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Free Energy Blog:2014:December:1-7

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Free Energy Blog posts from December 1-7, 2014


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Free Energy Blog:2014:December:8-15

Arthur Manelas passes beyond

'Free Energy Blog:2014:12:07'

Relevance: Directory:Obituaries

: From: Jim Dunn

: Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2014 9:50 AM

: Subject: FW: Arthur Manelas Wake and funeral details

: Folks - Here are the details on Arthur Manelas' Wake and funeral details- Arthur passed on Thurs. evening.

: His obit. is at

: Note the mention of his work on O/U devices:

: The past 15 years he dedicated his life to his lifelong dream of supplying free energy to the world. He developed a system that produced more energy than it consumed.

: A true over unity energy device that powered his house and his home-made electric car without having to be plugged in to any power source.

: When he wasn’t solving the world’s energy problems, he enjoyed being with his family and especially enjoyed attending his grandchildren’s activities

- - - -

Here's a memorial by Dansie:

- - - -

: Wake - Friends may call at the O’DONNELL FUNERAL HOME 276 PAWTUCKET ST. at Fletcher from 3 to 7 P.M. Sunday.

: His Funeral will take place from the Funeral Home Monday morning at 10 o’clock followed by his Funeral Service at the TRANSFIGURATION GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH at 11 o’clock.

: Burial in the Westlawn Cemetery. Those wishing may make contributions in his memory to the Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, Father Sarantos Way, Lowell, MA 01854.

: E-condolences/directions at Arrangements by Funeral Director James F. O’Donnell, Jr. (978 or 866) 458-8768.

-- SilverThunder 02:20, 8 December 2014 (UTC)

The U.S. Government Has a Secret System for Stalling Patents

'Free Energy Blog:2014:12:06'

Relevance: Directory:U.S. Government and Energy > Directory:35 U.S.C. 181:Secrecy of certain inventions and withholding of patent

The U.S. Government Has a Secret System for Stalling Patents

: Entrepreneurs and established companies alike depend on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to legally protect their inventions. But the Patent Office has been using a secret system to withhold the approval of some applications.

: Newly released documents reveal that the office, tasked with evaluating and protecting the rights to intellectual property, has a covert system for delaying controversial or inconvenient patents. It’s a system that attorneys say, if abused, could function as a way to limit or stomp out emerging companies.


-- SilverThunder 00:55, 7 December 2014 (UTC)

Russian LENR

'Free Energy Blog:2014:12:06'

Template: 4350

Jerry Decker brought this website to our attention.

Google translation to English


: Immediately begin with, our laboratory has considerable practical experience in the field of low-energy nuclear reactions (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions - LENR)

: In Russian researchers active in this field, probably several tens or Worldwide several hundred. Wider audience this line of alternative energy is not known, however, that it promises humanity inexhaustible safe energy source for the foreseeable future, and much sooner than might have been expected.

-- SilverThunder 23:17, 6 December 2014 (UTC)

Gerard Morin's Free and Natural Energy Technology

Template: 594

-- SilverThunder 22:59, 6 December 2014 (UTC)

SHT responds to potential Gag Order issue


Template: 1100

-- SilverThunder 22:59, 6 December 2014 (UTC)

TWIFE™ Featuring Sharón Wyeth and Patrick Flanagan


Template: 722

-- SilverThunder 22:58, 6 December 2014 (UTC)

Turning Dirt to Stone (And Back?)
Image:Dirttostone 400.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:12:04'

Relevance: OS:Utah Safe Haven Village Project

Anti-Orgone activist, Joel Carlinsky brought this page at KeelyNet to our attention.

Turning Dirt to Stone - The new formula turns dirt to stone, making it impermeable to water. In nature, the process — called lithification — occurs over centuries. Not with the new technology. It works overnight, courtesy of accelerants. The product works on the three elements of soil — oxygen, silicon and aluminum — which combine to form aluminosilicate. Add Bionic Soil, and the aluminosilicates turn into a gel that doesn’t let water seep through. (KeelyNet December 3, 2014)

Joel writes:

: On his popular website, KeelyNet..., Jerry Decker wrote: "amazing, grade a road to flat, spray this stuff on it and in 24 hours it turns into pavement that will last 10 years or more"

: What is needed is to find some way to BREAK UP paved ground into useable soil again. Untold millions of hectares of the surface of this planet are now covered over with a solid pavement. Road, parking lots, and sprawling cities on every continent are like lifeless scar tissue on the thin skin of the earth, land that cannot support vegetation, devoid of life, and an obstruction to the growth of anything alive.

: Nothing could be further from what this dying planet needs than a way to make it easier for the Destructecrats to pave even more of earth's surface and to do it faster, easier, and cheaper.

: Whatever can Jerry be thinking? How long does he think it would be after this stuff was on the market before somebody would use it extort money from farmers with a threat to spray it on their fields at night? Or some political group would deploy it by some means to destroy the agriculture of an enemy region or country?

I've not studied the tech well enough to be able to respond. I guess the primary question is how hard it is to break up this surface once it's been created. I would think it wouldn't be too difficult but that would definitely need to be factored into its lifetime analysis. As much as we want a road today doesn't mean we'll always want it there in that form in the future. Also, the points Joel makes about possible weaponized versions of this to turn fertile fields into hard soil should be weighed as well. What are the remedies to restore soil to its natural state?

What do you think? Comment below.

- - - -

Materials Safety Data Sheet

-- SilverThunder 02:17, 4 December 2014 (UTC)

Andrew Murray Describes Pending Ion Acoustics R&D at Hutchison's


Template: 2595

-- SilverThunder 02:46, 4 December 2014 (UTC)

James Woodward's science that could propel our children into space

'Free Energy Blog:2014:12:03'

Relevance: Directory:Propulsion

My brother, Nathan brought this to our attention.

Here's an excerpt:

: Strange thrust: the unproven science that could propel our children into space

: For many decades, a fantasy among space enthusiasts has been to invent a device that produces a net thrust in one direction, without any need for reaction mass. Of course, a reactionless space drive of this type is impossible. Or is it? By Charles Platt

: Ever since I was old enough to read science fiction, I've wanted to visit Mars. Even the Moon would be better than nothing. Alas, rocket technology is unlikely to take me there within my lifetime.

: The problem is that rockets are a poor tool for the job. Even if their safety record improves, they are inherently limited by the basic concept of reaction mass. Hot gases must blast out of the rear in order to move a space vehicle forward, and this entails carrying a fuel load that is hundreds of times heavier than the payload.

: Ever since H. G. Wells imagined a gravity-shielding material in "The First Men in the Moon," space enthusiasts have fantasized about ways to achieve thrust without any need for reaction mass. Unfortunately, it seems impossible.

: Or is it?

Image:James-Woodward Figure-6 600.jpg

: James Woodward's office, repurposed as a laboratory to investigate the reduction of inertial mass. Woodward's work bench is at bottom left, and the torsion balance is at top right.

: Personally, I'm not so willing to use the word "impossible" anymore. In October of this year, at the laboratory of Dr. James Woodward in California State University at Fullerton (above), I watched a very small-scale experiment that was surprisingly persuasive. Unlike all the "free energy" scams that you see online, Woodward's device does not violate basic physical laws (it does not produce more energy than it consumes, and does not violate Newton's third law). Nor is Woodward withholding any information about his methods. He has written a book, published by Springer, that explains in relentless detail exactly how his equipment works--assuming that it does, indeed, work. He published his theory in Foundations of Physics Letters, vol. 3, no. 5, 1990, and he even managed to get a US patent -- number 5,280,864, issued January 25, 1994.


-- SilverThunder 21:15, 3 December 2014 (UTC)

Police running on HHO

'Free Energy Blog:2014:12:03'

Template: 4351

Posted by Habibur Rahman

-- SilverThunder 16:03, 3 December 2014 (UTC)

John Hutchison's Work with Radiation Remediation


Template: 2594

-- SilverThunder 16:03, 3 December 2014 (UTC)

The Mad Race to the End -- Role of FE

'Free Energy Blog:2014:12:01'

Relevance: Directory:Conspiracy

John Frank of London, England, brought this to our attention. It describes the conspiratorial forces arrayed against freedom worldwide, and touches on the role of exotic free energy in getting victory over them.


: We The People and the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers are engaged in a Mad Race to the End. If We The People win, we get to survive along with the preservation of our Great Republic the United States of America.

: If We lose, that is, We fail to overcome the sinister most Evil Agenda of the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers who are puppets of a foreign power, not only do we lose our Republic forever, our Great Nation will be completely Balkanized.

: And we and our families will be attacked and interned in FEMA Camps and then progressively mass-murdered by Homeland Security (DHS) the American form of the East German Stasi, set up by Marcus Wolfe former Head of the Stasi who was hired to do so and now run by foreign based and controlled PuppetMasters.

: It is these same City of London based Bolshevik families which have already been responsible for creating ever ‘ism there is and is responsible for the incredibly painful mass-murder of hundreds of millions of human beings in Bolshevik Russia, Maoist China and all over the World in numerous Wars staged for Banksters profits and increased World Power.

: Make no mistake, unless stopped by We the People and the Whole World they will do the same thing here in America our great Republic that they have done in so many other nations where they have mass-murdered the Populace and destroyed and Balkanized these countries.

: Yes, the stakes are incredibly high.

: [...]

: Folks, it is just about over for the Federal Reserve System’s counterfeiting scheme and the predominance of the US Petro Dollar.

: But as if that wasn’t enough, Free Energy aka Tesla “solar wind power” or cosmic wind power, or black energy power is just about to be released for consumers. the major oil companies have been scared to death of this development which has been around since the late 1800 and have murdered hundreds to prevent its development.

: Nikola Tesla and his Cosmic Wind powered Automobile

: Nikola Tesla had an electric automobile running for about one and a half years on a small battery sized box with an antenna he said received power from the Aether or Cosmic Wind to power the Auto.

: In fact some believe that is the main motivation for the Israeli war mongers (IZCS) and the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) faction of the CIA for working so hard to try to set up the complete destruction of Iran. Iran is close to developing very high efficiency reactor rods which pose little contamination risk and no spent fuel issue.

: These fuel rods will be inexpensive compared to what is available now and in addition they are close to developing other forms of energy, on in particular is considered “free energy”.

: Yes, Tesla-style Free Energy and anti-gravity is already here and very close to being ready to market to consumers all over the World.

: If the major oil Companies (The Five Sisters) are unsuccessful in stopping Iran and other nations who are very close to releasing free energy for consumers, this means the whole Rothschild/Federal Reserve System of deployed Terrorism staged wars for mass-death will quickly become a thing of the past.

: And despite the now proved fact based on Russian oil research that oil is NOT a fossil fuel but a mineral that flows underground in huge rivers. And if needed, synthetic plant based oil made from Hemp and other plants can replace mineral oil in most cases if necessary and works just fine in many applications including making plastics. Once the mega oil companies lose market the International War and Mass-Death machine will screech to a halt. Want to know more about Big oil and its connection to Banksters, War and mass painful human death and maimings, just take a look at Veterans Today Columnist Dean Henderson’s incomparable work.

: Soon you will no longer be connected to the Electric Grid, no more smart meters designed to Mind-Control you and disrupt your sleep and harm your health.

: Just imagine this. You are no longer connected to the grid. Each home or apartment has its own small 3 by 5 foot box which contains the means to provide all their home energy needs for 20 years or more. Your car has its own box like what Tesla had that powered his car mysteriously for about a year and a half. Your car weighs about 80% less due to on board anti-gravity generators. This technology is here now and leaked NSA raw feed documents from Russian and French Intel prove it. Your criminal USG and its privatized DOD contractors have used your tax dollars to develop this for their Secret Space War Technology and weapons Systems, but refuse to share it with those who paid for it and actually own it, We The People.

: And cell phone tower emissions and Wi-Fi will be eliminated substituted with either fiber optics or a new non-toxic wave form that is inter-dimensional and far more efficient and effective. Such a wave form has already been discovered and is now being used in some special forces radios.

: Soon all of this technology will be made available as the American Petro Dollars is pushed out of prominence and only accepted by fools who haven’t caught on yet.

: The leaders of other nations including and especially Russia and China are carefully planning payback for these International Banksters that have defrauded their people for many years.

: Can you fathom this idea? Numerous International War Crimes Trials are coming in the days ahead as the US Petro Dollar crumbles, along with plenty of Executions for those found guilty? Yes, it is a solid bet that newly emerging Worldwide Populism will demand all involved in this massive US Petro Dollar Counterfeiting/War-making scheme will be brought to Justice in a World Court of Law.


-- SilverThunder 20:26, 1 December 2014 (UTC)


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