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Free Energy Blog:2014:10:05

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Fountain Green Scientist’s Leadership Recognized by Russian Timekeepers

'Free Energy Blog:2014:10:05'

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In the October 5, 2014 Daily Herald in Utah Valley, just south of the Salt Lake Valley, will be a full-page ad and article about my dad. I wrote the article, and am very pleased with how the page turned out. The Herald did a great job in its layout.

October 5 will be the second day of LDS General Conference, so there are a lot of people from out of town visiting for that.

I realize that we've already done quite a bit of coverage about my Dad's recent accolades here in our news, but I thought you would be interested to know of this development. The local Sanpete Messenger is also working on a story based on what I sent them.

As I'm posting this at last 6 hours before Oct. 5 begins here in Utah, I don't have the Herald link yet, but here is a link to the PDF proof they sent my dad. And here is an image of the page:

Image:141005 HeraldExtra rd.jpg

-- SilverThunder 00:40, 5 October 2014 (UTC)

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