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Free Energy Blog:2015:12:02

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DYNO Lab Results from Bob's Hydroxy Gas® in a 2015 VW Jetta

'Free Energy Blog:2015:12:02'

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: If you purchase one of these systems, be sure to mention you were referred by PES.

Andrew Batty of Hydrogen Garage, listed in our Directory:Best Hydroxy Technologies page, brought the following report he posted a few days ago to our attention:

DYNO LAB RESULTS from adding HHO ( Bob's Hydroxy Gas®) on a 2015 VW Jetta TDI Nov. 9, 2015


: Ken from Canada installed a Boyce® 77 cell and PWM30 and Volo FS2 circuit from the Hydrogen Garage Store, on 2015 VW Jetta TDI. The dyno tests are in and we did very well. Increased engine torque by 30% and 15% more HP at 2500 rpm on a 2 liter diesel under load. Emissions for HC are none existent and the NOX went from 95 to 14 ppm at 2500 rpm just like before. Everyone's jaws dropped and the Dyno lab guys had to check their equipment to make sure it was working correctly.

: Taking the numbers we have and applying percentage reduction gives us the following:

: Nox Emission TEST

: TEST #1 - no HHO gas added :

: IDLE - 34 PPM ( parts per million)

: 2500 RPM - 93 PPM

: TEST # 2 - Hydroxy Gas added

: IDLE - 0 to 1 PPM ( parts per million) 98% reduction in Nox!

: 2500 RPM - 14 PPM 85% reduction in Nox!

: The percent reduction should be a viable methodology to apply known VW Emissions readings to EPA Standards. This DYNO test was a 45 page report.

: -----

: Ken ran 14 amps, it increased the torque by 30% and increased HP by 40%! (They only need to run 5 amps, and get the same results) He also said he is now getting about 70 MPG!! from 32 to 46 MPG!

: Almost double the gas mileage. Installed behind passanger's side front bumper, had to take lower cowling off and front tire off, to acres's a slot, with no bracket needed! He had to use a bubbler bottle and not the 1.5qt tank an too little room. His PWM had no rf chokes, but a well cleansed and conditioned cell block that he an for a year already. With he added chokes only 5 to 7 amps is needed. VW was blown away! The Go. wants to push DEF filters on all diesel cars to help the Oil Corps buddies that own the DEF filter makers. They can NOT stand HHO from water to solver the problem. Please pray for Hydrogen Garage as they have been hacking my e-mails and make it hard to get to our websites. The Bob Boyce Hydroxy Kit is $780. Takes 4 to 8 hours to install everything. We show you how. Soon we will have videos of a 2013 Jette TDI install on how to do it. Come back in a few weeks.

: I believe that this VW bad emissions is all a ploy to regulate DEF filters on diesel vehicles. DEF filters are a joke and approx. 20 oil corp owned companies make them, with no DOT decal or EPA parr oval, but CARB approved a self regulated agency owned by the oil corps. Two more acids are added to our air, by the sprayed in urea in which only knocks the carbon down to nano sized particulates, many it more air borne for all us to breathe in. CARB does not want HHO to take over the filters. We clean up emissions WAY BETTER than anything they can come up with and they HATE US for it! They rather have us in jail for speaking the truth.

: Andrew Batty (owner)

-- SilverThunder 23:40, 2 December 2015 (UTC)

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