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Free Energy Blog:2014:September:23-30

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Free Energy Blog posts from September 23-30, 2014


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Free Energy Blog:2014:September:1-7

Cold Fusion 4/11: BlewMe Fuels Organically Grown

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:30'

Relevance: Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory: David A. Puchta of Proton Spin Technologies, Inc.

David Puchta sent me this link to his latest video. A lot of fascinating effects being shown here, including bubbles from only one electrode green algae being formed rapidly to replace brown muck.


(YouTube September 28, 2014)

Some of the early comments include:

: irondmax1: awesome.

: Sin Semilla: more uploads please, this is very interesting

: energyrich626: Wow!!! :)?

: Daniel HHO Hydrogen Donatelli: Cranking Hydrogen

: anothaview: Wow, that might explains why the red-dye in the ocean on those "Biblical Prophecies"

-- SilverThunder 04:34, 30 September 2014 (UTC)

TheMindUnleashed story about Quant e-Sportlimousine Salt Water Powered Car
Image:Quant road 400.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:29'

Relevance: Directory:Water as Fuel > Directory:QUANT e-Sportlimousine with nanoFLOWCELL drive

Diarmaid Flynn brought this story by TheMindUnleashed to our attention. It is a great overview of this amazing company and product that eventually will be available for many affordable applications, not just a high-end, super expensive sports car.

Salt Water Powered Car Gets European Approval – Yes, It’s Real - In a breakthrough that is bound to catch the attention of the oil industry and even electric car makers, a company has just gained approval for its ‘salt water’ powered car in Europe. A car called the Quant e-Sportlimousine that was presented at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show is the first electric car powered by salt water and is now certified for use on European public roads. (TheMindUnleashed 6 September, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 21:12, 29 September 2014 (UTC)

Tesla Supercharger Network Now Allows for Free Coast-to-Coast Drive

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:29'

Relevance: Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Tesla Motors, Inc.

John Kuhles brought this to our attention, posted at Facebook.

Apparently it's actually news from last February.

It's been fun to watch the growth of Tesla Motors. I remember when they first started out, if you Googled "Tesla Motors", our Directory:Tesla Motors, Inc. page was the first page to come up, even before their website. It was that way for about two years -- at least in the top three. We were paying attention to them long before they became popular in the mainstream.

Now, they are so big that there are enough stations distributed around the US that one could travel pretty much anywhere in the country and have access to one of their Supercharger stations. There's one 15 minutes from me here in rural Nephi, Utah.

Image:Tesla-Supercharger nationwide rd.jpg

-- SilverThunder 12:44, 29 September 2014 (UTC)

Crazy-Talk / Divorce and Recovery


Template: 788

-- SilverThunder 18:32, 28 September 2014 (UTC)

Russian video about FE conspiracy
Image:E-cat demo Russian-TV 300.jpg
Image:Minato-wheel CNN 300.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:27'

Relevance: Directory:Conspiracy

We have a lot of Russians in our audience who might appreciate watching this brief video that seems to be from some kind of television documentary.

For the rest of us who do not speak Russian, a look through the description gives an idea of the contents, dealing with conspiracy behind suppressing developments in cold fusion, magnet motors, and other advances politically labeled "pseudoscience."

Thanks to ???????? ????? ?????????????, who brought this to our attention.


(YouTube August 14, 2014)

Google Translation of video title and description:

: Soviet scientists against the Illuminati.

: [Channel:] Planety

: That is capable of free Russian science? As a scientific mafia destroys the latest developments.

: Sergey Sall

: Why science in the USSR actively developed only 15 years old? What explains the rise of Soviet engineering from 1945 to 1960.? Why cold fusion, an outdoor physicist Ivan Filimonenko, could not use Korolev, Kurchatov and Glushkov? What lies behind the strange circumstances of the death of these great scientists? Why cold fusion program in the Soviet Union announced pseudoscientific? Who refocused on the old Soviet science development Americans? Why did the Soviet development of computer technology were covered, and our scientists were ordered to copy American technology? In the USSR, created perpetual motion of the second level. We created absorption refrigerators that do not require power. The world could abandon petrol and gas still in the 1980s. Throughout the world, including the United States were killed outstanding scientists. In St. Petersburg, there was a company, which produces engines based on cold fusion. What happened to the chief designer of this company? Back in the 1990s, we have existed to develop fuel-free energy. What is "Minato Wheel"? Than it actually is by the Commission on pseudoscience? Why Japanese do not able to implement in their industries alternative technologies? What truth revealed former economy minister Takenaka Japan Heidsee? What is behind the tragedy of Fukushima? Whether there is a geo-physical weapons? Independent analyst, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Sergey Salle shares unique information on the achievements of Soviet science and the world of knowledge monopolies.

: Site "Property Planet» -

: Page VKontakte "Property Planet» -

: FaceBook page Club Traveler "Property Planet» -

: Instagram "Property of the Planet»

-- SilverThunder 17:32, 27 September 2014 (UTC)

Research about Space Warp from David Pares from University of Nebraska
Image:SPACE-WARP-Dynamics 450.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:27'

Relevance: Directory:Propulsion

Howard Hinman brought this to our attention.

On September 23, David Pares was on Coast to Coast AM, which offered the following synopsis of the show:

: Bermuda Triangle researcher and professor David Pares discussed his investigation into natural occurring and laboratory-induced space warp. He explained that space warp is the process by which the fabric of space becomes compressed due to mass. Pares contended that naturally occurring space warps have been reportedly experienced by several pilots when flying into thunderstorms. Based on these witnesses, Pares said, it appears that "the electric fields within thunderstorms can create a local space warp bubble." Although these bubbles are non-sustainable, he claimed that pilots experiencing this phenomenon have reported being instantaneously projected over distances ranging from 100 to 340 miles.

: Drawing insight from pilots who experienced the natural space warp bubbles, Pares formed a company to develop a way of artificially creating this phenomenon. Via a series of experiments using low electricity, his group managed to replicate the space warp effect and control it using a small motor. Furthermore, they discovered that using multiple motors together allowed them to generate a larger warp bubble which could ideally encompass a craft. The next step for Pares' company, he said, is to configure an unmanned aerial vehicle with these special motors and lift the device off of the ground using the power of the space warp effect. Ultimately, should this prove successful, Pares was hopeful that the group could get additional funding which would allow them to increase the overall size of the project and create a vehicle which could accommodate people.

: During his appearance, Pares also recalled his UFO encounter that served as the inspiration for his interest in this type of technology. It was in upstate New York in 1969, when a teenage Pares spotted a saucer-shaped craft fly over the top of a mountain. As the craft banked twenty degrees, Pares and his friends could see the top of the vehicle which he described as striated metal. Suddenly, the UFO sped away at great velocity, leading Pares to feel like "this thing knew that we were watching it." Ever since that day, he became obsessed with determining how the craft operated. In light of his present-day research, he marveled that "I think I figured out how it worked," speculating that the UFO was utilizing the warp bubble effect to control the space around it.

The company website is:

-- SilverThunder 15:40, 27 September 2014 (UTC)

Per FOIA, FBI Releases some Tesla papers

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:27'

Relevance: Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Nikola Tesla

Clay Graner from NASA brought this story by Aaron Murakami to our attention:

Like we're going to believe the FBI that was involved in the Directory:9/11 Conspiracy cover-up.



: After Tesla’s death, it was always claimed that the FBI took Tesla’s documents, which included all kinds of secret technologies including the famous “Death Ray”.

: This story is actually #10 out of a Top 10 Myths regarding the FBI – this is what that agency has to say about it:


:: Myth #10) The FBI has Nikola Tesla’s plans for a “death ray”!

:: If you don’t know the name, Nikola Tesla was a prolific inventor and gifted physicist and engineer—most known for developing the basis for AC power—who was born in Croatia in 1856 and settled in the U.S. in 1884. When Tesla died in New York in January 1943, his papers—which were thought to include plans for a particle beam weapon, dubbed a “death ray” by the press—were temporarily seized by the Department of Justice Alien Property Custodian Office (“alien” in this case means “foreigner,” although Tesla was a U.S. citizen). Despite longstanding reports and rumors, the FBI was not involved in searching Tesla’s effects, and it never had possession of his papers or any microfilm that may have been made of those papers. Since 1943, we have told a consistent story to all who have asked. Reports to the contrary appear to be based on an initial confusion of FBI agents with other government officials—especially Alien Property Office personnel. These rumors have long been repeated in biographies and articles on Tesla without double-checking the facts as reported in our files.

: Obviously, we’ll never know the truth but in any case, that is the official story. They at least do point out an agency that did seize papers and that is the Department of Justice Alien Property Custodian Office. They say “temporarily” seized it, so who did they release it to? It has been thought it was the U.S. Navy.

: Here are two large PDF’s released by the FBI that relate to Nikola Tesla. Quite a bit is blacked out – no surprise – and they’re probably more valuable as historical artifacts rather than treasure troves of technical data.

: Here they are:

-- SilverThunder 01:16, 27 September 2014 (UTC)

Justin Church interview with Molecular Hydrogen Institute

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:26'

Template: 4351 / Directory:Health > Directory:Molecular Hydrogen Institute

The name Justin Church should sound familiar to most of you, as he's the one who came up with and open sourced the Template: 4525.

There are some great moments in this interview, especially around 22 minutes when Justin gives his model of how the E-Cat LENR process works.

The Molecular Hydrogen Institute was founded to study the health benefits of hydroxy gas bubbled through water or breathed.


(YouTube )

Regarding what Tyler said about oxygen, I wrote:

: Hi Tyler,

: While it may be true that too much oxygen within a cell (due to membrane pumps not operating properly) can be toxic, my understanding from what I've learned is that oxygen is extremely beneficial to health, and that it is a dearth of oxygen that leads to cancer, not [an abundance].

: I got my BS at BYU in Microbiology, and did two years of graduate work in Bioelectrochemistry, studying the interaction of electromagnetic phenomenon and human systems, especially the role of high pH on predisposing cells to cancer.

: Loved Becker's book: Body Electric, which is what spurred me to change my major as a grad student from Virology to Bioelectrochemistry.

: There is a lot of junk you have to sift through in mainstream health as well as in alternative. Generally speaking, there is a lot more good stuff in the alternative world than in the mainstream world.

Tyler responded:

: Friday, September 26, 2014 9:52 AM

: Subject: Re: (HHO) comments on oxygen & health

: Hi Sterling,

: Thanks for reaching out. If I would have known that Justin was recording the interview I would have shared more information about oxygen. I agree that in some cases oxygen can be harmful and in other beneficial. Most people I talk to believe that oxygen is purely the elixir of life and the more oxygen you breath, the more hyperbaric therapy you get, etc. the better off you'll be.

: Because most people already understand the benefits of O2, I wanted to point out the potential negatives. But did not get time to expound on the that point. Here is an interesting article you may enjoy on the topic about the possible benefits and negatives about hyperbaric O2

: We can discuss my actual views on this matter at a future time, as well as hydrogen therapy.

: Best,

: Tyler LeBaron

-- SilverThunder 19:30, 26 September 2014 (UTC)

TWIFE™ -- Featuring NASA's Ed Grimm on hydroxy


Template: 1609


(YouTube September 26, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 18:27, 26 September 2014 (UTC)

Magnetic-like-binding of nuts via Leedskalnin PMH

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:25'

Relevance: Directory:Magnetism > Directory:Leedskalnin "Perpetual Motion Holder" (PMH) Bond Effect

Directory:New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) member, Directory:Russ Gries' RWG Research has posted an interesting video.

What makes this "trick" possible is our present lack of sufficient understanding of magnetism and equations/laws to describe it.


(YouTube September 22, 2014)


: “Oh Nuts!” Magnetic Lock... Your Going To Like This. Using The Principles Of Ed Leedskalnin PMH. Must Watch And Try… Amazing…

: SAFETY FIRST!!!!! Extremely Dangerous Experiment, I hold no responsibility for your actions!!!!! DEAD SHORTING A BATTERY IS NOT GOOD!!!!!!!! BE CAREFUL!!!!

: This information is now in the public domain... keep it that way!!!

: This is an extremely easy thing for anyone to play with and open there thoughts and ideas to the possibilities to this principal of the Perpetual motion holder.

: I have my own theory’s and stuff but I’m open to others thoughts so please post your thoughts here on the forums:


: You can see the other work I have done on this principal here:


: Manny Blessings To you All!

: Don't for get to give credit where credit is due!!!! ( thanks Jerry for placing the seed in my head that grew in to this experiment)

: ~Russ Gries


-- SilverThunder 19:10, 25 September 2014 (UTC)

Rockefeller Brothers Fund Gives Up on Oil

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:24'

Relevance: Directory:Oil / Directory:Trends

J D from Amsterdam brought this to our attention: 'The Rockefeller Brothers Fund Gives Up on Oil' (New Yorker September 23, 2014)


: On Monday, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund posted a carefully worded message on its Web site, which announced that it was “committing to a two-step process to address its desire to divest from investments in fossil fuels.” The organization, established in 1940 by Rockefeller heirs, is smaller than the better-known Rockefeller Foundation. But because of the timing of the announcement—following several large environmental marches held around the world, and before the United Nations hosts a climate summit in New York—and because the fund carries the name of the Rockefellers, whose fortune came from Standard Oil, the announcement attracted outsized attention.

-- SilverThunder 04:51, 24 September 2014 (UTC)

1979 Georgia Guidestone's ominous cornerstone now laid:

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:23'

Relevance: Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Health > Directory:Ebola

Yesterday, David Cleveland sent a link to this image, in his daily world news compilation. (I forward his stuff to my Conspiracy Daily newsletter, and highly recommend it as the best daily compilation, running now for more than a decade.)

Image:Georgia Guide Stones The Missing Stone Now In Place 2014 600.gif

Then today, I received this email from one of my NASA friends (they're not all NWO/UFO cover-up agents).

: From: Clay Graner

: To: Sterling Allan

: Sent: Monday, September 22, 2014 8:32 AM

: Subject: The Georgia Guidestones Have Officially Been Updated with the Year 2014


: about 8:37 discusses suppression of free energy


I don't know about you, but for this Guidestone to specify 500,000,000 as the population to get the planet to, requires nearly a 10-fold reduction from its present 7 billion+ and with the mysterious conspirators behind this Guidestone monument now posting a "2014" date on that million (either to finish [yikes!] or commence [scary enough]), that bodes ominous for some dark dealings that would make Hitler and Mao look saintly.

Perhaps their "hope" is pegged on Directory:Ebola. Perhaps something else. But it isn't going to be pretty.

They don't share the hope that we do that free energy can provide the tools by which we can live sustainably on the planet with 7+ billion people.

That said, I do believe that the Biblical/Quoranic/Talmudic teaching of God's command to Adam to "multiply and replenish" the earth can have a check mark placed in the box as "well done" and now it would be prudent to be reasonable in our reproductive practices and thought processes. There is such a thing as an upper limit and carrying capacity. Just ask any beaker of bacteria in growth medium. It's "party on" until the limits are reached and the solution becomes saturated.

Furthermore, I would not agree with people that say that any usage of the term "sustainable" is demonic. The word, in and of itself, is not the problem. The mode of implementation is where the problem can arise. The end does not justify the means.

Prince Philip said he wants to return as a deadly virus to think the human population, to do something truly useful.

Check out this video from Infowars:


Taking clips from real newscasts mixed with the films 12 Monkeys, V For Vendetta and Planet of The Apes this latest report illustrates how virus pandemics like ebola are created and controlled by governments. Video has surfaced showing army troops training to kill waves of zombies during a viral pandemic in the backdrop of a third world country. Now President Obama has ordered 3000 troops to West Africa to fight the pandemic. The reports shocking ending shows that our own government holds a patent for Ebola. (YouTube September 23, 2014)

The good news for those of us who are awake and are getting our information from the alternative media, is that there are Directory:Ebola for any virus, including Directory:Ebola -- things as simple as vitamin C or GSE (Gratefruit Seed Extract) can be very helpful in boosting the body's natural immune system. Fear itself is the greatest enemy in creating the stress that makes the body more susceptible to any illness. Have confidence in the tools you've learned over the years for keeping yourself healthy.

Ironically, Directory:Ebola could be a manifestation of the prophecy: "the sword of their own hands shall fall on their own heads", for the only people who will be effected are those who believe the lies told in the mainstream press about it being incurable. Anyone who is awake will know otherwise.

See especially: - Pandemic Preparedness -- FREE Online How-To Course By the Health Ranger, Mike Adams

Drugs and vaccines alone won't save the world from 'World War E' - world citizens must embrace antiviral herbal medicines if they wish to survive Ebola - (NaturalNews September 16, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 23:22, 23 September 2014 (UTC)

SHT Hydrogen Technology 88 Years Early?
Image:IMGA0025 lid-off 400.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:23'

Template: 4606

This piece illustrates the statement we have at the bottom of our websites:

"When you're one step ahead of the crowd you're a genius.

When you're two steps ahead, you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin (Feb. 1998)

Prof. Konstantin Balakiryan, the main inventor in the Directory:Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc.'s Overunity Hydrogen more-than-1400x overunity hydrogen production system, as validated three times by third party testing, ruminated as follows, translated from Russian by Jack, with a little editing by me.

: Dear Sterling,

: For a long time, I could not understand why our breakthrough technology is so negatively perceived, not only by the government and the people associated with the oil, gas and energy business, but also by ordinary people. After all, what we've done will change the ecology of our planet, economy, geopolitics, and even the mentality of people.

: By using non-renewable fossil resources as fuel, we, in fact, will remain as barbarians, disfiguring the planet and turning it into a nightmare of our lives and the lives of our descendants. The article published by JOHN INGRESS in the newspaper "The Recorder" clarified a lot for me.

: It turns out that we did not come in time. According to the calculations of professionals, our arrival was expected in 2102. We have repeatedly stated that the LENR technology developed by Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc. is ahead of its time, 20 to 30 years, but apparently much is mistaken. Our Hydrogen Reactor "Symphony 7A" was born 88 years earlier than expected. As a confirmation of this, I suggest the original article published in the newspaper "The Recorder".

: Prof. Konstantin Balakiryan

:: "Recorder"

:: Letter: Hydrogen power

Image:The-Hydrogen-Economy Jeremy-Rifkin.jpeg

:: Thursday, September 11, 2014

:: Nuclear power as it exists today, by means of fission, needs to be removed from the table of energy options, along with fracking. The proposed pipeline is a dinosaur which will be made useless by the new clean energy technologies such as the LENR process (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, previously called “cold fusion”) which are now proven to produce pollution-free energy.

:: In the [National Bestseller] book, “The Hydrogen Economy,” Jeremy Rifkin claims “It is possible to imagine a future, perhaps not more than 100 years from now, in which the cost of producing unlimited amounts of hydrogen is virtually zero.” This was written in 2002, when his focus was on fuel cells. Today, the test results from an independent lab confirm that the energy output from one barrel of water is equal to that of three barrels of oil, using the LENR process developed by Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc.

:: Since we in the Northeast are blessed with an abundance of water, would it not be wise for us to factor this new technology into the energy equation?

:: Drawing a parallel to the Internet age, Rifkin points out that “The first thing to keep in mind is that with distributed generation, every family, business, neighborhood, and community in the world is potentially both a producer and a consumer and a vendor of its own hydrogen and electricity. Because fuel cells are located geographically at the sites where the hydrogen and electricity are going to be produced and partially consumed, with the surplus hydrogen sold as fuel and the surplus electricity sent back onto the energy network, the ability to aggregate large numbers of producers/users into associations is critical to energy empowerment and to the advancement of the vision of democratic energy.” Note that this was written concerning fuel cells, which require a lot of electricity, whereas LENR produces over 1,400 times the energy input required. Since the hydrogen can also be used to generate electricity, a closed loop of non-polluting energy is now within reach, using water as the feedstock.

:: The Mount Tom steam-driven electrical power station would seem to be a good candidate for a retrofitting, to produce hydrogen.


:: Wendell

-- SilverThunder 16:14, 23 September 2014 (UTC)

Strevens says he confirmed his Transfusor Theory


Template: 3531

-- SilverThunder 16:14, 23 September 2014 (UTC)


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