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Free Energy Blog:2015:11:21

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Free Energy Blog:2015:11:22

MagneGas produces superior, green cutting gas for cheaper
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Image:MagneGas sewage-recycler rd.jpg
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Relevance: Directory:Waste to Energy > Directory:MagneGas

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Thanks to Habibur Rahman for bringing this to our attention.

We first began covering Directory:MagneGas in May, 2006. This would be one of several exotic technologies we've covered that has made it to market. Though it's not an electricity generator technology, it converts "free energy" in the form of liquid waste into a very useful fuel.

One of the investors I've mentioned a number of times in our news, Jawahar (Jay) Pavasia, who met me in Germany to see the Rosch technology, and in Philadelphia to see Geoffrey Miller's EnergyBat Labs demos, and a couple of other trips, was instrumental in getting MagneGas introduced to the market in India. I was talking with Jay yesterday about yet another great technology to consider.

Here's a great overview video of MagneGas.


There’s a new product igniting the metal-cutting industry! We are MagneGas, the next generation in alternative energy and we’ve come up with a gas proven to be more effective, safer, and more cost effective than acetylene or propane. Using our patented Plasma-Arc Gasification process, we can take things like automotive liquid waste, cooking oil, and paint and safely convert these liquid waste products into a green, clean-burning gas capable of amazing industrial results. Best of all, this product is home-grown, right here in the United States! Watch this video demonstration of MagneGas in action.(YouTube September 1, 2015)

This next video is not up on YouTube yet, so I can't embed it here at PESWiki.

Facebook > Alternatives to natural gas - "It's not available for consumers, but it is available for fleet owners, industry, and investors."

-- SilverThunder 00:40, 21 November 2015 (UTC)

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