - Byron Free Energy participant posts a method for harnessing radio frequency energy. The eventual objective would be to discriminate ambient space energy versus man-made radio waves, and to adequately amplify the energy to useful levels.

December 14, 2006

Directory:Wireless Transmission of Electricity - Index of technologies.

December 13, 2006
Image:HyPower Pac 95x95.jpg

Directory:HyPower Fuel Inc - HyPower Fuel Inc. claims to have run a Volkswagen GTi on its H2 Reactor hydrogen system that can allegedly produce sufficient hydrogen on demand, from water, to power the vehicle's internal combustion engine.

Image:Wal-Mart The High Cost of Low Price 95x95.jpg

(OT) Review:Movie:Wal-Mart:The High Cost of Low Prices - Documentary about how Wal-Mart pays substandard wages and skimps on benefits, encouraging employees to seek government assistance, bullies union attempts, eviscerates communities, allows sweat shop conditions in its source factories, violates environmental standards.

December 12, 2006

Directory:Levers - Some energy approaches do not appear to be a primary energy source, such as solar is, but they serve as a lever to amplify an existing energy source many times. These could be electrical or mechanical in nature.

December 11, 2006
Image:Milkovic seconday pendulum pump set-up 95x95.jpg

Directory:Milkovic Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator - Serbian inventor, Veljko Milkovi?, shows how leveraged secondary oscillations evince around twelve times more energy than the input energy supplied to the primary pendulum. Highest scientific rating of "original scientific work" granted the patented technology.

December 04, 2006
Image:John Bedini radiant short 95x95.jpg

Review:Video:Bearden:Energy from the Vacuum - Disc I, two hour DVD now available, featuring Tom Bearden, John Bedini, Walter Rosenthal and Peter Lindemann. First release in a multi-part series.


November 30, 2006
Image:Prestige sparks 95x95.jpg

Directory:Movies > Review:Movie:The Prestige - A must-see film, paints Tesla in a brilliant light, while two rival magicians go at each other. At the end of the film, one is left to wonder if Tesla is still too far ahead of our time, one hundred years later.

November 27, 2006
Image:Flying Hummer anim by FreeEnergyNews 95x95 bf32.gif

PowerPedia:Anti-gravity > Directory:Flying Cars - Could GM's advertising of flying cars have more substance than just a good marketing gig? At least two amateur video shots appear to catch cars in flight.

November 23, 2006
Image:ENECO thermal electric cooling collage 95x95.jpg

Directory:Thermal Electric > Directory:Eneco power chip - Utah company claims to have invented and patented a "solid state energy conversion/generation chip" that will convert heat directly into electricity or alternatively refrigerate down to -200 degrees Celsius when electricity is applied.

November 21, 2006
Image:OTEC Plant Ship specs 95x95.jpg

Directory:Sea Solar Power - OTEC company seeks to harness the solar energy stored in the sea by tapping the thermal gradient that exists naturally between the surface and deep waters, using a reverse refrigeration cycle.

November 20, 2006
Image:Dickson Piezoelectric generator diagram 95x95.jpg

Directory:Piezoelectric > Directory:Dickson Piezoelectric Generator - Richard Dickson proposes using the piezoelectric effect for generating electricity, where pressure turns into electricity, from environments such as wave action or roadway impact. The question is one of cost and feasibility, not whether or not it would work.

November 19, 2006
Image:Plurion Redox Battery 95x95.jpg

Directory:Batteries > Directory:Utility Scale Batteries > Directory:Plurion Systems Inc - Zinc/Cerium Redox technology for renewable or grid electrical storage provides the highest power density of any battery on the market. The environmentally benign organic electrolyte is maintenance-free, making it possible to engineer sealed battery modules in the range of 250kW - 5MW, which can be connected to meet larger power requirements.

November 17, 2006

Directory:Batteries > Directory:Tel Aviv Nano Battery - Nano battery developed at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, is as thick as a strand of hair and holds up under extreme heat.

November 16, 2006
Image:CERA 2040 undulating peak sq 95x95.gif

Directory:Peak Oil - The Cambridge Energy Research Associates report released Tuesday says that world oil production will continue to increase for the next 24 years, and then level into an undulating plateau, followed by a gradual decline.

Image:Free Energy Generation cover sq 95x95.jpg

Review:Book:Bearden:Free Energy Generation - by Tom Bearden, with John Bedini, is said to be a must-have for researchers attempting to harness the Tesla type radiant energy forces of nature. Skeptics demur.

November 07, 2006
Image:Raymond VAWT 95x95.jpg

Directory:Wind > Directory:Vertical Axis Wind Turbines > Directory:Raymond Cross-Flow-Blower Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - Frank Raymond wishes to pass the baton on his studies to someone else. Tested prototype.

November 06, 2006
Image:Hydrosphere 95x95.jpg

Directory:Dickson Hydrosphere - Invention by Richard Dickson is a new type of enclosed hydroelectric dam that works off pressure differentials in sea or deep lake water at great depths. Dickson claims it can generate up to 500 Megawatts of continuous, non-polluting, renewable energy out of sight in oceans or deep lakes.

November 04, 2006
Image:SDE Wave Power 95x95.jpg

Directory:Ocean Wave Energy > Directory:S.D.E. Energy Ltd. - S.D.E. Energy Ltd. in Tel Aviv, Israel uses shoreline wave action combined with cantilever connected to hydraulics to run a generator. Commercially ready in process of implementing.


October 25, 2006
Image:Eestor cell 95x95.jpg

Directory:EEStore - Texas company is working on an "energy storage" device made from ceramics. It's not technically a battery because it doesn't use chemicals. It can allegedly charge within 5 minutes with enough energy to move a car 500 miles on about $9 worth of electricity -- about 45 cents a gallon.

October 21, 2006
Image:Magratten motor side wires 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Magratten Electromagnetic Motor - site launched to announce completion of the Gary Magratten motor, now available for sale, for research purposes. Said to be 200% over-unity no independent verification known.

October 13, 2006
Image:Steven Marks toroid generator powering 100W bulb 95x95.jpg

Directory:Solid State Generators > Directory:Steve Marks Toroid Generator - Five 1997 videos of several solid-state TPU prototypes posted. Small unit (6" diam x 2" high x 1" thick toroid) is shown powering a 100W bulb, a 3-amp drill, a television, and a small vacuum. Said to harness the power of the Earth's electromagnetic field. Larger unit puts out 7 amps could power an electric vehicle. Forum created to pursue the tech.

October 10, 2006
Image:EBM C44 unit 95x95.jpg

Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Energy By Motion (EBM) - Out of the blue, a company in Hungary (originally from Toronto) springs on the scene with three humongous prototypes getting 6% over-unity, complete with patents, scientific certifications, demo hours, and a price tag for a power plant. The alleged rate: 6 cents/kW-hour.

October 5, 2006
Image:Kokhala process 95x95.jpg

Directory:Home Generation:Cogeneration > Directory:Kokhala EnergyCell - Technology harnesses 120+ degrees from a wide variety of sources to generate electricity, for reliable, affordable, clean power for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

October 3, 2006
Image:Phoenix Motorcars Cabriolet 95x95.jpg

Directory:Phoenix Motorcars - Phoenix Motorcars, headquartered in Ojai, California, is an early leader in the mass production of full function, freeway speed electric automobiles. Entertaining fleet orders.


September 30, 2006
Image:Blue Energy turbine concept drawing 95x95.gif

Directory:Blue Energy - Company now implementing its technology commercially. Turbine design, which acts as a highly efficient underwater vertical-axis windmill, could product energy for as cheaply as two cents per kilowatt hour, well below commercial grid energy wholesale prices today.

September 28, 2006
Image:Balkee Tide and Wave Electricity Generator prototype 95x95.jpg

Directory:Balkee Tide and Wave Electricity Generator - Raj Balkee of Mauritius, has invented an energy conversion device that uses a floating buoy to advance a unidirectional generator, harnessing the up-and-down motion of waves and tide. Seeks participation to further advance the design and project. (PESWiki)

September 19, 2006
Image:NuVinci hub breakout 95x95.jpg

Directory:NuVinci CVP - Continuously variable gear technology is introduced in a bicycle hub application, from there to then be applied elsewhere. Provides an infinite number of gear ratios. Allows shifting while at a stop, using simple controls.

September 16, 2006
Image:AKOIL generator and logo 95x95.jpg

Directory:AKOIL Power Generators - Russian company claims to have a fuel-less generator. Is taking orders for units from 100kW up to 10 MW. Ten kilowatt demo allegedly available for assessment. Previous experience with company/dealers suggests caution.

Reviews - index of reviews of movies, books, theories, products.

September 13, 2006
Image:Who killed the electric car smashed 95x95.jpg

Review:Who Killed the Electric Car? - Mary-Sue reviews this film about how California's forward-looking environmental legislation met Oil-zilla.

Image:Why are gas prices so high 95x95.jpg

Review:Why are Gas Prices So High - Mary-Sue reviews book by Canadian author, that looks at a psychological component and solution to the greed that drives oil dependency.

September 11, 2006
Image:St Lucie County Solid Waste Geoplasma 95x95.jpg

Directory:Geoplasma, LLC - Company's technology converts landfills into electricity and roads, by vaporizing garbage at temperatures hotter than parts of the sun. Lightning-like plasma arcs turn trash into gas and rock-like material.

September 9, 2006
Image:PowerTech RVC CurrentCollectorComparison 95x95.jpg

Directory:Batteries:Power Technology, Inc. - Patented lead acid battery breakthrough of Power Technology, Inc. claims smaller battery size, less weight, more ampere hour capacity, increased energy density, less lead, more environment friendly, superior recharge capabilities and longer life.

September 8, 2006
Image:Hybrio package 95x95.jpg

Directory:Batteries:Hybrio - Hybrio by UniRoss is ready to use out of the package, lasts up to 4x longer than standard alkalines on each charge, holds its charge for months, and can be reused over and over for three-plus years.

September 7, 2006
Image:Hydristor Hydraulic Transmission 95x95.jpg

Directory:Transmissions - Efficient designs for Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) and Infinitely Variable Transmissions (IVT) optimize engine efficiency, resulting in fuel economy improvement and reduced emissions. Hybrid models use electric motors or hydraulics for regenerative braking and energy storage.

September 6, 2006
Image:Transparent sliver substrate ANU 95x95.jpg

Directory:Sliver Solar Cells - New manufacturing process developed at the Australian National University uses as little as one tenth the amount of hyper-pure silicon as in square solar PV technology. Manufacturing plant is complete, and process testing is underway. Commercial modules projected to be available by mid 2007.

September 4, 2006
Image:Floating Solar Chimney Power Station 95x95.gif

Directory:Floating Solar Chimney - A variant of the concrete Directory:Solar Tower concept. The floating chimney is a light-weight structure made of a set of lifting balloon rings filled with a lighter than the air gas. Result is projected to be cost-competitive with grid electricity generation.

September 3, 2006
Image:Disturbed self-compensating symmetry sketch 95x95.jpg

Directory:Disturbed Self-Compensating Symmetry - The basic premise of the technology is that nature seeks symmetry and balance. The symmetry has inner stability. A temporary imbalance imposed wants to return to balance. Can this force be harnessed for output energy? A series of torsion springs is used to create this im/balance.

September 2, 2006
Image:Negative pressure supercharging module 95x95.jpg

Directory:Impulse Engine Technology Pty Ltd. - Negative Pressure Supercharging supercharges engine from the inside using a highly advanced new supercharging process and NO air pump, transforming an engine into a "fuel efficient torque monster", improving fuel economy by as much as 30%.

September 1, 2006
Image:Get Hydro Power logo splash 95x95.jpg

Directory:Get Hydro Power (.com) - Next generation hydrogen boost technology announced, with present performance in range of 15% to 50% improvement in fuel economy. Latest innovation may boost that to between 50% and 100% mileage improvement.

Image:Sorghum 95x95.jpg

Directory:Sorganol Biofuel - Sorganol® is ethanol made from sweet sorghum. Sweet Sorghum may be the best alternative fuel crop to grow in the continental United States for the production of ethanol. It converts sunlight directly into sugars, eliminating the costly starch to sugar process. These sugars are converted into ethanol at nearly zero fossil fuel inputs.

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