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Latest:Archive:2005 January-February

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"Latest" Archive


February 2005

Sunday, Feb. 27

Directory:Earth's Magnetic Pole Shift - Science has documented numerous reversals of the Earth's magnetic field in the past. Another reversal is pending. How long will it take? How will it effect energy devices that involved magnetic or electromagnetic phenomena?

January 2005

Monday, Jan. 31

Directory:Batteries - index of reference materials and links

Sunday, Jan. 30

Directory:Batteries:Increase Voltage Under Load - Virgin 12-volt lead-acid batteries increase in voltage under load (e.g. bulb) for a while after an initial rapid drop, before they gradually drop in voltage.

Friday, Jan. 28

Directory:BatMax - Add to any battery to extend life, speed up charge time, rejuvenate battery. Now in production and being shipped to retailers in U.S. and elsewhere.

Wednesday, Jan. 26

Events:Seattle Weird Sciences Salon - "Weird science guy" Bill Beaty hosts a monthly geek gathering in Seattle devoted to various quirky science topics, usually having to do with alternative energy and Nikola Tesla. Weekly meetings also held. Consider commencing something like this where you live.

Directory:Bar-Gadda LLC - Prototype device converts water vapor or steam into hydrogen using a process called radiant energy transfer. Efficiency around 90%. Yields in excess of 80% H.

Tuesday, Jan. 25

Events:2005:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - July 28-31, Salt Lake City, UT. A highlight 'free energy' event of the year, hosted by the Institute for New Science and TeslaTech.

Sunday, Jan. 23

Events:Energy Independence Day - help promote/implement it in your city, state, country.

Friday, Jan. 21
Image:Ben SEBCAR Doubler voltage 2 stagesJan21 2005 100.jpg

Directory:SEBCAR:Replications:Ben K4ZEP - Photos and scopeshot posted. Commencing tuning and testing.

Image:PM3 K Pullo shdw.jpg

Directory:Magnetic Motors:PM3 - Original project by Felipe Gonzales for a permanent magnet machine. Computer simulations show that it is able to run. This machine is based on theory of TOMI tracks.

Thursday, Jan. 20
Image:Vlusta Generator Coil Post Tuning 100.jpg

Directory:SEBCAR:Replications:Vlusta - Scope shot given from a device operating similar to M. Charley's SEBCAR over unity claim. Says that Bedini published a similar scope shot several months ago.

Monday, Jan. 17
Image:MCharley Sebcar 2 photo 98.jpg

Directory:SEBCAR - Says one battery charges multiple batteries. Plans being presented for this spin-off of Bedini SG.

Friday, Jan. 14

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Monsieur Bonheur-SG - He had previously replicated a more difficult Bedini iteration, but was intrigued to see what he could do with the SG.

Directory:Feel Good Cars - ZENN stands for "Zero Emissions No Noise". Designed for around-town driving, it has a maximum speed of 25 mph with range of 30-40 miles. Full charge after six hours on a standard 110-volt outlet. Three hours gives it a 80% charge.

Directory:Paintable plastic solar cells using quantum dots - New materials science from Univ. of Toronto can harness the sun's invisible, infrared rays, and could deliver up to five times the power of the most advanced photovoltaic cells today.

Tuesday, Jan. 11

Directory:SEBCAR - "Super Efficient Battery Charger And Re-energizer" variant of the Bedini SG said to operate in a mode of extracting more energy than it uses. Not yet independently replicated or verified.

Sunday, Jan. 9
Image:Chaim Yankle ZPE.jpg

Directory:Chaim Yankle ZPE - Claims to have a Zero Point Energy machine that "absorbs the energy of ZPE amplifies it and rectifies it, making a modicum of free energy in the process.

Saturday, Jan. 8
Image:Marcus self-running Bedini SG b.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Marcus:Self-Running - Using a damaged resistor, Marcus was able to plug the output straight into the input battery. Observed increase in voltage, with output-to-input current apparent over unity short-term. Photos and video.

Tuesday, Jan. 4

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp21 Load Test Solid State - Solid state charge works better than rotational charge at the same charging current. For the spinning rotor scenario, I implemented most of John Bedini's recent suggestions. Neither test reveals over unity, though the solid state test looked at first like it was going to. 17 pp of data posted.

Monday, Jan. 3

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Atlantis - three iterations.

Sunday, Jan. 2

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:butlergrt - Says he has achieved over unity with several configurations since the third week of November. In process of conveying details.

Saturday, Jan. 1

PowerPedia:Parallel Path Magnet Technology - Joe Flynn's Parallel Path technology is based upon the confinement, manipulation, and direction of flux fields within a core. While exotic performance is obtained, the basis for the art resides within accepted principals of physics.

Directory:PODcore - Two wind layers on the ring magnet stack provide additional potential to the demagnetization cycle taking place on the core.

Directory:CDmotor - Apparatus objective is to mimic the exotic results claimed by Robert Adams, yet in a low cost with ubiquitous materials.

Image:DavidAllan balances 1egg a.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp20.1 Balancing the Egg - Sterling reports a phenomenon in which a quasi-steady balance point is attained between solid state resonance and the first rotation speed. At that point, the meter jumps all over the place.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Walter - 16-year-old from Argentina achieves rotation on Dec. 31, 2004 using Used a CD drive as a shaft and a CD as a wheel.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Marcus:Data:flux coil test - Marcus reports the results of his slight modification of the Bedini SG. Data shows 175% efficiency, but certain factors are not being taken into consideration.

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