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Latest:Archive:2005 Nov-Dec

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Dec. 16, 2005

Directory:Fuel Efficiency can be used as a green low-cost fuel in modified diesel engines.

Dec. 15, 2005

Directory:Home Generation:Cogeneration of combined heat and power (CHP). Featuring the Proe Power Systems afterburning Ericsson Cycle Engine. Much simpler and more efficient than Stirling engines.

Dec. 9, 2005

PowerPedia:Testatika - Alleged free energy electromagnetic generator includes an inductance circuit, a capacitance circuit, and a thermionic rectification valve.

PowerPedia:Motionless Electrical Generator (encyclopedic entry) - The Motionless Electrical Generator (MEG) is an electromagnetic generator without moving parts which includes a permanent magnet and a magnetic core including first and second magnetic paths.

Dec. 8, 2005

Directory:Home Generation:Fuel Cell - Co-generation of heat and electricity.

Dec. 5, 2005

Directory:MEG - Claims three previously working prototypes of a device that extracts energy from the vacuum of space.

Congress:Member:Kenneth M. Rauen - New Energy Congress member profile page created.

Dec. 4, 2005

Directory:Magnetic Power Inc - Mark Goldes' company claims to have product nearly ready for market projected 2006.

Directory:High Pressure Electrolysis - techniques the produce high pressure H2 directly from electrolysis, for savings in efficiency of production infrastructure.

Dec. 2, 2005

'Directory:Trans Information - Trans information is defined as any knowledge, idea, or theory derived via 'Extra Physical' means. For the purpose of new energy devices it is not important exactly what these means claim to be, other than a brief description.

Directory:Acetone:PhoenixZorn - went from 11 mpg to 15 mpg using 2 oz / 10 gal. (Nov. 18, 2005)

Directory:Acetone:Volvo:Randy - went from 24.95 mpg to 26.12 mpg using 2.5 oz / 10 gal. (Nov. 12, 2005)


Nov. 30, 2005

Directory:Blacklight Power

Directory:Fuel Efficiency - On-board electrolysis of water produces hydrogen and oxygen gas which is injected into the air/fuel mixture of gasoline or diesel engines. Improved fuel efficiencies of 15% to 40% are claimed.

Acetone:Data:Nissan:March:Julius - Julius Huang reports improved performance. (Nov. 30, 2005)

Nov. 18, 2005
Image:Vacuum chamber 95x95.jpg

Directory:Focus Fusion - Lawrenceville Plasma Physics is currently researching and developing the Plasma Focus Device for hydrogen-boron nuclear fusion. Focus Fusion is projected to be a safe, clean, easy, reliable energy solution that could provide electricity at a few tenths of a cent per kilowatt-hour.

Nov. 16, 2005

Directory:Gabriel Kron - &quotArguably the greatest electrical scientist ever produced by the United States.&quot

Directory:Reverse Engineering UFO Craft

Nov. 15, 2005

Directory:Home Generation:Space Heater cost only a few cents per hour to run. Save money by heating only the rooms you use. Gently heats without a fan so doesn't dry out the air or blow dust around.

Nov. 5, 2005

Directory:Powercorp - Powercorp is based in Darwin, NT, Australia and provides systems for the control of isolated grids including diesel automation, wind/diesel intergration and flywheel storage.

Nov. 4, 2005
Image:Supertech devices 95.jpg

Directory:Supertech by United Auto Technologies - Super Tech® is a catalyst device that is immersed in the fuel tank, where it emits infrared and electromagnetic waves. These waves apparently affect the way that the fuel molecules interact with each other, allowing a more favorable combustion of the fuel, resulting in 6% to 12% savings and reduced emissions. Extensive documentation.

Nov. 1, 2005

Directory:Home Generation - New pages for solar heating, water softener and space heater under Core Technologies. Of special interest on the space heater page is the Midnight Sun Stove® by JX Crystals Inc. It is a propane fired heating stove lined with gallium antimonide (GaSb) photovoltaic cells that respond to infrared radiation (ThermoPhotoVoltaics). The company is developing a 1.5KWe Combined Heat and Power system that will provide all of the space heat, hot water and electricity for a single family home.

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