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LIVE: Solar Impulse Airplane - In Flight from Nagoya to Hawaii 17 - RTW Attempt

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Stuart writes:

Solar Impulse 2

Just 500kms now from Honolulu (the journey length of this leg is 8,171 kms)

The longest leg on their RTW journey. And the most dangerous one.

The noise you can hear on the livestream is the Oxygen pulsing

(as he is up near 29,000 feet plus his (the Pilot's) breathing.

Plus some live chat from the control room.

Successful landing. Cheers and tears all around. Congratulations. ~ 16:55 GMT Fri 03Jul2015

Presently in holding pattern, awaiting daylight to land. No landing gear? So they will literally be catching it. ~16:20 GMT

Image:Solar Impulse 2 - 03Jul2015.jpg

Date: Hawaiian is Thurs 02Jul2015

:New Zealand is Fri 03Jul2015

At 5pm NZ Time, he has started his descent into Honolulu - Presently 26,323 feet and 400 kms to go.

At 5.45pm NZ Time he is currently descending into Honolulu - Presently 21,043 feet and 200 kms to go.

At 6.00pm NZ Time, current height 19,416 feet and approx 130kms to go.

At 6.10pm NZ Time , current height 18,479 and approx 110kms to go.

Right now SI2 is totally reliant on its battery storage - currently 89% storage and drawing a constant 1kW to run the electric propellers.

He will go off oxygen at approx 10,000 feet, maybe lower due to the fact that he has been on it for quite a long time.

At 6.30pm NZ Time, he has done some back-tracking (so therefore further away from Honolulu). Currently 15,897 feet with approx 100kms to go.

At 6.40pm NZ Time he is at 14,800 feet and backtracking again. He has just been advised by Air Traffic Control to turn around and head for Honolulu again.

At 6.50pm NZ Time he is not taking ATC advice and is continuing to backtrack some 30kms so far. Present height 16,400 feet.

At 7.10pm NZ Time he is still backtracking, some 50kms now. Current height is 11,700 feet.

At 7.15pm NZ Time SI2 enters a holding pattern before landing to allow andreborschberg to rest and to avoid the strong winds at night.

At 7.20pm NZ Time, he is still backtracking and is now off the Oxygen mask. Height 10,200 feet.

At 7.40pm NZ Time, he is doing a radio interview with an Hawaiian Radio Station. In this interview he indicates he is waiting for dawn to land. It is currently 9.40pm Hawaiian time.

Andre Borschberg lands at 5.55am Hawaiian Time Fri 03Jul2015 NZ Time 3.55am Sat 04Jul2015 (15.55 GMT)

The journey so far on FLIGHT RADAR. Once the aircraft lands, this link via DVR-B will stop once the Pilot turns it off :

LIVE STREAM from the cockpit plus other information. Once the aircraft lands, this link will change and also cease as far as live updates go :

TWITTER Feed. Look at this feed for latest updates regardless of where the SI2 is in the world:

You-tube Link for the last segment of the flight:


(YouTube July 3, 2015)

PES Network, Inc. participating in SolarImpulse #FUTUREISCLEAN campaign

-- SilverThunder 03:36, 3 July 2015 (UTC)

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