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Free Energy Blog:2014:11:18

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Free Energy Blog posts from Tuesday, November 18, 2014


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Free Energy Blog:2014:11:19

Philippine Police Car Powered with HHO
Image:Philippine-police-car-powered-with-HHO 400.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:11:18'

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Habibur Rahman posted this on my Facebook page.

: The police force in the Philippines have started to use hho on their vehicles this saves them 30% on fuel and reduces emissions by 90%








-- SilverThunder 21:45, 18 November 2014 (UTC)

Evolution Energy's Captor Demo Video
Image:Evolusions-in-Energy device July2014-demo 350.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:11:18'

Relevance: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Evolutions in Energy (Company in Brazil)

Here's a video that Fernando Lins brought to my attention (along with some recent correspondence that I don't have permission to publish). It was actually posted four months ago.

The person shooting the video is speaking in English, but some of the explanations are in Portuguese.

While the video isn't skeptic proof, it is quite impressive.

One of the things that isn't clear (maybe would be if I paid closer attention) is whether the battery bank is being depleted or staying the same or increasing. The three lights and 3 HP motor they are running isn't that great of a load and (I'm quite sure) could easily be maintained for the duration of the video. Also, near the end of the video, they adjust the settings to supposedly put out 100 kW, but they don't say what the load is or show it, unless I missed it. That's a lot of power.

As far as I know, they still don't have a primary group under contract yet to help do the testing and engineering to bring this to market.


(YouTube July 18, 2014)

Here's a Google translation of the Video title and description:

: Self powered SYSTEM FOR ELECTRICITY GENERATION . . Developments


: This project relates to a device for generating electricity comprising a circuit for an uninterrupted power supply system, known as UPS (UPS On Line) (1) and connected in series between its output power loads (2) and the inlet of the supply of UPS itself (3), an electron earth sensor (4) (equipment as defined in Brazilian patent application No. BR102012000838 6 of 13.01.2012) or, alternatively, a electron scavenger of free space (4.1) equipment as defined in the Brazilian patent application No. BR1020120008378 of 13.01.2012).

RA2lover posted the following in the comments

: Portuguese speaker here.

: Here's a transcript I made of the Portuguese chatter in the video. I'd fix some of the English parts as well, but they're so hopelessly broken, I can't even understand what they were trying to convey in Portuguese in them.

: Seems the English was spoken by an outsider.

: [0:01]Nilson Barbosa...

: [0:03]Cleriston Leal.

: [0:48~0:53]you can talk about this equipment, understand? [uninteligible] using a no-break [brazilian term for uninterruptible power supply/UPS] to clos--

: [0:54~0:57]it's linking the captor on that no-break there, a double-conversion no-break and so...[cut]

: [2:17]and... this part here [cut]

: [2:58]wait just a little bit please, then you [can] talk..

: [3:10]it's doing a system readout.

: [3:14]self-test, it's checking all the system first, you can speak [now].

: [3:31]yeah. now we're only on batteries.

: [3:36]now the captor is starting, the entire system -- battery [power] is going there, battery and inverter.

: [3:48] [inaudible] the battery, the system's starting up with it understand?

: [3:53]it's up... inverter's up, battery's out...

: [4:08] [the UPS?] is feeding only the system now. [my guess is their device probably provided enough power to recharge the batteries back to their original level at this point]

: [4:14]now get the captor here.

: [4:18]the captor is generating this current. [88A, voltage readout not displaying, but said to be 220V]

: [4:28]i'm switching the lights on-- that's the 220V version.

: [4:35]3-phase, 380. [at this point i don't know what they're referring to]

: [4:38]3-phase, 380V.

: [4:47]i'm now turning on the load here, 3 lamps...

: [4:56]this one is burned out.

: [5:14]it was already burned out,[probably?] because it was moved so much.

: [5:18]it's messed up, [inaudible]

: [5:24]i'm now turning on the motor, 3hp.

: [5:41]we're consuming now... (the power) the power, in... 500W,0.5kW [background chatter: "it's charging the battery, it's charging the battery"]

: [5:58]that's the power charging the battery, to talk to him, 500W, it's running with the battery. [?]

: [6:09]hold on, just a minute.

: [6:15]that's the power charging the batteries, 500 watts.

: [6:27]and the input, of the energy. [cut]

: [6:31]it's getting 1100, 1.3, 1100 watts.

: [6:39]you can tell it's the... it's the load being driven.[inaudible background comment]

: [6:47]you tell it's the load, it's that motor's load, it's consuming this here,[background: the system? the entire system, the consumption of all the system that was [yes, he used the past tense here, not sure if intentionally or not] being kept [running] by the captor.

: [7:02]the motor is on[background comment: he already saw it] this 3-phase motor, 3 phase motor, it's on.

: [7:12]3hp...

: [7:17][someone puts a piece of wood perpendicularly to the motor's shaft to make a ratcheting noise, probably so viewers can tell the engine is running, then the video cuts again]

: [7:19]done, [uninteligible]. then it's going to turn on again, hold on, he'll turn it on again, hold on. leave it there. we'll turn it on, start it up. when [uninteligible - Nilson?] says "turn on the motor", then he'll turn it on and you translate for us to turn it on.

: [part from 7:18 to 7:58 is played again]

: [8:35][inaudible chatter, apparently telling the camera guy to get a specific image]

: [8:43]can you change it once again for me? the measurements? can you change the measurements again?

: [8:59]60hz.

: [9:07][inaudible] input and output voltages. input and output voltages.

: [9:27]inverter temperature as well, [uninteligible] important.

: [content from 8:35 to 9:34 repeats again]

: [10:32] you can go.

: [10:34] here we're using batteries, lead... acid batteries, right? [background: yeah] and this battery isn't appropriate for our project. it would take roughly 12h to recharge, and... the inverter as well on the system, if we're going to have a system [running] for an indefinite time, to say so, we need a better technology, like using the batteries electric cars use, modern batteries, the charger also needs to have a different technology, here we've closed the circuit, but it's discharging faster than [loses track of where he was for a bit] what it's consuming, and can't put that back on because of the batteries, which are inadequate for this system, it needs to have a proper technology so it can generate energy indefinitely, understand? the project, the entire concept is there, it's patented, but we still need to invest on technologies, current generation technologies, we don't have access to.

: [11:33]perfect.

: [11:35]inverter and battery components, and charger.

: [12:13]it's consuming here, 4.6 amps, in a 220v voltage.

: [12:23][inaudible] generating this, in the captor, amps, voltage.

: [12:45]the power here, look, [inaudible] 38.

: [13:05]room temperature, feel it here, that's how the temperature is.

: [13:45][you] should say it's stable

: [13:50]the entire system [is] stable

: [14:00]come here... in this own room

: [14:18]get these 2 lights here, they're interesting. there's the inverter, and the rectifier.

: [14:30]careful there.

: [14:56]look under that table, no wires, only to the captor, the captor has input. only input and output.

-- SilverThunder 21:05, 18 November 2014 (UTC)

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