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Free Energy Blog:2015:11:04

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Free Energy Blog:2015:11:05

Keshe's Magrav Plasma Technology by Alekz: Blueprint Workshop (update w/ preface)
Image:Karl-China-Magrav replication rd.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2015:11:04'

Relevance: Directory:Plasma > Directory:Keshe Foundation > OS:Alekz' Magrav Power System from the Keshe Foundation

Sterling's Preface:

While this workshop was ostensibly for the purpose of answering questions about the blueprints, it was mostly Keshe's chatting about things such as envisioning where this technology could lead us in the future decades. I posted several questions about the blueprints, and none were addressed. e.g. I can't tell from the plans whether the "firecracker" arrangement (little 3-4 inch "nano-coated" stranded copper wire with "gans" and paper wrapping on about 1" of its end) and the solid copper wire arrangements go together or if they are two different ways of getting to the same objective -- harnessing "plasma" energy, which behaves very differently from regular electricity.

When they asked the listeners if anyone had successfully replicated the system yet, there were no affirmative responses as far as I could tell. The one demo of something running in China had communication issues (bandwidth?), so the question to him about whether he was running the fan being shown via his Alekz system with a net gain over any input that might be going to it from mains power, was not answered. So technically, the answer to the "any replications?" question remains: "No," if that answer needs to be qualified as "successful replications."

So while technically, a house wife could build one of these, none of even the advanced DIY scientists involved have yet been able to understand the instructions well enough to repeat the ("less than a dollar in materials") design for powering a house or car (including reducing petrol requirement in non-electric vehicles).

Keshe did announce that the Magrav systems have started to be shipped out, and some of the first shipped should have started to arrive. It will be interesting to see how well or not people are able to "plug these in" to their homes and cars. I'm guessing a very slow success rate, if any success is even achieved, as it is a completely new paradigm full of seeming contradictions and questions. (A least in the blueprints) it's supposed to be able to power your house, but the load should not exceed 2 kW, which a typical home routinely, daily surpasses. Then there is the "conditioning" issues, which takes time. And then there is the question of "do I dare wire this thing into my home power? Nah, I think I'll wait to see how it works for someone else," which is what most everyone is going to think, so none are likely to be "first" any time soon. The first are likely to be someone with a shop with no crucial things plugged in, independently wired from anything crucial.

I have to say that as I listen to Keshe, I can see why there are so many Keshe Kool Aid drinkers. He comes across as an implant from some other advanced civilization, here to share with us their secrets of how to travel to Space and sustain life in Space. At a minimum, it is good entertainment, like watching Star Trek, but for DIY explorers.

I do think there is something to what he is saying, though the "grain of salt" maxim is extremely important in downplaying their hype.

-- SilverThunder 15:19, 5 November 2015 (UTC)

- - - -

Thanks to Directory:John Kuhles for bringing this to our attention (now under way: 1+ hour as of the time of this posting).

This will be available afterward as a recording, either here, and/or on their YouTube channels.


10:15 starts w/ Keshe

Begins by talking about winding of copper wire on drill shaft, and how this relates to the circuit diagram what is "gravitational" (inner-most) set and what is "magnetical" (outer-most) set.

26:45 shipping has started

31:00 first units should start arriving today

~34:45 careful when you connect the heating element of your washing machine wait a few weeks for conditioning of system

~40:00 will be installing these in the Italian police vehicles and monitoring fuel consumption.

~41:00 guy from audience goes to white board to ask about winding of copper on screw driver shaft.

~44:00 gans coating or nano coating?

[at this point (~44:30 in my recording), Lifestream went offline, and when coming back on, rather than resuming where I was (starting from beginning), it seems to be trying to resume at the live portion.]

[interrupt +]~4:00? Keshe talked about the health aspect

[interrupt +]~7:00 talks about number of turns in inner (e.g. 60) and outer set of coils (e.g. 80 coils) modifies the attributes of the system.

[interrupt +]~9:45 "make sure everything is nano-coat, not matter state" [Q. how to you get electrical connections without stripping off nano-coating?]. "Now you understand how you create matter you want (e.g. water, bananna). "It's the field that counts."

[interrupt +]~13:30 change fields (gravitational and magnetic) to match matter. Take bannana, and water will taste like bananna. [Q. how do you "adjust" the coils. It's a matter of winding and nano-coating a coil, at least an hour of preparation for each setting.]

[NOTE: From here on out, all times are per the new time frame reference "interrupt +"]

I posted in forum:

Q. If you are multiplying what is in your source, what if you don't get close enough to the proper resonance, will you be creating something dangerous instead?

One thing I didn't find clear (blueprint) was whether the "firecracker" type of gans system is part of the copper wire coil winding nanocoated, or is it an alternative method of doing the same thing?

~23:30 (did I understand right?) ~"The system adjusts to what your body needs."

~25:30 Space Technology. Space Plasma. For space travel.

26:10 emotional space, what you wish, manifests.

~27:00 We cover this privately in our Spaceship Institute classes.

~28:00 Richard, any news on a completed system?

A. busy today getting close.

29:15 "Is there anyone else that can show?"

A. was showing something.

30:40 Rick: I think there are people who have something but not showing.

Some people have work, and time differences that prevent live participation.

Maybe someone can contribute a video to next teaching.

[Bottom line: no one had anything to show or knew of a video link of a working, replicated system.]

33:50 Make Wednesday "Scientist Day", who understand and can teach what they are learning.

~36:10 [demo, live, from China (Karl?)] have it running this morning. Nano-coated all the wire.

37:15 Keshe: Blue colering (on nanocoating) means the system is gravitational.

36:40 I have two units connected to the fan (running)

~40:45 Keshe Q. any reduction in your power supply?

~50:45 Keshe: "Today we gave you a lot of ways of using the plasma" (to create matter).

~53 min Screen shot: create full composite plasma

Image:Play-w-position-of-coils rd.jpg

Start playing with position of coils in different positions.

~1:02:00 Plasma is a living entity.

~1:30:00 in negotiations with one of the main space agency to become a partner to merge the two institutions together.

~1:32:00 space agencies in stagnation [STERLING COMMENT: the public ones appear that way because the black budget projects are so far advanced. Most of the "UFO"s being seen are of human origin. If you listen to Coast to Coast AM at all, you should know this.]

~1:37:00 Inter-Galactic, instantaneous communication (including emoitions) via Plasma. Built-in to your make-up.

~1:49:45 This is one of the applications of your plasma devices: Instant Communication

~2:02:30 (if I heard him right) "In your RNA is a copy of all the movies you and your ancestors have seen" [WHAT???!!!]

~2:13:00 warning to members in Belgium, tracking will explain tomorrow's workshop. "Those who claim they are doing nothing have shown their hands. Just to create problems." [more Keshe paranoia]

86th Knowledge Seekers' Workshop tomorrow 9 AM Central Europ Time

-- SilverThunder 13:12, 4 November 2015 (UTC) [Note: I'm updating this page as the conference proceeds, so the initial posting time is when I first put up this notice.]

-- SilverThunder 15:48, 4 November 2015 (UTC) (Last updated)

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