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Free Energy Blog:2015:12:09

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Steorn's Orbo Power Cell in the News
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'Free Energy Blog:2015:12:09'

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A couple of recent stories show mystification at what seems to them like perpetual motion, not realizing there are 50 plugs into the wheelwork of nature:

Free energy for sale: Steorn's impossible Orbo hits the market - Last week a small company in Dublin called Steorn started taking orders for their USB phone charger. It's on the large side, and is only good for two or three smartphone charges per day, or one tablet charge. So then, why are they asking 1200 euros (about $1275) each for them? Well, for one thing, you don't have to plug them in. But there are other, much cheaper chargers that draw their power from sunlight or some other source and never need to be plugged in. ( December 8, 2015)

IN THE DOCKLANDS, A COMPANY RELAUNCHES CLAIMS OF PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE - Shaun McCarthy sits in his unassuming office in a sparse industrial unit in Dublin’s docklands. There are a few innocuous-looking batteries in front of him which he intermittently toys with, and some gaffer-taped coffee makers to the side which have something to do with a project he won’t yet speak about. (DublinInquirer December 9, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 00:05, 10 December 2015 (UTC)

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And while we're displaying irreverant stuff, here's something Dave Parker posted on Facebook:


-- SilverThunder 01:01, 10 December 2015 (UTC)

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