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Free Energy Blog:2015:09:06

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Free Energy Blog:2015:09:07

Corrections on Joule Box: Not Four In Operation

'Free Energy Blog:2015:09:06'

Relevance: Directory:Joule Box Power Generators by Ecogen

Today I had a conference call with Jonah and Roland, another person involved with Joule Box, which resulted in my making the following corrections to the Directory:Joule Box Power Generators by Ecogen page I put up the other day. This was from information derived in the conversation, which was intended to talk me and an associate into making a trip to LA to see the thing. We'll not be making the trip at this time because the 15 cents/kW-h PPA price is far too expensive for my associate's market, where solar PPAs can be secured for 5 cents/kW-h. The Joule Box price might make sense for a place like Hawaii or New York.

: There are presently four systems in operation: one in an undisclosed location a 250 kW system in Los Angeles, California a 250 kW system in Panama and a 1 MW system in Pakistan. [Sept. 6 update/correction: There are not any large systems presently in operation. There is only one 20 kW demo in Los Angeles, which is not running continuously.]

: All components are off-the-shelf, with proprietary alignment, placement and electronics. This is why they are prepared to roll out 10,000/month once that volume of orders is achieved. [Sept. 6 update/correction: This needs to be verified.]

: Units are available for sale in US and Canada. 50% down, 50% on delivery. [Sept. 6 memo: I'd wait until reliable, third party validation has been done before purchasing.]

I also prefaced the entire page with something I should have put up when I first posted the page: "THEY CLAIM..."

I was too hasty to put them into the Top 5. Once they get their third party testing done, then I might put them back up there.

-- SilverThunder 00:35, 7 September 2015 (UTC)

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