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Help:To Mediawiki-conversant Users

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We are always glad to see people conversant in Mediawiki markup contribute to PESWiki. We hope you stick around for a long time. We could use your expertise.

There are some things about how we do things on this site that you ought to know, which are different from traditional wiki methods.

Departments Partitioning

We have several departments into which we partition the articles. If an article is a news item, then it would be labeled There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1], for example, rather than just There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2].

Directory: is for indeces on a particular topic,

OS: is for open source projects,

News: is for news items,

PowerPedia: is for encyclopedic articles on a subject,

Academy: is for courses being developed on a topic,

Congress: is for new energy congress related pages,


You will see a listing of the various departments on the Main Page.

The Wikipedia-like encyclopedic articles will almost always be prefaced "PowerPedia:"


One of the features that we like to use here at PESWiki is the "Latest" page. We post the three most recent significant pages posted on the home page, as well as on the Latest page, then archive the older portions of that page as it becomes too large. Feel free to post a link to new articles you create from the 'latest' page, and from the home page, if you have sysop rights. We are a little more picky about what shows up on the home page, and do not always list each item there that appears on the 'latest' page.

External Links are Great

Unlike at Wikipedia, for example, we do not require external links to be relegated to the end of the article in one section, but welcome them wherever they are needed throughout the page.

Use Internal Linking Sparingly

Let's stear away from Wikipedia's practice of linking to all kinds of words on a page. If someone wants to look up a word, they can enter it into the search box. The only words we should link are key words and references. Use links sparingly.

Root domain

We have our server configured to redirect the default root "" to "". It doesn't always redirect, but both urls will always work for external links. You will see "index.php" when editing and such, and "/energy/" when the page is complete.

Directory Pages

Our specialty is in presenting index pages of a given energy technology topic. Hence the preponderance of Directory: pages. But we do welcome the populating of other department pages as well, of course.

'See also' feature

We like to include a "= See also = section at the end of each article, which links to generally related pages/topics in our network that are variations, subsets, tangents, parent concepts.

Capitalization Convention

Please use initial caps for each word in page names, except on small helper words like "the", "of", "with", "also", and "and".

For example, this section heading is named: "Capitalization Convention", not "Capitalization convention".

Note that Wikipedia uses an initial-word-only capitilation convention. That is not consistent with the publishing world in general. We will go with the publishing world convention here at PESWiki.

Affiliate Linking

We're not afraid to monetize the site where feasible. The principle is to stay away from anything spammy. Monetized links should be relevant to the page contents, and should credit PES Network Inc.

Our affiliate id is: pureenergysys-20

The format is

You just replace the ISBN number or product number (in bold above) and the link works and credits PES Network Inc for the sale.

Page Ending

At the end of the page, we like to provide a link to the department and the home page, followed by the category listings.


See: PESWiki:Contact (separate page)

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