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Page first featured March 12, 2010

Image:Turbo Encabulator pointing 300.jpg

The Turboencabulator or turbo-encabulator (and its later incarnation, the retroencabulator or retro-encabulator) is a fictional machine whose alleged existence became an in-joke and subject of professional humor among electrical engineers. (''Wikipedia)

Background of Video

"Several years ago, Rockwell International decided to get into the heavy duty transmission business. We were getting ready to tape our first introduction video, as a warm up, the professional narrator began what has become a legend within the trucking industry. This man should have won an academy award for his stellar performance. Now remember this is strictly off the cuff, nothing is written down. This became the biggest talk in the industry, vs our new product which we were introducing. I think you will enjoy this once in a lifetime performance from this gentleman.

"The newest machine which no doubt the Federal Government will buy."




(YouTube August 23, 2007)


For a number of years now work has been proceeding in order to bring to the crudely conceived idea of a transmission that would not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters. Such an instrument is the turbo encabulator.

Now basically, the only new principle involved is that instead of power being generated by the relative motions of conductors and fluxes, it is produced by the modial interaction of magnetoreluctance and capacitive directance.

The original machine had a baseplate of prefabulated Amulite, surmounted by a malleable logarithmic casing in such a way that the two spurving bearings were in a direct line with the pentametric fan. The latter consisted simply of six hydrocoptic marzel vanes so-fitted to the ambifacient lunar wane shaft that side fumbling was effectively prevented.

The main winding was of the normal lotus-o-delta type placed in panendermic semi-boloid slots in the stator, every seventh conductor being connected by a nonreversible trem'e pipe to the differential girdlespring on the up-end of the grammeters.

The Turbo Encabulator has now reached a high level of development, and is being successfully used in the operation of nofer trunnions. Moreover, whenever a barescent skor motion is required, it may be employed in conjunction with a drawn reciprocating dingle arm to reduce sinusoidal depleneration.

It's not cheap, but I'm sure the government will buy it. [Holds up $750,000,000 price tag]



(YouTube February 10, 2006)

Uses the same script as above, with some added intro, and more convincing backdrop equipment and graphics, so that the untrained eye might take it for a serious presentation. Says "Copyright 1997, Rockwell International Corporation".

Turbo Encabulator – Rockwell


(YouTube November 21, 2007)

Poor visual quality, but a fair variant to the above presentation.

ChryslerTurbo Encabulator


(You Tube March 19, 2009)

Added Diagnosis and Service functions.

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