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Free Energy Blog:2015:12:29

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Baby Lucas born with intestines outside

'Free Energy Blog:2015:12:29'

Relevance: Directory:Spirituality / Directory:Health / Directory:Fundraisers

Today I was notified about a situation involving some dear friends of mine, Wayne and Gwen Winters in Pocatello, ID, USA, from a couple of decades ago -- a couple of lifetimes ago, it would seem, considering the water under the bridge. We had many excellent moments singing around the piano, harmonizing. They are all phenomenal musicians. I dated two of their daughters, and they were very courteous to me as much outside the box as I was even then (much more so now). [That spanned from ~3 years before Alphabetics and after, but I already, then, had a strong sense of mission, which pushed the Winters to limit of what they were ready to accept.]

One of our Free Energy guests, Chris Allen of Directory:Hidden Homesteads Biogas Genset, also was interested on one of those Winters daughters.

I chipped in a little for the Winters grandson's fundraiser, and was hoping some of you might also be able to help out.

: Subject: New Grandson ~ Baby Lucas

: Date: December 28, 2015 at 11:54:22 PM MST

: Dear friends and family,

: As many of you know our son Steven and his wonderful wife Melissa have a newborn baby in the Primary Children’s Hospital. After 8 years of infertility, Lucas Steven was born 4 weeks early, 6 lbs 3 oz, with part of his intestines and liver outside of his body. Currently he has undergone 3 surgical procedures successfully with more to go. He is receiving the most excellent care and exceptional treatment available, his surgeon being one of the best in this field. Gratitude is the spirit we are all experiencing at this time.

: Saturday, Gwen and I went to SLC to visit Steven, Melissa their 8 year old Lance and baby Lucas. He is a darling little baby with lots of promise for good health and vitality ahead of him. Both parents are in good spirits with positive attitudes and thankful hearts. They have come face to face with adversity and compassion all at once. They are truly aware of the severity of their baby’s condition, but also understand there are so many other babies and parents with even greater challenges and difficulties.

: We extend an invitation to any of you who would like to join with us as a family, to assist through your prayers and fasting, and financially in any way possible, large or small. The website that our daughter, Missy Dorius initiated, introduces you to Lucas and is designed to accept contributions. Also Steven’s home address is listed below if you would rather mail an old fashioned check via postal service. Thank you so much for your consideration and prayers. Feel free to send this on and share it with whomever you wish.

: We are truly grateful for the many physicians, nurses and staff. They are amazing, even miraculous. However, it makes us even more awestruck that Jesus could say just a few words and the elements obeyed and instant healing followed. How reverently beautiful! Like the words of a song,

: "I believe the little Child

: Born of Mary, meek and mild,

: Came to touch my aching soul,

: And by His touch has made me whole.

: I believe He sent His Son.

: I believe the battle’s won.

: I believe the power of prayer.

: I believe that God is there.

: I believe He has the power

: to give me courage hour by hour.

: I believe He’s always near,

: I believe that God is here."

: Gratefully and respectfully,

: Wayne and Gwen Winters

: home address for:

: Steven and Melissa Winters

: 4842 E 113 N

: Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

: website to view photos, etc.


-- SilverThunder 01:05, 30 December 2015 (UTC)

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