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Free Energy Blog:2016:01:01

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Reveal at Midnight from Rossi
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'Free Energy Blog:2016:01:01'

Relevance: Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator (E-Cat)

From (slightly edited)

: This is the Big Reveal at Midnight from Rossi

: Andrea Rossi

: January 1st, 2016 at 12:19 AM

: Dear Readers of the JoNP:

: It’s 00.00.01? of January 1st 2016.

: Update: the 1 MW E-Cat is stable and in ssm, the E-Cat X is very promising and still operating and making heat, electricity.

: The E-Cat X is very close to the design of the core of the apparatus described in the US Patent, I mean the wafer. It has been engineered to resist to very high temperatures. The electricity exits directly from the wafer.

: As I said, several nights ago, I had a dream. The E-Cat X had been produced in billions pieces, each of them assembled with others in various combinations to make public lamps: a town was totally illuminated by the E-Cat X and from every lamp a network of pipes and of wires was able to distribute heat and electricity to the houses.

: In that town there were about 1 million lamps each of them of 500 watts, consuming about 50 watts consequently, there were 450 MWh/h produced, of which about half were turned into heat distributed to the houses through a network of well insulated pipes, running underground, like optic fibers, the other half was used to enlight the town and to distribute electricity to the households. The cost of the E-Cat X was around 50 $/kW of power, due to the production of billions of pieces per year in all the world, with tens of thousands of jobs. Less taxes were paid by the people, due to the savings derived from low pollution and low energy cost for public services. Millions of persons were also earning money selling E-Cats and every owner of E-Cats was saving money in utilities (electricity, heat, light).

: Then I heard the alarm clock: it was time to return to the factory, to make true the dream. F9.

: Happy new year, I love you all.

: I am drinking my cup of Korbel champagne, then i have to return to the gauges of the plant. She is good, tonight.

: Again, Happy 2016, may God bless you all,

: Andrea


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