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Free Energy Blog:2015:April:1-7

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Free Energy Blog posts from April 1-7, 2015


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Simple Leonardo Da Vinci gravity wheel that doesn't work
Image:Kevns Da-Vinci wheel sq rd.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2015:04:06'

Relevance: Directory:Gravity Motors

My brother Nathan, Directory:Electric Universe wiz, and brother-in-law, Kevn Lambson, who did our logo, are working together on a technology to use a small robotic device to weed a garden. My brother quit his day job in order to tackle this full-time, so they are very serious about the endeavor.

As part of that project, they purchased a 3-D printer, and Kevn, being the artist that he is, printed out a Leonardo Da Vinci "perpetual motion" gravity wheel design.

Here's a video I shot of my atomic clock physicist dad, Directory:David Wayne Allan, giving a brief demonstration.


(YouTube April 5, 2015)

One of the commenters, slackdawg05, wrote:

: Needs to have a longer stroke or more distance the counter weight has to travel. Also I can picture the outer ring having mass to store the kinetic energy to keep the momentum going. ?

Image:IMGA0057 sq 95x95.jpg

A thought I had was what if you created a sort of "diode," to create an imbalance, by having a piece of plastic that the ball could easily roll over in one direction, but would then flip up and hold the ball in place longer. I would predict that the same kind of "net zero" balance would result, but maybe not. I think the idea of having some mass in the flywheel to keep momentum going would be important as well, if something like this were to work.

I should also mention that I believe our friend Raphial Morgado, inventor of the Directory:Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine is most likely the reincarnation of Da Vinci.

My dad thinks is Magic of and Egg experiment might give some food for thought that could prove fruitful in this area.

Got this clarification back from Kevn:

: From: Kevn Lambson

: Sent: Monday, April 06, 2015 2:03 PM

: Subject: RE: family science: Simple Leonardo Da Vinci gravity wheel that doesn't work

: Hey Ster,

: Thanks for the write-up on the model. In fairness and transparency, it should be noted that I didn’t design any of it, just downloaded from .

: Also of note:

: Take care,

: K

-- SilverThunder 16:17, 6 April 2015 (UTC)

VIBMASSS: Voltage Induction by Balanced Magnetic Attraction of Spontaneous/Stimulated Switching


Template: 1179

-- SilverThunder 16:17, 6 April 2015 (UTC)

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Hundreds of Stockton, CA, USA smart meters explode from surge
Image:150331 Stockton-power-surge 300.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2015:04:02'

Relevance: Directory:Electrical Grid > Directory:Smart Grid > Directory:Smart Meters -- a Deeply Criminal Program

Here's a very interesting scenario.

A service truck ran into a power pole in Stockton, California, causing the higher power line with its higher voltage to fall down onto a lower line, sending a surge of electricity to thousands of customers. The surge caused hundreds of smart meters to explode, and it damaged many appliances that were plugged in, creating black burn marks on those outlets in the house.

I would guess that fuses were tripped in the service panels as well.

The main black eye goes to the smart meters blowing up.

I'm sure this is going to be sending reverberations through the utility community for years to come, to prevent something like this from happening again.

Will the power company be liable for the damages imposed to thousands of homes and the appliances they had plugged in? This smells like a major class action suit brewing, which hopefully will include the smart meter manufacturer(s).

My friend, Josh Del Sol, who attended the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference in Boulder 1.5 years ago, posted the following story.


: The utilities lied when they said “smart” or “AMI” meters would make the electricity grid “resilient” and “self-healing.”

: Nothing could be further from the truth, and this latest episode is more proof of the failure of “smart” meter programs everywhere.

: On Monday, hundreds of “smart” meters simultaneously exploded in Stockton, California, when a truck ran into a utility pole. Watch the video:

: CBS News reported that “neighbors in the South Stockton area described it as a large pop, a bomb going off, and strong enough to shake a house.”

: The catastrophic failure of these PG&E “smart” meters — which are not approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) — not only damaged meter bases and other homeowner property, but left those 5,800 customers without power.

: That’s right — whenever these plastic, unproven meters fail, they shut your power off, as shown in this Cambridge University research paper.

: Source:

: gOqucXzwKkA

: Last July, the province of Saskatchewan ordered the removal of all 105,000 “smart” meters, following a rash of fires. Portland OR, Lakeland FL, Arizona and Ontario followed suit with mass removals.

: Quebec firefighters are up-in-arms that Hydro-Quebec agents have actually been unlawfully taking “smart” meters from fire scenes prior to investigation.

: Analog meters are not susceptible to fires. The risk of fires is a “smart” new feature for all customers, brought to you by your PR-spinning utility. Back in 2011, after a similar power surge ignited 80 “smart” meters in Palo Alto, California, a spokesperson for The Utility Reform Network (TURN) stated:

:: “In the collective memory of TURN, we have not seen similar incidents with analog meters.”

: The total number of separate incidents of fires and explosions caused by “smart” meters is now very likely to exceed a thousand or more, although the true number is not known due do widespread coverups and denials by utilities.

: In addition to the ongoing stream of incendiary events, so-named “smart” meter programs:

[I've changed sequence putting this one first, as I think it is the most damning and actionable.]

: emit pulsed microwave radiation typically thousands of times stronger than a cell phone, leaving many unsuspecting homeowners feeling ill

: are enshrouded in fiscal negligence

: are not shown to save energy

: are linked with systemic billing inaccuracy and widespread increase of bills

: facilitate “time-of-use” billing and future artificial austerity measures

: facilitate monitoring of your activities and external control of your home and

: open the door to unprecedented hacking vulnerabilities

: It is difficult to imagine a more blatant failure, or a more harmful deployment of unproven technology.


-- SilverThunder 04:18, 2 April 2015 (UTC)

Flying Through Grandma and Grandpa Allan's House


Template: 1702

-- SilverThunder 05:21, 2 April 2015 (UTC)

April Fools Memory Lane


Template: 2979

-- SilverThunder 03:53, 2 April 2015 (UTC)


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