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Free Energy Blog:2014:12:28

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Free Energy Blog:2014:12:29

Self-running QMoGen - EVIVA Demo 3 -- 4.3 kW

'Free Energy Blog:2014:12:28'

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JD from The Netherlands brought this video to our attention, which was posted earlier this month by Stefan Hartmann at It's another demo by Directory:Eviva QMoGen in the Ukraine.


(YouTube / Overunitydotcom December 5, 2014)

Image:Eviva QMoGen demo approxDec2014 400.jpg


: Free Energy QMOGEN Motor-Generator - EVIVA 3 demo free energy unit

: This is the third video of the claimed Selfrunning Motor-Generator combination called EVIVA from Kiev, Ukraine..

: The inventors are looking for investment partners and funding I am told.

: This is already the 5 KWatts prototype.

: Here you can see it drive around 4.3 KWatts of incandescent bulbs lit up measured by a Fluke 435 digital scope and analyzer.

: Here you see the first video of this series:


: Here [is] the second video:


: I am told, that EVIVA Technology runs decentral and autonomously, around the clock without needing any fuel and is environmentally friendly.

: For the next development steps they are looking for investors and pioneers who want to see this technology fully developed for making it ready for the market.

: Regards, Stefan.

-- SilverThunder 21:41, 28 December 2014 (UTC)

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