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Howard Johnson Magnets ?

I am in the process of building a proto type of the original Howard Johnson Magnet Motor. I need a source for purchasing HJ Magnets. Is their some one who could help me with this issue. Thanks in advance cbuehrer Cbuehrer 17:52, 29 Mar 2008 (EDT)

Search Engines

How do I submit my page to search engines?

Thank you.

Copyright FAQ missing

I clicked on the copyright FAQ to read up on what copyright issues we would need to consider and the page seems to be missing.

My question is about emerging technologies and articles that I read about and would like to see posted at PESWicki. Are there any copyright considerations, such as excerpting requirements? Most people would prefer to see the article in its entirety and be able to comment on it.

Here's an example:

OSU engineer: Hydrogen system in autos a scam (!)

By Steve Lathrop

For the Gazette-Times

The hydrogen gas systems being used by several mid-valley drivers cannot deliver any kind of efficiency, says Bob Paasch, the Boeing professor of mechanical design at Oregon State University.

“The process is a scam", he said. “It’s wishful thinking. If it were true, every power company and auto company in the world would be using it."

Paasch said the systems — which use water and baking soda to create hydrogen via an electrical charge from the battery and alternator — violate the second law of thermodynamics and can’t work.

“People who buy into this are wasting their money", he said.

Paasch has conducted tests on a similar device in the past and found it did not live up to any of the claims made by the inventor, who said it would deliver 50 percent more horsepower and double the gas mileage.

The systems being used are electrolysis, according to Paasch. Hydrogen and water can be burned through this process but more energy is required to drive the cell than can be extracted from it.

Ray Warren of Millersburg and Elden Huntling of Lebanon have the systems installed in their respective gas- and diesel-powered trucks and say they have seen a significant increase in gas mileage.

“These types of systems have been proven to be frauds,", Paasch said. “It’s impossible for the process to produce more energy than it consumes."

Nonetheless, Huntling and Warren stand by their mileage claims. Warren admitted his mileage dropped significantly after several fill-ups but says he expected it and that a simple adjustment to his computer will correct the problem.

“I stand by the system", he said.

Huntling has seen no decreases. “All I can say is that I’ve increased the mileage on my diesel truck by 64 percent,", he said. “It runs off excess power from the alternator."

Paasch says this can’t be.

“The alternator doesn’t produce excess power. The alternator requires more mechanical energy than the hydrogen process can produce."

Paasch also says the system is potentially unsafe.

“You have a highly flammable gas and the possibility of electric sparks in an enclosed space", he said. “It’s a very dangerous situation."



Magnetic reversal Now

What will happen to the electronic equipment, computers and communication devices if a magnetic reversal occurs now?Fmalkun 06:52, 2 October 2008 (PDT)


how much a real energy devise will be worth

Finding Author / Email contact details of an article?

On this webpage

in the section labelled "Electron Extraction Circuit"

can you tell me the contact details for the author and also if there are any other videos on the extraction circuit working ?

I have seen a similar demonstration on Daniel Dingel's website at

a video clip seen under title

"A demonstration video produced in 2002 by Ms. Carmenchu Caballero:"

at 56sec in 9:16 into the clip an electronic screw driver is made to light up.

His "Hydrogen Reactor Demo" also shows more convincingly the Electron Extraction Circuit principle

see here

'''Dear Sir,

I am D.J.S.De Mel From Sri Lanka.I recently discovered to manufacture H2O water powered hydrogen generators suitable for any vehicle.I got some ideas from the internet and started my experiments since last April 2008.I am just getting ready to deliver the stuff for business.I opened a website for advertising my product range with all the details.

It Is

My work is genuine and would you help me to promote my product in your site?You may check my web page.I am just awaiting for certain approvals from our President of our country.

Please be kind enough to send your kind reply.I hope that you will deliver me the best to start my carrier to offer my service to the entire world in the future.

with best regards,

D.J.S.De Mel.



Earth4Energy real, or scam?

Note: I'm new here, and I already asked this as a discussion on the homepage. But then I saw this page. sorry for the double post.

I see Earth4energy advertising their ebook on this site with a giant banner on the home page. But when I look at their site, the claims seem too good to be true about being able to build a full solar or wind system for $200, and googling around, it appears they have been creating fake reviews for their products on other sites.

I found some other similar products such as "agua luna" and "Homemade Power Plant". Also with amazing claims, and what appears to be comment spam or outright fake reviews on other websites.

I was hoping that peswiki might have a review of one or more of these, but I don't find them when I search.

Should peswiki readers take the fact that peswiki is accepting advertisement from Earth4energy as an endorsement of their products? and have you looked at their competitors?

To clarify, if peswiki does say these guys are legit, I'd be happy to buy one or more of their products. But I'm looking for an unbiased review first.

--Danda 12:42, 22 February 2009 (PST)

- - - -

Definitely a Scam -- SilverThunder 14:39, 16 March 2011 (PDT)

M.Y.T engine at the meeting in CA

Whats happening with this guy and his engine. The website hasnt been updated in a long time. Why can't he just start doing a few engines for rich people or something? hehe anyway wondered if you knew anything.

Also, I want to thank you for all you hard work in keeping this site up. I watch it daily.


mylow johnson motor

i have been experimenting with magnet motors for 15 years now . i noticed on the video of mylows motor actually howards but thats alright! the outer magnet must move or rock back and forth to get this to rotate . its one of the secrets to making it work !just look at the video and you should get a successful replication . its a primitive design but it will work as seen in the video . thats all for now ed


Hello team,

first of all let me express my admiration for the job you are doing here on this extensive source of alternative information for exploring and exploiting energy. Your pages really enthrall me from time to time with original views and paths towards more intelligent, more distributed, safer energy for our lives.

However I must point out some discrepancy very often used on your pages - so called "anti-gravity". This term is used very broadly and frequently and by this very different phenomena are described and denoted.

Most frequently, numerous magnetic effects, which are responsible for fighting off influences of the Earth gravitational field, are labeled to be an "anti-gravitation" or "anti-gravity effects".

It is very unhappy choice. In the mind of the scientist, who has passed any rigorous study and training touching gravitation, the preposition "anti" is automatically and rightfully evoking an item which is of the exactly same kind but acting reversely or in opposing direction, effect etc. The best and notoriously known example would be electrical forces which are of two kinds - of positive and negative sign/direction/effect but of the same kind of natural phenomenon.

And thus "anti-gravitation" denotes really exactly what is denoting - the force of the same kind but of the opposite effect.

It is very clear that although a helicopter can fly and thus fight off the effects of overall gravitational field of the Earth, this is not caused by an "anti-gravity mechanism" inside of a helicopter.

And so many of the great inventions of free minds presented on this fantastic wiki are not "anti-gravitational" but just inventions which in their produced effects are able to overcome the effect of the overall gravitational field of our Earth in the direction one chooses.

What is the intent behind my post?

The mainstream science very often uses this inaccuracy in using terms to point out that the achievements conquered in the field of alternative energies are not serious and are produced by people which do not have the clear view even in the basic technical terminology in the field.

Yes, to use the term "anti-gravity" can attract an attention as to find "anti-gravity" is one of the biggest scientists' dream in about 50 years.

But on the other side, one seriously seeking the answers to nature's secrets cannot give false labels only because they look then much more attractive.

So no, one cannot make bombastic statements which are not honestly correct. Quite the contrary, one must admit, seriously, and in full humbleness, that we are still stalking the anti-gravity prey unsuccessfully and instead of it we are using much more known forces to give us stronger effects than those of gravitation.

Yours seriously

Dusan Kulisievic

Site Resource


I really like your site and wanted to see if there was any way to have my site, , listed on your list of links as a source for your visitors to use to search for jobs specifically in the Clean / Renewable Energy sector. The CleanTech sector is exploding and we want to help fuel that growth for the sake of everyone!

The benefits to your visitors would be:

• We have job listings from the largest companies in the CleanTech sector such as NextEraEnergy (largest producer of Wind), POET (largest producer of BioFuels), Xunlight and SunPower (leading Solar providers). We also have many startups and multinationals such as General Electric, British Petroleum, etc.

• We average more than 500 posted and active job openings per day. This is significantly more than ANY other Clean Technology Job Board in the U.S.

• Our site is getting thousands of “hits” per day from Job Seekers. We send those who opt-in for Job Alerts, weekly emails with our new job postings. They love the fact that we are keeping them informed on what new jobs are out there!

• We are listed on major university sites (Stanford, Caltech, Purdue, etc.) as a premier career resource.

Thanks for your consideration. I hope you will visit our site and consider adding us to your site. Please let me know your thoughts and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Best Regards,

Bob Deskin

lost website


Can anyone help please, many years ago I came across a Canadian web site building small hybrid gas turbine / electric cars. I think they were called Microvial, can`t find any reference to them any more. gives 404

The pdf file at

can not be found.

The link is present in a page related project

Please inform me when the pdf file is available.

Thank you



: The OCMPMM project kind of died. -- SilverThunder 20:38, 26 August 2009 (PDT)

Ocean Currents

I came to Know about powerful Deep water oceans currents(not the surface currents) circulating in ocean.

Is there any technology developed to harness such energy?

If someone have a real energy machine? that form my opinion will be gravity,what will it take to get it out,taken in consideration that the sale of electricity is a trillion dollar a year business on the US alone, with out been rove or silence by the government or special interest interference. i don't think this will be so easy to get it patent even the attorney will love to have a hand on it, in my opinion will take many people with power and money to make this course those that help have the opportunity to get involve on the business ones is made


If someone have the answer to the real energy machine question and think he or someone he knows have the potential to make this hapen i will love to see the answer here

- - - -

We think that OS is the best way to bring an exotic/disruptive technology forward. -- SilverThunder 22:18, 6 November 2009 (PST)


I want to ask if you know where I could get some lightweight plastic or non-steel non-iron gears around 4 to 8 in. dia. for a magnet motor project that I have in mind. Thank you very much. P.S. I need 2 to mesh with one another at a 1 to 1 ratio

Wanted to see if you could post this video?


This is something that I have been watching and it looks really simple for people to replicate? Love this website..thanks for having it.

Yu Energy

the SolarChariotTrailer project

Sterling, please take a look at this webpage and share with me your valued feedback. Thanks. ~Darin

Math Equation

Hoping anyone can help.

I heard of an equation some time ago that goes:

a+b=c , where c is to a as a is to b.

I have no idea if this equation has a name or even how to write it in proper mathematical form.

I can't seem to find a way to look it up either(google, yahoo, etc...)at least any way that gets me anywhere.

Any help would very very appreciated.


Mathematically curious and confused

Footbooger 13:24, 7 November 2010 (PST)

:That's just phi (?) which is approx 0.618. Subsitute a=1, b=? and your ratios work. --Nad 13:03, 7 April 2012 (PDT)

LT magnet motor question

Hi sirI am a backyard free energy researcher that was scammed,in the past, by some free energy devices plans

that don't worked for me.

I have seen this lt magnet motor site and I asked myself:why somebody put on their site somebody else video presentation like that video presenting is his invention?

The video presented on Luis Tonos site is in fact Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor...

I remember about another well known proved scam named Magniwork .They used the same technique presenting others videos to be like their...

So please let me know if you know more about this lt magnet motoris somebody who tried to replicate

it?In my opinion is another free energy scam...


Mihai N.


Dear Sterling and company,

I'm an eager fan for alternative energy, and I appreciate your site.

My question is, does anything ever get to the production stage for us to purchase? All I read is what's around the corner or in trial stages. I am seeking a power source for home generation. Is there anything currently available? I am even interested in a proto-type device. I have minor mechanical skills and fellow tradesmen that can contribute to a successful device. I understand the possibility of suppression, but hope you can be the spotlight to this important topic.


Pat Coleman

Franklin, CT


Hi Pat,

Unfortunately, when it comes to exotic free energy technologies, I don't know of anything that is already in the marketplace. There are plenty of other sites to give guidance on the conventionals. I do hope that soon there will be some ready-to-go devices, and we will feature them at the top of our Directory:Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies page.

-- SilverThunder 14:38, 16 March 2011 (PDT)

Video files

Hello my name is Comrune and I am anew member. I have some difficulties to upload video files to my page. I'll be glad if you guide me.

Thank you.

--C-RPE 05:15, 14 April 2011 (PDT)


hatem magnetic cogging/ hans coler device????

i have been working on a hatem machine made a mistake by using al. for the heads. have picked up some strange readings and wonder if any of you can help. I KNOW IT HAS TO HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH LENS LAWS BUT WHAT. PLEASE check out the boyd868b channel on you tube.for strange stuff hatem magnetic cogging,video. thanks for any help. boyd868b

Conducting and Magnetizing Double Spiral Capacitor-Inductor

That is the name of my patent US 6,985,064 B1. It expired last year, because I had no money to pay the maintenance fee. I did no care either, because I deemed it useless due to lack of interest. Nobody wanted it but this year, it came to my mind that I should do experiments if I could apply it to a free energy unit. I have made three exemplars but could not do them properly enough, so I have not gotten results that eventually would confirm the validity of the invention. However, I have gotten interesting results that tempt me to go on, but there is an obstacle. I would need a material that I could not make on my own. The material consists of about 0.015 mm thick aluminum foil band, breadth 50 mm or 2", fastened on an insulation paper band (fish paper or equal)that is about 5% broader than the aluminum band, with a glue or lacquer. I searched for the material around the world on the net but could not find and three band factories have refused to make it. Without such a material the possibility of a shortcut is great, which has happened two times already, and the work is very slowly and tedious. Do you know if any seller sells or band maker makes such a simple material?

Kauko Loukas/ Icecharge

Question on magnetic motor concept


I have a question about the magnetic motor concept. I have read your article about the Magniwork scam, but I have seen a video on youtube and that seems pretty real to me. The title is "Permanent Magnetic Motor from Argentina. A self running, free energy generator!". Its actually spoken in Spanish, so I don't quite understand the man who explains the machine. I would like to know your opinion on whether this is real or also just a scam. I have put the youtube link below. Thank you very much for you reply.



Don Smith


I did a search on Don Smith but nothing came up.

Would his solid state and other machines be list in here. ````

Thank you

: Not yet. We should have a page on him. Do you want to build one? -- SilverThunder 16:35, 2 December 2011 (PST)

clementa figuera, fuelless electric generator

Tried to find this on peswiki, to no avail.

Rexresearch has this subject posted at:

Have been viewing the youtube postings of replications and they seem authentic.

This device is simple and relatively inexpensive to manufacture. I believe a DIY kit could be sold to people who are mech/elect disposed.

This is is latter 17th century tech and it is claimed that Clemente powered his house with this device and also ran a 20hp electric motor. Clemente died about 1906-8.

With your resources I'm hoping you can find someone with a full size replica.

Regards, Geo. Himmeger 618 667 4222