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Free Energy Blog:2015:06:18

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QEG comes up with smaller version for experimenters

'Free Energy Blog:2015:06:18'

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[Preface note, after writing the following last night on the plane: Today (June 18) I spent a fantastic day with Directory:Geoffrey S. Miller's Energybat Labs, which I'll be reporting on later. He has some great info relevant to the QEG which should help people find success there. The primary problem with the present design, he points out, is that it hammers the coil, which has to be in resonance to work. "That's like taking a jack hammer to it. It might work for a little bit, but it won't last. He has a remedy that he plans to release later.]

Here's a June 13 update from Hope Girl from Free the World (FTW) Project, doing the QEG electromagnetic system. Other milestones include James coming up with a detailed set of instructions of how to achieve resonance. After purportedly achieving overunity, they are presently working on trying to get a self-sustaining system with energy left over.

: The QEG is the open sourced release of a new product that is in global co-development. This is a new way of releasing a product of this type that has no prior reference point. However, you can compare the total expenditures of the QEG project to the budgets of any other major electrical product development in the industry to see a stark contrast.

: Here is real data from a major electric motors manufacturing company gleaned from 27 years of employment by the QEG Lead Engineer:

: Under normal manufacturing circumstances:

: -An annual operation budget with multiple millions of dollars at their disposal.

: -A team of 20 full time paid experts to work on development.

: -A pre-established supply chain that was developed over 50 years to supply all order needs.

: A major corporation can take a new product from inception to market in NINE MONTHS.

: And this is just for something as standard as a vacuum cleaner. For something more significant, such as in the automotive industry, the same process can take 7 YEARS with triple the resources. Non-disclosure contracts are enforced by all involved and the consumer has no knowledge of the product until it is available for purchase.

: The QEG circumstances:

: -A Crowdfunded budget of $80,000

: -A team of three people: one developer and two assistants

: -No established supply chain, but a few good leads and connections

: The QEG Project Results to Date:

: Over 180,000 people have downloaded the open sourced plans. Individuals in over 40 countries are in the process of developing Cottage Industry Community Units (CICU’s) for local QEG production. 70 QEG prototypes (or more) are in the process of building for global co-development and research. Over 15 websites from different countries have been set up for QEG development. Many of these sights can be found on

: The opensourcing of the QEG has created a global stir of QEG co-development. This includes free energy enthusiasts, engineers and physicists from all over the world, working together to troubleshoot and develop the QEG technology in a safe and open environment free from patents, controls, and other restrictions. So far, 3 stages of QEG development can be identified:

: 1) Achieving Resonance, (creating raw power)

: 2) Achieving Over Unity, (creating more energy out than it takes to run it)

: 3) Achieving Self Running, (using the energy produced to supply its own power)

: FTW has built 5 QEG’s in several locations: Pennsylvania USA, Taiwan, Morocco, UK, Florida USA.

: FTW donated a QEG to the impoverished village of Aouchtam Morocco. A QEG build was hosted in Aouchtam and opened to the public for free. Traveling and accommodation expenses were the responsibility of those who chose to attend. 75 people representing 24 countries traveled to Aouchtam for the public QEG build. These attendees included: scientists, engineers, permaculturists, agriculturists, astrophysicists, bloggers, radio hosts, professional singers and musicians, artists, former bank trade and finance, lawyers, former police and military, natural physicians, alchemists, professional chefs, professional authors, alternative health experts and inventors.

: At the time of this report, the QEG is still in co-development and embarking on the next stage of the project which is to achieve self-running. It should be noted that generating raw power through resonance and achieving over unity is a huge breakthrough in energy technology.

: Many engineers around the world are watching the FTW QEG team and sharing the results in hopes to replicate them. It is important to note that a QEG has already achieved self-running as shown in this WITTS video here: However, instructions for how to achieve this effect of Tesla’s Public Domain Design have not yet been opensourced by WITTS. FTW will publish the instructions when available and tested.

: FTW has posted several updates and reports to keep the public updated on the project. A 10 week online instruction course has been offered to teach engineers around the world how to build a QEG.


(YouTube June ~12, 2015)

-- SilverThunder 23:50, 18 June 2015 (UTC)

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