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Free Energy Blog:2015:08:11

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Free Energy Blog posts from Tuesday, August 11, 2015


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Synchronicity in Call from Joseph Shea

'Free Energy Blog:2015:08:11'

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Pure Energy Systems News

August 11, 2015

We just barely hit August, and here it is already the 11th! Can you believe it?!

So many amazing things happening. I can barely keep up with the best exotic Free Energy technology developments, with great things in my hopper.

I'm sitting on some really cool stuff. Maybe I should use Twitter as my vent, or something, so you at least get a taste of some of these things before they go moldy.

Here we are nearly midnight GMT on the 11th, and I've not got something up yet today, so I thought I'd share a few things from a great call I had today from Joe Shea, who has been running the annual Directory:HHO Games event, among other things. He thought maybe I had written the recent anonymous book review on his book: 'POWER: A Story of Cold Fusion'.

"No, I always sign my name to my stuff. But I'd like to read it."

He's a good writer.

He said the most recent HHO Games was quite a disappointment in attendance, so he's going to rename it "Hydrogen Games" to pick up some interest from the mainstream. He got some generous, unexpected donations, which he really appreciates.

He asked me what I've been up to.

I told him that in addition to keep up with Free Energy News, I've been on a quest to help bring about a major spiritual paradigm shift on the planet to get people to turn back to God and goodness.

I told him about the Directory:Alphabetics code I discovered based on the alphabetical sequence of words and the numbers associated with them. He asked me to look up his birthday: Feb. 7, which would be 27, among other things. I looked up 27 in the New Testament lexicon, and noted that it comes immediately after 26, "Charity," which was my Sterling Sunday School topic two days ago. How cool is that!

Ne noted that charity is an important part of what he tries to be. As we were talking on Skype video, I could see that a house-cleaning lady had shown up -- someone from his church that he is helping out with this extra work. He says he throws in some extra money when he can, even though he's living on Social Security, himself.

I noted how ironic it is that often it is those who are least able who help out the most, relatively speaking.

After our chat, he sent me a generous donation -- generous in the free energy world.

Hopefully, it won't be long and I'll no longer rely on donations to help make ends meet in our news and directory and networking service, as we're now on the brink of so many exotic free energy technologies starting to come out.

Exciting times.

-- SilverThunder 00:25, 12 August 2015 (UTC)

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