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Free Energy Blog:2014:10:11

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Free Energy Blog posts from Saturday, October 11, 2014


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Tesla S p85 D autopilot test drive: 0-60 in 3.2 seconds

'Free Energy Blog:2014:10:11'

Relevance: Directory:Electric Vehicles > Directory:Tesla Motors, Inc.

I had thought that computer-controlled cars were still in beta, but apparently they are now available, at least in a Tesla muscle car. This is a pretty awesome video that Directory:John Kuhles from Amsterdam sent us a link to.

WbVEkh4AMqM Tesla unveiling the new D model with dual motors on Oct. 9, 2014 at the Tesla factory in Hawthorn. We were among the first people to take a ride in the car. With 4 full grown men taking a ride, the car still took off at an amazing speed. My head was pinned to the seat, and I even got a little dizzy heading into the light tunnel! This is what it feels like to launch off of an aircraft carrier! The self driving autopilot feature was impressive! (YouTube October 9, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 22:05, 11 October 2014 (UTC)

Sharón Wyeth on Neimology: The Power of Your Name
Image:Know-the-Name Know-the-Person Cover 300.gif

'Free Energy Blog:2014:10:11'

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This post is off topic from free energy, but will be of interest to many of you, who like outside-the-box stuff -- especially those of you from the Coast to Coast AM audience who are visiting our site due to my recent interview with George about Cold Fusion.

I can particularly relate to what Sharón does with names because what I do in Directory:Alphabetics also deals with unexpected power of words, names, numbers, etc. due to the principle of Directory:Examples of Resonance (which is relevant to free energy).

If you like this interview, you might recommend that Sharón come on as a guest at Coast to Coast. She could get as popular as numerologist, Glynis McCants.


Sharón talked about her book: Know the Name, Know the Person. The power of the letters that make up our names, and how to get to know someone just by the spelling of their name(s).Sharón's webiste: Interview website:

(YouTube October 7, 2014)

Here are my rough notes from the interview:

Free Energy Quest intro

Welcome to the show. I’m your host, Sterling Allan. You can join us online at

We’re joined today, September 4, 2014 by Sharón Wyeth, inventor of Neimology - To talk about her book: [ Know the Name, Know the Person. We'll be talking about the power of the very letters that make up our names, and how to get to know someone just by the spelling of their name(s).&nbsp

After receiving her Masters of Arts degree, Sharón has taught school in several places around the world, including Germany Japan, China and Texas&nbsp

Sharón, welcome to the show.

Neimology tells you what you gifts have

helps you know how to talk to someone, how to connect

so many things in a name

took 15 years to develop patterns

first name: essence of who we are

middle: where we go when we're under stress

last: environment

first vowel how we connect fist

first letter: first impression

traveled in 7 countries, 49 of 50 states

90%+ accuracy

inaccuracy is from when they come to see their name value and start to act


reads personality characteristics

Another book: Know the name, know the spirit

soul contract

St at beginning of name: stubbornness or persistence don't give up&nbsp

Takes 15 hours in level one of the course

just reading book chapter 1, chapter 2, put it into play

chapter in book, pneumonic devices to get into memory

Level 2, nuances, subtleties

Taped last time we did course, piece three cameras together

call: 210- 355-6115 request reading

Want parent's birth names

Your birth name, all birth names you've used.

Q. change names

HR departments call before hiring

How to present to particular judge

once they hear what their name says about them

Takes 7 year process to envelope full name [after change of name]

Different cultures have name changing ceremonies


K or C as first letter of first name: lead through leadership roles came to be leader everyone benefits around them. Cs like to be in charge:&nbsp

challenge: if not followed by A need to be right at all costs sometimes will lose friend over need to be right

first vowel A: tendency to be workaholic, make great couch potato on other side

First vowel E: people come and talk to you and dump problems on you, get to know people faster good listener

First vowel of I: love to be included

Health, finances, relationship, came to major in family relationship take time and attention

first vowel of O: like autonomy: list maker don't like to be nagged or reminded

first vowel of U: universal, able to get along with everyone like to be entertained can be entertaining get bored quickly short attention span love&nbsp

First vowel of Y: watch and observer wait until their turn to lead spiritual seekers is it real, not real most gracious hosts and hostesses

1) first vowel first: communication style

2) first letter in name: how we present ourselves to other: S = smart

3) last letter of name: what re remember a lot g: change factor, from old idea to new idea

4) middle letter: e.g. rl

L: doesn't act like any of the rest: self-confidence I get self confidence for my entire life

if tail end of the name: grows as they go along changes with where&nbsp

R: this is the rebellious letter don't like to be told what to do develop discernment earlier have to prove it for themselves go a different pathway less traveled rebelled when told to do something&nbsp

5) MIDDLE NAME ask if person has believe in reincarnation: where you go and how you act under stress

represents what you learned and practiced a lot in last lifetime: where you did in last lifetime where we've come from


Middle: David: mentally based in last life buried emotions, wanted to get work done

This time, need to come from open heart need balance between emotions and thinking

This time more interested in feel and texture than just mental&nbsp

Last time wanted to be charismatic

This time: more authenticity in relationships, over just being ruled by passions

Last time: had many projects going at same time which one am I going to do now almost overwhelmed

This time: still want to be creative, as much but narrow focus on few things at one time, get help so other people can take on parts of what I'm&nbsp

Last name: drop first and middle into last name:

Influence of last name

Middle name: both lifetimes: independent streak

Last name: this time around wanted to be able to write thoughts and be fluid so other people can understand what I'm writing last time wasn't really there from people around you wanted to make world a better place

First name: good at seeing big picture: last name: also see minutia

Last name: work ethic

First name: smart but can have lazy streak: last name: no laziness plot course

Pick apart every name: compare: overlap? Repetition?

e.g. AAA in David Allan

first A: those qualities on physical plane: A got physical plane, now look at emotional plane

A have on emotional level, not mental level: fourth: spiritual fifth: so teaching

three LLLs

three Ls, first middle &amp last

Challenge: careful with traditional medicine: misdiagnosed read chart wrong&nbsp

Health if someone else is diagnosing have someone there all the time to get familiar with chart make sure it matches what chart says


Q. mix up first and last name

last name E instead of A

Huge difference: if E, would have cared less not everyone

Q. pronunciation of name -- vibration, resonance?

How you say your name

huge difference&nbsp

the sound we hear as well as the sound that we hear

Q. other languages?

when they use our same alphabet, works very well

chapter on "what if", weird questions

China: don't use our vowel system get an Americanized name not an equal translation spent a year in China: Aug 2008 trying to see if I could finagle their symbols into our letters the name thing holds but subtle

same for Israel, Arab, etc.

Q. comparing two names for compatibility?

so easy once you know Neimology takes an hour after they know the system, to compare

wipe out common letters or like letters look for letters that aren't compatible, and learn compatibility pieces

was doing class for real estate agent

can get timing in the name

Q. practitioners listing?

We were just talking about that.

When mercury goes direct, we'll put it on.

Level 2 is subtleties

Q. Horoscope?

Studied for a year wish I knew it better didn't have enough time to do as much as I like

From people I know who are astrologers get same info different ways

/END OF INTERVIEW - to get the book

-- SilverThunder 22:05, 11 October 2014 (UTC)

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