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Free Energy Blog:2015:09:15

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Natural VLF Radio - Related to Dollard' s Telluric Research

'Free Energy Blog:2015:09:15'

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The latest from Aaron and Peter. I changed the links to credit pesnetwork, which still helps Eric and EPD Laboratories

From: Peter Lindemann's Free Energy Newsletter

Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 11:07 AM

Subject: The History and Nature of Science

Dear Sterling,

Well, it's been 6 days since my last Update. I'd like to wish a warm welcome to all of the new people who signed up for this service during that time. If you are interested, you can find many of my previous Update Newsletters on the Newsletter Archive page of my website: For postings of Newsletter content from January 2015 to the present, please check my Blog pages. Thanks.

The History and Nature of Science

The field of Science developed out of the reaction of "thinking men" who wanted to observe Nature and determine how it behaved without being influenced by either Religious Authorities (the Church) or by the Monarchy (the political State). The very first organization to establish an independent existence for this purpose was the Royal Society of London, established after the end of the English Civil War, in 1660. Their motto was simple: "Nullius in Verba" which in Latin means "take nobody's word for it." In those days, this motto represented the idea that a "thinking man" should be able to explore a new procedure and find out how nature behaved under those circumstances. Today, we call that "running an experiment." Over time, the method of simultaneously observing the new procedure next to a similar but well known procedure became the norm. The results of these tests and their differences were then reported to other members of The Society, who also thought about them and passed judgment on their validity with regard to both the procedure and their outcome.

What grew out of this is the entire "scientific method," where "recognized experiments" are done and compared to a "control" procedure, reported in public and passed as "acceptable" or not by "peer review." In the last 350 years, a huge body of knowledge has been built up by this process and is now generally recognized as the "field of science" itself. Unfortunately, this has lead to the "field of science" becoming a predominant "world view" in its own right, with its own social power base, that is now stifling "independent enquiry" in the same way the Church and Monarchy were before 1660. The Free Energy field is a good example of how the predominant scientific world view has stifled enquiry simply because it "doesn't believe" that "free energy" exists.

Science, as a method of enquiry, is extremely important to a free society. However, science, as a "world view," has become very dangerous to a free society. For a little more on this topic, please view and consider these thoughts by Rupert Sheldrake:

2015 Conference Release by Stephen P. McGreevy

Today's release is Stephen P. McGreevy's 2015 Energy Science and Technology Conference Lecture titled On the Art of Natural VLF Field Recording. This presentation covers the fascinating topic of audio-frequency signals which emanate naturally from the Earth. The most-spectacular phenomena are heard between 400 Hz and 5,000 Hz. The scientific community has not seriously investigated these signals, and nobody really knows why they occur or what they indicate about what else may be happening in the natural world.

Recently, interest in naturally occurring ELF/VLF (Extremely Low Frequency / Very Low Frequency) radio phenomena, such as "whistlers" and "chorus," has grown rapidly among hobbyists, musicians, nature lovers, amateur tinkerers and professional scientists alike.

Stephen's talk is informative, engaging, and filled with recorded examples of these "earth sounds" and the methods he uses to record them. This lecture acts as an excellent introduction to this interesting field of interacting with the "songs of nature."

Click to Learn More:

Coming Presentation Releases

The next product release coming up will be on Wednesday, September 9th. That is when William Lyne's Conference Lecture On the Parallel Propulsion Researches of Tesla and J.J. Thomson will be released. This lecture builds on William's presentation from last year's Conference on Tesla's Ideal Flying Machine.

- - - -

From: Eric P. Dollard

Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 12:55 PM

Subject: NEW Natural VLF Radio - Related to Dollard' s Telluric Research - Listen now!



Hi Sterling,

We're excited to launch Stephen McGreevy's presentation today, On the Art of Natural VLF Field Recording. It also happens to be the PERFECT entry point for beginners who are interested in Eric Dollard's telluric research and Advanced Seismic Warning System but don't have a background to understand it.

Natural VLF (Very Low Frequency) is a range of frequencies where all kinds of unusual sounds are created around us from the Earth, Atmosphere, Magnetic Field, etc. LISTEN to the sample on the website!


These sounds have been heard by ham radio operators since the beginning and they're usually written off as just some odd phenomena, but they're quite important. Stephen doesn't cover much in terms of their relationship with impending earthquake activity, but they are very related and Eric Dollard will go more into this at a later time, but Stephen's presentation will orient you and will take you on a tour around the world to some of the best spots he has ever visited with some of the most breathtaking samples you could imagine.

It is also a perfect way to introduce children to something of value while getting them to make a connection with the world around them.


There are even a few schematics for some of Stephen's classic VLF receivers included. They've been online for years but most people don't know what their purpose is and this is THE most comprehensive presentation on Natural VLF Radio that we know of.




Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 3 by Paul Babcock:

The Dynaflux Concept and Lenz's Law by Jim Murray -

The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity by Eric Dollard -

Versor Algebra Volume II by Eric Dollard -

Plasma Ignition for Wasted Spark Systems by Aaron Murakami -

The Lord's Pump Project by Al Throckmorton -

Overunity Disclosure & Floyd Sweet's VTA by Graham Gunderson -

ECE Unified Theory of Physics by Douglas Lindstrom, PhD -

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