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Free Energy Blog:2014:12:04

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Free Energy Blog:2014:12:05

Turning Dirt to Stone (And Back?)
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'Free Energy Blog:2014:12:04'

Relevance: OS:Utah Safe Haven Village Project

Anti-Orgone activist, Joel Carlinsky brought this page at KeelyNet to our attention.

Turning Dirt to Stone - The new formula turns dirt to stone, making it impermeable to water. In nature, the process — called lithification — occurs over centuries. Not with the new technology. It works overnight, courtesy of accelerants. The product works on the three elements of soil — oxygen, silicon and aluminum — which combine to form aluminosilicate. Add Bionic Soil, and the aluminosilicates turn into a gel that doesn’t let water seep through. (KeelyNet December 3, 2014)

Joel writes:

: On his popular website, KeelyNet..., Jerry Decker wrote: "amazing, grade a road to flat, spray this stuff on it and in 24 hours it turns into pavement that will last 10 years or more"

: What is needed is to find some way to BREAK UP paved ground into useable soil again. Untold millions of hectares of the surface of this planet are now covered over with a solid pavement. Road, parking lots, and sprawling cities on every continent are like lifeless scar tissue on the thin skin of the earth, land that cannot support vegetation, devoid of life, and an obstruction to the growth of anything alive.

: Nothing could be further from what this dying planet needs than a way to make it easier for the Destructecrats to pave even more of earth's surface and to do it faster, easier, and cheaper.

: Whatever can Jerry be thinking? How long does he think it would be after this stuff was on the market before somebody would use it extort money from farmers with a threat to spray it on their fields at night? Or some political group would deploy it by some means to destroy the agriculture of an enemy region or country?

I've not studied the tech well enough to be able to respond. I guess the primary question is how hard it is to break up this surface once it's been created. I would think it wouldn't be too difficult but that would definitely need to be factored into its lifetime analysis. As much as we want a road today doesn't mean we'll always want it there in that form in the future. Also, the points Joel makes about possible weaponized versions of this to turn fertile fields into hard soil should be weighed as well. What are the remedies to restore soil to its natural state?

What do you think? Comment below.

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Materials Safety Data Sheet

-- SilverThunder 02:17, 4 December 2014 (UTC)

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