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Free Energy Blog:2014:09:07

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Chrysler bought then blocked magnet fuel improvement technology
Image:Magnet-fuel ionization-process.jpg

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:07'

Relevance: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Efficiency Retrofits

Magnets attached to fuel lines have been claimed to improve fuel economy. This email from Rey I received today tells an interesting story about this.

: From: "rey"

: To: "sterling Allan"

: Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2014 12:46 PM

: Sept 7th 2014

: 1-Also could you put a sort of DIRECT link just above your BLOG re -- your Sunday classes

: [...]

: 3-Also links for extended interviews (outside your radio shows)(extended interview with your father etc..)

: Yep, many do not like your spiritual approach, but you know what? You are doing just fine! Those that are just nuts n' bolts will never get any results if they do not incorporate the GOD factor into their research. Scientists in the past had zero problems with that approach..

: 5-Magnets-get this- Yes, it did work on cars, if put on the fuel/injector' engine line that was made of metal. A chap figured this out -- got great results sold his invention to Chrysler/Detroit and next year their new motors no longer had such lines where to put the magnets..

: Go here to listen to this fascinating interview (1 hr). You could have her on one of your programs as well(they were selling magnets for water pipes,etc.. and were forced to close down by State of Wisconsin)

: It is the radio show dated Aug 14th with Jackie Lyon (click on Radio shows- archives)(1 hr)

: Their website is here:

: Yours, rey.....

Here's some follow-up correspondence:

: From: "rey"

: Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2014 6:40 PM

: Subject: Re: No urban legend-deliberate collusion by car industry to squash magnet fuel efficiency

: Sterling:

: 2-The MAGNET TO IMPROVE EFFICIENCY--not an urban legend. As per Jackie Lyon in her radio interview (18:40 mins onwards till 20:25)- people using fuel magnet for their cars years ago were getting up to 10,15 +30% more mileageeven some EPA reports(re Missouri) that cars had zero carbon monoxide emission. see interview Aug 14th - Jackie Lyon

: Years ago, a guy (that was manufacturing these magnets for them) went to see the Detroit manufacturers to explain this technology-these magnets were put on the car fuel line just before it went into the carburator/fuel injectorthen next year the auto industry all had changed their engines designs where there were no open lines to put on these magnets.

: 3-Go here to read the FAQ amongst other things as to why some magnets will or will not work.What to do and NOT TO DO.

: (successors of the Albert Roy Davis Lab(Davis passed away in 1984 and Rawls in 2009)-the real fathers of biomagnetism, based on real experimental science not just new age hype.

-- SilverThunder 19:58, 7 September 2014 (UTC)

35 kW QMoGen Photo?
Image:Spacik WP 20140714 002 400.jpg
on image for enlargement.) He said: "That's only the output section."]]

'Free Energy Blog:2014:09:07'

Relevance: Directory:Electromagnetic > Template: 973

Yesterday, I posted Rob's video showing his unsuccessful attempt to build a QMoGen based on what he's seen. When he posted that to the Q-Mo-Gen Yahoo!Group discussion forum, almost immediately, Steven Spacik chimed in.

I have to give you just a bit of background.

Steven is the first one who presented to us what I later coined the term "QMoGen" to describe, where the shape of the letter Q symbolizes "self-looped with energy left over". Being one who likes to give ideas a fair shake, I looked into his claim, but when he didn't provide any evidence, I shrugged it off as most likely bogus. This photo he posted yesterday is more than he provided before (nothing), and it appears to show a set-up that is quite dated. It's been outside where birds can poop on it, for more than a few weeks. There's no evidence that it actually ran, with more energy out than in, only his word that is was a net 35 kW system. It appears like a non-functional carcass of an experiment that didn't work right.

I have to say that now, after more than 58 separate inventors/groups have come up with a QMoGen design -- nearly every one of them seemingly independent of anyone else, acting as though they came up with the idea -- even though I have yet to see one working for myself, it seems to me like the genre is pretty solid.

That said, I don't know if I believe the claims of Steven about two or three houses having been powered continuously for some 20 years by units of this ilk that that he built. He says they (a 35 kW system) are for sale, that it takes him seven weeks to build one, costing $9000, and that he has a backlog of more than 600 orders. Here are some of the other things he said:

Many units built

No louder then drill at 1900 rpm

I have 25 years in this and 250k$

35kw 250 amp is most popular system takes 48 volt 50 amp dc to run at load looper makes 72v 50 amp dc from 15% of the output

DC motor, AC generator. My circuit that takes AC power and makes [converts?] DC 220 volt, 30 amp AC, to 74v 50 amp DC.

He doesn't come across as a rational person, but as an extremely temperamental one. It's easy to say the wrong thing to him and set him off, true to the "eccentric inventor" stereotype.

Maybe this kind of eccentricity is one way of buffering the arrival of these technologies from the world until we stop deserving the tyranny we're getting and start deserving freedom, which FE devices engender. Or, Steve could just be full of B.S., as one of the forum members accused him.

-- SilverThunder 03:21, 7 September 2014 (UTC)

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