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Latest:Archive:2004 January-September

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"Latest" Archive



Thursday, Sept. 30
Image:John Bendini with wheel 120.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG - plans, materials, schematic. Doesn't get easier than this. Original witnessed by four PES personnel.

Sunday, Sept. 26
Image:AE WindTurbine Plans sideblade 130.jpg

Directory:Home Generation:Wind Turbine - index of wind turbines for home power generation

Directory:Jua Kali Micro Wind Turbines - 'Wind Cruiser' turbine built from locally-obtainable components, provides electricity cost-effectively to home and small business applications.

Image:Peter A Lindemann 100.jpg

Directory:Peter Lindemann - one of the world's foremost experts on explaining how radiant energy works. He is a foremost spokesman for Tesla's radiant energy, as well as the follow-up work by EV Gray and Moray.

Saturday, Sept. 25

Directory:Asymmetric Parabolic Mirrors on a Filament of Platinum - System converts solar radiation into hydrogen utilizing ASYMETRIC PARABOLIC MIRRORS to create energy gradients that set up an energy flow on a platinum wire. This creates hydrogen from the water. Similar to SHEC labs, but possibly much cheaper and easier to build.

Friday, Sept. 24

Directory:Utility Metering via Satellite

Image:Hurricane crop 120.jpg
Thursday, Sept. 23

Directory:Vortex Technologies - Using the power of the vortex for pulverizing, propulsion, and energy generation.

Wednesday, Sept. 22
Image:StuartEnergy hydrogen generation 100.jpg

Directory:Hydrogen from Water - systems that produce hydrogen from water, from electrolysis, heat, or other mechanisms.

Directory:Ballard Power Systems - first indoor fuel cell systems for busses.

Tuesday, Sept. 21
Image:Bourke 30 Cubic Inch 2 Cylinder Engine 110.gif

Directory:Bourke Engine - continuous cycle is ~3x more efficient than standard 4-cycle engine now extant, with near 0 noxious emissions.

PowerPedia:Russell Bourke - Inventor of the Bourke Engine, whose continuous cycle is 3x more efficient than standard 4-stroke now extant.

Saturday, Sept. 18

Home Generation

Directory:Home Generation:Gray Water Recycling

Directory:Home Generation:Solar PV

Directory:Home Generation:Root Cellar

Directory:Home Generation:Geometric Designs

Image:Ground source heat pump 100b.gif
Friday, Sept. 17

Directory:Home Generation:Ground Source Heat Pump (by SDA)

Directory:Home Generation - Devices/systems now available for self-generation of power for home or small businesses. (by SDA)

Thursday, Sept. 16
Image:Ceperly sound wave heat exchanger 100.gif

Directory:Traveling-wave Engine - Adaptation of Stirling engine uses heat differential and acoustics. (by SDA)

PowerPedia:Viktor Schauberger - 1885 - 1958 Founder of implosion technology. Studied the phenomena of the fluidic vortices. (by Setori)

Tuesday, Sept. 14


: News/2004/09/14/6900043 Cosmic Inventor Assaults Researcher - Sonne Ward, purported inventor of free energy technologies, physically assaulted researcher Sterling D. Allan Saturday when Allan was questioning him about the source of the cosmic energy he was describing.


Sunday, Sept. 12
Image:Wyndpower demonstration homepage 145.jpg

Directory:Wyndpower Group - is developing a wind turbine system that can be mounted on a rooftop and that will respond to winds as low as 3.8 mph. Presently still in R&D. (page created by SDA)

PESWiki:History to chronicle site stats over time. (created by SDA)

Directory:Global Warming created by SDA

Saturday, Sept. 11

Directory:Chomp Chomp- energy technologies that derive their energy by tapping living pests (created by SDA)

Help:Uploading Images - instruction page created by SDA.

Thursday, Sept. 9

PowerPedia:Beta voltaic - Encyclopedic review of process that purports to produce or extract electricity from radioactive decay.

Wednesday, Sept. 8

OS:Klimator:Main Page - Viktor Schauberger designed and created a machine that can cool or heat the air in a cost effective manner. (Commenced by User:Setori)

Directory:Beta Voltaics - Index of resources pertaining to process that purports to produce or extract electricity from radioactive decay.

Directory:Deluge -- a company developing desalinization technology using geo hot water.

PESWiki:To Free Energy Colleages - Why it is in the interest of the FE cause to learn how to use wiki (user-editable website). by SDA

Tuesday, Sept. 7
Image:FutureHorizonsJetPack 111.jpg

Directory:Future Horizons - Consumer report page created to chronicle customer feedback on company that for two years has been the lead advertiser at Google for "free energy" devices, kits, plans. (posted by SDA)

Image:AE WindTurbine Plans sideblade 130.jpg

Directory:AE Wind Turbine Plans - comment page to accompany site that sells plans for $30.00. (posted by SDA)

Monday, Sept. 6

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - Energy does not directly originate from matter or vice versa, but that matter is simply a medium for it to "flow" through. (Composed by Iceweller)

Sunday, Sept. 5
Image:ElectroCharger 100.jpg

Directory:Electrocharger - World's first hybrid retrofit that allows you to convert your car into a hybrid electric vehicle. Takes the place of the alternator and contributes to acceleration.

OS:Elementary School Projects - beginnings of a page to develop projects for K-12 in alternative energy. (posted by SDA)

Saturday, Sept. 4

Category:README - explanation of "categories" feature.

Directory:Nikola Tesla - The man who invented the twentieth century is now shaping the twenty-first century as the "Father of Free Energy." (Also new: PowerPedia:Nikola Tesla) (pages begun by SDA))

Friday, Sept. 3

PESWiki:10 Reasons Why You Want Wiki - Think of life before the Internet. Think of how the Internet has changed your life. Then think Wiki. (by SDA)

Thursday, Sept. 2
Image:Raising MattB windmill 95.jpg

Directory:Wind Power

OS:Wind:ForceField - Commenced page to facilitate the open sourcing of Forcefield's windmill tech, designed to be built from scratch. (by SDA)

Directory:Hydrogen - index of technologies for both clean generation and use of H as fuel. (by SDA)

Directory - subsection created (by SDA)

Directory:Solar Hydrogen - expanded (by SDA)

Wednesday, Sept. 1

PowerPedia:Stirling Engine - transferred from Wikipedia


Tuesday, August 31

PESWiki:Translate (by SDA)

PESWiki:Navigation:Featured - left-hand "featured" item archive (by SDA)

Directory:Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd) - magnetic motor and nitrogen motor (by SDA)

Directory:Emerging Technologies Development Corporation - hydrogen from water and battery economizer (by SDA)

Monday, August 30

PowerPedia:Eugene Mallove (commenced by SDA)

Directory:Eugene Mallove (commenced by SDA)

Sunday, August 29
Image:HJ magnetic motor blueprint end view 120.jpg

OS:Magnetic Motors:HJ (commenced by SDA)

PESWiki:Welcome - Brief intro into PESWiki mission, along with a quick tutorial about how to edit the site to contribute or improve content. (commenced by SDA)

PowerPedia:The Perfect Article - guideline document for PESWiki encyclopedia imported from Wikipedia by SDA

Saturday, August 28

Directory:Nuclear Remediation - Index of technologies that neutralize or mitigate radioactive waste. With such technologies developed, nuclear power once again becomes attractive, because spent is fuel no longer a hot issue. (commenced by SDA)

Friday, August 27

Directory:Waste to Energy - Index of organizations and processes that use garbage, sewage, unusable crop, and other waste products to generate energy efficiently and cleanly. (commenced by SDA)

Directory:Solar Hydrogen - Index of technologies that use solar power to produce Hydrogen gas. (commenced by SDA)

Image:Lutec july 01 110h.jpg
Thursday, August 26

Directory > Directory:WhisperGen - Stirling engine in market test phase for home generator unit.

'''Directory > Directory:Lutec

Directory > Directory:Rhino Hydro - Ontario Canada company plans to manufacture a 4' X 4' X 7' home electricity generating plant. Estimated cost for 200 amp service unit ~ $8000.00 virtually maintenance free, with just two mechanical parts. Waiting for patents.

Wednesday, August 25

Revamp of bloated Main Page, moving contents to the following sub-pages: PESWiki:Departments | Help:Listing Guidelines | There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2], thanks to input from There was an error working with the wiki: Code[5].

Thursday, August 26

Directory:WhisperGen - a Stirling engine directory page created by SDA

Directory:Lutec - directory page created by SDA

Directory:Rhino Hydro - directory page created by SDA

Wednesday, August 25

Revamp of bloated Main Page, moving contents to the following sub-pages: PESWiki:Departments | Help:Listing Guidelines | There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3], thanks to input from There was an error working with the wiki: Code[6].

Tuesday, August 24

PESWiki:General disclaimer by SDA

PowerPedia:Parallel Path Magnet Technology by Tim Harwood

Directory:FlynnPPMag by Tim Harwood

PowerPedia:Cold fusion:Wikipedia Aug. 23 Home Page Feature (posted by SDA)

Monday, August 23

Directory:Ram Implosion Wing:Data - Jim Reeves builds RIW from photo on Patterson's site, gets 28 mpg on first test drive. Vehicle usually gets 20 mpg. (posted by SDA)

News:Archive > News:Archive:2004:Aug:8-15 posted by SDA

Sunday, August 22

Directory:Gemini Electric Motor - Super-efficient design has permanent magnet rings on both sides of the stator. Page created by SDA.

PowerPedia:Tidal Power by SDA

PESWiki:Images - List of images frequently used. Includes tips for image posting, formatting by SDA.

Main Page by SDA.

Friday, August 20

OS > OS:CBC:Main Page - "May I present a new clean, abundant, decentralized energy source. I offer patent U.S. 3,890,161, a chip which absorbs heat directly while producing electrical power."

Saturday, August 13

Help:Format - reference/briefing doc by SDA

Thursday, August 12

Site:Main Page - index created by SDA to allow FE inventors and theorists to have a web presence if they don't already have one.

OS:Telesis:Picture - FIRST IMAGE POSTED TO THE SITE congratulations Richard Timko

Top10 - Favorites index created by SDA

Game - Virtual-Reality game index created by SDA

PAC - Political Action Committee index created by SDA

Latest - index created by SDA

Wednesday, August 11

News:format - standard format for news bullets by SDA

PeerPedia - index created by SDA

Library - index created by SDA

PESWiki Goes Live - linked from the header at but not announced, to allow for gradual growth and continued development of the infrastructure.

August 9

OS:Bhawan:Main Page - Open source index created by SDA

Classifieds - index created by SDA

Academy - index created by SDA

OS:Telesis:Main Page - First Open Source project at PESWiki, created by Richard Timko.

Help:File Naming Guidelines - index created by SDA

August 8 Registered - for umbrella domain for which would be a sub-department forwarding to PowerPedia at PESWiki.

Help:Contents - index created by SDA

Store - index created by SDA

Directory - index created by SDA

News - main index created by SDA (started as "news_blog" later renamed to "news")

August 7

OS - index created by SDA

Sandbox - tool page created by SDA

PowerPedia - index created by SDA

PowerPedia:Water as fuel

August 6

Main Page - home page created by Susan Carter

August 5

PowerPedia:About - page created by Susan Carter

Main Page - under a temporary domain


PESWiki was commenced on Aug. 5, 2004

January through July

We've been waiting a long time to get this in place. Thanks to we are finally doing it.


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