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Free Energy Blog:Formatting

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Pertaining to Free Energy Blog


New headings should be formatted as follows:

20130922_1523: A Few Word Description

Here's an explanaation of each component:

=== Heading === - The opening and closing equal signs signify that this is the heading, which will then show up in the table of contents near top of the page after the opening. New headings for blog entires should always use three equal signs as it is a third-level heading.

20130922_15:23 - The first thing is the date and time' is in reference to when the item was posted, not the date of the subject matter posted. New items should always be posted at the top of the blog section. Rather than spelling out the month, with spaces and commas between the day and date, the date and time should be abbreviated as follows: September 23, 2013 3:23 pm GMT should be formatted: 20130922_15:23, the the year, followed by month number, followed by day, followed by hour in 24-hour reference with an underscore before it. Since this is a global website, times should be in reference to Greenich Mean Time (GMT). A zero should be placed before times that don't use all four digits, such a 7:30 am would be _07:30.

A Few Word Description - In initial caps (don't do initial caps on "auxiliary words" such as of, the, for, and, with. Try to keep this under 10 words. Try to make it catchy, but not sensational. It's better to undersell and over-deliver than the other way around. Clever, fun, or humous is good, too.

After the heading, include a Relevance: section, in italics, giving links to the main directory pages at PESWiki pertianing to the topic of the post. Between multiple relevance links, use ">" to show "parent > daughter relationships", and "/" to show "also". There should be at least one relevance link, or the item probably doesn't belong here.

Dates: In posting the reference to where the link you cite came from, please use the following format. (Source Month day, year) In posting dates for news stories you link up, please spell out the month completely for the sake of those using translation software.

Images: I like to use images, because a picture paints a thousand words, and it makes things far more interesting, engaging the right brain, along with all this left-brain content. However, please reduce the image in pixel and file size so that we don't run into problems with bandwidth or memory. If you right justify your image, if there isn't enough text in your item on the left, then please use the following code to force the text that follows to start below the bottom of the image:

At the end of your posting, use this command: -- ~~~~ which will fill in your PESWiki username and the exact time of your posting.

For other formatting tips for the content being posted, such as bold, indent, italics, tables, images, see the Help:Contents and Help:Format pages.

When you submit the item, as a point of courtesy to other PESWiki editors, use the heading title in the description memo. And since this feature might get a bit busy at times, you might copy your submission text before hitting "submit", so that if there is an edit conflict (someone else hitting "save" after you've opened the edit dialogue) it is easier to re-submit it.


When the Blog index here gets large, then we'll archive the older content, with a page naming scheme as follows:


And we'll post links to the archives in reverse chronological sequence at the bottom of this page and in the footer of the archive pages, using a template function (so you only have to update one page, and all the pages using that template are simultaneously updated).