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Free Energy Blog:2015:11:22

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Max Miller's Stanley Meyer VIC Demonstrated

'Free Energy Blog:2015:11:22'

Relevance: Directory:Hydroxy or HHO Injection Systems > Directory:Stanley Meyer

This report comes to us from Irondmax (relayed by __), who is in attendance at Max Miller's HHO conference.

: Stan Meyers VIC was witnessed ON NOVEMBER 21, 2015

: by approximately 30 people, one witness, is an electrical engineer, one is the niece of Stan Meyer, one is the sister of Stan Meyer.

: Stans Niece actually turned VIC on, and demonstrated it for all to see.

: The niece was heard as saying, "Why is the hair on my arm standing up?"

: (from the static charge in the air), as a 4 channel isolated ground oscilloscope, clearly showed the voltage climb towards infinity, as the components would allow. The amp meter clearly dropped to almost zero, and went down as the voltage climbed.

: Each happened simultaneously.

: A trifield meter was operated by Mckane Lee (an avid Stan Meyer replicater), the meter was set to read microwave radiation, the needle was held about 6 foot away(2 meters), and was at its highest allowable reading, against the peg.

: A heated discussion then sprang up, between Max Miller, an electrical engineer, and a well known Stan Meyer archiver, about neutron radiation.

: Max Miller, a leading Stan Meyer researcher and duplicator, was well battered by the other 2, and with a large smile on his face was assisted by Mckane Lee, and pulled up a document from Stan Meyer himself, which clearly was marked neutron....

: the crowd quickly and heatedly discussed neutron bombardment.

: During the event, the voltage was purposely raised until one of the components, let out a dying sizzling sound.

: No VIC WIRE WAS HARMED during the event.

: Max Miller has skilfully designed the VIC reproduction to be simple and as easy as can be, to reproduce, to those skilled in the art.

: Everyone present (aprox 30) began examining the entire setup.

: November 22 2015 of the same conference, will be dedicated to Max Miller teaching how it works.

: Peter Crunk and Max miller MAY also demonstrate .........................BLANK........... ha ha!

: Many in THE "free energy" world have continually ridiculed, harassed, and slandered, MAX MILLER, SLADE OUTLAW, ED CHANSON, and others.

: One well known forum of a guy who wears a hat, has an entire thread dedicated to this technology.

: On this thread there was a gang rape of MAX MILLER and his partners partners, all of whom are not even active members of that forum.

: On a lessor known forum, of a 2 known stalkers of MAX MILLER, MAX MILLERS name is slandered through most of the forum.

: SAID stalkers daily troll ciber space for MAX MILLER and aggressively slander MAX MILLER and spread pure crap talk.

: Mark Dancie and Smart Scarecrow, once went out of there way on the Scare Crow show to slander MAX MILLER and his work.

: MAX was also denied posting his work on a well known huge free energy archive.... because they only archive free energy work.

: Ragnarök has come!

: the truth is out there!

: irondmax forum irondmax youtube

See also Google > Stan Meyers VIC Max Miller

-- SilverThunder 23:12, 22 November 2015 (UTC)

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