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Free Energy Blog:2015:08:10

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HUGE: Keshe and Iranian Space Technology in Veterans Today: Disclosure, Why Sabotaging the Iran Agreement Takes Down America

'Free Energy Blog:2015:08:10'

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I don't quite get why the dire tone of this article about Keshe's plasma technology in Veterans Today, but at a minimum, it is entertaining. It looks almost like the governments of the world might actually be taking this seriously. Thanks to Mark Nilson, Alabama, USA, for bringing this to our attention.

Counterfeit Iranian Plasma Tech Offered to NASA/DOD by Scamster Intel Operators (Veterans Today August 10, 2015)


: Both Iran and the United States have repeatedly announced that there are no secret codicils to the 5+1 agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. Both the United States and Iran are lying. A key aspect to the settlement, we have been able to confirm, is an agreement to transfer to the United States certain Iranian plasma energy technologies deemed by NASA and the Department of Defense as “vital to US interests.”

: This week a group arrived in Washington to file patents for what they claim is an exact parallel technology to that being offered the US. The group claims they gained control of this technology by infiltrating the Italian based research facilities of the Keshe Foundation using a Bulgarian agent, a young woman, who, using “romantic wiles,” was able to illegally access data key to America’s national survival.

: The group, Bulgarians and “Russians,” are carrying around a table top model of a “Casimir Effect” levitation model like you see on YouTube. AIPAC is taking them from meeting to meeting, promising oil industry execs, key congressional leaders and half-educated “research project politicians” that the Iran deal can be scrapped because there is now a “second source.”

: Let’s be very clear, this is much more than a move to kill the Iran deal. This is a move to bring down the United States, not just economically, but to leave the US virtually defenseless. All it took was greed, Sheldon Adelson’s cash spent to kill the Iran deal, involvement of AIPAC and the Mossad, the real “Russian” players in this deal and some very corrupt and stupid Americans.

: This is a very real security threat to the United States. Why am I putting some of the highest classified information ever to go into print before the public? Is it because, at this late date, only embarrassment may save the United States?


-- SilverThunder 00:01, 11 August 2015 (UTC)

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