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Latest:Archive:2004 October-December

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"Latest" Archive


December 2004

Friday, Dec. 31

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Marcus - pre- and post-load on his Bedini SG.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp18:Watts - Sterling posts YoTango's results and concedes that his (Sterling's) assumptions about Watt usage were flawed, and that an OU conclusion is not supported by Exp. 18.

Thursday, Dec. 30

Tools:So, You Think You Have Free Energy - 'YoTango' sets forth a recommended procedure for (1) confirming the claim and (2) publishing, to avoid shut-down.

Tuesday, Dec. 28

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp18 Load Test - Though output was less than input, the amount of energy required to keep the motor wheel in motion during charge bespeaks the tapping of radiant energy. (PESWiki Dec. 28)

Monday, Dec. 27

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Monsieur Bonheur - "I think that closing the magnetic field helped removing resistance from the motor while increasing efficiency."

Friday, Dec. 24

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:linesrg - Has been wanting to build a Bedini for a year. Success on Christmas eve. Slight modification from plans.

Wednesday, Dec. 22

Directory:Bedini SG:Coaching:Dec 21 '04 - John gives several tips on how to optimize the Bedini SG, from how to tune in the base resistor, to wire gauge modifications. He would like to see us get to the point that we can run a 500 W inverter.

Saturday, Dec. 18

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Marcus:NiMH Rejuvenated - Digital camera batteries would barely take a charge before. After being charged with Bedini SG, they nearly out-perform factory new batteries.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp16:D-Size Rechargeable NiCd - A baby swing ran 1.43 times longer after the second charge of four NiCd D-size batteries.

Friday, Dec. 17

OS:Tomdbum Vortex - An idea for creating a water vortex and tapping the energy. No prototype yet.

Image:Bedini SG by SDA Exp17 Dec17 2004 101.jpg

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - Flirting with over unity -- tapping into some external source of energy. Commenced Dec. 10, 2004, still under way as of Dec. 17.

Thursday, Dec. 16
Image:Marcus Replication Bedini SG thumb shdw1.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Marcus - Belated index of his work since Nov. 19. Novel approach to kick starting solid state measuring radiant spike. Happy 23 birthday.

Directory:SION Power - Developing a new generation of rechargeable lithium-sulfur batteries for mobile electronics and electric vehicles.

Monday, Dec. 13
Image:SDA Bedini SG Exp14 Exp13 Average Voltages thumb.gif
Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp14.2 Steady State Discharging - Compares Steady State Discharge with Average Voltage Drop During Continuous Rotation of Conditioned Batteries. Dec. 3-10.

Directory:Bedini SG:Operating Instructions - instruction page created.

Saturday, Dec. 12

Net Battery Capacity Goes Up after 28 Hours - Capacity is a much more indicative measurement than just battery voltage. Possible proof that radiant energy is coming into the system.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Jim:Data:Exp7 - Jim uses an LED light to see just when the trigger and discharge windings are activated as the magnet passes over the coil, showing evidence for the function of the scalar south pole.

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] - Multiple batteries being charged at the same time tend toward the same voltage. Input voltage seen by the output batteries. Input batteries upon rotation recoil to an extrapolated line.

Thursday, Dec. 9

Tools:Measurement Know How : A page dedicated to aid in measuring OU devices. Tips & tricks and more.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Jack Welch - Has applied magnets of 2x size tried different transistors to match.

Tuesday, Dec. 7
Image:MCharley Second Motor Second Coil Closeup 80h.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:MCharley - First accomplished Nov. 28. Two builds.

Directory:Synchronous Solar Heliostat - William A. Rhodes presents synopsis of three of his expired patents that describe a mirror arrangement enables tracking of sun without movement of parts.

Monday, Dec. 6

Rick Friedrich's Profile - PESWiki participant in Bedini SG replication and director of Bearden book study group project.

Sunday, Dec. 5
Image:Oneness Bedini SG Motor2adqsmallneodouble 90.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:oneness - using two parallel wheels, achieving solid state resonance right off. First reported Dec. 5, 2004

Saturday, Dec. 4

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Rick Friedrich:Dec. 5 2004 - general observations of interesting charging phenomenon.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:HS - Advanced form of Bedini SG. First reported Dec. 3, 2004

Friday, Dec. 3

Academy:Bearden Energy from the Vacuum - Index created by Rick Friedrich to begin a resource for the layman to grasp the difficult concepts presented in Tom Bearden's book.

Thursday, Dec. 2

Directory:DOE ColdFusion - "While significant progress has been made in the sophistication of calorimeters since the review of this subject in 1989, the conclusions reached by the reviewers today are similar to those found in the 1989 review."

November 2004

Tuesday, Nov. 30
Image:SDA Bedini SG Exp13 Rotating Conditioned Batts thumb.gif

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp13 Continuous Rotation of Conditioned Batteries - Four batteries being charged in Bedini SG circuit, taking turns on input, show voltage drop slight enough to encourage the notion that external (e.g. "radiant" / "aetheric") energy is being tapped.

Wednesday, Nov. 24

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp12.1-3 Same Output Three Different Input Scenarios - Each schenario delivered 0.040 amps +/- .001 to the receiving battery. One scenario entailed the wheel rotating at nearly twice the speed as another scenario. A third scenario entailed a large variation in the gap between the wheel and the coil. Battery charged a nominally the same rate each time.

Tuesday, Nov. 23

Directory:Bedini SG:Coaching - Index created to keep track of the various coaching comments John Bedini and his associate, Peter Lindemann, have provided.

Saturday, Nov. 20
Image:Rick Friedrich Bedini SG four rotate results thumb.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Gerhard Flemming - 12v that have been supercharged, rotated one at a time through the front end (input) show a gradual collective decline in charge over time.

Friday, Nov. 19
Image:Sitting Discharge Variations SDA Bedini SG Exp10p4 thumb.gif

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp10.4 Different Standing Discharge Rates - Batteries longest on the Bedini Circuit discharged significantly more slowly at first, but then after a day discharged to a lower voltage than those batteries that are more recent to the circuit and lower than one that was damaged early on, and dropped rapidly at first.

Wednesday, Nov. 17
Image:Gap Influence in Bedini SG SDA Exp11 thumbnail.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp11 Gap Distance - Exp. 11 by SDA shows that the closest distance does not produce optimum RPM. (Nov. 15,16 data)

Sunday, Nov. 14

Directory:Bedini SG:Welcome to Participants - Page created to orient project newcomers in how to post their reports on this site.

Image:Ohms v Amps v RPM SDA Bedini SG Exp10 thumbnail.gif

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp10.2 Ohms v Amps v RPM Chart - Sterling's Bedini SG data shows several regions in which two stable rotation speeds are obtained at the same resistance in the Bedini SG circuit. Looking for ideal resistance for running the motor-energizer.

Saturday, Nov. 13

Directory:Bedini SG:Mission Accomplished - Peter Lindemann remarks that the core purpose of the project was accomplished with the first replication report last month. As is, the system is not intended as an excess energy generation device.

Tuesday, Nov. 9

Directory:Bedini SG:Theory:Radiant Energy - Peter Lindemann presents a portion of his theory as to how radiant energy works, and how this is illustrated in the Bedini SG motor-charger.

Monday, Nov. 8
Image:Rick Friedrich Bedini SG.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Rick Friedrich - accomplished Nov. 8, 2004 using CD drive for bearings and CDs to hold magnets.

Tools:RPM - optical tach, multimeter option, makeshift oscilloscope, etc.

Sunday, Nov. 7

Directory:Bedini SG:Materials:Resistor - From 47 ohms to 20k ohms, the "volume/speed control" for this device, from changing rate of rotation to the frequency of resonance in solid state (no rotation) mode, including an audible frequency range.

Friday, Nov. 5
Image:Jim Bedini SG scope no charge batt Nov4 04 100.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Jim - Achieved resonance from the circuit prior to obtaining rest of components to build rotating portion of device. Reports various outputs when modulating the resistance.

Thursday, Nov. 4

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp9 Zero Current Charge - Extrapolating to a point where output current goes to zero, with high frequency pulsing of the circuit, the expected results were to see super robust batteries. Instead, the load test showed no change. Perhaps different load types respond differently?

October 2004

Sunday, Oct. 31
Image:SDA Bedini SG solid state Ohms v Amps two voltage levels two curves 041024 140.gif

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp6:Charts Graphing ohms versus amps. Includes discovery of "zero charge" output point.

Saturday, Oct. 30

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp8 Load Test - Battery 2 had been all over the Bedini circuit and was fairly well conditioned. Battery 5 started later, and was only "solid state" (no moving parts) charged, including the "no current" charge.

Friday, Oct. 29

Directory:Bedini SG:Calculations:Deceleration - Calculating Frictional Lossess from Deceleration Data.

Thursday, Oct. 28

Directory:Batteries:Most Ah ratings are incorrect - How to calculate more accurately to know your battery's true capacity and extend its life.

Directory:Bedini SG:Cautions - Dangers associated with this project are mainly with the batteries, but also with wheel rotation and soldering. Be sure you understand the risks and that you take necessary precautions.

Wednesday, Oct. 27

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp8 Load Test.

Sunday, Oct. 24

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:BonfireBuddhist - Hit solid state resonance right off, without realize that is what he did. Couldn't get wheel to turn, yet the squealing sound results in output batteries being charged.

Saturday, Oct. 23

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp6 page commenced. Experiment to (1) determine the window where solid state (no wheel rotation, but circuit activation by resonance) can take place (2) supercharge more batteries, seeking optimal solid state charge profile in process.

Thursday, Oct. 21

Directory:Bedini SG:Battery Characteristics - Ramifications for Bedini SG project.

Directory:Bedini SG:Battery Characteristics:Hard to Measure - comment by Dennis Turner

Wednesday, Oct. 20

Directory:Bedini SG:Bedini Comments:Data Collection Methods Used - Discusses his methods of collecting and analyzing data relevant to his various circuit designs. Mentions battery analyzer, wave forms discusses Tesla's radiant energy and back EMF.

Image:Monsieur Bonheur Bedini Birdeyeview-no timing wheel 100.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Monsieur Bonheur - This is not a Bedini SG replication, but a more advanced Bedini variant. Uses four coils. Prelim data shows charging of receiving batteries.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:T Cullen - Reporting on his five different replications and results.

Tuesday, Oct. 19

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp5 - in process of running Bedini "School Girl" (simplified) experiement on various resistances versus amps and rpm.

Sunday, Oct. 17
Image:Bedini2 001C.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Rick Reynolds - successfully built Oct. 17, 2004. Horizontal version.

More (create a page to report your replication and data collection progress)

Friday, Oct. 15

Directory:Nanotechnology - Index created to compile applications of nanotechnology that can aid in more efficient energy generation.

Wednesday, Oct. 13
Image:Gerhard Flemming Bedini SG 101.gif

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Gerhard Flemming - Uses a target board for the rotor and PVC pipe for frame. Achieved rotation Oct. 13, 2004.

Image:TCullen Bedini 100.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:T Cullen - Achieved eureka last night, replicating the system using a CD-ROM drive for rotor. The thing spins nearly as fast as a CD-ROM drive.

Monday, Oct. 11
Image:Susan Carter Bedini SG unpainted crop 100.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Susan Carter - Achieved rotation Oct. 11, 2004. Video, photos, and data pending.

Directory:Stefan Hartmann Circuit - Purports to be a radiant energy technology, highlights the work and replications of Joseph Newman's motor.

Sunday, Oct. 10
Image:SDA repl Bedini SG b 90.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp1 Switching in out - A preview of data presently being collecting from first experimental run.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Lindemann Coaching - Suggestions about the Bedini "School Girl" (simplified) replication and experiment.

Saturday, Oct. 9

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan - Now collecting data from first experimental run.

Friday, Oct. 8
Image:Light angelinaV ball lightning 80.jpg

PowerPedia:Ball Lightning - both naturally occurring and as seen in laboratory by Kiril Chukanov

PowerPedia:Kiril Chukanov - first to harness Ball Lightning.

Thursday, Oct. 7

Directory:Using Light Finesse Instead of Brute Force in Water Molecule Dissociation - Kim Blake describes his theory about a plausible way to extract hydrogen from water using particular vibrations of light.

Wednesday, Oct. 6

Directory:Krystal Planet - a multi-level marketing company whose product is green energy technology and promotion.

Tuesday, Oct. 5

OS:Bedini SG:Previous:Data - Index page created for data reports from previous school girl design, different from the one presently being featured at PESWiki.

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