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Help:Listing Guidelines

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Guidelines to keep in mind as you post and edit the various free energy listings.

See also:

Help:How to Build a Profile Page for a Company or Technology

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Quality Criterion

When posting new entries, please address how the technology or the claim fits the following criterion.

#PowerPedia: free energy (non-depleting energy source)

#cost of materials (with mass production in mind)

#ubiquitousness of components

#efficiency of power generation

#safety of the device (does it emit EMF, radiation, could it explode?)

#uniqueness of design

#appearance / size (practicality)


Stage of development

(The following links are also proposed additional listings.)

When creating or editing a free energy device or concept listing, please indicate how far developed according to the following gamut, from newly conceived brainstorm to ubiquitous in the marketplace.


#Idea Under Design

#Devices with Proof of Concept Partially Complete

#Proof of Concept Model Claimed

#Proof of Concept Model Working

#Full-scale Prototype Working

#Several Full-scale Prototypes Working

#Beta Testing

#Engineering for Production

#Product in the Marketplace Product

#Several Marketplace Variants

#Ubiquitous in the Market

Miscellaneous items to include in listing

Sketches, drawings, photographs, video

Experimental Protocol




Improvement Ideas

Replications and Witnesses (collaboration)

Demonstration Locations and Times

Endorsements and Awards

Skeptics and Critique




Relevant patents

Intellectual Property Ownership

Teams in pursuit, contracts, licenses, and other encumbrances

Feature Articles

Books and Videos of relevance

Related Sites (outside PESWiki)

See also (at PESWiki), include appropriate Google search terms.

Primary contact

Link Sequence

The industry standard is to list in order of importance. Statistics show that the higher the link, the higher the click-through ratio. You want to feature first those links that you recommend most highly. A variation is to list alphabetically, which then requires the user to have to plow through every link and hope they stumble onto the best one before running out of time. A compromise is to list the top (e.g.) five and the remainder alphabetically.

Volunteer Topic Editors

Anyone may edit just about any page at PESWiki. In addition, we would like to recommend that there be a volunteer editor who lists themselves as a contact to consult regarding a given page. Two or more editors would be even better.


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