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Free Energy Blog:2014:August:8-15

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Free Energy Blog posts from August 8-15, 2014


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Free Energy Blog:2014:August:16-23

TWIFE™ August 14, 2014 -- Featuring Joshua Thomas Vojtisek of


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(YouTube August 15, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 20:39, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

Crunk: Fuel improvement with Hexane

'Free Energy Blog:2014:08:15'

Relevance: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Peter Crunk

Here's a recent dialogue I had on Skype with Peter Crunk of HHO Gas Technology LLC.

: Peter Crunk: I just did a vapor carburetor test on my automobile through my hexane bubbler system using hexane vapors only no HHO Gas was used or any electronic Manipulation box. I still was using the traditional fuel injection system from the factory. The computer seeing the hexane vapors and change the delivery of the injectors. Drove 78 miles and only consume 2.11 gallons. I was running bubbler system it was running air into it off the surface picking up fumes only. During this first test it was not bubbling that would make it rich it was just picking up the fumes on the surface only. I was getting 36 miles per gallon city driving. Look on the Internet for my car 2006 Chevrolet HHR and you can see the data for city and highway I surpassed it in the city.

: Sterling D. Allan: That's a lot of effort for such modest improvement

: Peter Crunk: The computer is still learning the new fuel mixture. When I first started out on the fuel range display on the dashboard it told me I can go 413 when I got back from the trip and I refilled again the fuel range change to 523 after the computer was learning the new fuel system introduced along the way.

: This is the first time I have ever seen it hit the 500s


: Hexane Vapor Chamber Test Fuel Mileage Increase 8-13-2014 Chevrolet 2006 HHR 2.2 Engine.


The purpose of the vapor exchange chamber is to trick the computer to back down the fuel injection to allow the vapors for complete burn instead of excess Gasoline fuel out the tailpipe. During this first test I was very impressed with the results and how much gas pedal I had to use to move the car down the road. I noticed dramatic changes in the fuel range Digital display telling me how far I can go on the fuel tank has increased like never before. (YouTube Aug 14, 2014)

: Peter Crunk: Thank you very much for putting up the article that is true that anybody can ride in my car and see for themselves it actually works. My goal is to get my automobile onto a Dino testing machine to see the car perform stationary to make adjustments at all different levels of driving. Putting the car on a Dino testing machine would be able to accurately configure the sweet points of any vapor delivery of fossil fuel and the HHO Gas mixture that can be introduced together. After researching and watching many videos of HHO I have seen a few videos of HHO Gas splitting machines that produces HHO separately. Hydrogen exits the machine separately from the oxygen and the hydrogen can be used in the internal combustion engine without the oxygen. This type of machine HHO Gas splitting machine gives the operator full control of mixing how much oxygen to the hydrogen if needed. Traditional HHO machines there is no control.


: Think about it. Whatever product that needs a fuel is always using one fuel. Cooking stove propane only or natural gas only, camping cooking stove Coleman fuel only. You never see anyone trying to mix different fuels change the wheel that we are all accustomed to. People are like a grasshopper in the jar when the lid is removed they are afraid to jump out because they think the lid is still holding them back when they are free to think out of the box. Inventors are individuals that look at the entire picture. In other words a picture hanging on the wall people see a picture but some individuals study the wooden frame, the varnish used, the texture of the paint and the sharpness of the colors that make the complete picture. That's what makes a inventor they look at the entire picture in details and then they look at what they can do better in whatever they are doing. Inventors do not take no for an answer. When someone tells them they can't is a challenge for the inventor to prove them wrong and make it come true. That is my interpretation of an inventor and the drive of inventor.

-- SilverThunder 12:39, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

Overview of 'It's About Time' book and Allan Variance equations

posted this morning

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(YouTube August 14, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 02:55, 15 August 2014 (UTC)

Electric Universe holds keys to understanding free energy

posted last night

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(YouTube August 12, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 12:59, 13 August 2014 (UTC)

Graphene-Quartz Cell

'Free Energy Blog:2014:08:13'

Relevance: Directory:Graphene

: From: Enrico Billi

: To: Sterling Allan

: Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2014 6:36 AM

: Subject: graphene quartz

: Dear [Sterling],

: A couple of days ago, I went to meet in person the inventors of the graphene-quartz cell.

: They showed me the last prototypes and let me test them with a tester. It was aluminum foil with quartz powder and graphene layer on it. It's incredible but the cell supply a stable voltage of 0,7V and also a current that do not depends on the light in the environment not even the temperature.

: The cell works from -20 up to 60 degrees Celsius, the max performance are at -10 degrees Celsius and goes a little bit down rising up the temperature. This behavour reminds common diode performances like solar cells.

: Looking for theoretical publication about graphene, I find out that graphene on SiO2 has minimum conductance, so lower of 0,5V it supply stable current, do not follow common Ohm low for resistive elements. In this case the voltage is supplied by the surface interaction between graphene and SiO2 produce 0,7V, quartz collect electron from graphene that became p-type doped like in common diodes.

: Right now the company is looking for more professional labs to improve the prototype for developing a product can replace or charging common batteries (for consumer electronics and electric vehicles too).

: If you know any lab interested to cooperate for further improvements and any investors let us know. Waiting for your reply,

: best regards,

: Enrico Billi

- - - -

: From: Enrico Billi

: To: Sterling Allan

: Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 10:24 AM

: Subject: Re: graphene quartz

: Dear [Sterling],

: I send an inquiry some days ago, by now still no answer from Australia. In the while we get in contact with Hong Kong group you also reported in your wiki:


: Part of the team founded a company for mass production of graphene...

: Best regards

-- SilverThunder 15:58, 13 August 2014 (UTC)

Tesla's Ideal Flying Machine by William R. Lyne
Image:Teslasidealflyingmachine300x rd.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:08:13'

Relevance: Directory:UFOs > Directory:eMedia Press

Here's the latest from Aaron Murakami and Peter Lindeman. (I've changed the link to credit PES, which also helps them. )

I must say, though, that I take strong exception to the opening statement: "So, You Believe In Aliens From Outer Space, Visiting Our Planet For Thousands Of Years? What If That Story Is A HOAX, Fabricated By The US Government To Cover-Up Their Development Of An Advanced Electrical Propulsion System Developed By Nikola Tesla? Here Is An Eye-Witness Account That May Shake Your Belief System To The Core!"

Why can't it be BOTH? When we on Earth are so close to space travel (and this particular piece aims to drive that point home), why is it so hard to believe that others, more advanced, have been visiting us? With how interesting a show we're putting on, do you blame them?

: From: Energy Times Newsletter

: To: Sterling D Allan

: Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 2:04 PM

: Subject: Tesla's Ideal Flying Machine by William R. Lyne - A RARE appearance!




: Hi Sterling,

: Our last 4 conference videos primarily focused on energy technologies, but what is a Tesla type energy conference without some conspiracy and controversy? Here is something incredible coming directly from an EYE WITNESS!

: William Lyne's book Occult Ether Physics is a classic in the free energy field and even Eric Dollard said it was tremendously valuable in putting the pieces together for a deeper understanding of Tesla's work and the aetheric sciences. Eric said that many of the principles in the book were virtually identical to what he has been teaching for years.

: That book focuses on the energy sciences but the background story of where it all fits in is what is presented in William Lyne's new presentation titled Tesla's Ideal Flying Machine.

: Read more about this AMAZING story here:

: We're all familiar with the controversy of the Roswell Crash and other similar incidents where the government dispels the alien craft reports with stories of weather balloon debris and other nonsense. William Lyne says BOTH of these stories are lies and the real truth is that the U.S. Government has been testing advanced electric propulsion systems in aircraft since the end of WWII. The technology for this was fully developed by Nikola Tesla as early as 1914!

: So the real government coverup consisted of getting the public to argue about which lie to believe! This presentation is perhaps the most thought provoking presentation out of the entire conference according to many of the conference attendees.

: William Lyne does take time to address his Atomic Hydrogen Furnace technology, which was inspired by Irving Langmuir's Atomic Hydrogen Torch. This technology demonstrates that more heat is released from atomic hydrogen recombining into molecular hydrogen than the energy needed to separate them to begin with.

: Read more about this AMAZING story here:

: We hope you'll enjoy and appreciate this new perspective and that you will continue to support William Lyne's work into the future! This is RARE classic footage from a brilliant researcher who doesn't appear in public very often anymore.

: Sincerely,

: Aaron & Peter

: A & P Electronic Media

-- SilverThunder 01:06, 13 August 2014 (UTC)

SHT visits SRI


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-- SilverThunder 23:31, 12 August 2014 (UTC)

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Photo inside a Chemtrail plane (NOT)

'Free Energy Blog:2014:08:10'

Relevance: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Geoengineering > Directory:Chemtrails

I originally posted this photo, presuming that it looked plausibly like what a dedicated chemtrail jet might look like inside.


However, my sister, who works for Jet Blue, pointed me to these links, which document that what is being shown in photos like these are water ballasts for testing new planes, simulating passenger movement from left to right, front to back. No conspiracy here.


-- SilverThunder 14:49, 10 August 2014 (UTC)

John Fiala Demonstrates his Plasma Generator at TeslaTech 2014

'Free Energy Blog:2014:08:09'

Relevance: Directory:Plasma / Events:2014:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

Since we're doing Plasma today as a topic, I thought I might as well get this video up that I shot at the TeslaTech 2014 conference last week.

John Fiala is the guy overseeing the AV equipment at the conference, which is extremely elaborate, with seven cameras, a control booth and control panel, and an entire room across the hall from the lecture hall, where the AV crew and volunteers hang out.

The DVD of John's presentation, Plasma Induction Energy Production... can be obtained from


(YouTube August 9, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 22:12, 9 August 2014 (UTC)

Does Plasma Interface with Consciousness? David Puchta and Sterling Allan Explore


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(YouTube August 9, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 21:38, 9 August 2014 (UTC)

This Week in Free Energy August 7, 2014 featuring David A. Puchta on Linear Paul Magnetism


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(YouTube August 9, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 15:33, 9 August 2014 (UTC)

Water Fuel Secrets - what Stan Meyer REALLY did
Image:Waterfuelsecretsdvd300x 250.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:08:08'

Relevance: Directory:Water as Fuel > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1]

This in from Aaron Murakami, with affiliate link changed to credit PESNetwork, while still benefitting Aaron.

: Hi Sterling,

: Today we are releasing the Conference Video Series #4, which is Water Fuel Secrets. This shows you the reality of on-demand water fuel using nothing more than air, water and electricity.

: Read what's on this website!

: Many people heard of Stan Meyer and his water fueled dune buggy, but almost everyone has met with failure because they think he was running his car on electrolyzed water gas when he was not! And this is well known by a few of our friends who actually knew Stanley Meyer so you're getting the inside scoop...

: Electrolyzed water gas is only one of the ingredients necessary to create his on-demand SYNTHETIC GAS, which is completely contrary to what nearly all the self-proclaimed Stan Meyer experts are claiming. Many people debate this, but in Water Fuel Secrets, you see indisputable proof that this is EXACTLY what Stan Meyer is saying in his own words.

: You'll also see my jet engine running strong while the propane pressure gauge is on 0 PSI! That is the results I get by applying this information and I'm only using a few of the steps.

: You'll learn the reality to how hydrogen fuel supplementation really works as well as what Stan Meyer was really doing to create his on-demand water fuel - this Water Fuel Secrets package will transform your understanding about water fuel technologies.

: 'Read what's on this website!'

: Go check out what is included in this package including the Free Bonus!

: Sincerely,

: ESM & Energetic Forum

-- SilverThunder 04:36, 8 August 2014 (UTC)


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